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Tag a title for me…

Me, die, hate them,

See cause die havoc,

Die, death hate in every way,

Heat kills,

Winter burns,

Dry season,

Lips cracking,

Throat drought,

Die! Die!! Die!!!

Sand leaping,

Shovel digging,

People crying,

Rain showers,

Brain tumor,

Umbrellas flicking,

Blood dripping,

Sweat beading,

Tears trickling,

Hate! Hate!! Hate!!!

Ding dong,

Ding dong,

The world sings.

We know them,

We see them,

The raving birds,

Swooping a thousand feet above us.

Fire! Fire!!

Rolling Stone,

Grave silence,

Subtle steaming,

Wind blowing,

Justice denied.

Rampage! Rampage!! Rampage!!!

Snow burns,

Fire freeze,

Earth laughs,

Children growl,

World spinning,

Cars hooting,

fire crackers,

Stars dancing,

Petals booming,

Fish grills,

Human astonished…

Fathom part 11

Emma stirred up at the abrupt knock on the door. She got up, half asleep, and made it to the door. She knew it was Kain. He was coming to check up on her. She opened the door and the brightness of the sun took away the sleep.

” How you doing?. ” Kain asked, standing by 2 men in white shirt and dark blue pant and a bullet proof with a dark blue square sized cap. They stood with an uneasy gait. She didn’t need to be told that they were cops. God, little Tokyo is a funny place, she thought.

Then realizing that she starred too long, she moved away from the door and said;

“Am good Kain.. Thanks for asking, and gentlemen, forgive my manners. I’ve been sleeping a good while and I’m still not fully awake… ” Emma said, extending her hands to the men but neither shook her.

Emma looked up and caught Kain’s eyes peering into the room. She tried to avert his gaze but she couldn’t. She needed him to chip in something to make the tension go away.

Finally, Kain walked in and the cops followed suit.

” Am so sorry in here is such a mess. ” She said to Kain, who smiled and it faded on noticing one of the cops staring at him.

Emma wanted to ask them if they had any news on Marcus whereabouts, but she didn’t, because it seemed to her the reason for their coming. And perhaps news on Caleb, perhaps he was dead and was cremated. She held herself, ready for the worse. One of the cops, by the name Aimi , spoke up..

” We came here to ask you about what happened weeks back, when you jumped through the window of the bus. We can’t make out anything of that message that was sent to you. ” he looked over at Kain before continuing,

” We tried to trace the number but it was a dead number. The number doesn’t exist. We searched through our database but no one has that number.”

Emma didn’t respond. She knew what they wanted her to say, that she sees imaginery people, that she’s crazy. They know about that. She told them when they took her to the hospital, and she had been given drugs to take which she had been taking, so why bring it up?

” Is that it? ” Emma asked, ready to tell them to leave, when Aimi spoke again;

” Do you know any guy by the name Nashua? ”

At the mention of his name, Emma heart skipped a beat. She was jumpy. She couldn’t hide it. His name reminded her of things she did want to forget; his existence, Caleb, and mostly, herself. She finally admitted it to herself : The main reason she loathe Nashua so much is because he reminded her of how gullible she is.

Aimi’s small sniffling brought her back to the apartment.

” So you know him? You guys got a messy divorce or what?. ”

” We ain’t never married. ” Emma replied cheesed off.

” Don’t sell me that bullshit… I know all about you. You had two kids for him, Riley and Caleb. And you all lived in South Park before you moved over with your kids here, away from him. ” Aimi said.

” Now that you know it. I will tell you one thing Nashua is a devil. He’s a psychopath. Nothing like the man I knew before I married him. I just… ” she paused and then Aimi spoke;

” We got a report a week ago in 243 spring street about a burning car. When we came to the scene, we discovered 3 persons burnt beyond recognition. By the time the story was put on the news, a man by the name Dr. Lawerence called us and told us about a man who was in the car by the name Nashua, whom he claimed to be in the vehicle but when we showed him pictures of the burnt bodies, he couldn’t identify him among them but he was certain that he was in there. ”

” well that’s crazy. ” Emma said and a heavy silence broke followed suit.

After few minutes, the 2 cops walked out. Emma could hear them murmur something quickly to each other before Kain shut the door. He moved over to where Emma stood and whispered in her ears;

” it’s not Nashua, it’s Marcus. ”

Emma looked at him as his shoulders brushed hers and he entered the room where Marcus and her slept in and lay on the bed.

Emma starred at him and the words echoed in her brain;

it’s not Nashua, it’s Marcus. “

Something gave way in her on hearing this; At this reality.


Marcus jerked up on hearing noises like the swarm of bees. The light flickered in his face and so he blinked a little and then opened his eyes to see a little boy running out of the room. He looked around, knowing definitely that this was not his apartment. Then he felt a sharp pain at his head region. He could feel the marks of cuts on his face, like it was ripped off and then stitched back again. The heavy sun rays shone all over the room. He used his hands to shield his face.

Marcus looked at the mirror that was hung opposite the bed where he laid and saw Nashua’s reflection. He sprang up and looked at the mirror to confirm that his mind wasn’t playing games on him, and when he looked at himself in the mirror, Nashua’s face appeared. He got so mad that he uses his fist to punch through the mirror with every rage in him. The shattering of the glass and the blood trickling down his fist and the small pool of blood formed around his feet savoured his rage. Then before he could think, something was banged on his head. He turned around and saw a Japanese old lady with the boy he saw earlier running out of the room.

Marcus looked at the broken mirror and in that spilt second, an image of a surgery room popped up I’m his face. He could hear whirling of machines. Then it dawned on him.

Marcus could hear how swiftly the old lady spoke Japanese to the boy who ran out and came back with first aid kits which was kept on the bed. The boy went out and returned with a standing broom and something to pack the gathered glasses. He went out and did come back later

Marcus watched as the lady swept the broken pieces, her hands limping upward and downward on the stick. No word was said as she swept. Not by Marcus, nor by the boy who came back with his Japanese family.

Marcus looked up at boy’s father. He knew it was his father. They both had striking resemblance and a little girl who was tad bit too grill, stood in their middle. Their was few minutes silence where both father, son and daughter starred at him, and their eyes still peered behind him, focusing on the old lady who was packing the debris.

The father then gave an eye signal and they all moved out of the room.

Marcus noticed how slowly everyone moved. Their footsteps were slow and quiet. it looked as though someone had died in there. Everyone moved as though they tiptoed. Marcus could see many shut doors as they moved in the long hallway. The rugs croaked as they moved on it. Nothing seemed alive in the house. The air was very cold and lifeless. The cushions were lifeless. The portraits were lifeless. The rooms were lifeless. The roof wanted to fall down. Their was so much quiet humming in the house. The fire place was dead ash too.

Everyone walked in a file; the father went ahead, followed by the little girl, then the little boy, then Marcus. Each went a step before the other.

The dining section had a long table with many chairs placed around it. cobwebs curled on the chairs. The floor was whiten with dust. Everyone sat on the chairs, distant apart, really distant apart. No one said a word and Marcus couldn’t take this anymore. He had lots of questions but it looked like they were all stuck up in grief. He got up and walked out.

Marcus entered a bus to go to San Pedro. It felt as though it would be a long journey when it was only miles apart. Everyone starred at him as he sat down. He could hear whispers behind him. The news of his fatal survival had escalated everywhere. Even in the bus, the news about a missing person in the accident on 243 spring street which occurred 3 days ago. Everyone in the bus bent down to call the cops.

Marcus saw a woman behind already contacting the police, and he ran madly to stop the call, the frightened woman, noticing his coming closer to her, she starts yelling and immediately a bullet on the leg, alongside a heavy blow on the back of his forehead which gave him blurred images as he fell on the floor.

Marcus heard loud screams in his head in that dim moment. He saw himself struggling with the steering wheel and the man at the front shot him with his gun and he flying and hitting his head on the road and as he looked on the car, while he lay as a bloody mess on the road, the car exploded, resulting in a huge fire. He closed his eyes to bring himself back to the bus. The noise in the bus began to grow faint. It was like it was coming from miles away. Something seemed to give way inside him. Everything in him dragged slowly as though shutting down.

The man took drowsy Marcus out of the car. He had faked a call to a girl and had jerked up, as though realizing he had forgotten something. Then he told the bus driver to stop, taking Marcus by the hand as they climbed out of the bus. He paid the driver, and then cheerfully apologized to everyone for Marcus behavior in the bus, adding that he was taking Marcus back to the cops.

He put Marcus in the front seat, put a shady glasses on his eyes before entering the driver seat. He had taken a great deal to make sure no one was watching or following them. As he sat in front, he sent a message;

” I got him. Injected him with alprazolam like you said. Am on my way to San Pedro.. Make sure I don’t have to call on your ass when I get there. I want it quick. Already the cops are looking for him. And make sure I have my money when I get there or else…..” He sighed heavily as he sent the message to Dr. Lawrence. Then he starts the engine and hits the road.


Emma, Kain and Riley, together, went to Dakikoya restaurant, 327E,1street. Kain called it a relief trip. Riley didn’t care. Emma was so devastated about the loss of Marcus. She’d never realized how much she cared about him until now. She couldn’t believe that he was dead. She took her medication that Kain recommended for her and then she looked up at the ceiling of the cab they sat in. There was no talking in the cab. The cab driver kept looking at Riley through the side mirror. Japanese songs were played on the radio.

They all came down after the short ride and Emma starts feeling a meltdown in her brain. She knew she had to stop thinking.

Dakikoya had it’s charms. One thing Emma loved about the restaurant was the flickering of lights and the touch of red that was used for the color of seats in the restaurant. The other was the tasty rice bowls and ramen noodles. It felt sloppy in her mouth. She looked over at Riley who averted her gaze. Kain answered a call. His phone rang twice but he didn’t pick it. It was when it rang the third time that he looked at her, as though waiting for her approval and she nodded and he got up and went outside. Riley followed him.

