Thin line

My twin brother and I are always together;

Moving in the same direction,

Always so close and yet so far.

Who we are part of,

Takes us far and close.

I always get to see you,

And you always get to see me.

I used to wonder why the only thing that was used to tell us apart,

Was how we are positioned;

Not how taller, or how prettier, or how handy, but the positioning.

It had always scared me, our exactness;

You and I are reflection of each other.

Whenever our master takes us out, I would marvel whenever I saw our kind, in pairs, stuck together,

But others didn’t look like us.

It doesn’t matter,

We are all slaves.

Our Masters have taken us.

They love us, but use us.

We are stuck to them for life.

I can’t wait to get out.

But I like the part that we control our Master’s feeling;

He feels what we feel.

That way he’s forced to be careful,

And always to take care of us.

We may not get the kingly treatment,

But it doesn’t mean that we aren’t Important.

We give Master support, us slipping could send Master Crashing.

But I hate the fact that I and my brother, always have to be on the move with Master,

And I’m guessing same goes for his other servants.

It’s only when Master’s asleep that we sleep.

Today, I heard my fellow Servant complaining of touching his feaces,

Am complaining of being thumped on the ground daily with my brother in different sensation,

The only that keeps me going is knowing that Master will die one day, and I get my long awaited freedom with him.

The Night Chasers

Style and Julia moved incohrently into the resturant. They were drunk and covered in blood. They gasped and were slowly slipping into a state of asphyxia. Style looked around as everyone starred at them. A young guy in mid twenties and his girlfriend were sitting 2 feet from there. The boy was so jilted in his starring, while his gf kept trying to no avail to get him not to look at them. But he didn’t just look at them, he had caught them on Camera. The Camera light had flashed, the moment Style made his way to where they sat. Even though the boy said that he didn’t get any shot, that it was a slip of his fingers.

Style didn’t say a word to them. Instead, he sat on the chair, reeled himself a little and then sat up, pointing a gun at them.

” You’ve got a ride and a cash.”

” Nah, we don’t!.” The boy said.

Style could see a car key dangling in the boy’s waist, and he saw the way his front right pocket was elevated, so there was cash.

What’s that?” Style, said, using the gun to poke at the pocket..

No, it’s my…..” The boy used his pepper spray and sprayed into his eyes. But Style was able to dodge most of the lethal spray. The boy grabbed his girlfriend, wanting to make a run for the door when Juila stood by the door, with her gun raised up and pop the bullet up the ceiling. Everyone in the resturant shrieked in horror.

” Next one, am gonna put a bullet in your damn face.. You get me.. Make another run.”

Style looked out the window. He could see movements and flashlights.

” We gotta move Juila. They’re coming.”

” Whose coming.” A white male asked.

” You really don’t wanna know.. And now that you’ve mentioned it, who runs this place?.”

A black guy emerged from one of the doors, wiping his hands, wearing a white coat. He was numbed when he saw Style and Juila holding a gun.

” He’s the kid of the real owner.” A man with a thick asain accent said.

Style saw the little sparkle in Julia eyes and also in the eyes of the girl he earlier saw, whom he would later know as Heler and her bf John. Her bf too was relied by jealousy

Juila looked at the stunned black guy.

” Take a seat handsome..” She said, pointing at an empty seat.

The door was bandged on and style in a streak of fear, shot at the door, repeadetly, yelling. Thud of bodies dropping was heard. The shooting continued until the bullet finished.

Style sent John to check outside. John was so freaked out that he yelled;

” You wanna get us all killed?”

Style pointed the gun at him, reloading it.

John was freaked out. He kept bending slowly, more like a tiptoe, as though trying to evade Kyle from seeing him.

Man, get the fuck up, I ain’t got no time for any stupid jokes. You hear me.”

John went out and checked. He looked at the bodies, looked at a smiling old man, he must have been the pizza delivery guy, cause he could see the ruined pizza pieced all over him. Then, he heard a slight thumping of a twige, and then he saw the saddistic look in the eyes of the gunman, that flinch as he took the shot, and by force, Juila pulled him inside. He could see the bullet as it flew above him, and took an aim at the old man who was holding hands with his wife. The old lady had screamed upon hearing the shot, and had turned to look at the old guy only to see that he was headless. The shock and yeiling, only for the second shot to stick her in the forehead, and to a great deal it was a peaceful euthanasia. She dropped dead on the table.

Juila had shut the door. Everyone was shivering from the cold breeze and fear.

A white jewish doctor had gone under the table to hide.

” WTF Juila, thought I told you to shut the door, but no you just had to be the hero, now two people are dead, great Job.” Style said.

” Who the hell are those guys, and why’re they trying to shoot us?” The white Jewish doctor asked.

” Good question, ” A voice outside yelled..

” Tell them Style, that you’ve woken up the lion and it’s gonna devour.. Handover the phone now, and pray to God that you didn’t send that video to anyone. Cark, your brother told you to drop it.. He was the innocent person. We had deal. He tell the cops that he was the one who shot at them durning the raid, and killed those two cops. He did that and I promised I’d take care of his family, and I’ve to an great deal kept my part. Boy, Cark just wanted your mom to stop thinking of him, to stop wanting to go through with cleaning all those white kids. It disgusts him having her work as a cleaner in all those crazy white neighborhood and after spend it on his chemotherapy, and he has a lot of love for you, Style… You piece of shit.. You should have gone lost your scholarship award to Standford. You had drugs on you when you went to play for your school here in New york.. I made it all go away. And what about the theft at that department store where you stole two pairs of shoes and those trousers, I still made the evidence go away, and in my debt, he was supposed to just take the fall for me… I had to end my psycho father. He was beating up my mom, and making her take drugs, just because he wanted to get rid of her, and spend time with his white skinny bimbo… I found pills just trailed around her. Her doctor was my Uncle Deir. He was in the house when I saw my unconscious mom. He told me she was sleeping, but I could see the ruffled way he stroked his hair, never looking at me. I thought it odd, seeing him in the living room. I told him I was gonna grab some food, which I did, before checking my mom in her room and I knew. I just grabbed my dad’s small gun and ran madly to the doctor. He was already colouring away, melting away.. I could see him shaking. He told me what had happened, everything. And then I shot him and I went after my dad. I could track his gps. Off course, he was in harlem. He was his police car. The yellow street light shone in the night darkness and I saw him when he rolled down the window and then I took the shot.. 6 times. I heard another cop was killed… Boy!”

Style and Juila docked down. They looked at each other. The lights outside was a mixture of the yellow street light and the light that came from the car headlight.

The white Jewish doctor’s name is Sam. He could hear the buzz of his phone while he hid under the bed. His wife’s name, Jai appeared as the caller. Typical Jail. He smiled.

The phone buzzed again and this time she left a message;

Honey, are you okay, am watching the news! What’s going on? I miss you.”

Sam didn’t know why but he looked out the window and he heard ‘ no put your head down’ he couldn’t tell what swiped him off his feet but whatever it was, it was a life saver. He hadn’t landed on the floor when bullets were shot in through the window.

Style ran through the backdoor. Everyone followed him. A man holding a gun approached them and then Sam pressed his car keys and the car drove and flung the man into a thrash can.

Wow, nice.” Malvin, the son of the owner of the resturant said ( the black kid)

They ran into the car, bending down as bullets were fired up in their faces.

Malvin took the wheels. Everyone sheriked as the bullet rammed the back screen of the car.

” Drive South.” Style yelled.

Malvin jammed the brakes, spun the car round as the bullets kept jamming the car and then jammed the car into an incoming bike that jumped from buildings, riding hard on parked cars, while flying over others, flew and rode in their direction like it was a super bike, only for it to go under in a few minutes.

The parked cars alarm could be heard, plus the shooting.

The drive was a rather slow one. Malvin turned on the radio. The shooting was live broadcasted.

We bring you this headline of this evening. Manhunt for 6 locals in a cross fire with the police….”

wait, what? The police? Style what the fuck is going on.?” Sam yelled.

No answer.

” Shit! Style what are we gonna do?” Juila asked

” You shouldn’t be here, with me. I told you to go back and stay with your mom but no, you decided to hide in the trunk of my mini van when I went to harlem to see my brother.”

Heler was heard whispering outside, trying to signal a police car that was parked opposite a mall. The car turned slowly. Heler could see the police light, but no blarring horn, or police voice talking. It was as though the car was on a highway in the middle of a go slow, the only problem here was that here was not a highway, the street was empty and it was midnight.

Malvin turned into a gas station at the west on Styles’ instruction. He stopped at one of the pumping machine. He didn’t get down. Malvin could see the man getting out from the front seat of the car, slowly. 2 other cars had closed in on them, blocking Sam’s car. Heler was freaked out. Style told Malvin to feing confussion and blow the horn and kept yelling;

Out of the way asshole.”

Malvin could see both men. They looked ahead at a sepreate building. The driver was pointing at something with his ciggarates.

The police officer sneacked his way, heading towards the driver’s door. Malvin could see him, the way he held his gun, turning back and front. He approached the window.

” Hey officer, what can I do for you.?” Malvin asked.

” show me your drivers’ licences.”

Malvin’s eyes propped down to the change gear and before his eyes could jack up, bullets rammed out. He had heard the officer clutching his gun and had heard the round fired at the glass that wasn’t completly turned down.

But when he looked back, the officer was dead and Style had a gun pointed at the door. Before Malvin could react, Style pressed his legs which was on the throttle and the car rammed the other car. Malvin could see the stun on their faces as the car cut right through theirs. Malvin could see the big gash that his car caused by that collision but it didn’t create a hole in the building. And then the camera blinked on him in a red shot. He stood still. The shot came again 2 more times but he didn’t die. And then Helen yelled;

” We need to get moving people… Now!”

Sam quivered yells could be heard as he heard fast footsteps. It came in a incoherent manner with ramblings and he could see a twisted shadow errupting from the back of the building and Malvin melancholy drove right through the little gate and only when he made a left turn, did he see the homless old man in a very dirty, tattered, wrinkled solider uniform. The uniform looked like a burnt toast.

None of them could laugh or heave a sigh of relief. In fact they became more edgy when juila phone rang. It was her mom. She didn’t pick but juila noticed something odd, her mom never sends her a text imnediately if she didn’t pick her calls. She gave it 30 minutes and she never writes to Juila that she was in an emergency. Juila often used to wonder if it was her mom’s gigantic ego or just a mom’s ‘ don’t wanna get her worried.’ Look

But something didn’t sit well with her and she did call her mom but it went straight to voicemail, not odd. She was flabagasted by the way people towed the street of new york. She had been told by her dad that the people in new york never sleep. When she was younger, it sounded absured. She’d never been to new york before but her dad did a lot of traveling as a research scientist. But after her dad passed on, her mom moved over to new york, near her favourite plaza hotel. Today would make it a year since her mom moved in.

John nudgged sleppy Heler but Heler didn’t wake up, wouldn’t care about waking up. Her whole system had shut down. John wondered how someone can sleep so peacefully when death was knocking at the door, not the peaceful kind of death like sleeping and nnot waking up but by being blown to bits. Yes, it was a quick death, after just one shot to the head, whatever happens next was like being in a dream

(To be continued)

Dirty Secret !

” Soft hands.” Mintell, the FBI guy said. Some corrupt motherfucker, she thought.

” Jack!” She heard herself calling his name..

” Just a minute Ashley.” He yelled over the shower.

The weather was really cold and the chill of the AC pricked her skin. She hugged herself, using the pillow as cover.

” Ash, what the hell? Lace the drink will ya… ” Mintell’s voice lashed out in her ears. It was a just a little quirkly chide but it rung in her ear like a loud drumbeat.

Ashley looked around. The shower tripped down a little.. She could hear him coming over. She panicked, and quickly released the powder mid air.

Jack was coming out to the bathroom when his phone rang.. It was in the bathroom.

Oh shit.”

She could hear his ringing laughter and the lady he was on the phone with.

” Baby, I love you dear, you are very beautiful… “

He could hear her blushing and laughing.

” Tell the kids that I love them and am gonna be at home this saturday okay? Stay safe honey.”

Ashley could hear him laughing. She was telling him about her day.. And she was his wife… She knew.

His wife had a loud voice, hysteral, Mintell would say.. And for the first time, the reality of what she had to do starred in her face. She had to kill someone, some guy she fucked at a bar in spring street, Manhattan and her husband was in the police force. He never showed any anger at her.. Never would have brought it up if she hadn’t seen a text he sent to Mintell and it read;

” My bitch wife screwed me over with that dude.”

She wondered how he saw the leaked video, until she went on youtube and discovered that the son of a bitch Jack, had put their damn sex on the internent… Bitch! She thought and that was when she heard the cough sound, turn around to find her husband, Tim starring at her, cross armed, legs crossed, leaning on the door in his gray suit. He had this flushness about him.

Hey Tim!” She said slowly.

He didn’t say anything. He just took his phone, his fingers flitched in between her fingers easily and the phone gut out like a fish.. He kissed her on her cheek..

” If you want us to talk then you gotta take me out on a date.” He said, turning to leave.

She would never forget how vague her mind was. There was fear running through her mind, jolting like a sharp pain and then her phone and there was Jack.. He told her to come over at his place, and then he made their sucking sound that made her laugh.. Jack, oh boy Jack..

She would go back to her work at a bakery store.. That would take another 45 minutes. But when she got there, she saw the cops and a whole bunch of people at the store. Her boss, Jason was wearing that his stripped navy blue Jack and he was just talking with a despisal look in his eyes.. He looked at me withat look the moment I walked in. He heaved a sigh.

The cop turned around and looked at her;

” Good morning ma’am… Would you like to come to the police station with us?.”

” Am I under arrest or something?” Ashley asked..

” No, we just….”

” Then I will just take my leave then.”

She didn’t say anything before she moved towards the counter when her boss blocked her..

” Didn’t you hear the cops, go on to the station with them, get on here.” Her boss said.

” What the hell?” She yelled..

” Drugs, that’s what the hell… You use drugs, and now you know what, a lady is suing us okay because of you.. Remember the chocolate Cake that you baked for her for her daughter’s graduation, well they were driving home from her school when she started loosing consciousness. They had to rush her to willam street and they found traces of Valium in her body. Also, we’ve had over 15 medical reports from parents concerning their kids who went to the party.. 3 of those medical reports were from affected parents. There was an accident scene involving two parents who blackoutt durning their ride home and crashed into a departmenent store. Gps was used to track them to the party.. Now, get the hell out of my store and follow this gentlemen.”

Ashley looked back at the cops. They just led her inside the car.. They drove her to the police station. Then it’d hit her, her husband was a cop.

Timothy was her husband’s name. He is a sergeant. He doesn’t look at her when they bring her to his office. He just sips his coffe, everytime till a call comes and he leaves.

An officer takes her downstairs where she is kept in the waiting room. Lots of people come in, everyone with an angry stare when they look at her.

” Just start praying little girl, pray hard because by the time am done with you, you’ll never see the light of the day.” She squints everytime she looks at her.

Ashley looks at the women then turns around and watches the TV. Reporters were filing in, taking turns to ask the reporters questions… Her boss, Chester was having time, stretching his suit more often as he talked.. He often would snag at a spot in his suit to clean off nothing.

One of the reporters, asked him if he knew Ashley was using drugs.. He repiled with a no..

” I never suspected a thing.. To be honest, I enjoyed working with her, you know she’s pretty.”

Ashley saw how angry the reporter was, and so was everyone in the police building;

Wow, so dumb… I use to think my 5 year old son was a dumbass, Well this old wennie just proved me wrong… ‘ Did he just say she has a great body?’ ” An old lady in a caftian hat said, while making a bursting sound with the gum.

The reporter was interviewing everyone at the bakery store. One of the old ladies at the store called her a boner and told the reporter that if she were a judge, she’d make sure that Ashley have full overdose of the valium and then her ass is hurled naked on the news. Ashley could see that crooked smile on her face at her own reviere. But that didn’t seat too well with her.

Seconds ticked by and nothing happened. Timothy never strolled in to see his wife even though he passed by her cell a few more times than usual, talking to a cop and half smiling.. She was shackled and locked in a cell.

Few days later, her lawyer friend, Mrs Cooper came to the police station to bail her out.. Bonds was 300, 000 dollars and as her friend held unto her like she was arresting herself.

Boy, Ashley could see the look on the caftini woman with a dread hair. She was the mother of Lily the girl that did her graduation party, that got drugged. She didn’t want Ashley out and watching her walk out only made her choleric.

People were protesting around the police station..

” She’s gotta be in jail.. ”

” You drug our kids and now you’re out on bail.. America is fuckin shit.” A black said throwing his soda drink on her..

My baby almost died because of you!” An Asain lady said.

Mrs Cooper helped her in the front seat while she took the driver’s seat….

A black used his baseball bat to break the windscreen. She had to pull the car back, almost hitting some protesters behind the car..

The Car started moving.. Ashley looked inside Mrs Cooper’s car and noticed how neat it was. She just wanted to inhale something good. Few days of staying in a cell right beside a small toilet had just made her Coil.

Mrs Cooper was driving and then made a stop at a gas station.

Ashley looked on as she stepped out to buy the gas.. She saw a man come out of a fancy store that was inside the gas station through the mirror and he was putting on his dark shades. She saw him walking towards the direction of the car, he made a little wave at Mrs Cooper and before she could tell, she heard;

” Hey beautiful!”

She turned around and saw the bald man, holding a big nylon bag and Ashley saw all the contents fall out through the bag and she stared at the ripped end of the bag and the rage in his eyes. Fortunately, Mrs Cooper dashed inside the car, flung a bag of groceries at the back.. There was this radiant smileon her face and she kept spluttering.

” Hey, girl you look so happy..” Ashley said.

Mrs Cooper gave an embrassed smile.

” Ummm. Thanks for bailing me out okay.. I don’t know how to pay you.”

