One family

Letty was stunned at first on hearing that peter was gay. Her friend, Joyce told her at a hair saloon. She was relaxing her hair, while her friend, Joyce was getting her nails done. 

Letty stood with her mouth opened wild in shock as Joyce kept telling her of Peter’s gay friends. Letty believed Joyce because her brother was Joyce friend and according to Joyce, he was the one bringing  news to Joyce. He showed Joyce photos of Peter in a gay club. In one of those photos, peter was on a table with a bottle of champagne in his hand, and he put the mouth of the bottle close to his mouth, like he was drinking the wine. Lots of men stood by the table, raising their hands up as if trying to catch something.

Letty smiled to herself as she left the saloon. Now she could proof to her mum that perfect peter wasn’t so perfect after all. It was always peter this or Peter  that. Letty’s brother and friends were sick of hearing his name. 

Letty hated him the most because of how he shared the news of every good thing that he did. It was always like this;

” Hey mum can you believe that I helped a blind old lady cross the street. She kept rubbing her hands on my face and thanking me.”

Letty wondered why her mum would be so happy when he tells her stories of such. Or how he donated blood to a sick boy at the hospital. Anybody could do that, yet it felt special because peter did it.

Letty’s mum was the one that choose Peter for Letty. It was so bad, yet it wasn’t as bad as when her mum began telling peter on how Letty would sneak out of the house to probably see her boyfriend and she wouldn’t come back till the next day. She also said  how Letty got pregnant at 19 while in college and she had to adopt the baby.  Letty watched Peter shake his head in disappointment, and began talking like he was her dad.

This life you’re living isn’t going to work when we both get married. You’re going to have to stop living like a proustite.”

Letty’s mum made her do everything to please Peter. She went to church more often, accompanied peter to orphanage home, juvenile, prisons.

Whenever he’d arrive, everyone will start screaming. Letty watched as Peter kept distributing rice, money, T- shirts, pants, under wears, shoes and what not. Letty was touched as the children rang to him, screaming, 

” pastor peter is here.”

Letty got back home from the hair saloon. Her mum was going to give her thunder in the face as she stayed a whole day without seeing her  dear future husband”

 As she got down from the car, walking down the ally, she recalled one of the statement of a boy probably 18 years. They met him at  the juvenile. The boy asked peter if he was gay. Everyone looked at the boy with  stunned face. The boy went on and on , on how he sees Peter at the gay club whenever he goes there with his older brother. Letty didn’t take it seriously, neither did she take seriously Peter being so worked up about it. If she knew, she would have shown her mum, and her mum wouldn’t find it  diffcult kicking Peter out.

Her mum sat down at the living room with Peter. Peter was showing her some abulms. Letty thought she could sneak pass them. But her mum’s loud voice gave her a shiver. She suddenly forgot what she wanted to tell her mum. Her mum sighed at her. She looked at peter who sat still like he was a saint.

The next day her friend, Esther dropped by. Esther was her childhood friend. They had always lived as neighbors. Esther had fever. She’d shiver in the bogus jacket she wore. Her laughter was cranky. She’d cough loudly.  

” You look so weird in this your bogus jacket. You look like a flute bag.” Letty said laughing at her poor joke. 

Esther brought out her phone . 

” God my head is on fire. It looks like they’re knocking nail into my head.” She said as she opened her gallery. Letty looked her boyfriends. Esther was a very friendly girl. To her a boyfriend is  a guy that is a  friend. She didn’t know what it mean’t to break up with someone.

Esther was knowned for befriending very ugly guys. Letty laughed loudly as she scrolled through Esther too laughed too, looking at the phone. No word was said. Soon they looked at each other and began laughing. It was as though both of them were remembering the same joke. It reminded Letty of high school days. She the girl that guys wanted, Esther the funny, immature girl.

Later, peter comes by. Letty then stops laughing and Esther too stopped laughing immediately. 

” I gotta go.” Letty said.

The drive with Peter was a very boring one. She did hear what Peter was saying, but choose to ignore him. Letty wondered if he was really gay, because he didn’t sound like one. Even if he wasn’t gay, Letty would never marry. He looked like her mum ; a self proclaim Mrs. goody on two shoes. 

She watch him as he selected the suit and rings at a boutique. Looking at him, Letty was convinced that she couldn’t marry him. 

Later as he drove with her in the back seat, peter picked up a guy from the pavement. The guy had a ring on his nose, and his lips were all red like he wore lip- stick. He’d fling his hands in the air as he talked. He didn’t even take notice of Letty upon seeing her like the way guys do. Letty noticed the earrings and piercing he did in his ears. Peter smiled at him. There seemed to be some kind of affection between them. 

Peter drops Letty at a bus stand and waved her good bye. She looked at the guy at the front seat, who was angered upon seeing her. He was very jealous. 

Letty tries telling her mum about peter being gay, but anytime she brings it up, her mum waves it up. Once she had a good opportunity to talk about it. When she brought the topic, her mum was very restless. Then her mum’s friend dropped by. Letty did never get the chance to tell her mum and this angered her. 

Even text messages she sent were never read by her mum. Maybe she read them, but choose not to believe them. But Letty’s mum wasn’t the pretending type.

2 months later, when the day of the weeding was approaching, and everything was set, Letty planned with her brother to sneak out of the house on a night before the weeding. She had told her brother about peter, and about him being gay. Her brother was so furious but Letty calmed him down and told him that she would escape to her friend, Joyce’s house,  who lived i not too far away. Her mum didn’t know her house. It was only  her brother, Mike that knew the house.