Emma looked about at the number of people that were in the building. She could remember the Japanese inscription on the building. She could remember seeing it and mistaking it for a mall because the door leading to the entrance, was fashioned in the like manner of that of a mall.

Emma couldn’t stand the chittering in the restaurant. it made her sick and just when she knew it she heard a voice. She recognized the voice, it was Marcus.

” Hey”

Emma was startled.

” over here stupid!. ”

She followed the sound and saw him sitting on the chair Riley and Kain were sitting.

” Marcus! ” She yelled, ” You’re alive. ”

Everyone in the restaurant stopped their conversation and turned towards her direction.

” You fool, not too long am gone and you’re sleeping with that guy. You’re a whore… Can’t believe I fell for you… You don’t love me, you never loved me. ”

” I love you… I really do.. I just did that because…. ”

” Because you’re a bitch…. Goodamit! ” Marcus echoed loudly.

” Fuck you! ” Emma said jerking up.

” You know what, you don’t have a clue on where Caleb is and you don’t care, you’re so stupid… You don’t give a fuck about his survival.. In fact, you’re glad that he’s dead. ”

Emma was stunned. Marcus never used contumelious words on her. He just called her a bitch and stupid. But that didn’t get to her. What got to her was his accusing her of not caring for Caleb…. Couldn’t he see the agony that logged in her soul because of Caleb? But somehow she knew he was right. And it made her mad…

” I love Caleb. I always will, and nothing you say or do can change that. ” She yelled.

Everyone in the restaurant was stationed in their stare at her.

” No you don’t, you know you don’t. ”

And their, Emma finally lost it. She kicked herself up in fury and flung the table near her on the floor shouting loudly;

” I do love Caleb.. ”

The plates were overturned and the rice bowl and ramen noodles poured on the floor, forming a marshy, oozing pastry.

Emma could see Marcus jumping on tables and jeering her. She immediately chased him and jumped tables after him. So many people in the restaurant had their food marched and dumped on them as she jumped on tables. People screamed and shoved away from the table.

Emma jumped at the counter, kicking bottles, chasing Marcus, who had turned to Nashua and jeered her more and said;

” I’m gonna fuck Riley, am gonna fuck her real good.” It made her spleen.

Emma jumped from the counter on seeing Nashua standing and hurled him down, ready to punch him for all eternity, when someone dealt her a blow on the side of the head and then her vision was clear, She had just hurled a cop. There was no Nashua or Marcus in sight. Then she passed out.

Emma got up just in time to see shadows walking. She opened her eyes and saw Riley going out of the restaurant In the middle of 2 cops, 2 women and a man. She didn’t need to be told that they were child protective services agents. She jerked and fought and ravished but it did no good as she was tied real hard. No escape for her. Emma was bitting the ropes, and stomped her feet violently, trying to shake off the chain that was used on her feet.

Emma saw them turn around and moved towards her. She charged insanely at them. Another woman followed from behind . When they got to where Emma was, the cops stood and so did Riley and the child protective services agents . They turned around, facing the woman, and one of the cops said;

” Hey Riley, meet your new foster mom. ”

The woman moved towards Riley and they both paused and starred and the woman took Riley into her embrace.

The Default Mode Of An Average Black Negro

America is known all over the world as the third largest country in the whole world with a population of 327 million, making them the third most populated country in the world. Their mass area, exceeding 3.6 million square miles, makes them, a little bit lower than the whole of Europe if clumped together. The exceeding diverse geography, climate and wide life there, makes it one of the world 17 megadiverse countries.

Hawaii is an archipelago in the mid Pacific Ocean. The U. S. territories are scattered about the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean sea, stretching across nine official time zones.

Let me not bug you too much with what most of us are acquianted with.

America is known to have a homogeneous culture, being that everyone speaks one language which is English and they do not have different ethnic groups or different background cultural history like in Nigeria. But we all know that diversity of culture between the white and black is prominent in the USA. They may speak the same language but their beliefs, upbringing, and their totality is different. I would like pinpoint their differences..

Black Americans

Black Americans are comulation of American with total or partial ancestry of black racial groups of Africa. They are the descendants of enslaved black people who came to America during the sixties. They are known to be very protestant.

Some of the culture of a black American could be seen in their languages, names, religion, music and food.

Black Americans are known for speaking the African American language which is different from the standard English language.

Black Americans are often known for answering their traditional names which began in the late nineties. Although some of their names are referenced from the Bible. Some of which are David, Daniel and Joseph.

Also the culture of black Americans is mostly manifest in their music. Black Americans were known for their great vocal ability during the slavery era. Reggae beats are usually associated with black American music.

Black Americans dominate the music industry. Notable people like Nina Simone, Marvin Gaye, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, and Michael Jackson.

Behavioral characteristics of a black American.

The behavioral characteristics of a black American reveal themselves in two forms and they are the the inborn and the inbred. The inborn characteristics are not just found in black Americans alone but in all the black race, that also includes African countries while the inbred characteristics are formed by the experiences of places they find themselves in. So the inbred characteristics of a black American are accredited to the America life alone.

Some of the inborn characteristics are;

  • Family : Blacks generally cherish family and brotherhood. A black family can have a fight with each other, up to the extent of getting into each other throats, but they can never let an outsider come in to scatter them. They fight together. Fighting a black most times could mean fighting communities of blacks. This oneness is unexplainable as most times, blacks drive each other crazy.

There is a particular slogan amongst blacks which is, “family comes first.”

  • Violence : Blacks are naturally violent. Sometimes I wonder if the fight against colonialism and slavery is a resultant factor in the streaks of violence amongst blacks. It is often said that in America, blacks are more likely to die in the hands of the cops than whites. Now, I do know that racism has a part to play here but when you look at how violently blacks die in the hands of each other, you won’t blame the police sometimes. The death of Tupac Shakur is an example of the violence of the black man.

There was a statistics raised between 2011-2013 and it was stated there that 38% of people arrested for murder, manslaughter, rape, arm robbery and aggreviated assault, were blacks. Now while it is often stated that this figure is problematic, it is also alarming.
But there are also certain manifestations, the result of training or neglect, which are not inborn. As they are inculcable, so they are eradicable; and it is only by a loose terminology that we apply the term characteristics to them without distinction between them and the inherent traits. In considering the characteristics of the Negro people, therefore, we must not confuse the constitutional with the removable. Studied with sympathy and at first hand, the black man of America will be seen to possess certain predominant idiosyncrasies of which the following form a fair catalogue:

  • Religion : Black Americans are known for their religious beliefs. Most black Americans are Christians. You would hardly find a Jewish or a Buddhist among blacks. Blacks do openly believe in a supernatural being. It was one of the beliefs that was fought against by their masters during the slavery era. They tried to put a stop to their church meetings and the influence it was gaining , as well as his attributing every event, good or bad, to be by the workings of the creator. At a time, the masters, even began to have faith in the black man’s religion, but than in theirs.
  • Imaginative: Blacks are very creative. This sounds fishy as we know that they don’t invent things like the whites and the Chinese but however, just listen to their music. The play on words. The words of a Negro is highly proverbial and their crudest speech protray visions of his mind, and indeed, the poetic quality of his mind is beyond education.
  • Forgiveness : Although blacks are known for violence, yet he is known not to hoard resentment for a long time. He doesn’t show more affection to his race and disregard other races. It’s often agreed that the Negro longs for the goodwill and respect of the white man and that the love that bind them during slavery still exists among them. Their are numerous instances of the black man extending forgiveness and love to their slaves masters. The story of the black bishop who returned to the state where he was held a slave to alleviate the plight of his former master. The story of Nelson Mandela is another example. Also the helpfulness of a Negro slave during the America civil war and his wife who nursed white children, while their masters were fighting to establish slavery. You may call the black man stupid, but he wasn’t, neither was he afraid. It was love and mercy that engendered his actions.
  • Physical strength : The Negro is known for his enormous physical strength . He is recorded as a laborer who kill tasks in most trying climate in America.
  • Courageous :. His page in the war record of this country is without blot or blemish. His commanders unite in pronouncing him admirable for courage in the field, commendable for obedience in camp. That he should exhibit such excellent fighting qualities as a soldier, and yet exercise the forbearance that characterizes him as a citizen, is remarkable.
  • Cheerful : Black Negros are known to be very cheerful. It’s why there’s no high rate of suicides among the blacks because they’ve learned not to allow situations get to them. Though the mudsill of the labor world, he whistles as he hoes, and no dark broodings or whispered conspirings mar the cheerful acceptance of the load he bears. Against the rubber bumper of his good cheer things that have crushed and maddened others rebound without damage. When one hears the quaint jubilee songs, set to minor cadence, he might suppose them the expressions of a melancholy people. They are not to be so interpreted. Rather are they the expression of an experience, not a nature. Like the subdued voice of a caged bird, these songs are the coinage of an occasion, and not the free note of nature. The slave sang of griefs he was not allowed to discuss, hence his songs. This cheerfulness has enabled the Negro to live and increase under circumstances which, in all other instances, have decimated, if not exterminated, inferior peoples.

The above traits are matching like, inborn traits among the black race, everywhere, both in Africa and the United States.
If, now, we turn to consider his inbred traits, those the result of experience, conditions and environments, we find that they exist mainly as deficiencies and deformities. These have been superimposed upon the native soul endowment. Slavery has been called the Negro’s great schoolmaster, because it took him a savage and released him civilized; took him a heathen and released him a Christian; took him an idler and released him a laborer. Undoubtedly it did these things superficially, but one great defect is to be charged against this school—it did not teach him the meaning of home, purity and providence. To do this is the burden of freedom.

Some of the inbred traits of a black American are;

  • Shiftleness: The Blacks are lacking in self reliance and leadership. It is one of the consequences of slavery and colonialism. Blacks always depend on the whites for almost everything. In Nigeria for example, most of the laws of the received English law is still used. A black man is still been ruled by the whites even after his fighting colonialism. Colonialism left a slavery mentality in blacks.
  • Incontinence : A black man is known for his lack of self control. This can be noticed in the slavery era where blacks are known for their uncontrollable procreation.