” You can start by staying away from all that shit.”

There was nothing funny about that but she started laughing.

Ashley noticed her hands were on the radio and she was turning the radio up. Aretha Franklin music was playing on the radio.. Funny though was how she could hear it because the radio volume was in the bearest minimum, like she didn’t even notice that it was there.

Mrs Cooper dropped Ashely at her home in Memphis.. She told Ashley that she needed to catch up with her law firm but that they should grab a beer later that evening.

Sounds fun” Ashley said.

Ashley starred at her brick walled house. The house was quiet but she knew Tim was around. He didn’t want to see her. She waited for few more seconds before she made a squeak sound with her feet and Tim came out and opened the door.

” Hey dear, dear.. What a surprise.” He said with a bored look before turning around and entering. Ashley could see tons of people in the living room. Ashley noticed a young white guy. He never once looked at her but he was talking to an Asain lady who had a pretty weird manicured fingers.. The nails shapped in different sprouts. She could see cheese and half eaten nachos in different plates. She knew everyone there worked at the police force and while they played Chess, she strolled into her room. Tim never looked once in her direction.

As she was bathing, she overheard them talking;

” Real pain in the ass isn’t she?” A lady asked..

” No my daughter and me ain’t close like that.. Her mother convinced her that her father is a killer and people have been looking for my ass and even shot her once because of me.. But she’s just doing that because she hates me being in the police force.. She calls a selfish son of a bitch who would want his daughter to be without a father just so he could pursue his stupid career… You know I would have understood that but she’d be the one rattling my ass out after I lost my career in pro bowl . After a seventeen year old who was trying to blackmail me, told the cops that I had tried to rape her the night before at a homecoming party the night before.”

” Wow, lols… She’d beat your ass right? ” Ashley heard a grunt before the voice continued; ” I mean your wife? ” The voice said, after few seconds.

Yeah, but not physically. She paid guys to do it.. She even set my car on fire. I went grocrey shopping at a mall in greenish street and when I came out , I saw a fire downtown. My car wasn’t there and it never occured to me that it was mine until I saw the news on TV about a white beared guy taking a car from a mall and crashing it on an electric pole. I noticed the car and I became frantic.. I called the cops but they had no dna and the picture of the guy was blurred.

Next thing I know, in my buffled state, I didn’t know when I came out of the mall under the rain and then this cab kicks into the curb. I could see thousand of people walking around me, and then I was knocked out and the next thing I know, I was blindfolded, kicks and punches on me at the same time, I could feel the pain but I couldn’t pass out no matter how hard I tried. I could feel it, taste it, smell it.. Next thing I knew I was at my apartment and my phone beeped and it read;

” Bastard, I sent those men, and now you’re marred.. Thanks baby.” I knew the text was from my wife… She’s crazy.” The Black cop finally said. The Asain lady was laughing.

Ashley came out only for Tim to come in. He wore his American football jersey. He didn’t say a word to her before grabbing a book on the table. His art works. He drew a lot. He wanted to show it to them. She could feel the tension hardnening in her gut. She wanted to say something, to go out there and beg him to forgive her for cheating on him but the words wouldn’t form. Then Jack texted her. He wanted her to meet with him at a basketball event in Harlem. It all felt too sunday. She just got out, even though not technically out of prison. She had her bail hearing tomorrow but fuck it, she had to go.

” Great.. What time.?” She asked..

” 6pm.”

” Sure great!”

Ashley dropped the phone with such viciousness that the phone bounced up in the air before coming face down on the floor. She heard the laughter from the living;

” Wow this is neat!”

” Gerogous… Really neat… You should go into animation making.. You’re really good!”

Tim’s Co workers left by 4pm, after countless hours of shouting and laughing. A black guy among them made me nervous. He kept asking for rounds of drinks.. While laughing and jumping in an inebriated manner. I didn’t like the way he kept talking about the way he kept talking the number of ladies that he had slept with and their pussies. It was berating, the way he made refrence to it and then he would compare them to his exwife who, according to him had a very tiny pussy and didn’t have fine ass like them. He kept berating his exwife, showing them pics of her and then his hot model. Ashely didn’t like the South African lady who kept wholping like a guy. She was cussing his exwife, laughing at her gigantic nose and her oversized stomach and her fat face.. More laughs and then she went inside.

Tim came inside the room and had this staleness on him. He jerked and fell on Ashley. He was laughing pretty hard. It was clear that he was drunk.

Jack came by 6. Tim was still slepping. He didn’t stir when Ashley plunged him on his stomach when she was trying to get up from the bed, nor when her elbow jabbed his face. She could hear his voice and each time she tried to move a little bit, she bumped into something. She kicked the electric lamp, shattering the bulb, then knocked her feet on the metal door. She could feel the clamping pain as she put on her loose cover shoe. She didn’t want to go on her pink tight heels because it would increase the pain.

Jack was outside her door, holding a pen knife, almost striking it when he stopped himself.

Ashley was too stunned to speak. She watched him take some deep breaths before tugging it at his back pocket.

Sorry about, thought it was your husband.. You know ever since you told me that he was a cop, I’ve been having this feeling that he’d find out about us, and shoot me in the head, and maybe shoot u.” He said, wiping the sweat on his forehead

Ashley heard a groan and jumped into Jack’s car. Jack, open the driver seat, counted a few seconds before driving off.

“He’d find out about us.”

Jack clutched the brakes.

What?” He gasped

” He was telling his friend about it… Nothing serious.”

Ashley could see the tension in his eyes but he kept driving. He didn’t go to any basketball event, instead he drove to Chinos hotel. The hotel was grand, and so was the price. The stiltness of the building took my legs away. The yellow lights that plunged the room and the chandiler and the waterfront colour that was used on the walls reminded me of a museum I saw on TV in paris. They took our Usual room, top floor, room 39. It was weird that they were only spending a night here. They would normally go over the weekend before.

Ashley plopped myself on the bed while Jack took off his shirt and was clad in his boxers, his favourite, he once told her

The basketball had gun a little far by the time we turned on. Jack cursed under his breathe. The players for the two teams were wearing black strips and yellow strips. Each running, and stretching out in a bend. Ashley just saw the ball bouncing in the direction of the two sides.

Once, a team member from the black stripped team made a throw and the ball flew at a very long distance, players jumping up to bounce back the ball but it slipped throw their fingers. Each time Ashley saw this men, the way there broad shoulders and legs zapped midair, their chest chimming together, she would stare. The match play filmed slowly in her mind. The ball missed the net by a far distance,  and Jack yelled;

Air ball! Yes!”

Ashley didn’t know what Airball meant but She didn’t want to stop Jack who was so excited. He had poured a drink for the two of them. She watched as the game score kept increasing, in one points, two points three points and 4 points. She didn’t understand why the players splayed one on one, or why some players were awarded free throws when they were fouled. Scoreline ended 99 98. Win to the yellow stripped team. Jack wasn’t happy but he just laughed.

Jack and Ashley had sex after the game. It was a well deserved sex after a semmingly long day, long week for Ashley.

They laid there, giving slient moans and touching each other. They could hear the loud moans from the room next door, the thumping and the shattering of a broken whatever. Guy was screaming; ” Baby give it to me.” Girl was going ; ” Baby I love you, I wanna fuck you real good.” Then there was laughter and screams.

Mintell was at the police station, preparing to go out for some coffe, when his phone rang, it was a lady screaming;

Niggas gonna kill me, come get his ass out of here!” She said, then he heard her ranting to the man;

I’ve called the cops, Come get your stuff out of here!” Then he heard a bang.

Mintell got into his car when he saw Josh coming into the building. He is a state trooper. He had this blurred look and looked more unsteady;

Hey boss!” He said, going over to shake his hands.

Josh didn’t shake his, instead he pushed him backward and shrugged. Mintell started smiling when he saw that little smirck on Josh’s face and then yelled;

“Old barf!” It was a nickname that came as a result of watching his pregenant wife give birth. She bled when she was giving birth, and that stern look the doctor gave him after he threw up. It was funny whenever Josh told the story, not because he said it but the pictures that flooded Mintell’s mind, of Josh, seeing his wife naked and seeing the baby coming out from underneath her legs and those pang cries. Whenever he described the way the scream goes straight in his head, and how he nearly fell on the bed where they were delivering his child and the way he just walked out, and the disapointing stare the doctor gave, It was so funny yet so soul crushing.

Now, nothing funny. Mintell is still funny and then called his nose a penguin nose and then slaps him playfully on the cheek and that was when Josh punch him on the nose and he fell down, the pain exploding on his face. Mintell touched his nose. It was broken and Josh stood still, still strickened by whatever was going on in his head but Mintell didn’t care anymore. He launched himself like a missle, sending Josh crashing on his car. He punched him again, twice then he saw a female officer coming. She was stunned, and when she heaved her shoulders, her sweatshirt seemed not to align with her curved great body.

Josh’s phone beeped. It was a voicemail that read; ”

My Good God, Josh…. Tracy was rushed in and so was Amy.” At the mention of Tracy and Amy’s name, Mintell heart skipped a beat. His wife and daughter.

” Call Mintell, being trying the son of a bitch number, am sure he’s at maggrat’s, grabbing a cold beer and being stupid.” Few clicks and the line dead.

Mintell dropped the phone and joe groaned slowly as he rolled on his stomach. He couldn’t get up. He was a fat guy, but it never was a problem. He was so agile but now, no way.

Mintell went to where he was, took him by the throat and started slapping him back to conscious. Joe was swaying as he starred at him. Everything was glommy and dark. He could see figures poking at him. The image was scary. He wanted to close his eyes, to stop hearing the ringing voices.

Get up! Get Up!!” Mintell was screaming as he kept hitting and punching Joe. He started knocking his head on the floor so hard and he didn’t want to stop, not when he heard the yellling and screams. He keot knocking joe’s head hard on the floor and was yelling ” bro, you gotta wake up, tell me where my family is.” He didn’t stop when Joe’s wife jumped on him. He pushed her away with a single fling. Joe wasn’t answering. Blood was oozing out, floating in different angle. It tool the intervention of Robert, a serg to pull him away. He fell off like a bad rip from a wax. He got up to fight Robert screaming; ” He knows where she is.” But Robert wasn’t old fat Joe. He punched him so hard that he fell with hard on the ground.

Mintell stared at Robert like a wounded animal. His damn nose was broken. An ambulance came to the scene. Joe’s wife was culding her husband. The doctors came out to pick joe up. Joe’s wife was screaming: ” Arrest that bastard! Arrest him, he tried to kill him.” Her face was beaming with tears and rage at the same time.

2 old guys came out of the police station, holding 2 cups of capaccino. They were white beard caucasians. Edgar and paddy. Edgar was an older blonde guy while paddy was the skinny bald guy. They looked pissed today, Robert noticed.

Edgar came forward, slipping and laughing out loudly. He was drunk. Mintell, noticing that everyone was staring at Edgar, wanted to make a run for the ambulance that was carrying joe when Robert gripped him hard by the arm.

Edgar was acting strange in a slur manner. He moved inchorently and was laughing. He was covered up in wine and the booze was smelt heavily. He was just laughing. Paddy was stunned by his friend. Few minutes ago, they were just talking and laughing and now, he was acting crazy. But what got it intense was when he started talking crazy stuff;

” Robs, do you know that your woman snores like a cow? Paddy, my good friend was telling me here just hours ago. He snuck into your basement to watch that Chucky movie.. He told me that he snuck around your house, entering your kids room, even saw your daughter, naked as she was having her bath. He saw your son masturbating, watching a pornsite. Then he entered your room and you weredoing it with your wife. He was under your bed, watching you both fucking and then he hears her snores and then tells me about the burrito and your baby’s breast milk he drank…”

” Robert wasn’ t listening anymore. Edgar was just blabbing. He could remember Jane, his wife, telling him about seeing a shadow following her. She was damn scared and didn’t sleep well at all last night. In between her sleep, she would yell. Then the thought of his daughter and then he snaped. He grabbed Edgar by the throat and threw him on the floor, then he grabbed paddy by the throat, raised him up, sending him crashing through the windshield of Mintell’s police car. Paddy was turned inside out on the driver’s seat with a shred of glass closing in on him.

Mintell’s phone chimed ” Just snitched on my best friend just to get you where you need to be right now, at Decker’s hospital with your family, hope it wasworth it.” Mintell saw the quick smirk on edgar’s face as he tried pulling Robert away and Robert pushing him away. He got away from the scene of the fight, got close to Mintell and bugged him. Mintell could see a Key, a phone and a wallet and he knew it was Roberts. He quickly entered Robert’s Car that was parked a few meters from where they were, Ignited it and Zoomed with the speed of hof life. The car crashed into 2 Cars that was parked opposite each other. He didn’t give a fuck whose cars it was.. He was ready for some bashing and paperwork.

Tracy and Amy were in Decker’s hospital in East Harlem. Mintell got there by 2am. His phone has been ringing, he knew it was the Clamor, the chief inspector but he didn’t pick. He wanted to throw Robert’s phone out but he wanted to hold on to it and maybe there was no reason to.

A group of police officers were outside the hospital. He saw them in their cars . He knew two of the officees AJ and Kyle. They were radioing each other. He could hear them from the car’s radio signal; ” Anyone seen Mintell yet?” A voice asked. It was Kyle, he had that scowl on his face. ” Nah… Just arrest the dude, book him up for something, Car theft, drunk driving, anything or overspeeding.. We need to keep him from finding out what happened to Amy… I pray she’s alive, I mean the level of Cocaine in her body is too much.. We’re with Tracy now in the hospital.. We made her promise not to contact Mintell if she was to be in the room with her daughter… Man, she’s crazy.” Another cop said. Aj tilted his head outside a little before looking back.. ” Hey guys, I’m seeing a cop car parked by the hospital. The lights are on. I think it’s Robert’s Car, I’m seeing that Amy drawing on it in light blue.. I think Mintell’s here..”

” Okay, don’t do anything stupid… because right now he’s really so fucked up right now.. What he needs now is a friend, someone who would tell…” Kyle wasn’t listening anymore. Mintell just got out of the car and started moving towards the hospital, hoisted a gun midair. He was coming.. Kyle came out, pointing a gun, shakingly and yelled; ” Nypd.. Hands in the air.” But Mintell didn’t stop. He kept moving, hoisting a gun midair. He looked crazed. Mintell shot the gun and it missed Kyle by the hairs. Kyle was stretching out the phone, his hands sweaty, he could feel the warm urine trickled in the middle of his shorts. He was failing badly, failing to keep his shit together. And then he shot Mintell in the thigh. Mintell squirmed and lay low. He wasn’t moving. He was cussing. Kyle had him point blank, but Mintell didn’t Care. He saw Mintell clutching to his side and he wanted to shot when he heard a gunshot, it was Aj screaming; ” Drop the gun.” Kyle heard bang and he could feel the blood cluster running in his head, the adernaline coming sharp. He turned around, pointing the gun at AJ whose bullets finished. He pointed the gun at him. Aj was pressing the gun, nothing, and each sound trigged that rage in his head. Mintell shot him on the leg and he fell down, passed out.

Mintell jerked back, got up. He was hopping on one leg. AJ got up. Someone was yelling on his walkie talkie; ” is everything alright. Aj are you there?” Aj wanted to talk but Mintell held up the device and spoke; ” Yeah we are okay but you gotta open the door.. I got shot in the leg.” Whoever was on the line didn’t bother asking for Kyle, instead he gave a signal and the door was open. Kyle got up, groaning. Mintell didn’t give him the chance to stir before knocking him out with his gun. Aj sighed in relief.

Aj went in and Mintell followed him behind, pointing a gun behind him and bending so low that he was almost crawling. There were few murmurs; ” Where’s Kyle?” A male voice asked ” How would I know? The fucker tried to shoot me and I knocked him out, he’s lying on the lawn, maybe, I don’t care.” The way Mintell clenched the gun more forcefully on his back sent him into panic mode. He started shaking. Aj was starring at his name tag on his uniform ” Chase” written in bronze letters. The man was still talking when he noticed the pool of blood forming under Aj’s. Aj didn’t know when he started pancing when chase asked him if it was his blood. He never reliazed that it was there. But now seeing it, it scared the shit out of him. The thought of him being shot and taken in for surgrey and then worse of all, that he was dying made him freak out. He just saw himself being flung into the secretary’s desk.