The loud screaming, with the horrific voice woke Mike up. He jerked as he woke up. He was almost panting. Perhaps it was because he wasn’t used to that kind of shout before. Nothing was ever that loud, not the stereo, nor the T.v., nor even their voices. Everything,  everywhere, and everyone whispered.

But today it was different. The loud horrific shout ceased for some seconds, then it begun again. Mike knew it was his mum. He didn’t take her screaming too seriously because he thought that she screamed because her daughter ran away on her wedding day. Or perhaps he was wrong, she screamed because she thought Letty was missing.

Few minutes later, the house is filled with people; cops, aunties, uncles, cousins, friends and Peter who came by. 

Mike’d watch with disgust as Peter kept panting and pacing up and down like a lady. Clara his girlfriend come by. He later smells her perfume and smile at her. She kissed him. ” so a wedding has turned into a funeral ” She said. 

Mike saw her walk away from him. On seeing her, he felt the urge to run after her. This was his moment.

As he dashed outside with a ring wrapped in something, she saw her kissing a guy. It was his rival. Mike knew she deliberately did it and breaking up with her will make things up. It was what she wanted.

Mike came over, tapping her by the shoulder, he said ” That’s so funny, you’re a loud kisser” he said laughing, The guy with her was laughing.

Soon everyone left remaining peter, Mike’s mum and Mike. The house was quiet then Mike’s mum will begin her scream. Mike decided to tell everyone the truth. Though he wasn’t ready to let Peter, nor any guy touch his sister, he couldn’t watch his mother go nuts and maybe die in the process.

When Mike told them everything, adding that Peter was gay, his mum’s expression remained unchanged. She wasn’t surprised and yet she was not angry. His mum  then tells him ( Mike) that Peter was his long lost brother who survived the 9/11 attack. 

” wait! So this wedding was fake?” Peter asked perplexed.

” Yes it was. It was your brother’s home coming. Your father and your brother went to the trade center in Pennsylvania. I went to buy the Groceries in a mall when I heard of the bombing attack. I panicked and tried calling your dad but he wasn’t picking. 

Later I watched on the news about the deadly attack. I saw them mounting numerous dead bodies. I and my friend, a guy, Charles , helped me look for your father and your brother’s body. It took us days but we found your father’s body. It was mangled. We never saw your brother. We finally gave up searching and buried only your father.” Their mother said crying profusely. Mike hugged her, shoving Peter aside.

Later, Mike tells them the truth. How he and Letty planned on her escape to Joyce’s house. 

Soon they all went to Joyce’s place, Mike leading them. He hated Peter the more on finding out that he was his brother. Who was he ?? A guy who disappeared for almost 16 years. Was he worthy of a welcome party?? He sighed and scoffed at Peter, who didn’t notice it.

When Joyce tells Mike and the rest that Letty never came to her house, it all sounded like a joke, but even when Joyce was pushed harder, she still maintained that Letty never came by. Her parents said the same thing.

Mike tried calling Letty’s number, it rang but she never picked. Police were involved; they looked for her in all her friends house, but no one saw her.

They asked around, yet everyone denied seeing her. Mike and Peter went over with some police men to interview her male friend. One of the friend got Mike angry by puffing a smoke from his mouth after smoking on Mike’s face, Mike punched the guy on the nose.  

When Clara came over to Mike’s house, Mike turned his dog on her. It was a very funny scene.

Mike’s uncle when he was interviewed kept behaving and acting like he knew where Letty was, but everyone  knew that he did all that under the influence of drugs.

3 weeks passed, nothing was heard, then a report of a young, fair, with rubbies on her hair, wearing a thigjt jacket was found by the pavement.

Peter and Mike with some cops went to check out the girl. On seeing her,  Mike had a deep hate for her because she wasn’t Letty.

Mike so hate himself. He knew he was to be blamed. He couldn’t lie to himself. Peter too began to recoil as his importance wasn’t felt anymore.

Mike suddenly remembered his auntie in New Jersey, she could be there, they called her, she sounded like she knew where Letty was, but she didn’t. The cops searched her house thoroughly, yet nothing the find.

“It’s been 4 years now, we finally move to California. Everything has been the same, My sister, Letty is missing, my mum going crazy day by day, Peter finally married a lady. He was too quick to forget about her but I won’t give up. She’s somewhere. If Peter could come back after 16 years, then she will.

But maybe I should take Peter’s advice and let it all go. At the most Letty’s dead, life goes on, and we’re all back to our boring life. Mine is miserable though.” Mike said.


Best Thing I never had part 2

I laid on my bed hearing the loud noise coming from Deji’s room. I kept on breathing in the soft music that played on my phone. The title of the song was ” All night ”  by Beyonce. It gave me a  bit of calmness. 

I could hear Ashley’s moaning loud and clear. Ashley was his girlfriend. But who was I to be angry about my husband sleeping with another lady?? At least he’s married to me, but how how is this farce of a marriage gonna last.?? Is he going to be with a one eye  lady.

OK back to the beginning. Paula  made me marry a guy. We were at her house, when he walked in. He reminded me of kish; the curled hairs, the ironed starched  shirt, the broad smile, but unlike kish this guy looked very arrogant. He groaned at me. His eyes moved from my face to Paula. He now said ” So this is it. U want to use my past against me right?? So u’re now making demands ?? ” 

” Hey I’ve made my deal. U either marry her, or I tell your boss that u were the one that stole his 10 million dollars from his back, and u know what that means, it means jail time ” Paula said.