Among the igbo tribe, during colonial rule, and even among other African countries like Uganda, a black man could marry as many wives as he wanted, and give birth to many children, children he couldn’t take care of. Leaving them improvished.

The incontinence of a Negro is seen in his love for revenge and violence and power . A black Negro is known to go to any length to get back at anyone who got him even if it cost them their lives. Their love for violence is contagious. Especially among African countries where most of their head of states, who are power drunken, who can go to any length to get the power. They are ready to kill anyone who stands in their way.

  • Improvidence and extravagance : Blacks are very extravagant. Their extremism in women and money is astonishing. It’s only blacks that live in big houses that they can’t afford just to boost their egos. It’s only blacks that can buy a private jet when it’s just the last cash on them. A black man doesn’t know what it means to save. There is the proverb among Africans, about seeing a rich dead man, and considering him a fool for not spending all his money while alive. His fear of death is so paramount, and so he wants to enjoy himself fully while he’s alive. In doing so, he goes way out of control.
  • Dishonesty : This is the logic, if not the training, of slavery. It is easy for the unrequited toiler in another’s field to justify reprisal; hence there arose among the Negroes an amended Commandment which added to “Thou shalt not steal” the clause, “except thou be stolen from.” It was no great fault, then, according to this code, to purloin a pig, a sheep, a chicken, or a few potatoes from a master who took all from the slave.
  • Untruthfulness: A black man is known to lie. This was known from colonial period. A Negro can’t be trusted to do anything. He can tell you “yes” because it is more pleasant to say yes and stay away than say no. It reminds me of the story Jesus Christ told about 2 sons who were asked to work on the farm. The eldest son told his father that he would work on his farm but never did. The second one said he wouldn’t but later did. Blacks are like that. They are known to be very deceptive. A black man can tell you he is sorry but never means it. Falsehood is so associated with blacks, especially Africans where everything they do is savoured with corruption. From the government to the little toddlers. Everyone is thought to lie. You can’t do business with an African man without him trying to cheat you out of it. Every story A black man tells you is filled with a greater proportion of lies than truths.
  • Suspicion of his own race :

He was taught to watch other Negroes and tell all that they did. This was slavery’s native detective force to discover incipient insurrection. Each slave learned to distrust his fellow. And added to this is the knowledge one Negro has that no other has had half sufficient experience in business to be a wise counsellor, or a safe steward of another man’s funds. Almost all Negroes who have acquired wealth have entrusted its management to white men.

A historian once said;

To cure the evils entailed upon him by an unhappy past, he must be educated to work with skill, with self-direction, in combination and unremittingly. Industrial education with constant application, is the slogan of his rise from racial pauperism to productive manliness. Not that exceptional minds should not have exceptional opportunities (and they already exist); but that the great majority of awkward and unskilled ones, who must work somehow, somewhere, all the time, shall have their opportunities for training in industrial schools near them and with courses consonant with the lives they are to lead. Let the ninety and nine who must work, either with trained or fumbling hands, have a chance. Train the Negro to accept and carry responsibility by putting it upon him. Train him, more than any schools are now doing, in morals—to speak the truth, to keep a promise, to touch only his own property, to trust the trustworthy among his own race, to risk something in business, to strike out in new lines of endeavor, to buy houses and make homes, to regard beauty as well as utility, to save rather than display. In short, let us subordinate mere knowledge to the work of invigorating the will, energizing productive effort and clarifying moral vision. Let us make safe men rather than vociferous mountebanks; let us put deftness in daily labor above sleight-of-hand tricks, and common sense, well trained, above classical smatterings, which awe the multitude but butter no parsnips.


” I’m not crazy. I saw what I saw.” Billy said.

” I never said you’re crazy. Am just saying that maybe you watch too much T. V and what you see on TV is what is replaying in your mind. ” The psychologist said.

” Now what are we gonna do about my son. He’s going nuts day by day. It’s crazy. He’s creeping everyone out. ” Nina, Billy’s mum asked.

” Let’s hear his dreams first. ” the psychologist said.

” I don’t need to hear another crazy fantasy of his. ”

The psychologist ignored her and turned to Billy and said;

” Please share your dream. I know how it feels to have nightmares, crazy nightmares. I’ve been there. Once I dreamt that my mom was bleeding profusely in our living room. Everyone thought I was crazy but then 2 weeks later, it happened during dinner and that’s how my mom passed away. I couldn’t bear to look at my dad and my siblings ever since then. So I know what it feels like. So would you like to share your dreams?. ” the psychologist asked.

Billy smiled at her. She understands me. He thought. He looked over at his mom and was heartbroken at the thought that she thought him crazy. Even if he really was crazy, the reality shouldn’t have come from her. His dad should be the one to bring him here. But unlike his mom, his dad believed that the insanity of his mum had passed on to her grandson. It was the only thing that made sense. His father didn’t believe that his madness could be cured and so he saw no use of trying to find a solution. Instead, he always laughed at Billy and called him all sorts of crazy names. His sister Mara and brother Cayle were just as annoying as his father. They always taunted him and called him names. No one believed him but how would they, his dreams were crazy just like the one he was about to share with the psychologist.

” This dream was a day ago;

I was in our basement with my sister getting something to drink suddenly my sister’s faces start to get weird. Her mouths and noses get really small and pretty much 90% of the face is her eyes. I start to run upstairs but a creature grabs my neck and pulls me up. The face was like a normal one but it had another skin above it. It started to scream like a demon and I just cant do anything else but screaming back.
My mother said in the first night I screamed three hours before I woke up.”

The psychologist face remained unchanged after hearing the dream. Billy could read her thoughts already as she wrote down in her notes; he’s crazy.

” Do you watch thriller movies, vampire movies?.” The psychologist asked.

Billy didn’t reply. He knew he had watched Vampire the night of his dream. He could remember how the next morning, he kept slapping his brother and sister face. When Cayle pushed him away, he dashed into his dad’s room, leaving his family who were nearby, trying to rouse him from his sleep. He could remember seeing Cayle’s smile immediately he opened his eyes. It was the devil’s smile. That was what made him to start hitting them in the first place.

Everyone, speechless, watched him as he ran out of the door. It took minutes or seconds, no one could tell. But right before everyone eyes, Billy entered into his room with a loaded gun. He aimed it and shot it twice at his siblings but he missed it. Cayle and Mara ran, pushing him and ran off into Mara’s room and locked the door. Billy who ran after them slipped off and fell, knocking himself out on the rails of the staircase. The next thing he saw himself on a chair, sitting before a white gray lady and a woman entering inside. He looked back after hearing the banging of the door and noticed that it was his mum.

” It has never been as bad as this. He’s been having weird dreams but it never got to the point of shooting people. He nearly killed my older son and daughter. His father has been asking me on countless occasions to take him to an asylum but I didn’t. Now I doubt my decision. ”

” I’ve not been having bad dreams, I’ve been seeing visions from God and it is going to happen. ” Billy’s voice rang out of the blues.

His mom started crying.

” No need trying to convince him otherwise. At least not for now. I hope he doesn’t turn out to be a serial killer cause that’s how they start. They imagine something… ”

” I’m not imagining anything. I saw it real in my dream. I’m not crazy.” Billy caught her short.

Billy’s nightmares started few months back. Nobody took him seriously. Even at school, complaint were made by his principal concerning it and threatened to involve child services if his parents didn’t do anything about it.

A week ago, Dan’s mum, a neighbor who lived a few blocks dropped in to say hi. It was Christmas morning and everyone save Billy was awake. Dan too had come also. He was helping Mara to decorate the Christmas tree. Her dad wanted the Christmas tree to be decorated on Christmas morning. Food were passed around. Snacks too passed around with Christmas songs playing from within and without. Everyone gathered around at the living room. No one noticed when Billy came down from the stairs. He must have stood there for God knows how long. But then, he saw Dan’s mum turn around and immediately, he started yelling. He grabbed a knife nearby and threw it and it missed Dan’s mum by a hair breadth but it left a small cut on Dan’s face who was sitting nearby. Billy stares at her and took another knife on the table and races at her direction. Immediately, his dad threw something at him and in the process of dodging it, he fell. Dan’s mum immediately carried her son and ran away from the house.

Cayle and Mara jumped on him. Billy struggled on the floor, shouting that Dan’s mum was evil. He had seen it in his dreams. As he kept struggling, his dad used a baseball bat and knocked him out. Later, when his mum comes into his room and asked him what he had seen in his dream, he begins to tell her;

” Last night, Dan’s mom came out and started yelling at me and Danfor drawing on the deck. But the weird thing was this lady wasn’t Dan’s mom. She was something evil and I could tell. It was like she was transforming into something dark and ugly in front of my eyes but Dan couldn’t see it. Long story short she finds out that I know she is evil and throws both of us off the cliff. I hit the bottom and open my eyes and see Dan with thorns sticking to her. Then the dream just ends.

” Jesus Christ!!!.” his mum yelled. Then, she regained her composure and sat up on his bed.

” So why did you want to kill her today?. ” his mom asked

” To stop her from killing Dan.” Billy said.

” But there was no proof that Dan’s mum was the monster and besides, Dan’s Mom would never hurt anyone. She’s so nice and sweet and everyone loves her including you. Have you forgotten the presents she bought you last Christmas?. ”

Billy deposition didn’t change. He said instead;

” We need to stop evil people before they carry out their evil plans. God revealed that to me. I heard his voice in my sleep. He told me to destroy her or else Dan’s blood will be on my head. ”

His mum was baffled and she jerked off his bed and starred at him as he looked back at the window before she left his room. As usual, his dad suggested that he’d been taken to an asylum but she opted against it and said he will be fine. Throughout that day and the next, his family sat in silence. Dan’s mom and Dan didn’t come to their house after that event, that didn’t matter. What did was that she didn’t call the cops on him.