Mintell was holding Chase by the neck. He looked at the terrified way everyone in the waiting area was starring at him. He saw an old man on a wheel chair with a ‘ get well soon card’ and another little girl holding a ballon and a mint candy and for a moment he was distracted, and the next thing he knew was hearing thumping sounds, the cops were coming. He heard someone screa talking from a megaphone ‘ Suspect is in the building with a gun and has one of our men at gunpoint, two are knocked out and he’s scared and angry.. Don’t try to shoot unless you have to.” The police surrounded the entrance of the building within seconds. Each guy was wearing his uniform, fixed in the same position, holding their gun in the same position which was pointed at him. Mintell looked at himself in the camera and judt smiled, that evil freak smile. Then he looked at the men. He knew them, most of them were just new recurits. He is a sergent. He looked at his left side and could envision his sergent stripe . He looked at himself in the Camera and couldn’t help but camera at his crazy damn self. He’d age in 24 hours. He unloaded his gun. ” Dont evebn think about it Mintell you don’t have a choice but to turn yourself in.” A fellow sergent was talking. He knew the guy. They were partners, and they used to grab pizza together burt now, this guy, lui was just performing his staged act for the cop.. Mintell didn’t give a damn. He just unloaded his gun and telked ” Yo, guys, I don’t think we have much time, I set the bomb timer at a minute and few seconds immediately I heard you guys coming and now, 30 seconds. ” he said laughing, pointing at the bomb timer on his chest. ” Are you crazy, your wife and kid are gonna die too!” Lui yelled. ” You guys should get out of my fuckin way, I wanna see my family.” The timer went from 30 to 16 seconds. He could see the parlaysed fear on the officers faces. He could hear Chase coughing, reeling from his chokehold. ” Let him go man, you’re killing him” Lui said quietly, transfixed. He was damn scared and so was everyone else. People were running and screaming. He loved the chaos. The timer was in 10 seconds countdown. Just then Tracy ran in between the cops to Mintell. Lui was mouthing no but no words came out. He couldn’t move his body. As soon as Mintell saw her, all his prowes were hurdled down. He broke out in a hug and a sweat. The timer was going in 5, 4, 3, 2… Lui could see his life flashing before his eyes. Something so heavy was flung at him so that he fell down. The timer rang 6 times like a car alarm and it ended. Tracy broke out from the hug. Mintell stared at her. God was she beautiful. She was tear eyed and her face was swollen in tears but damn, her colour didn’t drain her. They looked around and smiled. The cops had passed out.. The entrance door was broken down. Car alarm could be heard outside. Everywhere was so quiet. Mintell looked at the cops. Even tough old Lui was on the floor. He kept kicking them and stomping on them as he walked with Tracy in a hug embrace. The hospital building was so quiet only the whirling and beeping of machine could be heard. They saw a doctor and a nurse curdled together as they lay unconscious on the floor. They could hear the shattering of a glass outside. Patients who were bed ridden were thrown downstairs, Coffe mugs were broken on the floor. Water was on the floor. People were tumbled on each other in their unconscious. A fat guy farted on two women and a man as he laid on them. ” Damn” Mintell said laughing. They could see blood trickles in small prints to where the elevator was. It even stained the elevator door. The machine was stuck. There were lots of people in there and in their panic, they were pressing it up and down and it got stuck and they had passed out. Hurlded together, there were about 40 people in there.

Mintell walked into his daughter wardroom. Doors were flunged open. Amy was lying there, passed out. She had a bruised eye and a bloodied mouth. There were so many stiches on her. Her heart beat was normal, Mintell could tell. The machine was reading normal. A doctor was was passed out on the floor. ” That’s Dr Angelo, he’s been taking care of Amy and he’s been keeping me updated since we came here.” Tracy said. Mintell didn’t care who he was. He grabbed his by the collar and smacked him twice… The man was writing in pain.. ” What happened to Amy? Is she gonna be okay?” The doctor’s eyes were blurred, and he couldn’t make out what was going on… ” what the hell happened to my daughter?” But the doctor’s eyes gave out. ” You’re chocking him! The doctor said that she’s gonna be fine” Tracy said, holding Mintell’s arm. ” The power inthe buiding went out and came back on, and then the police came into the wardroom. and then the police came into the wardroom. Lui made a loud whistle, took a deep breathe before speaking; ” Your daughter was found stabbed and raped by a hiker yesterday at 11:30am. He saw a black van strode into the mountain area, threw her out and turned right and continued. He didn’t see the licence plate number and he couldn’t identify anybody in the van. They threw her through the window.  Amy lost a lot of blood but she survived. A little boy was rushed in few minutes later with his mom but he was already dying and the doctor’s knew he wasn’t gonna make it so they begged his mother to do a blood tranfusion and she agreed,  bless her heart. And boy was I petrified when we figured out that it was your kid.. I called Tracy but I didn’t want to let you know,  and now we have a match from the semen that was found in her body. It belongs to a guy named Jack.”  Mintell starred at the police.


Night Chasers!!

Juila Shrieked immediately Malvin drove up north to her house. The multi colour party held in the hotel was a bomb. It looked less noisy on the outside but man, the flash of lights, plus the stripers who were dancing on a pole. One of them even came out to dance with the old guard. He was black and damn, Malvin knew he hatted sitting out there all alone. He wanted to join in the fun. He didn’t let the lady finish kissing him, before picking her up and carrying her inside. Malvin noticed the way her hands moved towards his hip and swiped the keys there and everyone kept saying ” damn! The girl got the moves.” Except Juila who had got out of the mini van. Style, realizing it went after her.

John realizing it, told Malvin to turn the car around which he did. He made a slow move towards them.

” Hey Juila, any luck with your mom?”

” She texted me.” She repiled, kept on with the pace. This made Malvin ask;

Are you sure it’s her, I mean she’s not asking if anyone’s with you or something?”

Juila got so angry that she threw her phone at Malvin but he dodgged it and it just slid inside the car.

” Now that’s expensive.”

Style followed Juila. He didn’t follow her head on but kept his pace. It was so dark, he could hear the sound of a Car crash and the alarm blarring. He could hear people loud thrashing themselves.

Juila got to the front of her house. It was a stale of numbness. She could see the glass window still broken, her mom never fixed that. Juila would never forget that night it happened, the false fire alarm. She had heard it trigger, or so she claimed and had jumped out the window. Her mom had heard the car alarm squeak the moment her feet touched the car and she had jumped out in her nighties with a rifle. She would have taken a shot hadn’t it been for Juila’s scream.

Now Johnwatched as Heler quietly whispered her mom’s name as they approached the house. The tv was still on and the lights were turned off.

Juila took a step foward and noticed the flicker of lights around her. She wanted to take another step and then a shot with full speed, richocheted in the air, Style jumped in and they were thrown into her mom’s lawn. Juila, in a force of habit jumped out of the lawn.. Her mom never liked anyone on her lawn.

The shot had hit the mini van Malvin and the other guys were in and Sam’s scream shot like a shelling and Malvin ducked out.

Style took Juila by the hand and they ran into the van with 3 round of bullet jabbing in their direction. Style had thrown her into the van as they approached it and he made a jump for it.

3 guys in night goggles sprung out from the bushes and ran after them, shooting at them. Bullets broke the back lights and the back screen. Everyone ducked. Malvin looked through the outside Mirror and saw 3 cars chasing them. In each of the cars, the back windows were turned down and hands were outside with riffles in their hands shooting at them.

Malvin turned the car back and front. The shot were fired at the outside mirror, where Malvin was and he screamed. Style was jamming his gun and he fired it outside, aiming at the tyre of the car at the front chase, and it crashed up and exploded.

A shred of glass fell on sleepy Juila and a stomp on the head by a shoe almost sent her on a infuriating rage. She got up to drag Sam by the leg when he crashed on her after series of shooting.

The 2 cars chased them. One of the cars drove to front, went on a shoving edge with Sam’s car. Sam yelled, thinking there was an earthquake, as the ground seemed to spilt because of the way Malvin made a drag with the Wheels as he tried keeping it steady because of the forceful by the shooting car.

John was at the backseat hiding, pulling his knees over in a shrug hug. He closed his eyes, warm tears blurred his vision, then he saw his mom and little brother and his girlfriend, Heler and his best buddy, Ted. His grand parents in their wood house in Nebraska. He had so much to leave for. He couldn’t think about not being there for thanksgiving and having to try his grand mom’s cookie, or not having to ride his Uncle Ben’s Car, or not play prank wars with his brother. He saw them vanishing in his immagination, slowly they all disappered in sparkles. He tried holding on to them but a thud on the head knocked him back,  accompained by gun shot that broke the glass by the side door. Malvin gave the chair a big bump, sending it flying in the air, flung up before crashing on the floor. Heler looked appalled and then pulling her injuried arm, She saw John. She just saved his butt. She had knocked him off the chair with her shoes, he’s in for a major headache. But it was better than death and she thought he has dead when she saw him sprawled on the floor and what seemed like a blood pool formed around his head which turned out to be the wine that Sam had kept in the car for the wedding anniversary of his wife. It was the next day and now it was broken, shattered. The broken glasses was a dead give away. John gave Heler the middle finger and they both started laughing.

Malvin had kept driving hard. The bullets kept rainning on the car. He looked through the rear mirror and saw the car behind, just one more car. He kept speeding, looking at it before Sam yelled at him and turned the Car which was in a headlong with a black cannon truck. It missed him by a spilt second, and just when he was able to dodge that, he crashed in the hotel that they had seen earlier close to Juila mom’s house.

” Everyone out.” Style yelled.

Everyone was still, trying to hold their breath, when bullets broke through the window and a grenade was tossed into the car. John yelled and threw it out and the blasting sent everyone in a frenized state of madness. Sam was clutching the door handle that seemed stuck. Heler broke the window with her elbow and didn’t feel a thing. The Cannon truck hit the Car with a full force that threw John out the window as he tried climbing out.

Malvin was hiding behind the tyres, holding his gun. Sweat was dripping from his brows. He could see people coming out from the car, speaking in a disoriented manner that was smeared with ‘ Fuck’ .

Malvin didn’t know when a hand pulled him under the car after he sound of guns. He looked back at Styles and nodded. And styles responded with a shot on the legs on the shooter.

Heler hid under the seat and wrapped herself with a blanket. Since she was very slim and short, her body could fit the ground, or one would think.

2 men climbed into the car. One of them poked his gun at a dead human being. Heler couldn’t see the faces of anybody but she heard one of them say

” Leave the dead mirck, we’ve got bigger fish to fry.. ” Then she heard a clank at the side of the car, and both men looked out the window, shouting something in chinese before shooting at the glass. She could hear the glass shreds as it fell. More Chinese and just then I heard ” Jump” And then gunshot and I didn‘t know when she flew out the window. One of the gunmen looked at me, point blank, pulled the trigger, wanting to fire when his face was thrown back in a twig and he just started falling but she fell out the window, just after missing a shot from the second shooter.

Heler couldn’t move after she hit the ground. The second shooter came out and looked at her, aiming for her but started shooting at Malvin who had distracted him by shooting at the window. He shot back, bullets scattered around her, people dropping to the floor. Then a gun knocked her out.

Sam was hiding behind the counter in the lounge, holding a bottle in case someone attacked. Shots were scattered around him. An old guy had come out into the area through a door holding a glass of wine with two glass cup, nodding to a dj beat that was playing on his headphone. He was drunk , sam could tell. Sam heard him yell;

” Whose ready to party?”

Watched him raise his hands up in the air, only for two rounds to clip him.

Sam could see the way his mouth was turned in shocked, holding his hands and then the third round sent him crashing face down. Sam was stunned. He’d never see anybody being shot at. He needed to get the fuck out of here.

Crazy Family Secrets- Grace Tales Part XVI

The moment everyone was waiting for came. I wasn’t expecting it. There was laughter, music and more music. Nick was back in his suit and tie and for a second, I forgot about watching him fuck 3 ladies and I actually smiled at him. He did return the smile by blowing a kiss in my direction, and I saw a lady yell;

” Wow, so she’s calling us nuts? We’re getty our asses bursted cause Nick’s cheating on her, only for her to make out with him before us… It’s really nice, like my dad used to say, to mind your own damn business.”

The lady beside her yelled traitor. The whispers grew louder, like a running stream. I couldn’t make out really what they said, but I knew people were peeved. The low talks were like coming at me and wanting to strangle me. I was literally pushing myself backward, and using my hands to block the invisble blows. It would make a good headline, I thought and Immediately, the camera light blew in my face.

But the dramma was far from over. Nick came on stage to pick his 3 ladies. Off course his first 3 were the ladies he fucked with on the bed, and then the other three where the ones he did the truth or dare game with. The ladies coming in the order of how they were called on stage. I couldn’t believe that I didn’t loose it as I watched. There were only 6 ladies, one more spot to go. Then, I saw the lady who was earlier on, having the mortgage small talk with her husband run out on stage. Her name was Mary, I heard her husband calling her as she ran up there.

” Looks like we have our final 7 .” Nick said.

Then I heard a shout from the back…

” No…. No… ” The voice yelled, plunging it’s way to the ground. People kept pushing back, as if she was literally throwing them away. She marched forward. It wasn’t Gina, it was Janet. I haven’t seen her in like forever. She looked someone whom was jamed by a car and had it climb over him. Everyone was too stunned. She looked like a druggie, there was the way her eyes were, I could see it in there.

She went over to where the ladies were standing, and Nick, when he saw her, climbed down the podium.

” Janet… Longest time.” He said.

I saw Nick turn off his mic. I just saw him talking slowly to Janet, Janet smiling, the other ladies infuriated, then Nick stretched out his hands, for her to climb the little stairs and then the ladies yanked her down.

Janet is very plumpy with an olive skin. Mary was the one that had the go at her with a black lady and a white lady. I could hear ” bitch.” ” oversized animal.!” ” Whore.!” And more insults. It was thrown on each other like a bomb, yet it was us, the audience, that felt the impact. We could hear every word spoken cause they had mics on them. People who were videotaping were laughing and mortified at the same time.. The police had to get involved. The mayor was shivering.

Mary, what the fuck, wow you know you’ve really fucked up. You were shortlisted as a nominee for the supreme court, wait till this scene gets out in the press, am personally gonna testify against you.” The mayor said.

I saw her look at the Mayor, then at the cameras. The lights gave out and suddenly I watched her fall down. It was so dramatic, like they do in films. The way she stood before dropping down like a cartoon was hilarous…

Someone was screaming medic. The mayor came to her, his seeminly anger fading away. The press circled around her. Cameras rolling. I could hear;

Oh my God.”

I saw them shake her, yell out her name. Nick, stood watching. Janet was so scared. I could someone yelling at her;

Hope you’re happy now bitch!.”

Janet ran off .

Her husband rushed up to the podium. He was screaming her name, pressing himself to her, kissing her. Nothing!

” She’s dead, she’s dead because of u.” I saw him lurch at the mayor but security guards held him.

Then I heard screams. I was at the front row so I could see everything. Mary opened her eyes.

” Wow, she’s awake! OMG.” A lady yelled.

Cameras were at it again. The husband held unto his wife but I knew it was all an act… I could see the evil smile on her face, though it reverted quickly whenever she looked at the camera.

Mary got up and moved over to the group of the ladies. The seven whores, I call them.

I was still standing and watching, when someone bumped into me. It was an old black guy, old grins, white hair. He wanted me to take him photos with his 2 grand kids. They stood by the docks. Old man loved them very much, it was touching.

After the shots, a young lady in glasses and a shevon gown and matching came forward. She did smile when she saw me. It was weird. I had only seen her in this party, she was the one telling the other two guys that she would never date nick, that she’d kill him if she were me.

” Hello Grace.” She said, stretching her shriveled arm. She had the arm of an eighty year old. She still looked so beautiful and young on her face.

” Am Cyndy.. You don’t know me but I know you.. My sister kidnapped you once in trying to get back at Nick. She even called me once about seeing you in the same cell as her. She told me how terrifed you were when you saw her… “

I was numbed. She’s Sam’s sister.. WTF. It was as though the bridge we were on would collapse and then the river would drown us all.

I looked back at the old man and I could see hate and anger on his face when he looked at me. And I didn’t know why until I heard Nick’s voice again..

Grace, just wondering if you would like to take a ride with me on the speed boat.”

There was no warmth in his eyes when he looked at me. I could see pain in his eyes.. And then I saw him kiss one of the ladies and stroke her ass. I knew he was using me to cloud chase. He wanted me to be the bad one.

Cyndy mouthed a no.

The cameras were on me, everyone turning in my direction. I heard a low tune..

” Well, this Nick guy is really nice, seriously how can you want to go on a ride with your crazy ass wife who tried to blow you?”

” Beats me! Hmmm.” Another voice replied.

Drinks, my head was hurting. The old guy wanted me to join forces with him to hurt Nick. I saw the way he looked at Nick again. I took one, ran up to the podium and smiled and kissed him.

Just so we clear, am doing this for the cameras.. Am gonna fuck you big time on that ride.. You just walked into a hell of a trap.. Fucking bitch.” He said, as we kissed.

And then I heard the shocking gasp from the crowd.. He didn’t turn his mic off.. It was echoing loudly.

I could hear people screaming;

Did you get that? WTF? Boy, is she dead? Nick’s a fucking sly! The jonas brothers are back! ”

Then more camera clicks.

And then I smiled and said;

” Thought you’d never ask.”

Crazy Family Secrets- Grace Tales Part XV

I would never forget how snappy the female officers wanted me out of prison. I had expected this day, but I really was surprised. The cops didn’t want me having a chat with any of the women prisoners. They kept guard at the door while I showered, and I had on me my release pants which was wrapped. I starred at them. I couldn’t believe I was finally leaving this cell, a life I had hated but could do no damn thing about it. Everyone starred at me.

I was bumping into people more often than I was counting my toes.

Then, there was the mean eyes of cops, clutching guns. I held onto the female officers who was excurting me. Then I saw them fill up some paperwork, and then the buzzer to clear me out.

There was something about that day. The summer heat blew in my face, and I’d laugh as though I have never seen the sun in ages.. I mean, maybe I wasn’t allowed outside of the confines of the metal gate, but I played basketball and did work my ass outside.. I had made 300 dollars since my stay in jail, well it was something.

Tez drove in front of me. He didn’t come out and help me pack, I had to do that myself but I didn’t mind.

But when I opened the door of the backseat, I heard him say;

” Front seat.*

I wanted to say something but my tongue was glued to the roof of my mouth and so, I just entered the front seat… I saw the mean streak on his face, and I knew that I wouldn’t like what was coming.

He kept humming to songs played on the radio as we rode on the main street in sanderson. My eyes started darting around, capturing images of people; the old guy who was walking his dog, the sleeved white girl in tight mini top and mini skirt with a guy who was gyming with her. The wind blew in her face. She hadn’t seen a watch or a clock in over two years, nothing to tell the time, and no one wanting to know.

Tez would call at every interval to Nick;

” yeah sir, picked her up.. Now we’re heading to the airport… Hope u and rosaline are getting kinky.”

And almost immediately, I heard;

” Fuck off my phone.”

Line went dead.

I thought he would call back but he didn’t.. It was rude the way he spoke to Nick and any other guy in his right mind would twinge at the thought of being sacked but Tez didn’t and then it alarmed me. I wanted to ask him about Nick but I couldn’t.