” Bitch.. ” Deji mutters

” call me that one more time” Paula says bringing out her phone as if the call someone.

I sat down there watching the whole scene. ” But u can go on with your girlfriend , Ashley, as long as my friend here still remains your wife ”

A month later, I and Deji got married. It was a court wedding. He frowned throughout the picture taking. I too frowned. We looked like two suck puppet.

Ashley came out of Deji’s room, wearing my long robe. I knew she’d remove it if I tell her it’s mine, and so I did. She screamed, and threw the robe on the floor. Deji rushes in. It reminded me of kish. The way he was always there to defend her. When Deji comes to find out what was amiss, she pushed him hard with her body and walked out. Deji tried running after her but she was already gone before he could reach her.

Ashley reminded me of Paula, only that Paula wasn’t as fine as she. Ashley had an oval face and was in good shape. I always thought she was a sprinter, maybe it was true, because of how fast she dashed out of the house, or maybe it was false.

Later, Deji’s brother stopped by. As usual I ran back to the guest room. I wasn’t allowed to come out if anybody stopped by to visit , so that I won’t embrass him. On my wedding day, should it be called it?? I don’t think so. But on that day, it was only I , Paula and Deji with the lawyers that came for our court marriage.  I could easily have called Paula telling her how Deji refuses to let me out of the guest room whenever any of his guest where around. Or that Deji always locked me inside the house and carried Ashley to wherever he was going to like she was his wife, but I didn’t. 

Deji’s brother, Paul was a very huge man. He was a very fast talker. I couldn’t get what he was saying. Deji was more calm as he spoke.

” She just walked right out on me. Man am so supposed to marry Ashley but because of what I did which Paula covered up for me, as a favour to her, am now stuck with that one eyed Bitch.”

I heard Paul’s resounding laughter. It rang loudly in the house. It was a hearty laughter. I didn’t hear much of what he said. But I heard Ashley’s voice. Her voice sounded like a little babies voice. It was like they were applying lotion in my ears.

The next day was boring as usual. Deji went out with Ashley, and I was stuck in the house. Luckily Paula dropped by. She looked like a stuffed doll in her tight pants and tight jean shirt. She was my only visitor. At first when she came, I dashed back into the guest room. But as the knock got louder, I got up and opened the front door. I was ready for whatever Deji was going to do to me, and then I saw Paula. I sighed with relief.

Later when she asked me why I’ d run when she knocked, I lied telling her that I wasn’t properly dressed. But she laughed in the way, telling me to stop lying to her. When she asks me if Deji maltreated me, I didn’t reply. I couldn’t come up with any further lie. She knew he was so why was she still asking. I suddenly got furious and replied harshly;

” Hey stop it. He’s not maltreating  me. I can handle him. At least  give him some credit, he hasn’t kicked me out of the house. ”

Paula looked at me and smiled. I then understood that she’d be waiting for me to scream at her; not always behaving like a puppet before her. 

Deji walked in. I realized that he’d be standing outside. Ashley came by. Her short white gown which had some opening at the middle side, exposing her breast, and her make-up which was too loud, making her look like a clown seemed funny to me. I began laughing. Paula joined too. I wondered whether she knew why I was laughing. I could see tears streaming down Paula’s face as she laughed.

“See this one eyed Bitch. Who u laughing at?? Or I mean what’re you laughing at?? This casrrated pig! This ugly duckling! ” she said . 

I stood there quietly. After all she was right ; am one eyed. There was nothing to curse her about. She’s complete, I ain’t complete.

Paula then got angry as she Ashley kept looking at me and sighing. Paula so insulted her when Ashley called me a dejected rat. Paula  rain abuses on her, calling her a scun rat, an international embarrassment, an ugly fool, a no good piece of sheet, a clear definition of stupidity and what not.

I stood there watching. I wanted to laugh but seeing Deji’s scowl face, I didn’t. Ashley was looking at Deji as if beckoning to come to her recuse.

Paula looked at Deji. If her looks were to be subtitled, it read ” I dear you to say a word.” He just recoiled back. 

Later that evening, I overhead Ashley and Deji talking. I peeped through the door. Ashley looked like she was ready to face Paula and me. I saw Ashley remove a ring  from her finger before she said ,

” Hey Deji we need to stop seeing each other ” 

” you’re breaking up with me??” Deji asked.  She didn’t respond. She sat down near him but he shifted backward a little. She touched his hands but he shoved her hand away.

” OK that’s good with me. It gives me less time to stop thinking of a way to pet you like you’re some kind of baby. You’re so pathetic I’m sorry to say.” Deji said. 

Ashley was stunned for some second before she finally took her purse. She hit him on the head with it before she went outside. She returned back to the living room ” Aren’t you gonna see me off or are you so busy with your one eyed Bitch. ” Ashley said. 

” At least she’s matured; doesn’t behave and cry like a whining baby. Girl you disgust me. Go away please and kindly shut the door. Am done with you, Daddy’s little princess.” Deji said. 

I watched her leave. Deji came into the hallway. I didn’t have time to go to my room and then he caught me. To my surprise, he didn’t say anything. 

I suddenly gathered up courage and went to sit in the living room. Deji came thee few minutes later. He looked at me angrily before saying,

” That I broke up with her doesn’t mean you and I have anything in common. Don’t u dear get your hope up. I’ve got another lady, her name is Emily. That Bitch , Ashley thinks she’s irreplaceable. So get out of my living room.”