In school, 2 weeks back, Billy was learning maths in his class when he slumbered. Few minutes later, he got up and went to the bathroom and comes in front of the class and start screaming;

“There’s gonna be a shooting here. Arm robbers are coming!! I saw them coming here. ”

His tone drove everyone at school to panic and immediately, the police were called in. Students and teachers hid in the school bunkers. A bang like bullet noise erupted in the surrounding and everyone yelled out in fear. After about few hours, it was discovered that there were no arm robbers in sight neither was there any gun shooting as people suspected. Some boys were shooting crackers at a near end.

The principal, who felt ashamed at his own fears that had almost made him jump off the window was furious when news reached him that it was a little dysfunctional boy who had started this false alarm and then the boy came into his office and his parents were told to come in too. 2 police men were sitting in his office, with Billy in their middle when his parents arrived and then when they told him why he made up such false alarm, he tells them that it was no false alarm, that he saw it in his sleep. That God had revealed it to him.

His statement resulted in an outburst of laughter by the police. The principal didn’t think it to be funny. Billy’s dad wanted to join in the laughing but Nina slapped his hands and instead he coughed.

The principal then told them that if they didn’t do something about their son, he would call child services for them. There was no response from his parents. The principal had expected a defense, an argument, a defiance but none of that happened. Instead his parents face remained expressionless. His mum felt grateful and vulnerable at the same time. The thought of her son taken away from her by child services scared her but she didn’t show it. Instead, like her husband, she kept her face expressionless and then her husband chipped in one or two words to the principal and the cops. It was an apology, she could tell. After which, they got up and left. Billy followed them home.


Billy looked up at his mom as they rode into their house after their visit from the psychologist. The psychologist had diagonaised him of borderline personality disorder. Their ride home was filled with a heavy silence which was interrupted on few occasions by the heavy sighs of Nina. His mum couldn’t understand this. He never had this issue growing up. He was a lovely sweet kid. Then all of a sudden, this. She couldn’t understand why it was happening now. if it had started in his very early years, she would have known what to do and it wouldn’t have turned out as bad as this. Her husband’s mum insanity was noticed very early and they were able to fight it to some point. She still was seen on few occasions talking and laughing to herself but she didn’t have no demons talking to her. It was too much for him to handle, especially at his young age of 16.

Nina sighs deeply at the thoughts swooping on the inside. She knew that Billy was showing symptoms but she decided to shut her eyes to it. She could remember few months back before his insanity took a whole new level, how he would tell them in the morning before going to school, about seeing a vampires and dragons in his sleep. He told them also that he usually hears voices in his head, they never bothered finding out what the voices were telling him, cause they always suspected that it was whatever he watched the previous night that was replaying in his head.

Cayle would joke about it, calling it a revelation from God and they will all laugh expect Billy, who would stare at them in anger. Or sometimes, he would join them in laughing, but his face would always smile, looking upward, and then he would yell and tell them that he saw a demon starring at them.

Cayle would yell again;

” God is speaking. ” in a mock tune, and he would start screaming and running all over the dinning room and stoop low behind where Billy was sitting, and he would scream so loudly from behind him, and Billy would yell in fear. It was so funny whenever Cayle did it. And then, Cayle would get up and go back to his seat.

Once during breakfast, Billy’s father was throwing a conversation with Nina, when Billy suddenly hushed them, with his finger on his lips. Mara was talking on the phone, when Billy knocked the table so loudly that she didn’t know when she ended the call. Billy was frozen, and so was everyone else for the moment. Billy sat still, taking deep breaths. He told them that the God was speaking. Cayle, suddenly jerked off as if reliazing himself, said mockingly;

” Tell us what he’s saying. ”

” He said I should take a knife and pierce it into your eyes. ” Billy said.

The sarcastic tune at which Billy said it, sent everyone to derision. It was funny. Even Billy would join in the laughter, so nobody took him seriously.

Nina should have noticed how suddenly he became withdrawn. She always heard him talking loudly in his room whenever he was alone. It was gibberish words. she thought he was talking to a friend on the phone. She didn’t mind that he stopped following them for outing. She didn’t mind that he never came out to watch T. v. with the family. He only watched the TV in his room. Cayle was glad about it cause nobody to struggle with him. Mara was always pressing her phone. She wasn’t a TV person. She only watched music channels. This was whenever Cayle wasn’t in the living room, which was rare.

Nina knew Billy watched Vampire movies but she didn’t stop him. She usually would enter his room to kiss him goodnight and the Tv in his room would be turned off, so was the light in his room. She would never see DvD packs on his DVD player, and so she would see no need to tell him to shut the TV. It never even crossed her mind. But then after she left, he would stay up all night, watching the Vampire movies. Those creatures on the screen scared him so much but instead of screaming outrightly, he would seat still, frozen. He watched vampires with eye sockets, covered in dark horror. The chill that those films gave him was beyond words.

Billy suddenly was seen sleeping in class and then those dark horror movies played on in his head but this time, he would see his brother or sister or father or mother… Just about anyone he knew was suddenly transformed into dark ugly, creatures with 3 eyes and 4 hands and multiple legs. Exactly as the creatures in his films. it was hideous. Then he will hear voices, telling him that what he saw was a revelation. It felt so true, at least to him. But to the rest of his family, especially to Cayle, it was a joke.


Billy entered inside with his mum. No word was said to him by his dad and his two older siblings. They were scared of him and at the same time, they had this feeling of disdain towards him. It was in the evening when they returned and so he entered his room and slept off.

In his dream, Billy saw his mum driving a car and someone coming from her left angle with his car, and pushed her off the cliff into the river. It was so real. He got up screaming and soon his mum rushed into his room and woke him up. When asked what was wrong, he told her nothing but another bad dream. He even started smiling so that she wouldn’t worry and then she kissed him and stood up to watch him. Tears were gleaming in her eyes. Finally she left.

Billy sat up. He knew it was another revelation. No one believed his revelation because no one was worthy enough to carry out his dreams. What if he carried it out? Everyone thought he was crazy, even his mum. He would teach them. He would show them that he’d been having encounters from God. He lay on his bed smiling.

The next morning, while everyone was in the living room, he came out and told them his dream of last night. He could see the hatred in the eyes of his brother and father as he relayed it .His father called him a crazy freak. It was only his mum who held him in sympathy.

Soon everyone went out, leaving him alone in the house. His dad went out to a Bar, his mom to a grocery shop, Cayle, to his friends’ place and Mara hung out with her boyfriend.

you’re the chosen one. ” The voice in his dreams spoke out.

Upon hearing that voice, he went and took his dad’s keys. His dad didn’t carry his car but his mom carried hers. Perfect. He thought. This was God speaking.

He called his mom. She picked instantly.

” Homey are you okay?. ”

” Yeah sure. ” Billy said.

” Are you sure?” heavy sighs following then she continues;

” look am so sorry about dad. I would talk to him. ”

” look I get it, he hates me, everyone in this house hates me. ”

” But I don’t hate u. Doesn’t that count?. ”

No answer.

” Mum have you reached the groceries?”

” yes Billy and am buying your favorite cereals and doing shopping for dad and Cayle and Mara and you. I will be home in 15 minutes. Am coming with a friend so I will reach a few blocks before coming home. Stay safe, love you ”

Billy ended the call before starting the car. He held a sigh of relief as he drove the car outside the garage.

Billy drove quickly to the road. His dad had thought him a year ago how to drive. He parked by the left flank of the cliff and was about to call his mom when she called him.

” mum where are you?” he asked.

” Am heading toward the Cliff. Am coming son. ” she said and he ended the call on her. She called back but he didn’t pick.

Soon, he saw his mom car heading towards him. it wasn’t on top speed and besides he heard the voice in his head say;

” She’s coming. ”

Billy immediately drove off immediately he saw her pass him. He hit her car twice. Since she wasn’t on a very full speed, Nina’s car swayed sideways. Nina looked through her window and saw the car as he drove from behind her and hit her again. This time, her car pushed the car and it swayed and the bonnet of the car was faced towards the driver door of her car. The car pushed her further near the cliffs. Whoever that was in there wanted to throw her off the cliff into the river.

Billy pressed further, pushing his mum against the railing of the cliffs. Then before he knew it, he saw his mum’s eyes on him in a wide shock and he froze and immediately, the voice in his head spoke out loudly and clear;

” You failed to show strength when you should. You’re weak, overcome by affection. You failed to met out justice against the evil ones. You failed to fulfill the prophecy and now you must pay with your life. ”

immediately, Billy was brought back to reality. His mum was screaming helplessly as the railings were breaking. Billy screamed too in despair and from nowhere, a truck with a failed break hit the car Billy was in and it jerked away from his mum’s car and tumbled about 4 times and crashed on the road and the car Immediately, burst into flames.

The truck’s break came alive again after the car started tumbling and it stopped immediately, same thing with Nina’s car which after it must have moved a little bit, it stopped.

Both Nina and the truck driver rushed to the burning car. Billy’s body was already chopped off by the fire. The car was a wreck. Nina could see the world swirling through her head. She couldn’t tell who she was or what was happening. The only thing she could hear was loud sirens and at that moment, she knew that his demons had caught up with him.

Spoiler alert

Gavin sat up and looked up at Charlotte as she moaned and pushed rather too slightly on the bed. This is it. He thought. He looked at his bedside clock. It was 6pm. The next day was her wedding with Kennedy and here she was drunk and in bed with a guy that she met few hours . He had few hours before stopping what he thought was the biggest mistake of all time.

Gavin pushed himself off the bed and sat up looking at her. Their clothes lay on the bed. It was then he realized that he was naked. He wore his boxer and headed for the door and removed the camera from behind it. He copied the video of what had happened between him and Charlotte and sent it to Alec, Kennedy’s brother.