We got on a plane and it felt like I was being expatriated. It was only the two of us that flew the plane. I still remember how shocked I was when I saw Max after we drove into an old crappy yard that was packed with lots of mechanical stuffs and dismembered plane parts and junks. I last saw him in Nevada. He was holding a bottle of soda and was covered in dirts. I couldn’t believe that Max fixed planes.

” Hey! Oh dear, Grace you’re out, thank God.” He said.

” Nick wants a quick plane… Anyone ready yet… We need to fly now, and Nick told me to bring her because he had moved out of the old house and he’s now in Amber street… So he sent me out here to bring her in.” Tez replied.

But Man, I’ve been streaming live the pool party he’s having over there, you know with lots of crazy women… I mean with all the weird stuff.”

Tez looked at Max dissmisvely and so Max and Tez went over to look at the planes. I followed too. Lots of wrecked planes with their parts lying around. Seeing this broken pieces, I began wondering how many souls must have been sitting in these planes before it shattered.. Because, in my head, these planes were recovered from air crash scences. Suddenly, I didn’t want to fly on any of those planes. I wanted out. But I didn’t move.

The only thing I heard was;

Great, we will take it.”

I saw Tez bringing out much cash bundles and I couldn’t help myself from starring. Yeah, it was too much… 2 years in jail did mess up my brain.

Tez and I got on the plane hours later with some guy. Tez was the one flying the plane while the guy was reading the map for him, while I watched.

The plane was going really up and go really down. I had plane phobia, but there was nothing, at least no one to grab when the plane zoomed downwards.

I would hear the pilot yell;

” We are landing at 6000 feet.”

The jerking of the plane spooked me real hard, and I couldn’t heave out the thought of the plane crashing… I could hear shatterings and screams but nothing was real.

I was at the front seat of the car in a sun glasses wearing a hat. The seat belt was on while Tez was driving. I couldn’t tell how long was I out but damn, I didn’t like Tez attitude.

” Where are we?.” I finally asked.

No reply..

He clicked on his phone and made a quick call…

” Good day sir, Hope the deliveries are ready sir? It’s a surprise okay, don’t ruin it already… I can’t wait to see the speedboat… Thanks.”

He drove on, leaving me in the dark.

The house was a big house and nothing surprised me about the hugeness of the house, or it’s beauty.. Nick had a very good taste when it came to stuffs like this.

I could hear music and screams loudly as I entered the compound, and then I walked towards the compound. I could hear some ladies high pitched voices as they jumped into the pool.. Lots of guys and girls were in the pool, with a whole bunch of people around, holding cameras and smiling. People taking dives into the pool.

I just stood still, watching Nick go climax in the pool as he was been held by two ladies.

” Madam, your things.” Tez says, holding my bags. I was just starring, and then he addes;

” Need to take the car on a test run.”

He had on a pinned mic on him when he said that and this made everyone to look at me.

Nick looked at me in his sunglasses and yellow boxer, had two girls, rubbing and touching him. I didn’t freeze, didn’t look away. Instead, I said;

” Wow, the house is fine.. No surprises there though… I had one hell of a crazy day…..”

Then I heard the loud cheer. Biggie came over to where Nick was and showed him the video of the yatch Tez was in, accompained by 3 guys holding a video recorder and they were shouting;

” Happy birthday Nick, we love you.”

Nick’s name was written in red shimmer with drawings of guitar around it…

Then I heard the yatch engine glid off.

” Did you get their location?” Nick asked.

No, but Tez told me that they were going to Hannibal, Missouri… He told us to meet him there…”

Immediately, I saw people running, screaming and laughing. All the cameras were removed, and I could feel the fast rush as people raced in diffeeent direction. A lady’s phone fell on the floor, a guy’s wallet fell. Then I saw a small folded scriped paper floating around people’s leg but no one kicked it. I wanted to go and pick it up but Biggie’s voice echoed in my head.

” Hey, you still here? You can’t stay here unguided.. Please enter the car, the party’s this way.”

He moved over to the driver seat while I wanted to enter the back door, only to see him pin the lock.

” Front seat, you’re not the boss of me.” And with that, he turned the engine on. I was too stunned to do anything, didn’t even know when I got into the car.

The laughter I heard at the riverside did the unwinding for me.. Lots of crowd by the docks… The mayor even came with his wife and he was the most excited. I saw a standpoint between the podium and the crowd and I saw someone going over, carrying the very huge check that was on the table with a very gigantic key and handing over to the mayor who presented it to Nick as an award. It was done so slowly. 2 ladies where by his side in hot mini crops. The way they rested their heads on him as the pictures were taken made me feel ansty.

Then the biggest award came. The yatch. And I watched Tez cruising it. The screams and laughter as the yatch came in buffuled me. The yatch, courtesy of his fans.

I overheard a guy telling a woman;

” We’re down to our last mortgage and you made me buy into your Idea to contribute money to buy a boat for this damn popstar. You didn’t even mind taking money from our son’s college trust savings.”

” Don’t paint me as a bad mom.. We could always replace it, and besides, you’re too uptight… It’s good to share once in a while. “The woman said.

” Don’t go cute on me honey… You’re giving because of your obession about him, and the funny thing is that he doesn’t know you exist.”

” Trust me, he will.”

And true to her words, Nick told the mayor to select women who would cruise on his yatch with him. 7 women..

The mayor obligied and then he yelled;

Hey, everyone can I have your attention.. ” he said through a megaphone and I noticed the calmness. Everyone around me just staid still. A lady had her body backward, while her face was tilting forward, a guy who was behind me was on one knee, while he used his hand to carry his folder.. He hadn’t fully carried it and he stayed in that position as the mayor spoke.

The mayor’s wife had her wig blown off her head as she stood still.

” So ladies, am gonna count to 10 and only the first seven ladies that will go on his cruise.” The mayor said.

I could hear that small stir from the crowd.

But it didn’t happen next, instead a live music band dressed in old school was called on stage. They had straps on their dress, and an old fashioned wig. The band are made up of 5 men.

The guy who played the guitar looked like a motorbike mob. I didn’t like him.. But the guy on the old fashion suit that had white stripes on it turned me on. It reminded me of a black and white movie I watched and he had the moves. Everyone was screaming, the way he could twist his body like wet drenched towel. The way he jumped into the crowd, even took the mayor’s wife and did a little spin with her.

Then the truth or dare game was played. Nick was the only guy and then ladies came on him, one after the other. He kissed the first lady. The second lady had big hips and I watched her sway her waist on him.

He was told to grab the ass of the third lady when a guy behind me walked to the podium. He had on a baseball cap and wore a white shirt and white shorts. He moved closer to the podium, and I could hear him saying;

Gina, you lied to me.. You told me you’re going to see the doctor… About our situation.”

” Yes, hon… I lied.. So what? You know for years, I’ve been thinking that I’m t the reason we don’t have kids, but now I wanna try with this guy over here.. “

She turned around and faced Nick. The guy took the mic and said;

” Please Gina, don’t walk away please.. I’m sorry if I haven’t been the best boyfriend you’ve ever wanted.. Tommorow is our wedding day and to be honest, even if you fuck this guy in my face, trust me I will still love you no matter what.”

I watched him go on one knee and bring out a wedding ring. Gina was stunned. She was mouthing something I couldn’t hear because of the noise.. Everyone was booing her. But she didn’t mind. She kissed Nick and then I heard her mouthing to her husband;

Well played, mister.”

And then I knew the guy was lying.. They were already married, I could tell.

In the next truth or dare, a bed was carried by 3 guys to the podium. He was laughing, everyone kept rubbing their hands. I just stared, watched, hearing nothing but seeing everything. The next thing I knew, I saw 3 girls on his bed, he taking off his shirt and the ladies screaming as he showed his musclar body.

Damn this dude is fine!” I could hear it. At first I thought it was coming from my mind but when I looked around, I could see some dudes with a glass of champangee, a lady was standing in the middle, and one of the guys said;

” I think you should date him.”

And then she looked over at the podium, made a face and said;

Nah, don’t think so… I don’t like the way he treats his wife… I’d kill him if I were her.”

Boy, did I smile after she said that. The two men just spoke in low tunes, and she shrugged her shoulders, folded her hands, and spun her hair.

Nick was in his underwear by the time my eyes turned front. The scene was for obscene. He was in the middle of three ladies. The hungry wolves, I call them. They didn’t wait to be told to begin before moving to sex town. I mean it was depraving to watch. The projectors made me see the whole stuff, them kissing him, going on his stomach at the same time, him moaning and squirming like he’d been teasered. The ladies were the one doing the work. They rubbed his balls, kissed every part of his body. The caressing. They had on pinned mics so I could hear the erotic scream of pleasure. I never knew Nick had enough for 3 ladies. He never’d plunge like that with me when she had sex.

The crowd was muffled in shock and pleasure. They cherred, hushed, and was saying glibberish nonsense. But then, when I looked up at the projector, I saw myself. The camera caught me, as if asking what am gonna do about what I just saw, and guess what, I said fuck you with the middke finger raised up.


I was stunned by the way the cops looked at me. They looked around. Tez looked at me like crazy. I couldn’t place the emotions in his eyes but it was obviously there.

I watched Nick sleep peacefully. He didn’t make a stir. He was too drunk to know what was going on. I could imagine the look on his face when the cops tell him that his pyscho wife tried shooting him.

I spent two years in jail. I couldn’t believe that the jury could be so merciful. I mean with the evidence that the cops and prosecutor brought; the bullet holes in the doors and the shattered glasses, and the broken furnitures. The receptionist who called the cops when I started thrashing the room even showed the video recording me smashing the champagne bottle and using a chair to break the glass. The endless round of shooting by me at the door was used too as evidence.

The other people at the hallway also came to court. I wasn’t a serial killer that people were afraid of so the cops didn’t need much convincing.

I was in prison in Orlando. Nick didn’t look at me for once during the court session. I wondered what he felt when he was told that his wife wanted to kill him. I didn’t say a word during the court session. The prosecutor always called me names, like when he called a police officer who was at the scene of the incident, and started by saying;

Sir, you were there when this crazy lady opened fire on you and your men right.”

Time after Time, the judge would warm him off but I knew she felt the same way as the judge.

I didn’t want any legal backing. I was my own lawyer and a goddam shitty one. All eyes were on me.. I never objected to anything the prosecutor said. I was terrified. It only took 3 hours and I was on my way to jail.

Nick only starred at me, no guilt in his eyes.

I would never forget how weird it felt as I rode on the bus to prison. No one said a thing to me. The bumpy ride didn’t make me crouch like I would have normally. Instead, the chains just jingled.

As we approached the gate, something in me just acceded.

I was in prison for two years and boy it wasn’t pretty. The older women didn’t like us and they had grown more Haggard with veins and muscles. I was pushed into a cell with an older broad, in her sixties I guess. She was all pushy. She wanted to know what the outside world felt like. She had been in jail for 20 years, and trust me, that was the last thing I wanted to talk about.

The male cops just stayed out, holding guns while the female cops where the one who did the searching of our bodies.

It felt gauche having a lady’s hand on my body. They would search my whole body, have me turn around until they reach my behind.

The Inmates had something they disliked. One lady, she was called tigress didn’t like a pussy. She’d beat up men, my sixty year old cellmate would gist me. There wasn’t a thing that wasn’t drawn on her body, from piercings to tattos.

Another lady, they call her pigty, didn’t like someone coming to touch her food, or talk to her while she was eating.

One time, Pigty and Mona, two best friends got into a fight. It was durning lunch hour. I was sitting across from them, slient as usual. Mona had come over pigty and put her hands to take her steak and had run off. Pigsty jumped up and ran after her. I was so distracted, staring at the oil that was dripping from her food pack when I heard a thud. It was like a fat person falling from a roof. The next thing I knew, the cops and the women were gathered around a corner. The two fighting women were held firmly. I could hear them cuss each other out.

But, nothing stunned me than seeing sam sitting and starring. She didn’t talk to anyone. I only started noticing her after spending a month in jail. It was durning lunch hours.

I was so scared. Her eyes were in my direction but she didn’t catch seem to catch my stare. She just sat looking and sayed nothing. But the TV was on durning those moment and Nick’s interview or concert was shown live on the show.

I never got to watch his testimony against conor and his goons. But the lady who interviewed him talked about it.

” Hey Nick, nice show you put out here in Orlando Florida, I mean wow… Last night was amazing.” She said.

Thanks Amy and thank you fans for the love… You guys are the best… I can feel the love. ” he said, blowing a kiss. I wanted to smile as I saw him do that.

” So I wanna ask, why did you testify against Connor?”

” Well, I had to… Connor had trust Issues.. He had people who knew him well to be executed… What his men did to me would have been probably done to others. For example, Kolin’s car was found torched in Missouri, no sign of him inside.. He’s probably dead.”

Well, according to resources, a man was seen driving the car to the gas station at 9am yesterday and the camera at the gas station had a malfunction yesterday so no video of the guy.

Witness say that the guy just drives into the station, parked by the gasoline pump and then leaves the nozzle in the tank, goes away and in few minutes, the car explodes.. A bullet was found at the spot where the car was torched and fuel was seen zipping on the floor, meaning he wasn’t planning on filling the tank, he wanted the car to be burnt up.” The reporter said.

” Shit! But still no sign of Kolin.. His girlfriend reported him missing about two days ago, watched it on the news. He didn’t show up at his job for two days in a row and no one can reach him.” Nick said

Sam was watching with high intensity. But she wasn’t following the news, no. I could see her starring at his lips and the lady’s red lips. She was white.

I didn’t care the least about Nick or Kolin, instead, I watched a prisoner, Mary sip her drink quietly. There was fear in her eyes. She would bulg them over like she was watching a horror movie then she passes out. Nora, my cellmate, the sixty year old lady used to tell me that Mary never told anyone what was wrong. This incident happens like three times in a day. Mary was accused of stabbing her husband to death repeatedly. I didn’t believe that. But then it was a possibility Was she afraid of the monster in her?

I wanted to go and pry but there was a face she made at me that put me off my track.

I did miss the outside world where there whre lots of choices out there from where to do things to when to do things to who to do things with.. But here we were used to one kind of life, one kind of smell, we talked about one thing, prison and our past lives… But there were pictures and phone calls off course and visits from family members. I was the exception…No one came.

Rhonda, my sixty year old cellmate had a daughter and two sons. She would paste there pictures on the wall and sometimes she would just stare at them and cry. Sometimes, alone in the room, she would be making conversations with herself.. She would be 5 people at the same time. She would be lucy, Edgar, Kris Juddy and herself.

Lucy was the rebel of the house, Edgar was a lawyer, Juddy is the cheating wife of her husband… Rhonda is the eldest among them.

Seeing her act this scences, the way she cried, yelled, laughed, the conversations she made with her imagined characters were so severe.

Each time she started acting, I would just stare and watch. She would explain.

Lucy is sneaking out of the house.” She would say and then start acting. She would act lucy, putting pillows at her bedside and covering it with pillow case and then sneak out through the window of the house. She would pace slowly, trying not to wake their mom up and at the same time, trying not to wake their dog.

Lucy would look up at me, smiling. She said;

Kris yelling at their mom and stealing her keys letter at night.”

She started acting the scene. It was the evening of the next day. Lucy hadn’t still come back home and no one was worried. She was the big girl of the house. Yeah, their mom was tried of shouting and grounding. Lucy did pot, stayed out late and got drunk. But their mom didn’t do a damn thing about it. It was Lucy who provided for the house. She paid the bills, took their mom out to parties.

It was so theratical watching Rhonda perform without a studio or a crowd. There was nothing there yet it was gripping. I was so pulled watching.

Then the scene moved to sweet juddy. Juddy was the second born of the house, Rhonda explained to me.

But Juddy was never happy in her marriage. She always coming to the house with different bruises. Rhonda, acting the two roles, the crying sister and the angry sister. Juddy never told anyone what made her injure. She would cry and yell. The doctors couldn’t place what was wrong with her. Her mom would call her husband Judas. Judas and her lived in blatimore. He was a doctor. They didn’t have kids.

Rhonda’s family didn’t mind but what pissed them off was that they had a feeling that he was beating her even though they never said a word to him about it. But Juddy’s visit became more often especially when she had a misccarriage. She would cry and say nothing.

Rhonda became sick of the whole thing. I watched choke the air as though chocking a real person. She yelled and crused. And I couldn’t just take it anymore, I had to get out of the room.. And she stopped performing and that was how we became two roomates that don’t talk to each other.

Days turned to weeks, weeks to months. No one came to see me in prison. I don’t think Nick would have ever wanted to see me. But the media were asking question. A black woman in Miami where he did his last tour asked him about me and his answer to the lady was;

” I got my own damn problems to fix and she got hers. Let me deal with mine and let her deal with hers.”

I wonder what that meant. It didn’t strike to show his emotions. Sam smiled as she watched it. She looked at me and then at the TV and I wonder what sinister plot was she thinking. She could kill me anytime she wanted. If in the real world, she was able to do what she did, then how about a dugeon where there were no law or police.

Sam was kinda powerful here. She loved checking out the news. Nobody stopped her. She would watch Jake tapper on cnn and this time, it was about some of the juries of the Connor’s case where poisoned with anti freeze. 2 had died the other 10 were in hospital just hours when the court were finally ready to deliver their ruling. I was stunned. There was no proof of forced entry in any of their houses. No DNA.

The two juries who had died, Hoya and Frie both had a smash on the back of their neck after the fall. Their wives, midaged didn’t look too perturbed at all. The way they held it together durning the interview but Hoya’s wife kept dabbing her face with a hankerchief, saying little as possible.

But Frie’s wife was angry and she kept saying ” gonna get those motherfuckers” in every line of her speech. She was unabrased in her language. She couldn’t just stop the anger and boy was she doing a good job compared to me.