Soon after saying that, some group came into the house. They were all masked. I saw them shoot Deji thrice on his chest. Another guy used his gun to shove Deji’s head back and front in other to make sure he’s dead, before shooting him 3 more times. I stood there watching. It was like the men had forgotten me. As I tried to get up, one of the guys used his gun and knocked me out.

I woke up after water was poured on my face. I looked around. All the men were all wearing evil smiles. They had unmasked themselves. 

Soon the men at the middle shifted,  dividing the men into two groups. A man walked in between the men. It was not just anything man, but it was my uncle, Mr. Kayode. He smiled so evily as he saw me. He supported himself with crutches. He laughed as he said,

” So we finally get to meet again. So Kish didn’t kill you like I told him to. Well he’s been sought for and if I catch him, I swear his death will be worst than yours.”

I swallowed very hard. I couldn’t believe it. I knew that my dad shot his ( Mr. kayode’s) son. It was an accident as my dad who was a cop, didn’t know his son was among the 4 criminals who had escaped from prison after being given the death penalty for opening fire in a mall, killing 10 people. Mr. Kayode was said to have died in a car crash upon hearing his  son’s death. It was his wife that told us. So this was all planned. Mr kayode’s son and the rest of the criminals were killed in a gun fight with the police.

” So your dad thought he could get away with killing my son. ” he said laughing. ” Don’t worry you’ll soon join your family. Am sure that’s what you really want. I’ll soon send you to hell to join them. ” 

He nodded at the men and each of them drew out his gun to shoot me when a loud voice came loudly . 

” Hey! Master.” The voice said.

“What the hell is that?” One of the men asked.

“Hey master am seeing you, you’re wearing a black shirts and black pants, and you’re holding one of the guys on the shoulder.” The voice said.

” what do you want?” Mr kayode asked. 

” I want to the lady that you captured ” The voice said.

” She’s only going to be released if u have something really worth exchanging her for. I really want to kill her but well I could let her go if u give me something worth it” Mr. Kayode said.

” what will that be ?” 

” u tell me.” Mr kayode said.

” OK what if I bring Kish, will it be a good exchange. U know U’ve been trying to get him for almost 3 years now, but I got him.” The voice said.

” Okay let me see him” Mr. Kayode said.

” I know you’re a man of your word so  he’s  coming now” .

Soon I saw Kish come out through the back door. I was at first scared, but on seeing him, I was perplexed.

” I was the guy talking all this while. Master I know  you’re a man of your word, so don’t worry, no man is here with me. I came because of her.”Kish said.

” So how did you feel when you found out that her dad didn’t kill your mum and your brother. ??” Mr. Kayode asked

” I felt stupid. I felt used. I swear if I had caught you, I would have put my knife through your brain. I was really angry when I found out that you killed my family. ” kish said.

” That make us all guilty ” Mr. Kayode said.

I watched Kish take off his clothes as Mr. Kayode ordered. The men that Mr.Kayode sent to check if any one was here, came back, saying that no one was here. ” well why bother ? ” he said, before he pressed a button on something that looked like a remote control, and soon the whole place was really locked tight. Serval iron gates landed nearby the doors. It looked like we’re all in prison. Hell yea we were in prison. I was in prison.

Mr. Kayode’s men stripped kish off his shirt and pants, leaving his blue underwear. He looked so virile with only his boxers on. I could see his abs and large muscles.

Kish was led to a room. He told his men to take me to the car, but I refused to go. I wanted to know what they were going to do to him.

I saw them use a gun to knock him out before they tied him to two poles. The poles were made of iron. 

A wire, which it’s coating was remove, leaving the main wire was used to tie his two hands to the two poles, likewise his legs. He was placed in a “X” form. 

Someone splashed water on his face and he shook before gasping. The man kept slapping his face to make sure he was conscious. When Kish finally gained himself, the other men began splashing water on him  through a bucket. They splashed him water for about 10 times and stopped. 

When they were done, Mr. Kayode stood near a switch, as if  wanting to turn it on. ” Anything u want to say, my friend ” Mr. Kayode asked.

” Yeah. Sarah I love you. I ‘ll always love you. ” 

I felt the rush of emotion as he said my name. I wasn’t sad, I was in fact angry. He was denying me what I always wanted which was to die. I wanted to die, to leave this cold ass world, I couldn’t stand the torture and embarrassment anymore.

I screamed as I watched Kish being electrocuted as Mr. Kayode turned on the switch. The sparks of the electricity were visible. They must have  used a very high current.

About an hour later, Mr. Kayode asked his men to untie Kish and burn his already burnt body and to make sure to throw his ashes into the river.

Mr. Kayode and some of his men took me inside his ( Mr. Kayode) car. Mr Kayode kept looking at me like he wanted to kill me. He could now that no one was standing in his way. Sitting in the car I was suddenly aware of Kish’s presence. 

Was I falling in love with someone who was gone forever?? Was I now longing for someone I could never have??  

I laughed at my immersed foolish thoughts as Mr Kayode stopped by Paula’s house. I couldn’t wait to let it all out.

Best thing I never had

I stopped dead looking as kish brought out the ring from a case. It was a shinning diamond ring. It was the preetiest ring I ever’d see, and here lies a very cute guy that every lady will be dying to have, yet he’s kneels down before an ugly,  raped, one-eyed lady. But though who am I kidding , it’s all his fault.