Immediately Gavin sent that, someone called him. He wondered who that might be. It wasn’t Kennedy that’s for sure. Neither was it anyone he knew. His dad would be doing on online dating, chasing hot chicks. His mum had finally gotten her date and she will be all night with him in his apartment. Gavin knew the guy his mum was dating. They were good friends. They met at a bar. He fell out with the guy after he got into a relationship with his mom. Firstly he knew the guy sleeps with strippers. Secondly the guy was way younger for his mum. He couldn’t bear to see his mom heartbroken. But he knew that spilting both of them would leave his mom devastated so he didn’t. Instead he moved out of the house and found an apartment at Anaheim street. He had previously been in 3 relationships which didn’t ended well, and he and his half brother weren’t seeing eye to eye because Gavin slept with his girlfriend, it was the first girl Gavin ever dated and he could remember how she called him on phone to come pick her at her place, not knowing his brother was at her place too. He could remember walking into her apartment and she opening the door for him and immediately he saw his brother, Gerald looking at him.

“Hey boyfriend. ” She said, kissing him and immediately Gerald ran madly after his brother. He brought out his gun and shot Gavin who ran off immediately. He didn’t go after Gavin and never contacted or spoke to him again. Gavin, knowing that the worst thing to do to Gerald was to go begging. If he wants to let go, he must be the one to call. That he never did and so Gavin never him again, though he knew his brother had moved over to Colorado.

Gavin finally picked the call.

” Hello, am I speaking to Gavin?. ” The voice sounded like an auto machine.

” Yes… Sure…” Gavin said frozen. Who had pinned something on him? What was going on?

” OK. I’m Mr. Gerardo, Charlotte’s dad. I was told by my daughter that you lost your Student Loan and you can’t pay your last 2 semester fees. She tells me you’re super sweet and smart and she really wanna help you. She’s so sweet. I know that. I know I objected to it but I kinda agree cause I love helping people. You can call me a scholarship guy. ” he said with a chuckle before continuing;

” So I sent your fees few hours ago. I checked your school profile and I found out that you’re pretty smart, straight A’s….. That’s nice. Keep up the good work. ” He ended the call.

Gavin starred at his phone. Mr. Gerardo’s words played in his head. No way could he do this to Charlotte. He couldn’t believe that she went this far to help him. He had merely told her when the both of them sat together in a cab. He was heading towards his apartment while she was heading to church. They dropped at the same time yet he didn’t see that as a sign. His apartment was a few blocks from her church.

It still didn’t make sense to him even as he stood by in her apartment. She didn’t seem to care when he kept muttering his problems out loud. Even though she didn’t tell him to cut the bullshit like the man who sat on his right, even if she didn’t tell him to shut the fuck up like the cab driver, she remained silent, uninterested and didn’t seem apprehensive. He didn’t even know her from anywhere. How did Mr Gerardo know the college he attends? How did she know his name? He suddenly remembered that before they parted ways, she had asked him for his contact which he reluctantly gave her. She gave him hers which he couldn’t find no more. “Shit! I gotta end this” he said, before calling Alec, Kennedy’s brother.


Alec sat up at his computer and was surfing the internet. He was looking at Amazon sale products. He saw cool tuxedos, smart phones and what not. He wasn’t planning on buying anything. He was just checking prices. Some of their prices were way out of the universe. Most of the tuxedos online cost a $1,000. He was flirting with his phone when Kennedy sent him a photo of him and Charlotte with an inscription written below;

can’t believe my wedding is in 6 hours. “

” That’s if there’s ever gonna be any wedding. ” He muttered to himself as he looked at his phone.

what the hell bro, you’re still awake.” Alec typed to Kennedy.

Same as you bro. “

” You got 6 hours to your big day and now you don’t wanna get some rest. You wanna go to the altar looking like a perverted bus driver. You wanna go drooling on your wife on your big day.”

” She gotta accept me for whom I am.”

” That’s not funny Ken, you don’t have to go on the altar looking drowsy. Get some sleep man.. ”

Alec knew that Kennedy won’t reply immediately. He knew Kennedy was imagining himself, sleepy and falling on Charlotte and probably drunk.

After waiting for an hour, Alec sent Kennedy a message which he didn’t reply immediately and Alec was about to gasp happily when Kennedy sent him an emoji sticking it’s tongue out. It really made Alec so mad and so he sent him a quick message

” Good luck bro on your big day. ” And was about shutting down when he got a message from Gavin;

” I can’t do this anymore. ”

” what do you mean? ” Alec asked.

“The video.. You have gotta to delete it please… ”

” What do you mean by I’ve gotta delete it. Haven’t I paid you for your job?. ”

” Yeah sure…. But Charlotte’s dad is a renowned pastor in this little town of ours… What you are planning on doing would ruining him and have you thought about your brother what it could do to him…? ”

Alec laughed heartily on seeing the last part of the message.. Who is this dude talking? A neighbor at Charlotte’s apartment. He off course didn’t have a clue of who Kennedy was and why should he? Kennedy had sex with tons of girls. There They were only 2 girls with whom he was into serious relationship with. They were Ashley and Susan.

Ashley was from Kirkwood. She was Kennedy’s first. Alec had developed keen relationship with her because she loved behaving like a guy. She loved watching football and soccer and was a great fan of NBA sports.

At first the relationship resided between Kennedy and her. They went out on many dates, most of which was her idea. Kennedy was so quiet and most times he would just gloat at her while she talked or while she got up and danced to the beat of a music. The first time Kennedy was dragged to dance in the midst of a gloating crowd at a homecoming party organized by their high school, Kennedy only moved his body when her hands pushed it to. Twice when she left him and danced for few seconds, he fell face down. It was funny. He wasn’t used to this. He was used to silence. He was used to going to a library to read books. He was used to their silence sex where nothing was said save their heavy breathing. He was used to their watching TV in silence. He was used to their almost silent dinner where Ashley or he chipped in one or two words. The only thing she couldn’t tolerate about him was his reading and thinking and his love for it. Sometimes he could just be caught off in his thoughts and she would talk for hours and he wouldn’t hear her until when she called his name and shook him and he would respond, apologizing but by then, the ecstasy was gone.

Alec and Ashley started to hang up. The first time they spoke was at Kennedy’s family house. She had come to look for Kennedy but he wasn’t at home so she met his brother. Alec was the opposite of his brother. Alec loved the wild life. He is everything his brother isn’t. The only thing they shared in common was that they loved to fuck girls.

Girls weren’t really into Alec. He was more like the everyone ones guy. Girls didn’t really wanna have any intimate relationship with him because he never had a private moment. People were always in his room. He was always having sleep overs and Kennedy would look at them shyly and greet the people there and the girls would give seductive smiles and the next night, a girl would come over to Kennedy’s room for a sleepover and they will be all over each other, naked.

After Ashley hung out with Alec the first time, she began seeing him more often. Kennedy was grateful that his brother took Ashley’s mind off him. Ashley really loved Kennedy and he loved her too just that she couldn’t fit in his compressed silent world. They saw little of each other and spoke little to each other and Alec, without their will, spilt them apart. Ashley even stopped asking of Kennedy even when she saw him she said a little hello and moved over to Alec. Then one night, when Kennedy seemed in the mood to talk to her, he found her and his brother on his bed in his room, naked. That was it. He closed the door and she feeling guilty left and never spoke to either of them again.

Susan and Kennedy dated for weeks. They broke up after her boyfriend whom she earlier thought was dead, survived a plane crash. He didn’t board the plane. That was 2 years back . Photos on facebook were showing his Rip posters. No word was heard about him for months . He didn’t call her or send her texts. In her grief, she went to a bar and drank herself to stupor and Kennedy who was depressed that day was at that same bar. They sat opposite each other, brandy and beer and cigarettes fumes filled the air. When Kennedy looked up and saw her, he smiled. That thing that triggered him was in her eyes; silence. They were both drunk and they kissed each other in the bar. They were both tipsy and for the first time, Kennedy didn’t spend the night at home and also for the first time Kennedy had lay at a bar wasted. Yet it didn’t spark regrets in either of them. They went on dating for weeks. And then on the second time that he and she went out, her boyfriend suddenly showed up at the restaurant where they were and there eyes met and they hugged and kissed each other and she broke up with Kennedy at that very moment and he watched the two of them as they walked out of the restaurant.


Charlotte stir on the bed. She got up almost the same time Gavin jumps out the window. She shivered at the reality of what just happened. She knew he drugged her but that didn’t matter. She was deflowered. She was no better than all friends. She had tried all her life to marry as a virgin. She didn’t go partying like her friends did. She never stayed out late both at college and when she got out of college. She was churcheous and diligent too.

Charelote could remember the first time she saw Kennedy . It was at a library. She had come there to do some research work for her final project in school. It was her last project in school as she was soon graduating. She was fancied at the way he looked at the book he was reading with so much concentration. His voraciousness for knowledge was eminent in the way he looked at the book. He was so taken aback by it. She starred a little longer till Ashley, her friend showed up. Ashley had once dated Kennedy.

Charelote didn’t wait for her to ask her who she was staring at, she immediately pointed at a guy in red sweatshirt with short curly hair. Immediately Ashley saw Kennedy, she dragged Charelotte away and told her to keep away from that guy. She told her about his weird silent life style and his presumptuous brother Alec and how she knew that he had slept with many girls and could have contacted HIV and other sex related diseases but none of that mattered to Charlotte because she believed him to be the one.

Few hours later, Charlotte noticed him leaving, got up and ran after him and in the process bumped into him and a couple of paperwork that he had on him fell to the ground. She immediately bent down to pick it. By the time she got up, she noticed that he had his eyes scanning her curved body in those spilt seconds. Her hands were shaky and the paperwork fell to the ground. Kennedy picked them up this time.

Ashley had just reached her when Kennedy said hello to her which she didn’t respond.

Charlotte eyes sparked with innocence as she looked at him and her smile was gentle and her eyes held silence. Kennedy immediately gave her his card, containing his contact and she gave him hers as well.