Hoya and Frie were doing the same things before they died. Both were watching NBA sports on TV after having a hearty phone call with each other before they both went to have their bath. Both of them died in their kitching, wearing their long night robe.

The next news was about my release from jail. The news reporter even did an interview with Nick and Nick didn’t care. He just said;

Well, finally she’s out! Now she’s gonna be a spoil sport… Lol, just kidding, wishing her a happy Christmas and a good year ahead.”

I could hear a little female voice from the background saying;

” Baby, hurry up so we can get back to doing our thing.”

And Nick repiled;

Right! Hold on dear.. Could we wrap up this interview please? ” Nick asked.

” Yes, just one more thing, you reported a spooking mail you got on your doorstep.. The one that had the funny looking face which was crossed in an X.. ”

” Yeah the police are actually looking into that. The police have been on a stakeout at my concert and you know it’s good having people to watch your back.

The mailman said that he can’t tell who brought the mail and the cop informed me that no DNA was found on the paper and also that the drawing was an art work. “

” Wow… Speaking of Concert, When is your next Tour.. I’m really a huge fan and man it was nice. ”

” Well, a sneak pick into May.” Nick said, laughing.

2 weeks and I was home free and yeah, they were the toughest time of my life.. I had to be all goody goody.. I had to smile at those alwful wardens… I hated the two female wardens, one called herself Mrs E and the other lady was Mrs Jackie. They weren’t pretty, just looking like meatloafs. They don’t do nothing than to just chit chat with those male whores. I would watch them with disgust at the way they teased us.

Rhonda was the oldest of the ladies so none of the male warden approached her but she was the most teased. She was called a dry stalk.

The black male warden by the name Jo was the meanst person I’ve ever meant. He’d have a mean streak. He was the one that used to call Rhonda a dried stalk. He was a pot bellied man with lines as though he fought in the Afghanistan war. He didn’t like us women.

Once, he came in to check on us in the evening and he saw Mary, quiet Mary sitting alone and he was holding his bathon, looking at us, holding a flashlight to our faces even though there was power in the building. Then he got to Mary and I didn’t know why but he used the baton on her. Again and Again . I had never seen such savage blows. The next I know, I was splattered with her blood and pigty couldn’t take it anymore. She stood up and flung her plate on him and beat him, stabbed him twice with her fork and then tigress, whom he used to spit on and call her fat and ugly and a barbaric fool, join pigty. She plung her long nails into his eyes and dart them on his body while pigty broke plates on him.

Mary was taken to the hospital after that and he returned just after 3 weeks. Pigty and Tigress were taken to court. Her friend Mona spoke on her defence. Mona told the court about how different times, Jo had squashed her hand while she scrubbed the floor. She showed the court marks on her body because of the kicks he gave her with his boot.

Mary’s lawyer was a woman. I watched her in her suit, the way she came at Joe and his beat face lawyer. We watched it on TV.

Your Honor, here with me is the medical result of my client, Mary and Dr Jack is here too. He’s the one who is treating Mary at the hospital.”

Dr Jack was a black huge old man. He didn’t like Jo the moment he looked at him. That hate in his eyes, it was the same hate in Mary’s eyes when she looked at him.

Mary’s lawyer did a fine job in court. The way she moved and made a fist with her hands when she spoke was so hilarious.

Jo’s lawyer seeing the damage, told the court that Dr Jack was Mary’s dad. I watched Jo and his lawyer speak, while Mary’s lawyer was asking Dr Jack question.. I saw the quick smile on their faces and then when Mary was done and it was Jo’s lawyer turn, it was the first thing he brought and boy I could see the angry stare at Dr Jack’s face. But I knew he wasn’t angry at the question, instead he kept looking over at Jo. To the point that he wasn’t answering the questions no more.

Dr Jack, you’re not focusing… Did you get the question. ? ” The judge asked.

I saw Mary’s lawyer raising her hand and the judge looked in her direction a the camera showed Jo pointing the ring and laughing as he looked at Dr Jack. I saw him mouth ” Your Fucking bitch will die.” Then he held up a wedding photo and squeezed it and didn’t know when he threw it in Dr Jack’s face and was laughing uncontrablly.

I would never forget that echoed laughter and the slience as he was arrested for contempt of court.. Jo’s lawyer knew that no matter what he did, Jo was going to jail and so he stopped the question and soon the jury returned with a verdict… Jo was given a maximum of 29 years. The way everyone in prison started jumping and hugging. Pigty and Mona screamed and was jumping on tables..

And the best of news finally came, the day I was buzzed out of the prison.

The Stranger

Hello, Hello,”

I hear your sweet voice,

Calling my name.

It makes me feel far away,

But I’m sitting next to you.

My body goes on fire,

The minute I hear your voice.

It starts as a jolt,

And now,

It’s a ragging fire.

I can kill for it.

I love how I feel

Around you.

No one will understand.

To the world,

I’m a cheating husband,

And you’re a cheating wife.

The betrayal.

Well, I got my own defence;

Your Husband and I are brothers,

What’s his is mine.

I can have it.

We’ve shared everything,

So why can’t I have his wife?

Starring at your lips,

I smile,

It’s flattering,

It’s beautiful.

It’s like we’ve never done it before.

But you don’t seem that excited,

At first I thought it’s fear,

But then I see the bored look.

It freaks me out,

Knowing that

I don’t make you happy.

You try to hide it,

But I couldn’t see that big smile

That makes your face so red.

But it didn’t matter anyway,

Cause we are doing it.

I watch you get up and bring the wine,

While my phone rings,

For perphaps the seventh time.

Now you’re asking me if am not answering my phone,

Something you never do.

You sway your waist,

Moving towards my direction,

You clasp your body,

Our bodies entangled,

The lust creeping,

Your hips moving,

Then your touch,

Then the kiss.

Hungry and Naked,

I lay on the floor.

I didn’t want to feel nothing.

Moment passed,

Laughter and cravings,

I could hear it in my head.

Then like a dream,

I heard laughter,

Yes laughter.

But it wasn’t ours,

At least not mine.

It was so dark.

But I could tell that I was in a bathroom.

The doors were shut.

Then I heard the laughter,

The same laughter I heard in my head.

You were calling him names you only call me.

He was drinking our faviourite wine,

Sitting on my faviourite couch,

Doing what I do best,

Which is making you happy.

You play our faviourite song for him,

Taking him to places you never take me.

I know he’s not your husband.

Just a random stranger,

I could tell by his voice.

Then I heard you scream,

Calling for me.

You were fighting real hard,

Pushing, shoving, screaming.

I tried pushing the door,

But it was shut,

And so was the sound of your voice.

Crazy Family Secret – Grace Tales part XIII

There was this sturdy air that pushed back in the room after the cops said what he said. Everyone tried talking but the best we did was to make a stutter. We pushed, shoved, people like me clutched whatever was near them but still nothing was said.

Nick just told me to get ready that Biggie was coming to pick us up.

” I don’t think so.” The doctor said finally, picking up his pen from his breast pocket and putting it back.

Why, what happened?” Tez asked.

l just found out that she may be pregnant.”

There was never a more OMG moment in my life. I was stunned. I was having kids. I was too shocked that my mouth was wide open and it did take me tasting a little dust and sweat before I closed it.

I wanna have that checked out. “

Nick didn’t hide his horror look. I know he thought it was Tez. He didn’t wanna look at Tez. For the life of me, the Image of Tez kissing me played in my head but I didn’t get the aphrodisiac feeling. Every hair on my body pinched. I knew I wasn’t to blame for whatever would happen.

And then it became obvious that Nick wasn’t scared that Tez was sleeping with me. He didn’t want kids. Off course. I remember that he always wanted me to wear condom before we had sex. He never made it obvious but still he made sure I did that.

The doctor told them to leave and he began checking me out. He asked me if I felt any pain, headaches and off course I told him no.

When he came near me with a Thermometer, I wanted to scream and leave the room. The room was quiet and I could feel the Icy metal plus the smell of his gloves, and each time he snapped his gloves, something in me would shred. He carried out the pregnancy test for me but refused showing me the results. He just bagged it in an envelope. And after checking my eyes, he told me I was good to go.

I went to the lobby, took the hallway, turned right moved a little bit, Knocking on doors and asking if it was the bathroom, women looking at me with that ” who the hell are you” look. Some even took out their phones to call security. And I just kept pushed away until I bumped into a guy in a tuxedo. He was blond and he looked Asian and smiled. Boy the crush was so obvious and the women didn’t try to hide their deplore. I heard a lady whisper;

“She’s Nick’s wife what do you expect.”

But I didn’t give a thought to that. Instead, I focused on the lipstick on his mouth and I didn’t know why but I wiped it off with my finger. And boy the next thing I saw was his wife and little daughter. She was probably waiting for him in the car or something. There was this resign look on her face. It wasn’t anger but she just didn’t care less and I just starred. I just remembered Nick and how I felt like when I saw that text from Judith and when Sam kidnapped me. We switched roles, she was me and I was the goofy bimbo with whom he was cheating on. I didn’t know when I turned back and went outside. Nick and Tez were outside while Biggie was parking the car well. Nick looked at me and I thought he’d snap and tell me to change and look nice but he didn’t. He looked at my body but didn’t want to look at my face. Tez opened the front door and he quickly jumped to the front seat while I took the back with Tez. Biggie was driving. The news was turned on the radio. I was still not being used to being in the news. The news reporter said;

” Nick and his wife are doing fine and they were discharged from the hospital this morning. The firearm used in the shootout was a nine millimeter which was recovered by the police. Also bombs were planted at undisciplined areas of the hospital with more than 150 people inside.”

I was stunned. I pressed my stomach and I couldn’t believe that I was pregnant. There was no baby bump but I was just conferred pregnant. I didn’t need the test but I knew Nick would look at it.

My phone made a noise. It was a text from Mrs Esther and it read;

Grace, hope you’re having a good recovery.. heard what happened on the news and everything is just so sad.. Sorry your parents had to go like that and sorry I couldn’t come for the funeral and I know what it feels like loosing a loved one…

Olivia was my world and now she’s gone.. I still haven’t come to terms with it. It’s like am in a bad dream. Well I hope you stay strong. You’re gonna be have a lot of tough days but you are stronger than you think. Love you, now and always.”

I was just stunned. Olivia laying 6 feet. Nick was making a phone call and we were just heading to a hotel at oak ridge. And it was the first time of seeing the hotel. It was beautiful. There was the big swimming pool at the back of the building with a small building and a chair with an umbrella hung on it. It reminded me of a beach but this looked beautiful but I didn’t want to stay there.

Biggie parked the car in the parking lot and we all came down and camera’s jammed the whole place without seconds. Everyone came not too close though. Biggie scared them and boy was I happy.

We checked in. Nick was doing all the talking while Tez carried our luggage while I looked at the place. The high walls, the many rooms, people walking around in numbers as if it were a club. The girl who we saw at the counter was midaged, not less than eighteen, blonde. She was licking her lips as she looked at Nick. I just saw her hands squeezing each other. She clicked something on the computer after scanning something on Nick’s ATM and she said;

Room is third floor, straight up, last room by the left and there your are.. These gentlemen will show you to your room.. Do have a lovely evening.”

The two men wanted to take the bags but Biggie told them that he was good. But they escorted us to our room and we took the elevator.

Biggie and Tez took a room opposite ours.

The rooms were big but I loved the white rug. I could tug my legs in them.

Later on, Nick went to take a shower while I looked through his phone. I didn’t trust him but it didn’t matter. I could do nothing now. He should know that I have found out about his cheating spree, but something tells me that he never thought of hiding nothing from me. I was that inconsequential.

Nick came out and wiped himself clean. He was so virle in his underwear and white robe. I rarely had an alone moment with Nick before and now all I wanted was to get naked but Nick was scared, yes scared. And it made me run into the bathroom.

The door opened for the 5th time that evening and the lady who checked us in was coming again. I wonder how she knew when I went to the bathroom. Off course she never made a sound. Things will jam each other. Bottles or whatever. But she was damn fast because each time I came out, she vanished and Nick would be on the bed, in the same position, reading a book. I could see her through the bathroom door and she always brought in wine whenever she came. She was young and dumb.

Nick would sip the wine in his glass cup and smile and say that the wine tasted good. Did he really think I was that dumb?.

I would look at myself in the mirror and look at him. He was already loathing me, I could tell. He didn’t start any fight, hadn’t said a word to me since we left the hospital.

I was so mad at it. I just ran back into the bathroom and turned on the shower and started crying. I could hear the door open and voices..

” Housekeeping.” The voice would ring out. Or it was the mailman or the laundry man. Women too came in. They giggled but didn’t stay. Everyone wanted to be around Nick. He was the Star and I was just a shadow. Each time the door closed, I felt more angry. And it made me cry.

Finally the noise tensed down. I didn’t hear ” sssshhh… Tone it down.. ” There were no whispers. It was so quiet and I just came out to meet the romance Nick. Flowers on the floor. He was holding a guitar in an open shirt collar. Standing there, I felt like a girl and he was a boy and we were just running around, playing.

In my head, I knew the whole thing was wrong. He couldn’t just treat me like thrash and just dump an act in my face. But this was what I wanted, someone to put on a show; take me on a date, call me, dance with me, send me flowers and heart shaped love. He knew that though, but I was still caught up in the moment.

Ingres, the housekeeper knocked on the door. He came in with a table which had a tray filled with a bottle of wine and two glass cups and two uncovered plate of food.

” here you go sir.” He said fiddling his hand.

The next thing I heard was a tell by a man in a night robe.

What the fuck? I told you to come with the ring and now you ruined my special night. You knew she was special and now she left. I was gonna propose.”

But Ingres paid him no attention. At first I thought maybe because Nick was famous and stuff but then I saw the binded cash as a tip on the table.

” Well you gotta pay before services, ain’t nothing free in this world. Look here’s your ring back.” He gave the handkerchief wrapped ring and in return, he got a knock out punch for it.

I starred at the housekeeper. He was an old guy. The way he lay still gave me spaghetti legs. It took the shut of the door to get me back to myself and I kept hitting the door before Nick opened it.

We had a heck of a night. I didn’t know why he was so happy with me. He was careless. He didn’t tell me to wear condoms. We drank and talked and laughed. It’s funny, the way we both undressed ourselves as though we are one hungry pack of wolves, but on the bed, the only thing we did was just to kiss, touch and talk. His body felt wet. His back felt like an iron rod. The heat his body made was excessive. I was beginning to think that he had a fever. It was as hot as heat on a body.

When he grabbed another Brandy from the pack of ice and hurriedly poured it in a glass cup for me, he drank it and corked it back and put it by the bed side. I couldn’t tell how drunk I am, cause I was always having Nick refill my glass at every moment.

But Nick was so drunk and happy and so he started talking. He laughed and talked at the same time. He was calling me Judith and I didn’t reply, instead I just stroke his stomach, the way he would love it and he started talking;

Man Judith, boy you rock my world. I’m so happy to have you in it… But you can’t get pregnant.. Nah, that’s not my thing… We fuck but no baby… You know I love your pussy and I like you more than that all those women especially that self seeking attention Sam… From blackmailing me into believing that she’s 17 to kidnapping my wife, I mean.. I couldn’t risk being blown to bits by TNT.. so I had to send Tez.. Used the trick I used on Grace.. body swapping, they call it… I did that at some point to every woman I fucked but not with you.. no you are my first and my kidney… I have always been honest with you… And truth be told, I’m scared shitless… I’m going to speak at Connor’s trial… Boy he tried to blow my head the other day and man it was crazy.. But do you know what’s more crazy, is that Grace isn’t pregnant too.. and now I have to stay with her skinny ass. I don’t know why I’m happy about it but the bitch Impressed me. I know you don’t like talking about her but I love talking to you… I’m more than happy to leave her and dump her… Truth is and I don’t know why but she loves me and there’s nothing more crazier than that.”

I didn’t cry like I normally would, instead I kissed him on the arm. I needed him to spill out his very last gut.. I didn’t want him to sleep, no not yet.

He kept talking, about his next tour. He wanted 6 ladies as his backup singers, how he would love to go on dreads now, how he sometimes wish he was unmarried and wanted to smoke pot and weed all day.

You remember Judith our line, more weed, more energy… Lols… The way we cover it up. I enjoy every moment we spend together just smoking, you know just getting the stress out. No talking, just the music on… Gotta give it to Aaron, he gets the best weeds.. Love the effect.”

I was stunned… Drugs! Nick does drugs? What else didn’t I know about Nick. He snuffs the drugs in his drum set…

But the best sex I’ve had with you is when we were teens…. Remember? When we had sex in my foster dad’s club? I could remember it like yesterday even though I was only 18 and you were 17…. Big shot. I could never forget how slutty you looked the first time I saw you in that red tight crop mini Jean shirt and how ravaged I felt as I pulled the button off your shirt.

” Fuck!” I yelled over and over again and I took the bottles of champagne and smashed it on the floor. I had never been that angry in my life… And Nick was just moaning on the bed. The fucker I thought. I could just end him now. I thought and I looked for anything in the room. I was breaking stuff in the room, I smashed, I threw. I’ve had enough.

And then his gun was in his bag. Perfect, I thought. I just took it and went over him. He was asleep, heavily drunk. I could smell the booze. I strokked his hair, ran my hand on his bag. I wanted to feel him on last time. I put my knee on his face and took the gun and I didn’t know but I panicked… Okay.. I’d know why. I heard a noise. It came closer, like a dead end. I heard foot stumps, clicking of guns, muffled noise and the door knob turning open. But it didn’t. It was bolted from inside. Then the door was slammed open. Each time the door shook from the kick, something in me shook. The door was kicked again and this time I had it. I started shooting. Boy was I terrified. The bullets made holes in the door and I could hear;

back off, call the Swat team… We need backup!