I stood there still looking at him as he slipped the ring into my middle finger. He smiles at me. I love him SO much though I had grown up hatting him. I mean what he did to me was really worth hatting him for all eternity. I didn’t know what to do with the moment. There’s a saying that tells us to grab the moment, but should I grab this moment. I mean this guy is too good for me, but why put the blame on myself so suddenly, as forgetting that the guy came into my family house, all masked up, and slaughtered my family, save my elder brother who later committed suicide in my presence upon hearing that I was living in the same house with someone that killed our family members. Kish tried stopping him, but he had beaten the life out of  Kish. I wondered why he didn’t kill him there. I stood there watching him. I couldn’t move, couldn’t talk. He didn’t say much, but used a kitchen knife to slit his throat.

As I stood there looking at Kish in a well tailored, iron, tight suit, holding flowers, removing my shoes and kissing my feet one and at a time, I stood there elated. It reminded me of my Dad. He’d kiss my forehead, neck, my fingers; everyone of them, and my feet. I always loved his warm breathe. I envived the air in his nostrils. I envived the water that goes ripples down his throat whenever he drank a glass of water. His hair nose did tickle me whenever he kissed me all over before turning off the light and shutting the door of my room. I’d peep through my parents door once, and watched them having sex. I stood there watching them kiss, bite and suck each other. I felt that my Dad did love me more than mum, because he never kissed her all over like he does to me. I was 16yrs when my parents were slaughtered in our house on a cold night. I’d have to leave with one eye, as kish used his knife to pluck out my left eye. I had to live with the torture and embarrassment because I was one eyed. Once as I was walking down the hallway after my disturbing lectures, someone splashed something really peppery on my face, and it entered my eyes. I screamed loudly. I could see nothing. As I tried moving, someone pushed me down the stairs. I screamed as I landed with my face on the floor. I stayed there, unconscious. A hand tapped me before I got up. It was the school janitor. I knew his voice. I  didn’t talk. He took me up. I was losing his grip. I couldn’t move. My head did ache really bad, and noise was carrying a wound, making it painful whenever I breatthe. I never knew who splashed me that peppery thing and flung me down the stairs. I wore, I would have beaten the shit out of the person.

 I remember when kish unmasked himself. I was at a night club Paula. As . I had suffered rejection in college, so I joined my friend Paula who was a street worker. She was my very good friend, in fact my only friend in college. She’d show me nude  pics of she and her  lovers and she always asked me if it was fine. Who was I to call someone or something ugly? Me, this wretch. I always told her all pics were fine.

So we and I were standing by  the road. She wore a very tight short skirt, and a small sleeveless shirt that didn’t reach her navel. She was smoking. I wore a shade and chewed gum. She smoked. Whenever people mocked me as we stood there, she would give them the tip of the ice breg.

As we stood there, we saw a jeep approaching. It didn’t stop till it got to where we stood ” Here goes my ride.” Paula said, smiling. I held  a sigh of relief, finally I could have a place to sleep for the night. I stuttered a little. I was a little drunk. Paula kept calling me a kid, telling me that the side of life was not for me. I wanted to snap at her, but I didn’t, because she was the only friend I had.

All the other girls at the club were carried by serval Jeeps.

The driver of the Jeep that vaulted at where we stood came out. He smiled at Paula. As she approached him, he exhaled ” so where we going ??” Paula asked ” to my place”  I stood there watching. Paula introduced me to him. He did shake like he’d be thunderstrucken.  He didn’t say anything else. We all entered his car. A man  was the front seat. He’d look like he was jealous of how his friend kept laughing and smiling with us. I finally felt tired. I put my head at the window, as Paula kept talking to the driver. I didn’t see the driver’s face. He too wore shade ; It’s so weird I know.  The driver kept looking at me by the front mirror as Paula kept talking. I soon slept off.

Soon I woke up. I saw myself being tied on a bed in a very dark place. It was only the street light outside that brought a creepy light. The dog barking was loud, I couldn’t tell where it came from. The darkness was sinister. I wanted to scream, but I couldn’t. My mouth was tied too.

Soon I saw a shadow entering the room. His shadow was very creppy. He did make loud sounds. This was it, I knew.

The light was turned on and then I saw the masked guy. I couldn’t but scream even though it wasn’t loud. He came over. I couldn’t look into his evil eyes. I began to shake furiously, but it was just stupid.

Finally he stopped dead as he approached me. I was ready to kill myself if he should touch me in any way. He looked at me and then unmasked himself . I was stunned. It was kish. I saw this guy 3 weeks back. He offered me his seat. It was the last seat in the bus. I was with Paula, who had gotten a seat. He came noe on seeing me, without being begged to. He told me I was preety. Maybe it was because of the dark shade or clothes.

Kish stood by watching me as if waiting for me to say something. So it was kish that killed my family and made me look like this. The night was dark but I could see the glimpse of his smile.

The next morning I was untied. Kish was in the living room. I couldn’t but loathe him. He kept on smiling. I saw a gun on the center table. Kish was in the kitchen. I took the gun and tiptoed to the kitchen. He was by a sink.I shot the gun thrice, but unluckily, there were no bullets inside. I guess he kept the gun there, on purpose. He turned back and looked at me. I dropped the gun and went outside the gate. I later saw Paula at school and she told me that the guys drugged her, and dumped her by the pavement. 

I wanted to say yes to kish when he asked if I could be his wife. His eyes were filled with so much emotion. 

There is an old saying that the good is more than the bad. Maybe that’s true. How stupid of me?? I was feeling sorry for a guy who murdered my parents, made my brother kill himself, and then rapped me, living me one eyed. My parents wherever they are will be hugely disappointed with me. I should be avenging them, not falling in love with the enemy.