That evening as Charlotte searched for his card, Ashley who was with her, snatched it from her stripe jacket pocket and cut it to shreds with a scissors. Charlotte starring in shock.

Later that night, Kennedy called her. She wasn’t used to night calls, neither was she used to strangers calling her at midnight. She finally picked the call after 5 missed call. She gave it to an older lady who was in her dorm and she yelled out crazily at him, telling him to stop calling or she would call the cops on him, calling him a predator, an evil monster. When Kennedy told the lady that Charllote had given him her contact, she called him a pathetic liar, a deleterious son of a bitch, a lying cheating butt hole and told him that may God save his soul before ending the call.

But the whole drama didn’t turn him off as later that night, he sent her a text and a voicemail, reminding her about the library catch up and she immediately called back and apologized. Charlotte told the lady that she knew the guy and she had made a bloody mistake. The lady disbelieving her, knew better than to interfere.

And from there, more hanging out, more calling and texting and they introduced each other to their families and friends.

Charllote could remember how Alec looked at her in a distasteful manner. He didn’t like her. It was clear. When Kennedy reveals to her that his parents are dead, she does go forward and hug him tightly. Alec was surprised at how easily Kennedy could tell her that. Kennedy tells her that he has no uncle or aunts or cousins as both his parents were the only child in their families. Kennedy then laughs and tell that it wasn’t true. Kennedy tells her the real truth… His parents families are big time rivals and so they hate each other.. He tells her that when his parents died in air crash, that increased the hatred the more as both families of his parents took their deceased family member to bury separately. No one gave a shit about Kennedy or his brother and so they were both left to figure out life for themselves. Fortunately, they had both finished college at that time.

Charllote didn’t tell Kennedy that Alec looked vile . She was sometimes scared that he could kill her or something but that never happened. He only looked at her like a barking dog. He was truly presumptuous.

When Kennedy visited her house, Mr Gerardo didn’t seem excited to see him. If he was at first, he wasn’t anymore because Kennedy had openly told him that he wasn’t a Christian. Kennedy was too open to her father. When her dad asked him if Charelotte was the only girl that he had ever dated, he said no and told him that he ‘d been into tons of relationships before ever being with his daughter. Mr. Gerardo felt this disdain for him and took Charlotte into the hallway to have a word with her. She knew what he wanted to tell her and so when he told her that he didn’t trust that guy and didn’t want her to marry him, she objected to it, telling him that she loved his honesty and the way he didn’t lie to get approved. When her dad pressed further, she told him to stop all this pretending. She reminded him of how he cheated on her mum who caught him naked with her best friend in her best friend’s house and she got so mad that she ran off and came back months later and they both had to go through a divorce, leaving Charlotte in her dad’s care.

Mr. Gerardo looked into his daughter’s eyes with a wide guilt and went back quietly to the dining room.

Charelotte memory was struck back by the loud knocking on the door. She was still naked.

” Honey are you okay. ” her father’s voice echoed through the door

“Sure dad. ” she said as she went to unlock the door.

Her dad was talking happily and couldn’t guess that anything wrong had happened. He talked about the dinner they had together with Gavin, her wedding dress, the wedding cake and people who were coming but she wasn’t paying attention. Gavin had played her. He had drugged her somehow and had snuck into her room at night to have sex with her. She enjoyed it, she could tell even though she knew it was the drugs at work.

Charelotte was very disappointed in herself. She had succeeded In convincing Kennedy not to have sex with her before marriage. He didn’t cheat on her even though it was obvious that he would and now she was the cheater..

Her dad left her after kissing her good night and told her that she would make a beautiful bride and she cried as she looked at her wedding gown which was hung on her wardrobe.


The wedding day finally came. So many people trooped into the church. her dad who was a widely known pastor and was the senior pastor of the church saw so much crowd. The people from all over the streets and even from far and wide came. Her uncles, aunts and cousins came. Ashley had agreed to be her maid of honor. Her little cousin, Jenna, had agreed to be the little bride.

Kennedy’s brother, Alec, was the only person who showed up for Kennedy. His 3 friends had agreed to be groom men for him.

Alec looked at Charlotte with an evil smile. Kennedy had a few times bumped into him and said a quick hello and asked him to help him do his buttons right. His collars were done right too.

Charelotte sat sad in the maidens room. she smiled but deep down she was hell mad. she couldn’t show her through feelings and distance herself. Everyone would think it to be malevolence. No one would understand. Ashley and some of the maid kept running through her things and we’re admiring her gown. Her cousins, her male cousins, trooped in to say hi. Ashley helped Jenna to get her makeup done.

It was time for the wedding. Charelotte came out first. Jenna had gone before her as the flower girl and everyone starred admirably. Then Charelotte came out and looked ahead and saw Kennedy standing on the altar with her father. Alec was by his side, looking at her. Gavin was nowhere there but she could feel his presence. He was hiding somewhere.

As she mounted the podium, she had the urge to get out but didn’t. Her father read serval scriptures and spoke for 5 minutes before the exchange of rings and vows was about to commence. Just then, Alec gave a signal and immediately, the projector screen in the church started giving blurred images and just then, the video of Gavin and Charelotte kissing popped on the screen. It was hysterical, everyone gave a hideous glance and just then Kennedy eyes gave out. Charelotte noticed it first. She wanted to say something but before she could, Kennedy was hurled on the floor and snapped his neck hard in the process

Alec yelled immensely. paramedics were immediately rushed into the building. Before they could resuscitate him, he was gone…

Alec shook his brother with tears running all over his face. He was screaming outrightly. He had gotten more than he had bargained for. Kennedy was dead. He had lost his parents, now he had lost his brother as well. He wanted to prove that Charlotte was a whore and he had all but proved it but in the end, he was the biggest loser. Soon everyone was gonna forget that video but how could he ever forget Kennedy ?. He knew that Charlotte would move out to another state where no one would know her or what she did. Even if they know, it would be one or two and the only they could do was to gossip her to the neighbors or look at her disapprovingly. She wouldn’t die, neither would it cost her anything pricessless. But he lost his only family forever. The wound will never heal. He had won the battle but had lost the war.

Fathom part 10

Marcus woke up sheepishly on hearing the loud knock from the door. The incident of the previous night starred in his face. He quickly went to the kitchen and carried a knife. In his haste, he tramped Riley who lay on the floor. He was scared of going near her. She lay in the same posture, no stir.

The knock on the door came again, this time with more viciousness. The loudness of the knock, reminded Marcus of the thud with which Riley fell with her head slamming on the ground before the bright light enveloped Marcus in the dim of the night and the screaming of Nashua’s voice in that loud brittleness. He could remember being frozen, like a not fully formed human being and watch her in slow motion as she yanked to the floor. He tried to fight the thought of guilt which caught him on the throat to the point of unconsciousness. It broke him completely, the thought of Riley dying and he standing and frozen. It was only when he heard gasps of her breaths that he became conscious again.

The loud knock which came again broke him from his thoughts. He sprang up from the floor where he lay he tramped Riley. He took his knife and slowly headed for the floor. He thought of what to do when he opened the door. He would stab Nashua or whoever was at the door. He was still stewing in his thoughts when he looked behind him and noticed he was already at the door. He wanted to go back to the kitchen and walk at a slower pace when the knock came again.

” Shit! He knows that I’m here. ” he yelled.

He looked on to Riley who was still sleeping. His hands grabbed the knob of the door and before he could shift his gaze from Riley, the door opened and he was about yelling when his face caught Emma’s pale eyes.. He gave her a blank stare before pushing back and allowing her come in.

Emma walked absentmindedly into the room and sat on the couch. Her eyes floating in silent gaze round the living room yet, she could see or hear nothing. Her memory was clouded with Nashua’s images, at Caleb’s bloody image, at the Japanese men and women who starred occasionally at her at the hospital when she was carried by an ambulance on the road. She could recall how frightened she was when Nashua’s face popped out from the group of men who carried her as she lay on the stretcher. She recalled how something gave out in her when she slammed her head on the road. She recalled the Japanese man who was driving her before the incident, starring at her and looking back at the doctor and back at her.

” Hey! Hey!!. ” Marcus voice broke into her thoughts.

Emma turned and looked at him.

” Are you okay?. ” he asked, standing at a far end.

Emma shot a quick stare at Riley and asked;

” why’re you holding a knife?.”

” Something strange is happening. Riley’s becoming delusional. Don’t know what Dr. Lawrence did to her but looks like someone is hypnotizing her. Can’t really explain it but last night she was hypnotized. Someone bugged by cell phone and was screaming; give up Riley or… ” Marcus paused and noticed Emma smiling and laughing. Her gaze shot behind him. Marcus turned back and looked behind him but nothing was there. No one was standing behind him. No one had opened the door. Perhaps she saw a ghost. Perhaps her son’s ghost. A swirling feeling struck Marcus on the head. Had Nashua called her to tell her that Caleb was dead? has his death drove her insane?

Marcus broke off from his thoughts and went near her, cuddling her. He spoke softly in that tone used in pacifying insanity;

” Is okay. Caleb misses you too. Can’t believe he’s dead… ”

Emma suddenly screamed.

” Caleb’s dead! Caleb dead?. ”

She jerked him away and started screaming. Marcus dashed after her. Emma had ran into a Japanese woman who carried a basket filled with snakes. The woman cursed in Japanese. Marcus ran too and hit the woman who was about getting up. Emma ran into the last stairs of the building and wanted to jump off from such great height when Marcus came and pushed her back. She approached him and he punched her into unconsciousness.


Emma sat up in Marcus apartment. She was tied to the couch. Marcus duct taped her. She was still struggling to get free when Marcus walked in and she calmed down in a silent hate.

” Listen to me, Caleb’s not dead. I thought he was because I saw you talking to the air few minutes ago. I thought Nashua called you and told you that Caleb is dead. ”

” So Caleb’s not dead. This was just a bunch of speculation?.” Emma asked, adjusting herself on the couch.