And soon, I heard the clicking of guns outside. A door was swung open and I could hear shouting. I heard Tez voice;

Nick never asked the cops to protect him… Yeah, he will come and testify in court on Tuesday, but trust me, running away is the last thing on his mind.. But thanks anyway, we could use some extra muscle.”

I took a deep breath. The voices quickly dissolved. And the door was kicked again and I tried shooting but to no avail. I just stood there, aiming the gun at the cops, watching them fear and then I pressed the click… Nothing. The cops didn’t take it too kindly. The next thing I knew, I saw guns shoved in my face. I put on my defiant face and wanted to press the empty barrel again and I heard a cop say to me;

Press that gun again… I dear you, I double dear you.”

Crazy Family Secret – Grace Tales part XII

2 weeks later was the most dreaded day of my life. I had gone for the first burial, my mom, now I was going for the second burial and this time I was alone, yeah alone. No Aunt Esther or Uncle Frank. I could remember how stunned and freaked out my dad was. He just sat on his seat and starred at the coffin as though he was watching a horror movie, as though he was living in another reality. It was the only the day my dad agreed to come out of the house. The day before he died. I was at the house when I saw him come out. He was doing the button of his dark suit. It was the suit. It was the suit that he used in marrying my mom. I could never forget the look in his eyes anytime he talked about my mom. They were in Florida when they himeet. They were at the same University in Orlando. She was the hottest girl then while he, a pauper was a nobody. He even had to be on scholarship to be in school and had taken loans from the school and was unable to pay. Mum didn’t like it when he tried belittling himself whenever he spoke about her, yet dad wanted her to be Impressed. And mom tried to. She would chip in on how her mom used to admire him whenever he came to her house, how she always say that he’s well behaved, that was why she begged her father to pay off his loan. I could tell she was lying.

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Crazy Family Secrets- Grace Tales Part XI

I was stunned. I almost yelled but I threw in my last breath and was able to calm down. I could remember the female scent that puffed in after Tez drove me back even though I never asked. A pair of high heels were kept by the bedside at the back of the cabinet which was drawn over by a curtain.

I could remember the fresh smell in the house but I’d notice the lipstick shimmer in the glass cup when Mrs Deba, the house keeper scheduled for yesterday came to give me water to drink. Also, I saw a white bra drapped between the Foam and the wooden shaft of the bed.

I tried to stay calm but my body won’t get a grisp so I decided to read the chats. And far back as I could remember, Judith and Nick had a long history. Their history dated back to 3 years. I could remember the drama Nick acted with Judith, pushing her off and calling her a whore and saying;

Grace’s with me.”

The face she made at me and the text she sent to him later. I knew they might have had a catch up after that night… Did he mock me ? He would have called me a naive bitch and they would have laughed.

I typed her name on Instagram and Facebook and it popped open. Most of the pictures were with Nick, others taken in nude fashion. She liked black men. Nick was the only guy that wasn’t dark. She didn’t take nude pictures with Nick like she did with other guys but that didn’t mean shit to me. It irked me seeing photos of them together. She was at every concert he performed. But it really got me mad picturing them moaning and kissing on the bed.

I scrolled up on the Whatsapp and saw the previous messages. They never talked about me. It was she writing;

Hello dear, how was your night? I heard you’re gonna be performing today. Thanks for making me your plus 1. Ticket was easy. You know I got the perfect reservation for us to make a toast in the evening.. And am getting kinky already.. “

And Nick would reply with a laughing emoji or a bow heart emjoi. They talked a lot about everything. She told him about her favorite music, movies, where she loved being touched during love making, her abusive stalking ex boyfriend, her experiences in buses, one that caught my attention was she telling the story of how she purged on the bus on her way to house and how she blamed it on the black boy who sat next to her and what ‘a poor boy‘ she wrote. No one believes him. White lady in blue cafashan mocked and said that he had a rottened lineage while a white male in his suit and tie Sayed that he must have swallowed a life turkey. It was funny, she wrote, you know, blaming him. Each time she farted, the sounds so subtle, the boy was insulted, his family was insulted, his mom was said to have given him toilet water as breast milk, a white haired old lady in a blue gown and hat said that his fellow black race actually are pigs and so she wasn’t surprised. The boy was crying and for some reason I didn’t know why I laughed. She wrote.

I was numbed. Judith and Nick sharing secrets, meeting in secret to avoid the media, he even took her shopping and she was clad in my clothes and high heels. She’d be me. I couldn’t believe that all this while the press didn’t figure it out. She was in every city that Nick went to. Even in Nevada? Was it the reason when Nick couches that ” I gotta go ” note.

I turned on the computer to check the videos from Nick‘s tour. He was in New York now in city park. Large crowds jeering and lights buzzing out in different colour shades. Fire works Jamming in a bang pop woosh. Music, shouting and screaming. Women were trying to drag themselves on stage and the security men surrounding the podium would carry them off stage. One lady was so zonked that one of the guards had to carry her over his shoulders and going into the crowd.

Nick was still singing when a woman tried to climb the stage. Nick gave her a hand and she was up. She wore a black stripper that cut in the middle and showing her nipples and her hips. She had big hips and wore a big lumirous red lipstick. It was so reddy that it left some prints on her face. She was smiling and smacking her lips. Nick strokked her behind, smacked her ass after giving her a gentle turn. I was numbed.

The crowd was laughing. Camera flash lit the place. And then the next I knew was a man pushing his way in the crowd. The video was foggy. All I could hear was the noise, the screaming. People were pushed away by the male figure. The music was still playing and the next thing, the man was fighting the security that was stationed at the podium. He was screaming how he would rip Nick’s head off for kissing his daughter. I couldn’t hear him but boy was he mad. He was shouting while the lady on the podium unclasped Nick’s hand from around her waist. She was shocked. I could see it in her eyes.

I closed the computer and looked at the window. I smiled and cried at the same time. I wondered if Judith was the only one but I knew she wasn’t.

I was in my room that evening when 2 other men carried me hand and foot. These men were masked. I was confused. The men pushed me inside the car and drove off. I wanted to say something, to do something but my mind just went into a lockdown mode. I was too stunned by the Swift movement. The car zoomed off and I turned left and right. Then my head hit a metal thing that was built on the back of the driver seat and then I passed out.

Dog drools, disgusting.. Go figure. A dog licked me back to consciousness. There was nothing more terrifying than having a dog starring at me. I was tied on a chair. Or should I say chained.. Yes I was chained. I could hear the sound of a little key lock when I tried shaking up a bit.

The room was dim lit. The walls were blotchy like the rough work of an artist. Lines creased in different colors. The ground was wet. The fan spun slowly. I could hear the faint sound of music. Then the door opened and a lady and two guys walked in. The two guys had on dark shades like they were her body guard or something but the lady was pretty mad I could tell. She didn’t say anything. She just put the phone on call mode and the line rang. I saw Nick on the dialer and God my heart flipped.

The line went two rings without answering and each time her face grew scrouching red but on the third time he picked.

Hey baby wanna come over to my room.. I could use a blow job now you know.. God, that guy is such a pig…”

She put the phone in my face and I screamed.

Grace! Grace!! Hello.”

I was warmed by his voice. He knew my voice.. he loved me.

Hey Nick, this Sam!! You remember, the hot girl that you fucked in Colorado 4 years back. You bastard! You think you could just destroy my life and get away with it, huh.”

Wait, who is this? Is this some sick joke.. I’ve fucked many girls before and 3 of the girls were named Sam and none of them lived in Colorado.. .”

You get your butt over here mister if you ever wanna see your wife again.” And the click sent me jotting.

She paced around the room, hopping and jumping and taking a big gulp from the bottle. The two men slacked themselves on the couch, smoking, blowing it in my face. The blue light of the smoke reminded me of the dense light puff smoke that I saw in Nick’s tour on stage.

She turned on the TV and the news was about Connor’s case. He was arrested and the case had gone to trial. Leiond was testifying against him in court. Conor’s Sons were behind their dad. Aleander had his arm clasped together, pushing backwards and forward. Adrick sat still, arms folded and legs crossed. Alexander would move forward towards the lawyer and back to his seat.

I wanted to hear what they were saying but Sam didn’t let me hear anything with that her frantic scream..

Scum bags aren’t they.. Pitching two devils against each other.. They’re probably gonna walk aren’t they?”

” Can’t believe Nick didn’t go in for trial.. Am sure half the population in America are his fans, so no, the people won’t love to see their Idol do time in jail, ain’t that right… It ain’t gonna be good for business.” She threw the bottle in my direction but it didn’t hit my face.

Sam grew impatient. She called Nick, shouting, raving, ranting. She would point the gun in my face and scream how she means business and when she calls me a bitch on phone, my heart would skip. The two men became angry with her.

‘Stop it… The cops could track us now.” The first guy would say.. And he would try to take the phone from him but she wouldn’t let it. She fought. I then knew she was insane and that scared the shit out of me.

She would laugh and point the gun in my direction and shoot but it went over my head and hit the wall. Each time she did that, she would laugh. I used to remember how thrilled I was whenever I watched this kind of action scene in movies but right now, I was beyond freaked out.

She did that Russian roulette thing, taking out the bullets and putting a single bullet and she started singing that Rihanna’s song version. Each time she sang the chorus, she would click the gun but no bullet came out and this vague chill spread over me. Then I heard the clutter and the sound of the door and a man walking inside.

Wow, so nice of you to join us.” Sam said.

I could recognize Nick’s black tukedo from anywhere. He wore a cab. The two men with Sam searched his body for weapons.

Hey darling, I’ve missed you” Sam said, kissing his face.

You know that I had to cancel my tour just to come over and end whatever it is you think we had. ” Nick said.

At this, She slapped him.

You son of a bitch! You still don’t realize that I have the gun here and a detenator stuck under Grace’s seat. I have it right here.” She said, pointing at the click of her phone.

And she moved a little bit further from him and I noticed a white crossed X shape. Nick was standing on it. And I heard another click

And now you too are standing on one too. And tell whoever you got outside to back off or I pull the plug.. “

I saw the red stare Nick gave after she said that. ‘Fear‘ I could smell it.

I watched her take a whip and came to where he stood. She unbottened his shirt while she did hers. She smiled and looked at me;

Just relax and watch. I brought you here to see what a slouthy whore your husband is.”

Well truth is, I had more than enough evidence.

She took his shirt off and unzipped his pants. Nick’s stomach didn’t look ripped like it always used to. It looked bulky like he had so much wine. I could use that to laugh at him. Nothing would make him mad than hearing he wasn’t virle anymore. His hair was still the same though even though I could see ageing lines on his forehead and his hair looked a little bit scruffy. His eyebrows were uneven and not shaven. There was zits on his forehead. Not too noticeable anyway. I couldn’t believe it. God was finally punishing the bastard. I was gonna tell the ladies. Yes they need to know.

Bitch look up.”Sam yelled and a slap on my face by one of the men brought me back. She stood in her bra and pant while he stood in his underwear. She curled the whip around his chest. She didn’t take the dark shade he wore off.

A video Camera was set up in the middle of the room.

Hey remember the first night we had sex in my parents room after they went out on a date? I was eighteen. Yes eighteen.. You loved it didn’t you? “

No answer.

Answer me you bitch”

Nick starred in fear.

“You came to my favorite bar in Colorado and somehow our faces met. I was a waitress there and was making enough savings for my college funds…. 350,000 dollars, that was my savings and I didn’t mind making a reservation for us at a hotel, you know just the two of us at Nevada Ave, Colorado spring. You didn’t mind me booking reservations. I really thought you cared about me cause I could live the free life with you.. We had sex and then…” She paused and took a pen knife, dangling it on his chest and smiling.

” You like that?” She asked hysterically.

Nick swallowed hard.

Now you’re gonna fuck me, fuck me like a bitch… Make me love it or am gonna fucking blow out your fucking brains. Look here” She held the detonator up in the air and smiled.

Then I saw her hip moving against his. and then she kept kissing him. She nuzzled his neck and moved down to his waist and then the next thing I knew, Nick grabbed her on the marked X spot and held a gun to the side of her head.

Now I got you, you turn off that detenator or I blow your fucking brains.” He said.

Yes do it, do it you bastard..” her hands pressed it and I could feel the way her hand pressed his.

I wanted to say something, to do something. The two men had their guns pointing at Nick and Nick’s eyes peering in the room. Then I heard the click. Nothing happened. Sam pressed it again and still nothing happened.

One of the men came out with a disconnected fuse.

Sam, enough! Let’s get out from here! You don’t have to waste your life for him. He ain’t worth it. You can have your life back.. You got us.”

John, u son of a bitch, put back the bomb! ” Sam said.

No! ” John said.

“Ok, that means this is where I kill u.” She pressed the gun and nothing was in it.

Sam clicked over and over again helplessly. Both John and the other guy were too stunned to do anything. Sam was really ready to kill him. I watched Nick move like flash and before I knew it, she was on the floor and the place was ransacked with cops and Sam and her guys were cuffed.

A female cop unchained me and put a blanket around me. Nick was talking to t cops,or the guy I thought was Nick, cause I saw him take off the wig off and the moustache and his coat and Tenz appeared.

Tenz,I looked very clearly to see if my vision was blurred but Tenz was standing there. I couldn’t believe that Tenz could pass for Nick.. Had he be cloning for him all this while… Was he Good Nick or bad Nick? I wanted to know if he ever slept with any of the girls. And then I looked at my toes, I was wringling them. I couldn’t believe it. I hadn’t done that in like forever. No one saw my excitement. Everyone was talking and I didn’t know why or when but for some reason, I just walked up to Tenz. It felt so normal and I almost didn’t catch the surprise until I heard a loud shattering. A female paramedic who was attending to Tenz started screaming and pointing at me and stammering was saying;

She’s…. She’s walking. ” And her eyes were bulged in shock. Then all eyes were on me and for a moment, I was numbed as ever. I could hear the words from the crowd;

it’s a miracle”

” God is real.”

Cameras shots were taken and boy was I glad. People came from all over and they took shots. I never believed I would ever walk again but boy was I glad. Little things like walking and bending and jumping made news headline. I watched it on Tenz phone as he drove me. It was posted on social media and I kept getting likes and comments. One guy wrote;”

what God cannot do does not exist.”

Another wrote, a white woman wrote;”

” she’s beautiful… So sad she has a son of a bitch as a husband.”

A black woman wrote;

Thank God for healingand stuck a praying emoji at the end..

An old black male wrote;

she’s gotta go to a church and thank God and give her life to Christ.”

Messages kept flooding and likes increased at every minute. It was on CNN,on BBC and sky news. The broadcasters were very thrilled, especially the blonde lady in a red suit.

She kept saying ‘ My good Lord’ Darby called me after I reached St Louis, reaching Nick’s house.

Darby texted before calling. The text was short written. It read,

” Grace, you’re lame… Wait what happened to you? What did Nick do to you? ”

Sounding like my mother, I heard myself say.. Always Nick did this or that like I’m one helpless puppy. But when he called, I did hide the sacarcism.

Hello Grace, wow am stunned as I’m watching the news.. So what happened, your knee gave out.. I watched the news about it but I didn’t believe it.. I know I should have called but it kinda didn’t me and now it’s been 5 months since we last saw each other and I am very sorry, I need some ass whooping.”

I laughed at that but then the thought of Tenz being the one in bed with me instead of the real Nick choked me.. It was neasuting and took me to the place of spiraling out of control. Well, I wanted to know. I knew asking questions would make them spill out the crazy bean theory so I knew I needed proof and I needed it fast.

Crazy Family Secrets- Grace Tales Part X

Nick was smiling as he sang aloud and for a moment I stared at my handsome husband. He lush up and I wanted to go and kiss him. I didn’t know when I moved to where he sat and held on to his thigh and then he turned around, stared at me, removed the headphone from his ear and off the Bluetooth and the Deep soft music waft easily in the air..

Darby coughs, chokes and snarls clouded up in my head like a thick smoke.. He wanted Nick to leave.. I could see it in his eyes but Nick didn’t seem to notice anything or anyone.. He looked right through me and smiled and I laughed.. Even Aunt Kila scolding face didn’t wipe the smile.

The song ended and so did the eerie feeling.. I felt light headed and Nick became a complete stranger. I got up slowly, while he stared. I moved back inside the house.

Darby had my bags packed and kept them trailing at the wall and for whatsoever reason, I ran upstairs and opened Aunt Kila’s room and the smell of antiseptic greased my nose.. It was shocking, so was the way she lined her bra and underwear like someone who had spent the whole night having sex. I knew the way to the bathroom downstairs, the one I used in the night, the dirty, cob web, paper strewn bathroom. It took all self discipline not to look inside the toilet. And I could remember the cold fear I had when I fell off the bathtub.

I scanned the room before hearing bubble sounds in the bathroom and I came to the bubble bath. I smiled before dipping myself inside the bathtub. I smiled.. The Euphoric feeling zapped my senses and before I knew it I was laughing . The clink clink sound of movement churned my brain.. The fear.. Aunt Kila had her robes removed, and she was stark naked and she yelled when she saw me in there. The reverie in my face was drawn from her sabotaged fear.

She quickly buzzed out, tying her robes. I did hear the door open and a voice shouting like crazy but as I deep myself, the bubbles spurting, everything disappeared.

I climbed out of the bathtub, and grabbed Aunt Kila’s towel and wrapped it around. I know she would know that I used her sponge and towel.. I wonder if she would take out everything and give the bathroom a good scrubbing. I smiled at the Malevolence in her face. I went to her Mirror and looked at myself. I reached out to touch something, I wasn’t sure what it was but I saw myself rubbing the Mirror. Then I saw Darby starring at me from the door. I turned around and saw his gaze. It had no reaction. In his hands where my clothes and he didn’t look at me when he said;

” I thought I should bring this for you.. Nick’s been here for an hour now…” I saw the deep sadness stretched on his lips.. He didn’t want me to leave.. He wanted me to make him tell Nick off.. But instead, I grabbed the clothes and bumped pass him into Aunt Kila’s room.