But how can I forget what a great guy kish had been. I think he does it because he owes me an obligation. He did show me love. His body was so warm when the weather was cold and was cold when the weather was hot. He did take me out to balls. I never wanted to dance with him, yet when he pulled me toward, I never resisted. He had some spell on me. 

He was my saviour. I think he spy’s on me or had put some kind of tracker or camera on me. 

Once when I had crossed the road absentminded, I didn’t know what had happened, But a  hand pushed me to the pavement. It was later in the hospital that I got to know that a guy saved me from being hit by a truck. The driver was drunk, something like that. The nurse kept telling me how I and that guy caused so much go slow on the road.  How people kept hitting one another just to avoid hitting us.

Kish also saved me again when some gang came and kidnapped me alongside other girls at a club. I kind of deserve it. Kish had warned me not to go to the club that it was dangerous. I sighed at him, calling him a useless bastard and walked out.

The gang looked at each of us. Some of the girls kept furious faces. They brought some other guys, and appointed each of us to a guy. As it got to my turn to be handed to a man, kish came out from nowhere. ” Hey ma guy. Look this girl is still alive. Bro if Master finds out, you’re gone. Bro let me finish it.” The guy said. Kish told him not to touch me but the guy kept pointing a gun at my face. I saw him about to press the trigger when kish shot him twice. The other men looked at kish who saluted them and left with me.

Good memories of kish were so sweet. I once mistakenly kissed him. It was in my sleep. When he tells me the next morning , I tried brushing my teeth throughout that day, and avoided him. I was so disappointed with myself.

Kish looked at me. “I must say yes” I told myself. I couldn’t never be  showned love like the way kish showed it to me. Maybe it was what every normal person enjoyed, yet I considered it special because no one treated me that way.

I let kish kiss my fist. It doesn’t irritate me anymore. I wanted him, yet I wasn’t so convinced that I really wanted him. 

I looked into his blue eyes. I saw a glimpse of my brother’s guilty eyes. It was the same way he looked at me before killing himself.  I couldn’t do this. I couldn’t get married to a guy who killed my family and made me one eyed. A guy who will always feel guilty before me. A guy I would always feel angry with. A guy that won’t love me for who I am, a guy who will always feel pity for me.

He took my hands but I let loose of his grip ” I can’t marry you. I can never marry you. ” I said. I refused to look at him when he said ” Don’t worry. Am always watching you. You’re my angel.” I took forever before leaving his house.  

I thought about what just happened; did I walk out on an opportunity?? An opportunity am not sure of ever having?? Did I just turn down a man who loved me; who will always love me??

He was truly the best thing I never had

Learning to take a joke

Madu sat down with his wife Joyce. While his best friend precious and his wife Angela, sat at the other long seat. A Plastic table was in between them. The waitress came by, holding a tray filled with 2 bottles of brandy and 2 class cups. Angela and Joyce looked at each other, as if longing to say something heart felt to each other, but were restraining themselves from doing so. As if it will lead to them hugging each other, and crying on each other. Angela finally averted her gaze and so did Joyce.

Madu looked at the waitress as she bent down to drop the tray carefully. He noticed the  waitress protruding  stomach o that stuck out enormously. He couldn’t stop himself from laughing. She was not only fat, but she had a very poor walking posture, and she lacked balance. He waited for her to leave, and they focused on her behind. He didn’t find it attractive, but he just kept on laughing. 

Precious tapped him gently on the shoulder ” Hey man what u starring at??”. Madu pointed to the waitress.  ” wait you’re flirting ??” ” of course not.” Madu replied ” Then why you starring at her behind??.”  “Nothing. Couldn’t help myself from laughing. She looks like she swallowed a life pig and an elephant. Her stomach reminds me of my  little brother’s balloon. I wish I had a pin or something so that I could burst the waitress stomach.” Madu said. ” And watch all the food go out”  precious said with a chuckle  “At least u ain’t saying it in her  front. You’re more matured now, so different. ” precious said. Madu knew it was a compliment, yet he didn’t like it. He always wanted to be his funny, restless self. He smiled a little. ” Hey Joyce” Madu said. ” Angela! ” Precious said almost immediately. They looked around in despair, then they saw them at a clothing shop. They both held sighs of reliefs.

Later, the waitress comes back to clear the table. “Elephant! Elephant is here!!” Madu yelled loudly. He set his legs and watched the waitress tripped and fell on the floor. “That’s what eating a life pig does to  you.” He said again laughing. Everyone in the restaurant began laughing. The roar of laughter was so loud that one could here it from a mile away.

Madu began to chant; ” Elephant! Elephant!! She’s big and stupid.”  “Elephant!!” ” stupid and useless. “Elephant.”  Yelled everyone.

” And when she goes around, strange smell follow her.” Madu said finally. ” Hey pig ! ” he said loudly, but she walked away.

Later Madu heard yelling from the  counter. A man stood, shaking his head furiously, and pointing at the lady. His withered fingers only reached her chest. ” You’re fired. Get out of my restaurant.”  The man said. Madu watched the waitress walk away. Her protruding stomach kept flipping up and down. Madu kept on laughing. A new waiter, a guy, continued serving. 