” Yes!. ”

” I could kill you right now. ”

Marcus laughed.

” About Riley. What did you say happen to her?.”

” I can’t really say but all I do know is that someone’s messing with her head. Last night, a voice echoed through my phone and was shouting. The voice asked me if I wanted to see something hysterical and before I knew it, Riley came into the living room with a gun stuck to her head. I was screaming but she wasn’t there. She was hypnotized. She couldn’t see or hear me. She was some kind of puppet. It was crazy and thrilling too.” Marcus said.

” Same thing happened to me too. I was in a taxi and I saw Nashua in the car but then the cab driver who drove me said that nothing was in there. I was told that I slammed myself through the windshield screaming as though something was chasing me when in reality nothing was there but I really saw him there. And later that night, I saw someone walk into the room, injecting me with something. I can’t say what was it but I know that it’s bad. ” Emma said.

” God! By the way who were you talking to minutes ago?. ” Marcus asked

” My friend pep. ”

” whose pep?.”

” A dark skinny guy who appears to me. No one sees him but me. I had a long conversation with him on the way to your place this morning…. ”

Marcus exhaled in amazement;

Dear God! We really need to go see a doctor. ”


The next day, while Emma set out with Riley to see a psychologist outside the outskirts of little Tokyo, Marcus took a cab to temple medical centre. He called Emma on arrival but she didn’t pick. He could remember her words loud and clear when they came down from his apartment before they went their separate ways;

” Make sure you get that son of a bitch.”

Getting pass the security was an easy thing for him, as an electrician walked out the door to go get something from his car. Marcus sneaked behind him and knocked him out with a blow by the side of the head. He dragged him inside his car and saw a duct tape which he used to strap him on the front seat and gave him a further blow on his head again, this time on the forehead. He saw him stir a little.

Marcus had gotten out from the car when he heard a phone ringing. He knew it was the guy’s phone. It was, perhaps what he came out to collect. He jacked the phone instantly on seeing someone approaching his direction. It was an old crazy woman, in crutches supported by an angry looking nurse who couldn’t wait to get rid of her.

Marcus strolled back to the entrance of the hospital. He was immediately halted and was asked in Japanese what he was doing there. The phone in his hand was still ringing. The security guards furiously spoke Japanese as they stared at him. Finally one of them seeing the phone, asked him if he was the electrician cause he had after knocking the guy out, had put on his uniform. Marcus gave him the ” what do you think ” look and the guards finally let him in.

Marcus walked in looking back at the guards who had gone back on their chit chat.

Marcus looked at the electrician phone, it was unlocked. As soon as he scrolled it upwards, a map, showing segment of the building popped up on the screen. It was really easy to locate Dr. Lawrence office. But the problem was how to physically get there?

Marcus had just passed the telephone dispatcher office, walking slowly, when 2 men approached him. He felt uneasy as he looked at them.

“Show us your ID. ” the men said in Japanese.

Marcus froze on hearing that. He suddenly felt his fingers running around the right pocket of his trouser uniform. It was the trouser of the electrician he had earlier knocked out. Something was in his right pocket. There was a little solidness, he could feel it. He dipped into the pocket and brought out an ID and another Card which the hospital had given him for identification, in case he went out.

Marcus slowly handed the 2 ID’s to the men. After examining it, they spoke briefly to each other, before one of them asked him to go. He gasped in relief. Thank goodness, he had worn the electrician cap and sunglasses.

Marcus couldn’t help feeling watched as he moved round the building. He passed ward rooms and offices. Most offices had their doors locked. But the office holders had their names written on the doors. Like the medical administrative assistant, whose office was close to one of the ward rooms. He also passed the office of the patient care Technician, the office of the correspondence technician.

Marcus walked a wide length in the building with no one looking at him. He had looked at the phone to look at the map of the building. he was almost reaching Dr. Lawrence office. it was on the third floor. He took an elevator to the third floor. His door was on the left side. He used a pin to jam the lock of the door and was about opening the door when he felt a sharp piercing on his neck. He turned around and saw two men looking at him. He felt weaknesses all over his body as he slumped into unconsciousness.

Few minutes later, Marcus was woken. He was very weak and could hardly see, yet when Dr. Lawrence and Nashua walked into the office, he couldn’t help but know it was them. He even heard their voices;

” When I heard that someone was sneaking into my office, I didn’t know that it was this dip shit.” Dr. Lawrence said.

” Is it possible for you to carry out a face surgery on me and this guy. Let me have his face and let him have mine. ” Nashua said.

” I need to ask a quick question; what do you gain by torturing Emma and Riley. Cause I know you are doing it to hurt them?.”

” I don’t really know. I just like hurting Emma. I hate her but I love Riley. Am strangely obsessed by the little girl. ”

“Right.” Dr. Lawrence said before adding;

” But would you kill this guy?. ”

” Not yet but get him tied up in a hideout. Tie him up, face him to a dripping tap so that he would go insane. I really do want him to pay for getting into my business, for hooking himself with my wife. ” Nashua said.

Marcus was finally knocked out.


Emma sat with Riley and the psychologist in a taxi cab that took them to S. San Pedro street. Emma had called Marcus, hoping he’s gotten the bastard, but his line was switched off. Riley often looked at the psychologist, a white fair dude who lived outside the outskirts of little Tokyo. Riley could remember seeing his name on a newspaper and had heard some guys in the bus that drove her and Riley to Eagle Rock, Los Angeles. That was the location of the psychologist. Even then, she couldn’t help but feel that somehow this men were arranged by someone, perhaps the psychologist. She felt this way because immediately she ended the call with the psychologist ( She got his number from the newspaper), the men started talking. The suddeness exposed the charade. Perhaps this wasn’t so. Perhaps the men wanted to have a conversation and was looking for an opportunity to strike one. Emma listened with keen interest as the men spoke about him. Even though she said nothing, she was happy that someone had unknowingly confirmed good about where she was going. After a while, the men stopped talking.

Emma looked often at Riley who at different intervals, peered into the psychologist’s phone. Emma could remember how he introduced himself to her as Kain. She could remember how hypnotized she felt as she looked at him. She could recall how they stared at each other moments longer… She was the one starring. he was addressing Riley and before she knew it, she was outside of his office, sitting on a long chair. She couldn’t tell how long she was cut off. She could remember wanting to bang at the door of his office, scared cause she couldn’t hear or see Riley, scared cause she couldn’t tell who or where she was. She felt helpless and hopeless. She couldn’t get up. She found herself crying profusely, screaming inside but no word out. She wasn’t tied or anything relating to her. She could have easily gotten up and banged on Kain’s door and gotten out but she didn’t. She couldn’t.

Emma noticed how with disdain and contempt the secretary looked at her. Then Riley stepped out through the door. It was with great relief that Emma ran and hugged her daughter who suddenly felt strange to her.

Emma took her turn and sat looking at Kain. She told him about Nashua and about how she hallucinates. He looked at her as though she was keeping some secrets but then he began to cheer her up. He told her stories of when he first came to Little Tokyo to see his grandmother and she took him to kinokuniya, a large Japanese book store that had wide selection of Japanese language books,magazines, music CDs, manga, and anime, as well as a selection of English-language books on Japanese subjects and translated manga and anime.

Kain told her how weird he felt as people spoke and looked like Japanese . He told her how he picked some Japanese books to the counter so to pay for them. He laughed ,telling her how stunned the cashier was as he spoke that junk America language that was smeared with ” fuck!. ” and the confused lady was shouting in Japanese language, with her eyes bulged out. She screamed as though she was electrified. And he yelled back too in that junky America accent. Suddenly, people who stood behind him yelled too in Japanese language. It wasn’t security men started leveling out of the way, that he yelled out to his mum who came to his aid, spoke Japanese to the security men and the cashier and people everywhere started laughing.

” it was so hilarious, the whole drama. ” Kain finally said.

When Kain tells her that he’s from San Francisco, she couldn’t but see a connection between them. She too was from San Francisco and grew up there, like him.

Kain told her after their little chat that he needed to see his grandmother again whom he hadn’t seen in ages. she was happy and Riley too, was unusually happy. She never showed affection, never smiled but she did today and it warmed Emma’s heart even as the three of them sat in the bus.

Kain phone finally beeped. Riley had looked away outside. Emma who sat at the end was thinking deeply on Marcus. She had called him for almost the 15th time and he still didn’t pick his phone.

“Make her look backward . ”

The message came on Kain’s phone in capital letters.

” Look around Emma. ” Kain’s voice yelled out

Emma immediately turned backward and saw Caleb sitting on an empty chair in the bus. He was silent and looked often at her but with no lit in his eyes.

” Caleb! Caleb!! Am coming to get you baby. ” She yelled painfully and ran towards him. People starred at her and looked towards her direction. The car swayed, pushing her to the floor but she got up. She tripped on people’s legs occasionally as she approached where he sat. She tried to grab him but she couldn’t. She yelled his name but he didn’t respond. She saw him trying to jump through the window. She heard him say;

” mum, I love you. ” And he jumped.

She couldn’t contain it. She yelled and jumped too, Crashing through the window into the road. Cars swaying off her direction to avoid crushing her. Some Cars crashed into each other in an attempt to avoid hitting her. There was noise, shouting and yelling and as Emma lay on the road, She knew her imagination played her, or was it?

Life of a prisoner

Metropolitan Correctional Centre,

150 park row


New York .

20th September, 2018

Dear Mary Jane,

How you doing? Hope you’re taking good care of yourself and Leno? By the way how’s the little guy doing? I wish I could just see him. It’s what now, 17 years since I’ve been in jail. I’m serving sentence of 120 years without parole. You know that already. I’m just feeling sorry for myself and I need your condolences too. That’s all I ask from you. But please don’t tell Leno about me. He doesn’t have to know that his dad was a killer, a crook, a drug addict, a man who beat up his wife and still cheat on her. He doesn’t have to live in my past. He doesn’t have to grow up, having that memory of me.