The dashing cold greeted me when I stepped out of the bathroom. Darby had walked out of the room and shut the door.. The moist on my body dried up and I shivered. I quickly put on my clothes. I could see the ceiling cassette up in the ceiling. There were about 4, and each blew with a fierce cold. My lips were chapping. I just ran Mrs Kila’s comb on my head before stepping out.

A dry Mist blew in my face with the hearth smell that sent every sensation in me on a lock mode. I started slipping. I could hear the thrutch of objects. I kept moving, trying to steady myself but there was nothing to hold unto and the lights blew out in my face.

I was slung in the back seat of the cab and Nick’s voice woke me up.. I looked around at the road. The unfamiliarity of the road kicked something in my guts. I could remember how small the view would be from an airplane.. The road was endless in an untidied form.. Cars at every corner.. The Roads were very small. The cab kept making turns at every checkpoints. The roads were too small to contain all the heavy buildings situated at every corner.

But the most fitful thing about this city was the way the roads were crowded with cars and some places we entered had lots of people strolling around. The cab driver kept blaring the horn to ease the way.. But what jerked me was the surprise scream…

” OMG… Nick’s in the city.”

Crowd jabbed at the cab. The cab driver wanted to turn up the glass but Nick refused.. Girls swam into the vehicle.. Some at the back, others at the front. They kept pushing me.. Fury in theirmakeup.

” Nick! Take me picture. ” A lady yelled.. She wore a touch of red on everything she wore even her makeup. Her hands digged into her purse. The other girls jammed each other in the car, pushing and shoving to get in the picture.. The girls at the front were plopping their heads.. One of them nod the phone on the floor.. And the other girls gave her high jibes and she shot back at them. They fought, pulled at each other hair just to be in the picture.. As the camera light glowed, so did my fear.. It kept swelling inside me as I watched the ladies slip their hands on his body, their hands moved in his clothes.. He was enjoying every moment of it.. I could feel the euphoria, the mimicked laughter, the jealous eyes that stared at me and looked at Nick.. One of the girls looked at Nick and used her tongue to tingle his ears.. He smiled and laughed and just when I was becoming mad with anger, she looked at me and mouthed;

Selfish Bitch.”

The ladies moved out of the car as we were approaching Sullivan Lane. The cab driver kept looking at my face through the rear mirror and one of the ladies who saw him yelled;

Better look next time you bastard.”

The drive in Sullivan Lane was a bumpy one.. I wanted to ask Nick why we were driving along a quiet neighbouring road and we weren’t hitting the main roads but I couldn’t bear to look at his face.. Those ladies jacked up my memory. He didn’t seem to mind.. I don’t think he saw anything wrong with it.. The cab driver drove into a big field and a helicopter was there. It was already turned on.. The blades were whirling and so where the crowd and reporters waiting for us. I froze when I saw them. I couldn’t move, couldn’t wave, could do nothing. I was paralyzed. But my senses were strong.. I could feel, see, move and smell. The wind blew so much in my face as Nick took me by the hands and I didn’t go further without crashing on the floor.. The way I feel on the floor brought gaps from the Crowd.. Everyone held their hands on their mouth. A girl was coming closer towards me as though she had a clairvoyant powers. I heard a woman screaming her name and she moved through the crowd and took her.

Paramedics came and lifted me on the Stretcher bed into the chopper.. Nick was signing an autograph on a lady.. I couldn’t see the angle where he signed it, until he moved away and I saw her moving her pant a little lower and I saw the writing on her waist region.. He moved inside the chopper and Immediately, and the plane hovered into the sky.

Paramedics circled around me, saying things I couldn’t understand.. Nick looked at me and quickly reverted his gaze back to his phone. The plane zoomed up higher and then went down slowly and then it flew back up with so much speed.. It felt as though everything was spinning. The plane began spinning around in circles and I screamed and jacked up.

The doctor held my chest and gently I lay back on the bed. Nick too came by my side, clutching my legs and kissing it.. I didn’t hear what he said but he was crying.. I didn’t know if it was just for Media bliss or he was sincere.. Actually I didn’t care.. I finally caught his attention.

How much further! ” asked Tenz, one of our protective detail asked.

Let’s say give or take 24 freaking hours!” The pilot said. He had an ashen look about him. He looked as though he was whiten with dust. My legs still gave out.. I desperately wanted to reach out and touch his face.

Nick came in my face and my hand stretched out, dabbing but it didn’t reach his face. He stooped down and smiled and for a moment, I forgot about the flirt, all I wanted was a touch; his or mine.

“What is the first thing you’re gonna do when we get to Missouri.” I asked instead.

“Mmmmm… I don’t know.. Let’s see..” He pulled his face slowly, and stopped the moment it brushed my feet and then he arched his chin forward and back. It greased my legs and it felt as though a cold sweet Ice cream was poured in my parched throat.

Biggie, our second protective detail was scrolling up on his iPod and then his face went Pale. His eyes widening and clutching shut. There was a thug at his eyebrow which pulled up. A little chuckle and a smile didn’t mar his shocked look.

Nick, you’ve gotta see this.. Someone posted a video of you on YouTube flirting with a lady and giving her a tat on her waist.. With the Inscription;

Nick flirting with a lady while his wife is sick…. Big balls you got.”

” Already 30000 views and 900 comments.” He said with a smug.

” That ain’t gonna be good for show biz.” Said the Doctor, while lifting my arm and feet gently. He put the stethoscope on my chest and made a sigh and shook his head, and for a second, I thought my heart wasn’t beating. I thought I was gonna die.. Nothing in me failed. My legs were still immobile but I could breathe, could see and was breathing.. Yet it seemed like I was moribund. I would die. The plane would crash, I would be thrown down, Tez would fire a round in my brain. I kept prognosticating ways I would die.. But when each prediction played out in my head, it made be scream.. Even the scene of dying in my scene.

I didn’t know how long I stayed in terror but when I opened my eyes, everyone starred at me. Not a word was said. The three paramedics stared the most. The pilot scammed out in front of me and I couldn’t help but shriek in trepidation..

We’re all gonna die!” I yelled.

Pilot laughed and said;

No the plane is on auto pilot mode.”

Everyone broke free from the stare. It was as though those words unfroze everyone.

The plane soared again and I didn’t think about it, instead I was watching Nick do a live feed.

” Hello World! It’s me! Coming to you with an exciting news. I will be in California this summer on a world class tour. Tickets are available so go online and grab your tickets. Venues for the concerts will be communicated on this page alongside the date.

Tour beings on the 17th of August. Flyers for the tour are also available on our PISG band page.. Hurry now, tickets are gonna be sold out more quickly than last year.. And it’s gonna be moon beep world tour.. Bye for now!” He clicked send. I heard the phone chime and Nick yelled;

IG Baby!”

Nick and I didn’t see much after the plane descended. He was busy. He didn’t even take me home after we landed in Missouri. Tez took me in a black jeep while he entered a red Porsche. I didn’t see anything. Everything was upside down. I was carried on a stretcher into the black jeep. Nick wanted me to stay at home and Tez sat at the front with the driver. I tried to say something but the words only came out as stutters and chokes. I tried moving my legs but instead, I ended up rolling to the floor. The words again flew in my head;

Help me! I can’t move! I’m stuck! Please!! I wanna sit up right! My back aches.”

Tez looked back and saw me on the floor and I heard the car halt and he came out and laid me back on the chair. His eyes were mean. He looked at the driver and he grabbed by my arm while Tez held me by the legs and I was hurled up and thrown on the back seat with such force that the thud could be heard but I felt no pain. The driving continued and I didn’t know when I fell asleep.

The bed in Nick’s room was so big and cold. Mrs Barba, the house maid, a seventy year old woman came inside after I woke up. She never smiled.. I was nervous when she walked in the room with a tray of rice and soup and cheeseburgers and burritos and an iced tea. The woman in her black gown and white apron with her withered crack face gave me the creeps. I didn’t want to eat the food but I couldn’t walk. One way or the other, I was screwed.

Grace, now you finish that up, I’m not ready to stand here staring at your face.. You know, no one pulled my weights for my grandson Tom who was born lame.. Hell, I remember my daughter, Stacy.. She’s not dead, if that’s what you’re thinking.. But she couldn’t just stand her son being marred. After all, she was the member of the mom’s club at her daughter’s school and her husband, Charles, is a basketball player and he is featured on model magazines for fitness so their little kid couldn’t be a spoil sport. I still wonder why she couldn’t just give up the boy for adoption..” She tapped her fingers on the headboard and then sighed;

I almost forgot, she was a media freak. To the world, she was the perfect mom, always doing kids TV at her daughter’s school. Her daughter, Dia is a beauty queen at school, as well the girl with the best brains. Stacy never let her have a normal childhood. She started going for make up auditions in LA at 7. Stacy didn’t have to make Dia behave. She had rubbed off her supercilious nature on Dia. My sweet grand daughter is almost unrecognizable. Whenever I watch her on TV, my heart bleeds. And I know Charles, too is an arrogant prick like my daughter.

I wonder why parents give birth to children and then not love them. Tom stays at my house… I’m the least patient with him. But I send him to a special needs school here in Missouri in Franklin County…” She exhales for a minute, then I watched her brush at her white apron and then she continued;

But Tom is a working wonder, he bathes himself, feed himself and is very good with his wheel chair.. I try showing him photos of Stacy, Charles and Dia to remind him of his family.

Stacy uses him to make money. Like Dia. Like when she bought him his wheel chair when she came for a Charity fundraising at his school. Off course Money poured in. Media went Face up in the air. She was the hero. No one knew Tommy was her son save me, Charles, Dr K and his team of nurses and off course Mr Thomas and Mrs Thomas. Their son posed as Stacy dead son. The news was that Tommy had slept and never woken up. Stacy had slipped Nytol in his mouth with the help of a syringe and I took him away to France a week later. Charles made the arrangement. Fake ID’s, passport, make up transformation in an underground bar. Hell, I could remember being tucked inside a trunk for 2 hours. Charles drove us by himself while his private pilot took me and little Tommy to Paris where we stayed in a house in Lyon bought in my fake name for 4 years before I decided to move back to Missouri. I missed the USA and I was tired of having to work out my ass to pay for the really lavish apartment.. Yes, my daughter didn’t contact me at all after staying a year in Paris. Not that I cared anyway but I needed upkeep for myself and Tommy. I did petty jobs, working in restaurants, cleaning offices and man did I get lots of help in the look out for Tommy. Mrs. Bella, God bless her soul, watched Tommy in the evenings while I worked.

When I decided to move back to the USA, Tommy was already 4yrs and was lame. I mean it didn’t mean anything when he was a baby but watching him grow up and not being able to walk around like other kids was sickening. I told Mrs Bella about Stacy and boy was she mad.. Her French words zapped out alongside her English. Her husband, Earl paid for my flight with Tommy. Tommy didn’t want to leave. He liked Paris, liked going to Eiffel Tower with Alison’s family. Alison was a friend of his at his school. He loved going on tours in Louvre Museum with his school and loved scouting around in his wheel chair and he had a big smile. The smile was so huge and comfy. I would always love that smile. Especially at School. He was only 4 but he felt older. Alison is 5 and she rarely speaks English and I know that I will miss the snow in Paris and the bridges and the food, and the romantic places like Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, and the wall of “I love you” in 250 languages.

The first time Mrs Bella took us to Eiffel Tower, I watched a lady who her eyes gagged, her hands Spread out in the open as though she was blind and looking for anything to hold into. She looked like an Egyptian mummy and Tommy was freaked out. He wanted to jump out of his wheelchair but he couldn’t. Alison was pointing at the tower. She kept bending over trying to see how high the tower was. She kept bending her head outside. Mrs Bella had to yank her back inside. My eyes darted back to the gagged lady. A guy was slipping a ring into her finger and she was jumping and hopping at the same time. I didn’t know why Effiel tower had such magical effect on people. Couples holding hands and running like little kids, people sitting on grasses and laughing. No one ever climbed the tower. Tommy wanted to climb the tower though. He kept saying;

Mummy I want to go up.” and his fingers would point at the tower and each time he said that, my heart would melt. How could he grow up knowing he was lame?

At the plane, I tried to get Tommy to sleep but the little boy kept thumping his toy cars together. Part of me was scared for Stacy, people finding out that her supposed dead son ain’t dead son. People started whenever Tommy yelled and laughed about something. A woman at my right was holding her chest and I thought she did that in shock but she said to me;

” You got a great kid dear.”

Tommy would throw his toy at different directions and whenever he would go to get the toy, an old lady or an older guy would pick it up and they would have a little chit chat in low times. His gaze prying in my direction and turning back. I wonder how they could hold up a 4 year old in a conversation like he was an adult. I wanted to go and grab him but my feet gave out. The conversation would go on and then he will come back to me. I would search his eyes but he would just go back to playing smash with his toys, his eyes looking backwards at the eyes of one of the older ladies in a flit smile.

Stacy was at a bookclub with a whole bunch of women at Lindenwood University when I saw her after I arrived in USA. Earl had booked a hotel for us. I didn’t plan on going but seeing Charles and her at a fundraising charity event poked something sinister in me. It even freaked Tommy out who was being so excited about the room. I didn’t even know when the house keeper walked in that evening. She was a very young pretty lady with a short blonde hair. She was black.

I was so upset. I wanted to smash the TV but I just stood starring but my facial expression was altered from that of a sweet mom to a hardnen drug addict and the fact that I scared Tommy made me to freak out. The young lady in the room just starred at me, her body moving slowly as though reaching for a weapon. Tommy was shaking in his wheelchair. I didn’t know why but when I moved towards her, she just ran away. I thought she was gonna bring in security but she didn’t.

The bookclub meeting had a few number of women inside, midaged mostly. It looked more like a therapy session or a grief group cause the women were mostly older women who dabbed their faces on most occasion.

Stacy was talking when I walked in, but I knew they weren’t talking about a book because I saw the way the lady beside her took her into her embrace as emotions railed the air. I kept hearing side murmurs;

” God he’s an ass.”

If I were her, I would just rip out that nut sack in between his legs.”

Stacy saw me and their was this nervousness on her face. She scammed the room for Tommy, her eyes pleading. But when I came forward, she told me to leave that I had to register to be here. But the other women didn’t want me to leave. They could bond easily. The lady who talked about riping his nut sack, a black lady told me to say my story, to get it all out and that was when I snapped. I marched to the podium where Stacy was sitting with a lady. I didn’t look at her, just starred straight into the eyes of the women. I came up with Tommy

” Good evening everyone, am Mrs Babra, I wanna say it’s good being here and for everyone who doesn’t know, Stacy is my daughter and she got a kid, a little boy….” I was pushed off the podium. I could hear the little whispers. Stacy looked at me. Everyone saw her push me. I heard Tommy’s scream and I saw him being hurdle down from his wheelchair. He fell on the floor and hearing his moaning jerked something in me and I jumped up from the floor, pulled all the men who were checking on me and ran straight to Stacy and grabbed her by her dress and threw her off stage. She was so light. It felt as though I was throwing an empty can of soda. She flew into the women and then I yelled;

Mother of the year! You bitch! Hope camera caught her throwing her son off stage.. Yes People! This is her dead son! I’ve covered your ass long enough. Tried to be your damn friend instead of spelling out the rules to you and look where’s it got me..”

I watched Mrs Barba choke in tears. Her uniform edge felt dusty on my nose. She kept screaming my name, calling ” Grace! Grace!!” Then she pressed her face on my body but I edged off and she was on the bed sobbing. She looked at me and I saw her face swollen in tears. She dropped the vacum cleaner and the dusting brush by the side of the bed and went out. Just immediately, Tez walked in;

You okay?.”he asked


Then he smiled. I didn’t know he ever smiled.

” Can I help you with anything?”he asked.

Yes, the laptop.”

I hated asking anyone to bring things for me but I don’t have a choice. My legs refused to kick back. I had started the laptop and I didn’t know when Tez walked out. But a chiming message sent me over the edge. It was from Judith and it read;

Nick you gotta come see me or else am telling your wife… Am pregnant for you and am not gonna let you walk out on me.. Am not Jane.”

Crazy Family Secrets _ Grace Tales Part IX

Darby ordered an Uber that took us to Spark city. There was a sense of the Old about here.. It wasn’t as spontaneous as L.A. and it looked drained of colour. And some places here were empty unlike L.A. where peopmemory. seen in every direction.

Darby took his phone and made a call. I could hear the voice at the other end.. It sounded mid aged and cheerful.

How’s my favourite Aunt. Kila.”

I didn’t hear what she said. She was just laughing. Then when Darby told her that he was bringing a girl to his place, I wanted to throttle him.

A long ride and black clouds were formed in the sky.

There’s gonna be a storm tonight. ” he said.

The road was free and the wind blew into my face. The car moved quickly and so did the views. From a colourless tarred road to colourful trees and buildings. It was as though I was using a black and white TV and then life just surged in with colours.

Aunt Kila was a very robust woman. She had the shape of a doughnut. She was watering the flowers, wearing a hat and an oversized button brown shirt. She had on a boot and kept swerving her head left and right, like she was listening to a beat.

Darby’s voice stunned her.

Bonjour!” His voice quivered in delight.

She laughed and turned around. They ran towards each other embrace. She held his head firmly and hugged him again. The house was nothing fancy. It was a small house in the middle of trees and flowers..

Nice flowers.” I said

Thanks dear!” She replied.

A mower was seen leaning on the wall.

We entered inside the front passage and I watched her slump on her seat like a sack of wheat. Darby had to keep her steady.