Later, a boy walked in. He walked with an uneasy gait. He looked like someone that had just come out from a puddy. He came and sat down, close to where Madu and Precious were sitting. He passed precious, and Precious noticed the hole in the middle of his shorts, exposing his very hairy, black buttocks. Precious nudged Madu, who immediately began laughing. Precious had been laughing silently, but Madu couldn’t control his laughter. The man who stood there, wondering why the psychotic fellow, as he thought was laughing hideously. He stood there just in time for other people to notice the large hole at the middle of his shorts. The roar of laughter was so loud. Even the owner of the restaurant kept on laughing. Madu watched the man walk away, bowing his head in shame. The man with the large hole at his buttocks region was the talk for the day.

Later, precious was laughing at  a  boy, who both he and  Madu knew was an imbecile. He kept on licking his carthea, and saliva kept flipping out from his mouth. Precious turned side ways and was laughing in the boy’s mother’s  face. Madu didn’t think it funny.

As precious turned  back to focus on his cold Brandy, Madu said ” See u laughing at the boy.  At this old age, u still wet the bed. Please don’t drench me with urine this night. Am tired of smelling like  urine everyday I go to class.”  It was deliberate. Maybe not. But Madu’s voice was so loud that everyone heard him. Laughter burst out so loudly. It was more louder than when they laughed at the guy who came in with a large hole in the middle of his shorts, revealing his hairy, black buttocks.

Precious walked away slowly. It was so painful to see his best friend, Madu laughing the loudest, hitting the table. Madu only did that to make everyone laugh, it was what he did best. He didn’t do it to get back at Precious

As Madu saw precious entering his car, and starting the engine, he said with a grim ” So someone can’t obviously take a joke. “

We’re at war

Lizzy parked by the roadside, opposite her daughter school. She switched off her phone so that Rob wouldn’t call her. Rob was the principal of her daughter’s school (Hunter junior high). He had seen her once as he entered his car, about and was taking a call, when he saw this yellow Chevrolet car drove pass him, and parked in front. She went over to her daughter who sat on a long seat, waiting for her mum. Rob saw her snap at the girl, and watched the girl grudgingly enter the car.  Rob came down from his car to talk to her, but she didn’t respond. Instead she strapped her daughter on the seat belt. He kept calling the lady, but she didn’t respond, instead she entered her car. As Rob came by her window, she Zoomed off with speed.

Rob got her number from her daughter. The first time he called her, she sounded polite. So Rob now believed that she must have really had a bad day the day before, when he first met her, but as soon as he described himself, reminding her about the guy she was rude to when she came to pick her daughter, she ended the call on him and never picked his call again. He kept trying her line for weeks. It’d ring when he called the first time, but she won’t pick his call, and if he call again, she would busy his call till he gave up calling her.

Lizzy kept looking out, hiding her face so that Rob wouldn’t see her. She didn’t remember the guy’s face, but the guy had been a pain in the butt. He did call everyday, giving her 20 missed call, and sending her numerous text messages which she never replied.

She had reported the guy to the cops, and had given them his number and his name. She thought that it was all over, till he called her later that evening. Lizzy for the first time had a conversation with him and when she asked him if he had been visited by the cops and he replied no, she gnashed her teeth in disgust, and ended the call on him straightaway. He called back few more times, but she didn’t pick.

Lizzy was angry as people kept bumping into her. First it was a boy probably 9 years old who was running and bumped into her, and had in the process, stained her white pants. The stain was brownish. He didn’t stop by, but kept on running and this angered Lizzy. She knew he didn’t know what he had done, yet she felt he did it did it deliberately. 

Also as she walked upstairs, people kept bumping into her. The crowd on the stairs was quite large. Someone had spat out a chewed gum, and it landed on Lizzy’s shirt. She was very upset, and felt like beating the crap out of everyone. 

She finally came out from the stairs, turning right, she headed towards her daughter’s class. She passed the principal’s office, and a man who was talking to a lady was starring at her. His eyes followed her, till she she turned left. Lizzy didn’t notice him. All she wanted was to get the hell out of the school.

As she stood by the window of her daughter’s class, she saw Ibrahim, a Moslem boy, sitting very close to her daughter. Her daughter was by the window, while he sat next to her. On seeing the boy, she gnashed her teeth. Lizzy did all she could to stop her daughter from seeing the Ibrahim. She’d ground her, and even openly warned her against seeing the boy, but Mia, her daughter wouldn’t listen. Even if Lizzy grounds her, Mia would sneak out of the house through the window, and Lizzy never knew about this as her daughter would sneak back inside the house at a certain time when she knew her mum would be back home.

Lizzy looked as Ibrahim stood up to answer a question. On seeing him, she got furious. Who was he to be talking ?? Didn’t he know that he doesn’t belong here? How could they let him in ?? A boy whose father had shot down an American  Air-plane that was heading to London.

A tear trickled down Lizzy’s eyes as she remembered the plane which was shot down. Her husband was on that plane. He had gone to London to visit his sick mother. He wanted her and Mia to come with him, but Mia was still in school, and Lizzy had to stay back to look after their daughter. Lizzy always fret when she remember how  she and her daughter were close to death.

Lizzy got to know about the shoot down of the plane while watching CNN that day, and few weeks later , she saw on news that the shooter had been killed in a gun fight with the police. On seeing the name of the shooter, she found out that it was Ibrahim’s father. She knew him because he lived on the same street as them. Ever since then, she resolved killing Ibrahim and his mother and any other Moslem she could find, but Ibrahim and his mother had moved out of the house, and she didn’t see them since then.

Lizzy drew out the gun that was in her bag. Lizzy resolved in her heart that Moslem weren’t worth being alive. They needed to be eliminated at their early stage before they grew up to be terrorist, breeding destruction on others.