I heard you’re now married to a lawyer whose based in texas… I heard he’s from Singapore.. I heard he’s got a frog like furrowed face.. Okay that’s not funny…. Guess I’ve run out of good jokes. Congratulations to you!

Am writing this letter cause there are lots of stories to tell. Life in prison is hell and cool at the same time. I know you don’t care anyways but I have to share it with you cause it’s all I can do. I can’t stay silenced in prison. Someone gotta hear me out.

I didn’t come to accept my fate for a long time. It was as though none of it were real. It was a dream. I told myself.. But here I am locked behind bars.

When I came here in 2001, after my arrest for the bank robbery and killing of an old guy who I thought was bringing out a gun, I was surprised that my inmate in prison, turned out to be the son of that guy. It was hell the first night we stayed together. I had no idea that he was his son. I was half asleep and then I felt a heavy weight on me. I looked up and I saw a gun hoisted in my direction. I had just rolled out from the bed when bullets were shot at the spot where I laid. The bullets were scattered all over the bed. The room was dark. He didn’t turn on the light so I don’t wake up.

I lay on the floor trying to catch my breath when another round of shooting occurred. Someone was standing by the door in a sneaky position and he must have thought that it was me so he shot the person who turned out to be a cop. He must have frozen on seeing it. He shot the dead cop a couple more times before turning back, looking back in the direction of the bunker bed but soon the cops crowded our cell. The guy was shot on the legs and soon was transferred to solitary.

For the next few days after that event, I had fever and crouched with severe headaches.

I was transferred to another cell, this time with a bearded fat guy. He killed his dad, that was what got him to jail. His name’s Cretch. I heard him shouting aloud to himself that he didn’t mean to kill his dad. He had merely pushed his dad from the staircase and his dad was still struggling to get up. He came over to his father and held his neck to make his dad unconscious, instead, he snapped his dad’s neck and he died. He had broken into his dad’s house after his dad sent him away few months after his mum died. He was a drug addict and his dad didn’t want him into the house because of his way of living so he put him out for days and cretch, having no where else to go decided to come back and then it lead to everything He’s from L. A. He told me all of this after I asked him why he was talking to himself.

My daily routine in prison was the same as ever. We woke up at 6am and then clean up and have our morning exercise, and then we went out to work . We did jobs like raking the field. Everyone had a day scheduled for him to work outside. The period for working was also leisure for those who weren’t scheduled to work. Today’s my leisure day and that’s why I’m hunched in the common room, writing this letter to you.

Telephone calls were allowed for people who weren’t working. And the period for working lasted for thirty minutes.

Soon after this period, everyone goes to his cell where food is served. We have our breakfast in our cells… What a life?

Food here sucks but you learn to cope with it. It’s so bad that we usually eat tissue papers and toothpaste because the food wasn’t just ever enough. A guy in his sixities recently died in his cell because of the poor quality of food.

Food Menus here were Tacos, burger or pizza which was rotated every few weeks.

New prisoners, like, Bret, a dude from Lambertville, who was thrown into prison, a year ago, was seen continually eating toothpaste. He could get along with the spoilt, sour, small meals that was served in prison. Not really even that. Truth be told, he hardly ever ate a good meal due to the fights that always occurred whenever food was served.

15 minutes is allocated for answering telephone calls in the morning.

This just reminded me of our midnight chat when we were still courting, mostly when we got married. I really enjoyed it when we got married, how we stayed at different sections of the small apartment in Madison. You would sometimes sleep in the living room and yell as though you saw a mice, and I will run to get you, only for you to scare the living crap out of me when you put on a scary face and say in that monster voice :

” picka boo.”

And I would yell and run into the kitchen, clutching a knife, savaging in fear and you will laugh so hard when you decide to stop it and I will feign anger, but it was more of relief, a relief that the monster wasn’t real.

I miss our long conversation on phone in the night when we pass out in different sections of the small apartment. Now I get to call you for just 5 minutes, at most and I hate it when you tell me to cut it sly. I hate how brief and pertinent you sound on the phone as though we never shared anything.

Forget to mention about the morning roll calls every morning.

There’s this dude in cell 16, a huge dude who had tattoos all over his body even to his head. He was a bully, a big bully. Prisoners were often scared of him. He was brought into prison for numerous knife stabbings, possession of drugs and arm robbery. He got a life sentence, like me.

Remember, Bret, the new kid I told you about. Not too long ago Bret was close to killing the dude. This was how it happened. This dude sprang up on Bret and cut out the telephone wire when Bret was communicating with his mom, whereupon, Bret hit him hard on his face and the dude passed out. Everyone, including Bret was taken by fear. It was later we found out that the dude had cancer that was seriously eating him up and what he did to Bret and what he has being doing to us was suicidal. He wanted to use us to get himself killed.

I can still remember how we all started in amazement when we saw this dude hurled to the floor after just a punch. Everyone was at the common room, watching TV when it happened. Everyone gathered around, shouting,

” fight! Fight!!. ”

Bret spirit seemed to be filed by the chanting and he bent low, waiting for the dude to get up so he’d punch him again but the dude didn’t. It wasn’t until we saw medics coming in before we knew that the dude had passed out.

lunch time always snuck up on me. I was often going for an anger management program. I didn’t go to school because I ‘m gonna be stuck in prison till I die so what’s the point of going to read a course when I probably will never get to use it? As usual there was another roll call before lunch and lunch was as bad as breakfast with few brunches.

After lunch, each prisoner would go back to his assigned location where he’s either working in the kitchen or working in the garden or he’s in his program or school. In summary, we all go back to whatever the hell we were doing before we came for lunch.

Evenings is usually the best time in prison as we get to decide what to do with it. No white cop sending you out in the field. No cop looking at you though telling you that he got his eyes on you or reminding you that you were in prison.

The evenings were filled with music which came from other cells and loud voices as well. I couldn’t talk with my inmate cause he’s a psycho so I spend the evening in the common room and there I watch T. V. Or play cards with other dudes.

There is much talking and chatting in the common room. Men telling stories of how they shot their bitch wives or girlfriend in the head for cheating on them. Or how they killed guys in the name of revenge over the death or rape of a loved one, or how they sold drugs, or how they mastrubate in sandwiches and give others to eat. I felt grossed whenever I saw them do this in the common room. Sometimes they could put it in someone’s mouth when he’s sleeping and joke about it being a prank.

A guy, Fred, got the highest number of people who gathered round his table. He still sold drugs for inmates. Secretly of course. If the police found out, he will be in big trouble. He was very rich and had eyes in prison even in the police. I was told that he kills people outside prison.

I love whenever T. v. Was turned on in the common room. The arguments that burst out was fun especially during football matches. Comedy shows was watched with laughter. The cops never allowed us watch action movies because they were scared of us implementing some actions that will make us escape prison.

Not too long ago, 4 guys escaped prison. Am still stunned by how they made their way pass security. The prison was on lock down for days and everyone was locked in their cell. My inmate who never left his cell was banging at the door of the prison and shouting that someone is chasing him with a knife. No one took him seriously, not even me. It never occurred t to me that he could be dangerous but he wasn’t.

The prisoners who escaped never made it back. They were being pursued by the police who found them in Florida, months later and in their moment of escape, they crashed into a building and the car engulfed in flames and they all died. We watched it on T.v. it was after then that the police started to monitor our conversation on phone and in the common room and even in our cells.

Dinner are served in cells. I had brownies with chips for dinner.

The evenings is the time that I spend writing letters that I never finish, letters that I fold into crumbs and throw them in the trash. Believe me M. J. am changed. I know my changing or not changing doesn’t concern you but I just wanted to let that out. For me. I now go to church in prison and there’s this guy who comes every time to preach. I love his preaching. At first I was angry at his preaching about God’s love and hope.

If God loved me, why hasn’t he gotting me out of jail? I would ask before but later I came to understand and I hope you too would.

That’s all I can write for now. it’s almost 9pm and the cops are calling for lights out in the prison and am damn tired. Gotta go. How’s Charles my best friend in college? He hasn’t given me a call since I got into prison? How’s your brother, Evan. I could still remember the night I beat him up after he came to fight me after I beat you..

Hope you’re done with your P. H. D. Program? And please tell Leno not to do anything that would bring him here. I really wanna have the chance of talking to him in person. He has anger just like me. Tell him to walk away whenever he’s angry and not fight back. It might seem cowardly but it’s usually the right thing. Tell him never to join gangs or franternities. Tell him never to hit a lady, to be a gentleman. Raise him to be a man who is compassionate..

Life in prison is so bad. It’s all about survival of the fittest. We can’t have normal lives, be normal people. We are continually locked in this shit hole day in, day out. Some of us like Mosa, a dude in cell 5 who was locked in here after been framed for murder, he told me this months back after he was brought in here. He told me that his grandma had died of suffocation and he had his DNA samples all over her body. This was revealed after a lab autopsy was carried out on her. It took months and the cops took samples of he and his other family members who had come over to his grandmas house for Thanksgiving. He told me how his brother face lit with hate when the result came out. No one spoke as they handcuffed him. Mosa tells me how his mum died of heart attack after his arrest and he never got a chance to say goodbye.

Now I know that the greatest gift of man is not life, it’s freedom. Because death is better than confinement. I learn to thank God for all the years that I was a free man. I could go out on the street without seeing my name on posters with the word wanted. I miss the times when I could turn on the radio and TV and my name wasn’t mentioned as being extremely harm and dangerous and tagged wanted by the cops.. Nothing really is what trading your freedom for. I’ve come to learn that the hard way.

That’s all for now… would love to hear and if it’s possible, see you come visit me in jail. No one has ever visited me in prison. It’s as though I don’t have a family. I know I was bad back then but you don’t leave family to rot and die. Everyone, no matter how bad they are derserves love

Bye for now.. kisses and hugs to you and Leno….