Lizzy pointed the gun towards Ibrahim’s direction as she bent down. She took in a deep breath, before she shot the gun. It happened so fast. Lizzy couldn’t tell what happened next, but by the time she  recovered herself, she saw Ibrahim  still standing  at the same spot , looking at a corpse. Lizzy knew it was her daughter. She’d heard her daughter’s name, people kept calling her name in despair.

Lizzy saw the class teacher peep from the class room door. Lizzy could hear the cops coming by, and Lizzy looked at the class teacher who saw her turn the gun on herself.

Things on my mind

John came out of the hospital, holding the doctors report that came from the test that was carried out on him. He remembered the doctor’s smiling face as he revealed the bad news about him having few weeks to live because of the intensity of the cancer in his body.

John  wanted to smack the doctor’s face, but he was too sad to do so. He saw young people, probably in their late twenties sitting around their grandmother’s bed. He saw them through the window, the nurse was checking on the old woman. She had a hard time passing through the young people. She kept on saying ” make way people “.

John kept starring at them, till a boy, probably 6 years, bumped into him, without noticing it. He was holding a cord, tying different balloons together. The balloons were in different colours. John watched him, as he entered the room, where his grandmother was. John saw him as he ran to where his grandmother was, lying in the hospital bed. John saw as a lady among the youth pulled him away. He tried breaking free from her grip, but she wouldn’t let go. John was convinced that the lady had the strength of any man. John saw as the nurse kept the balloon by the grandmother side and said ” is for you, little Tedo brought it for you. ” He saw the old woman shake her body a little. John knew she wished she could jump up and smile, and hug Tedo, squeezing him tight.

Seeing them, John realized how lonely he was. Not that he didn’t have a caring family, but he didn’t want them to continue to suffer because of him. He had snuck out of  the house, to go to the hospital. He got a cab that took him there. He refused to go to the family doctor, which was his eldest son, instead he had gone to a hospital where nobody could find him.

Before he snuck out of the house, he put sleeping potion in everyone’s food, apart from he’s. He had instead on making dinner, this wasn’t strange. His daughter,  Kate came to help. Kate just got married 3 weeks back, which most of the member of her family didn’t attend, save her uncle, cousins, and few friends. Kate’s brother kept begging her husband to shift the date, but he couldn’t. No one could blame him though. His mother would never agree. Kate never enjoyed her honeymoon because of her sick father, neither did HJ he’s 5th son go to college as all the money were spent in making sure John got better. His wife stopped going to work in order to look after him.He’s family had to skip their flight to Australia for  the summer break. To them, they thought they showed him love, but all their love and care irritated John all the more. He wanted them to get back to their normal lives, and let him alone, but he never said it.

John seeing that food was ready, sent her to go and feed their dog. As she left, he put the sleeping potion in everyone food. He watched them, as they lay unconsciously on the dinning table, some sleeping on the chair, others on the table, some on another person. He sighed as he left the house.

John couldn’t help but detest himself, as he walked down the door. He saw people sitting close by. He looked at the counter, 2 females were there. 

As he turned back to look at the door, he saw the door flung open, and a lady in an stretcher bed was carried in by 6 people, all wearing a long green dress, and a green trouser. The lady being rushed in had oxygen pipe which was placed on her nose. A man, John knew he was the husband was shoved back by one of the men on green, as they entered the hallway. The man wore a faded shirt and a trouser, torn at the edges. He wore palms. A lady offered him her seat, telling him to calm down, but he shouted at the lady. A guy came over and pushed him on the floor, ” That’s no way to talk to a lady, Am sure you do the same to your wife. See how you are looking and acting like a fool. You look worse than a mad man” The guy said kicking the man. John looked at them, and watched the man punch the other guy on the face, and the guy slumped in the process. John looked at the man, who shoved the unconscious guy back and front, but the guy didn’t move. John saw a team of nurses come over and carry the guy on a stretcher into the hall way.

Later John heard Kora, the lady who had offered the man a seat the first time sigh so loudly and chuckled a little as she went outside. John looked at the man who was so perplexed. He looked like one that had just being come out from a  room without ventilation, where he had been locked in for 17 hours.
John followed Kora quietly as she headed to a Jeep. She called a number, and spoke as she leaned on the Jeep. “I’ve got news, kunle  was knocked out by a guy. I don’t know how mum’s gonna take it, but we all knew he just had just 5 days to live. Here’s the good part, we can finally blame it on the guy who  knocked kunle out. The guy will be in jail, and we get a huge money, being paid by his family to us before we finally get the guy out. And you remember that kunle was insured, not just him, but everyone else in my house is insured. So we could kill them all, and we get the money from the insurance company, and you and I are gonna be rich. Love you James, let me go check and see what happened, but am sure there’s no way kunle would have survived that blow on the head.” Kora said before ending the call.

John heard her as she spoke in low tones as she entered the hospital ” Finally kunle is no longer a liability anymore, he won’t make me miss my dates any longer, and finally money won’t be spent on his stupid ass, as soon I will be rich, as  the insurance company will pay me  hugely, and am gonna kill that my stupid boyfriend, am sure he thinks his smart, trying to use me, then kill me, like he did with his ex, but am gonna show him. I will use him, then kill him, as he did to my best friend which he calls his ex. He thinks I don’t know about it; stupid guy.” She said

John walked slowly. He believed the lady. ” She’s right, I can’t be a liability to my family. I got to end it right now” He heard himself saying.