I’m okay son.. I’ve always been one hell of a fighter you know. Husband gone, kid working.. You know how America is.. You work the whole day.. But we video chat every night.. But Eric, is doing fine.. He’s a doctor in Florida and he’s married and has a kid.. The last time I visited him, 3 months back, I was scared for him.. He was now acting like a white guy.. He acted bored when he saw me, I mean, we hugged but he left me at home and didn’t take a day off from work.. He let me stay home by myself and then we had pizza for dinner.. I joked about it but I didn’t like it.. His son, Tim behaves like a white boy.. I mean the boy is rude.. He didn’t even know me.. He kept saying ‘ hey old lady, back off! I don’t do blacks..’ When I told him am his grandmother.. He didn’t even allow me in.. He even called the cops on me, shouting that an old black lady negro was threatening him at the door and the police arrested me in the usual fashion and I had to call Eric and he verified who I was and that was how they let me go..

Can you believe that Eric didn’t tell me that he had a wife and a son. That boy, Tim doesn’t behave like a black guy.. He doesn’t know his history at all. I was so shamed when he told me that blacks were the morphed chimpanzees who undergo surgeries and learning to become a half human being. He told me that blacks made up the story of racism just to get sympathy from the world and that blacks were just looking displace the white man in his own land and since the whites outnumbered the blacks and they had the firearms, the black man decided to go against the laws and if punished, they tell the world that they were treated unfairly because of their race. Blacks tortured whites, stealing from them, raping their girls, killing them and that’s how the hatred between blacks and whites began in America history.. Eric kept laughing as Tim said it.”

Darby told her to calm down and checked her body..

” She‘s got a fever, Body’s hot..” He said..

” Well, looks like we came right on time then.” I said.

Aunt Kila didn’t like being told to seat at a spot.. She kept pushing back like a bull dog as the towel was wrapped around her while her feet were placed in ice..

Darby made Chicken soup for her while I dabbed her body with a wet thick cloth.. She kept fighting, trying to sway away but she didn’t say a word to me..

The house itself was weird. The walls were made of fine brown bricks, floor made of tiles and bricks with a fine layout. The house looked endless.. But it was a short passage.

Aunt Kila shivered so much that her teeth kept clattering. Her feet and body shivered in the same motion as her teeth. Yet when Darby came with the soup, she knocked it over with her face and I was thrilled by the speed of the splash and the far distance spread.

Aunt Kila glared at the soup mess, turning her head methodically in a 360 degrees angle so slowly like a machine.. The head tilted round as though a bolt was being snapped away from it.

You better clean that up.” She said finally.. I thought she would thump Darby but she only said that.

Darby turned on the TV. It was on CNN. The news was about Connors Arrest. There was a picture of Connor on an orange jumpsuit while Kloin was talking to a reporter on TV.

We’ve got 20 women to come out to confess.. This Connor guy was really a monster…” The reporter said..

” Some of this women found it really hard coming over.. I mean they could hardly remember what when down that day… One of the women, Olivia bradin had committed suicide 2 weeks back.. Her husband, Landy came forward this morning.. He said that he never knew that she was raped by Connor.. He just came back from work and found her dead.. “

I was startled when I heard Olivia’s name… The only Olivia I knew was back in high school.. Aunt Esther and Uncle Frank’s daughter.. I hadn’t spoken to her since the day I caught her in bed with Nick.. Something in me told me she was the one..

” what? ” Kolin yelled..

” Yeah.. Good grips and he’s here now.”

I saw a guy grabbing a seat and hurriedly seating on it.. He covered his face with his hands and I could hear his whimper.. He sniffed a little more before looking up.. Landy had changed a lot.. He was taller, had the Arabian look, now wore afro and now wore that professor look, but he had the build of a basketball player..

” You know I saw her before I went to work that morning and she was bright eyed, and as usual edged out when I came to kiss her and freaked out when I tried to hug her and just ran outside.. I was so mad at her and I promised myself that I won’t budge about it and I kept to that word.. She didn’t call me and I didn’t call her.. I took my kids to her mum’s place before heading out to work and around 7am, my phone rang and it was the police and I was told straight up that a woman was found dead in my house.. And right then I knew She did it.. I was so glad the kids weren’t in the house when that happened.. Mrs Esther scammed the place on hearing the news.. I would never forget that fog look in her eyes as she grabbed me by the collar, as though trying to shake her off me.. My little boy, Spiff, kept out to his momma.. I mean he saw her smeared in her own blood.. The cops didn’t cover her face with the blanket that was used on her body.. My daughter, Christa cried in my arms when she saw her lying on the floor.. She is only two years but she knew.”

I was stunned.. Olivia is dead.. It had to be another Olivia.. Lancy didn’t look one bit like his former self.. He was sobbing.. It crushed me watching it but I couldn’t remove my eyes.. Memories of my hate for her after I caught her in bed with Nick brushed through my head.. All those hideous text I sent her days later jabbed my brain.. Suddenly, I wanted to text Mrs Esther but then the sarcastic voice in my head spooked in..

Duh you’re late.. She already knows.”

I dialed Nick’s number and was about calling it when I saw Aunt Kila raised a highly steamed cup into her mouth. I could see the hot vapour steaming out of the coffee and I didn’t stop starring till Nick’s voice lashed out..

” Call me later.. Busy with…” I could hear moaning and giggles and the line went dead..

Girl, your man is hooking up with a bimbo.” Aunt Kila said..

I saw what looked like an onion tear running down her face as she chuckled.. Her face beaming with steam..

Uncle Frank did change. His eyes bulged so much as he spoke on TV.. He looked drunk and had a swollen stomach as though he had been drinking steadily.. He didn’t shave.. And he looked Cracked..

I should have known that something was wrong.. Few days before she passed, she called me.. I haven’t heard from her in ages.. I have been grieving the loss friend phil and his wife, Judie.. They were our first neighbours and Family.. Even after they left California for Kirkwood, we still contacted each other.. Phil was the best doctor I ever knew.. He was exceptional..

Olivia wanted us to meet at a bus Station in Alameda and I told her it was a go.. She was already seated when I came. We sat together and she just stared. I wanted to ask her what’s wrong but she already gone blank.. She kept her gaze on the number of people entering the bus, and immediately the bus moved, she snapped back.

” Dad, do you remember the birthday prank you pulled on mum on my tenth birthday.. She really thought that there was a ghost in the house. Her freaking out was obscene.. You remember the way she kept throwing plates and cutleries at the darkness and screaming especially when she heard the toys we bought from the gift store whirl to life mechanically and the vacuum cleaner covered in a white linen dress plunge towards her.. She was terrified and even used her favourite vase to throw at it.. She never did pranking after that. Prank Kings!! I and my daughter would yell whenever mom was around.. It was an old family joke.”

Dr Frank raised his fingers and kept looking at it as if he was making a research and then looked up at the camera tearfully..

She cried on my hands after we talked about the joke.. I held her.. I didn’t understand it.. I kept saying, ‘ it’s okay! Whatever it is we can talk about it’ but I didn’t want to.. That was the last time I saw Olivia alive.. I didn’t even call her to know how she felt later that day.”

Later that evening, Nick sent me a text..

” I’m coming to pick you by 10.. Put on something Nice.. We may drop in on some people.”

I didn’t reply. Instead, I deleted the message..

Darby went in to Tuck Aunt Kila in her bed while I remained downstairs.. I didn’t go into the bathroom to change cause the house looked haunted.. Every inch of the wall had this small had this small red dot smirk glossed on the walls.. It marred the perfection of the walls.. It looked like blood and it spooked me.

Darby marched downstairs with a heavy sigh.. I could see the sweats all over his body and he was unsteady. I had to lean by him for support.

” Are you okay? What happened in there.. Boy, you could really use a bath and lots of sleep. “I said

I don’t know what Aunt Kila sniffs in but whatever it is, it’s crazy.. You could literally get high and crazy just by the smell of it.. It doesn’t have the narcotic effect as Marijuana, but the smell is so powerful, it’s like pouring acid here.. And the worst of it all is that she doesn’t give heads up before doing that.. You can be talking with her and the next minute, you’re passed out on the floor and she just go past u like you’re some pile of garbage.” I smiled at that.

Well let me go and have a long nice bath, and maybe after that we can sit down and watch movie.. I have some great Chinese Movies and American movies.. What do you say Grace? “

Maybe. ” I replied

” You need have a bath yourself and put on your night dress.” He said..

I froze at that statement.. I was scared on going in there and I was afraid of telling Darby. I was numb.. I closed my eyes, staring at the haunted images in my head.. The images of a person being shot in the head by a gun with the blood gush on impact. In my mind, the blood stain on the wall was actually bigger than the red dots on the brick walls Aunt Kila’s house.

Darby was gone by the time I opened my eyes. And I heard his voice singing in the shower.. That gave me plenty of time to gloat around.. I’d never seen anything like this house.. It was big, yet it felt so small.. The kitchen was very small. Cupboards were erected at the left side of the wall while picture frames were hung on the wall. The kitchen was neat.. There was no dirt or stains around. It looked new. The cupboards gleamed.

I moved from there back to the living room and Darby was sitting down, a bowl of pop corn on the center table and the TV was turned on.. I saw the flash drive that was stuck on the back of the TV and the flash of his smile.. I loved the bubble bath smell on him.. It was piquant. I moved closer and wanted to seat on the couch when he placed the bowl on the chair and said;

You might wanna take a bath!”

” You can’t be serious, right.” I asked but he reverted back to the TV.. I stood still.. I wanted to sit down, wanted to see what he would do but, those words, coupled with the way he glanced away at the TV spooked me.. And yet, all I wanted was to rub off some of the scent on him.

I scurried away to the bathroom.. There so many doors but in the very small hallway but it took me just opening the last door by the left and there it was, the dreaded bathroom.. Like I thought, it was creepy.. Empty bottles, littered papers, Smeared Walls, dirty toilets with cob webs on the walls and a dirty rag was folded in the bath tub and an insect crawled on it. I hardly ran the water on my body while closing my eyes. I took my sponge and kept rubbing my body in response to the itching I felt.. The more I scrubbed, the more my body itched.. I didn’t know when I fell off the bathtub.. I got up and poured water on myself and jumped out of the bathroom. I had my silk night robe on the door and I made my way to the living room.

Darby was legged cross on the couch and was throwing a handful of pop corn into his mouth when I walked in. He looked in my direction almost immediately when I came in and he paused the TV and said;

” Wow.. Nice Wear!” He said, pushing a little bit to the left and patted the seat..

” Come Join me.. You’re gonna love the movie.. But the movie’s gone a bit far so maybe I should put another one.. So you don’t ask me questions.”

It was a quick flip with the remote and a new movie began. It was a comedy movie. Darby watched movies with so much Concentration, nodded his head at every scene, a brief laugh and huddling back, his pupils dart back and front. His body kept rocking back and front on the couch.. Every scene on the movie made him crouch.. I wasn’t following the movie cause I didn’t like horror movies. I wasn’t terrified by watching Chucky. But Darby was clutching was shivering and holding me by the shoulder by the end of the movie.. He was all out of breath.

” Hey are you okay?.” I asked..

” Yeah.. Pheew.. So glad it’s over.. Hadn’t watched anything that scary in a long time.” He said, squeezing my shoulders.

” Lol.” I said, relaxing my shoulder on the couch..

That night was the longest and the most creepy night ever. It was lured with Darby’s screams. I didn’t sleep well. Darby made us go to his room upstairs after the movie. He told me that Mrs Kila didn’t like anyone sleeping on her couch.

His Cousin’s room was stalked with ancient figures on the wall. It was clean but it looked like his mom cleaned him out alongside the dirt.

That night was stormy. Lightening flashed in the sky in it’s dark blue colour.. The thunder roared whenever Darby screamed.. I could hear the clattering of the window and a branch of a tree poked out in the outside shadows.. The wind blew into my face.. It was gonna be fun until ;

aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh” Darby’s voice shrieked and accompanied by it was a lightening bolt and thunder.. It was creepy.. The blue light made his face shimmer a dark gait and I didn’t know when I Jumped out of the bed..

” Grace! Grace!!” He yelled.. I didn’t answer.. The wind was blowing heavily and so did the rain.. He scamped the room in darkness and the blue light cast in the room again and shadows were cast on the walls and I heard him scream and the thunder jolting only came louder, more fierce..

Chucky!! Chuky!! Help! Help!!”

And then I heard a bang and the lights were turned on and I peeked from behind the bed and Aunt Kila stood by the door with a frying Pan in her hand, a pot worn on her head like a hat and her big gun on the other hand and She was damn furious…

” What the hell! Can’t you guys keep it down.. Almost 2am and you screaming as if you’re in a fuckin party… “

Darby was moaning on the floor. He curled around in circles, and then launched himself upright slowly before getting up straight.. He made it look for pain tasking, so cynical. Aunt Kila was having a hard time steadying herself.. She would go down and brace up.. I wonder if she was high on Meth. Her eyes wandered off from Darby, to the bed, to the scattered room, took a little to focus on the mattresses and pillow on the floor and then it vent the Ceiling.. Her eyes moved like a camera and blinked often whenever it spotted an image.. It was as though it was taking shots like Cameras.. I wonder if there was a camera retina in her brain..

Her eyes finally settles on me and she frowns but don’t say a word.

Did you get the home Invader ?” Darby asked.. Aunt Kila’s mouth went from anger to horror.. Her eyes shone like the eyes of a heavily drunk man.. I saw her skin ashen and then Darby’s smile crept in and he burst into laughter. She didn’t waste time knocking him out with the frying pan. And then she walked out of the room.

Watching Aunt Kila wearing a cooking pot on her head and holding a frying pan and a tray as shield with a gun strapped across her shoulders and two peeper spray lodged in her waist pockets, I couldn’t help myself from laughing.. I may have laughed so loudly because the next thing I heard was a gunshot.. The bullet was fired at the door and I heard her say;

Make one more sound.. I dear you.”

And with that, her gun was reloaded.

Darby’s moaning woke me up.. He was still at the very spot where he was knocked out.. He held his head and groan.. I checked my phone.. It was 3am and a text from Nick..

You got my text? “

And for a moment, I thought he was texting someone else and by mistake, he had texted me until the hint of the previous text jarred my memory and then the resentment came jogging back.

The beam of sunlight rays travelled through my face and in my head. I could feel the light, the heat and the brightness and I could feel the sharp thug on my legs and I jumped up.. And Darby stared at me like I was a stranger.

” Nick just walked in..” He said, yanking the bed cover under my leg.

I was a little bizarre by the news. It felt as though I wasn’t awake. I had a routine way of waking up.. It’s like booting a computer system up. I had to yawn, stretch, belch and finally do a little spin before I get up. I crashed back to the bed but the light rays fried my brain and he watched me boot myself and then my face was lit up and all the memories began pushing in and yet I didn’t feel the slight headaches I would normally feel.

I put on my robes and went downstairs but I didn’t see Nick in the living room. Aunt Kila was doing her Morning exercise. She had on black shorts and a mini top. I watched her part her legs. Her legs went wider and it seemed like it was about to snap and break but she sat on the floor with her parting legs flapping like wings. I didn’t know what I did next but she spotted me and said;

” Your boyfriend is outside waiting for you.” Her eyes darting as if daring me to question her why she didn’t allow Nick in.

Nick was sitting on the wide comfy wooden chair that swung back and front and was checking his watch and tapping his feet. He had on his headset

Crazy Family Secrerts – Grace Tales Part VIII

We didn’t land at the airport. We landed at a barn. The owners weren’t at home.. The plane had ran of gas.. Max was able to detect it before it became too late.. I was very scared when he told me but he held on to me and was able to land the plane..

We came down, marching the wheats planted on the farm.. No animals on site.. We moved around the farm. A Texas kind of farming overall was hung on a wooden pole with a cow boy hat on the cloth. A working boot was laid by the side.. And before we knew it, rain started falling. It was heavy.. We were running. I couldn’t see clearly as the rain drenched my sight. Max took me by the hand and we got to a pickup truck. He tucked me in and moved over to the driver seat. I open my phone and showed him … And then I slept off..

I didn’t think about nothing till we got to the hospital.. No horrible nightmare.. The rain was still pouring in when Max approached the hospital.. I jumped up immediately we got to the hospital.. Max’s face was sad.

I didn’t know your mom was dead..I’m just looking at your live feed.. Your dad’s not taking it to well.. He had taken off his shirt and was handcuffed to a rail.. I still remember the interview I watched of him.. And your mom and he were very close.. Been married for 35 years, I get it. I would never forget how beamed his face was when he talked about your mom. This was 3 weeks back and now she’s quiet ”

A new fresh sadness dawned on me.. I remember racing in the rain and entering the hospital.. It was quiet and everyone was tear eyed. No one said or did anything. A man and his little son moved towards me.. Son was on a stroller while father pushed pass it.. He had on a rosary and a medaling. He kept reciting bible quotes and the lord prayers.

” Am making reposes for her soul.. He didn’t call the priest for his wife before she died, so I just wanna make sure she is forgiven by God before she is judged.. By the way, her room is 145B.. First turn on the left.. Second floor. ”

He moved out from my face with the boy while I took an elevator up.

Dad was sitting by her beside.. A cloth was used to cover her up. He was crying.. I knew so many people had been here.. Max’s video proved it and the foot prints left on the floor.. Wallets and small wads of dollars were on the floor too.. I stood still gazing.. The machine beeped so slowly.. I wanted to go and hug my dad but I was stiffened. A nurse passed by me and pushed a stroller table inside which had on it lots of surgical equipment. She wore gloves and a face mask.. She kept nodding her head as she moved towards a door at the end of the room.. She opened it and moved in before shutting it. Then Dad turned around and saw me and from that moment, I knew his heart was ripped out from him.. He wouldn’t hang on again… I wonder if mom loved him so hard. But I couldn’t think.

Dad moved quickly and hugged me.. And then the offense smell came.. Even my grief couldn’t hold the disgust.. He pulled away from me and went to the bedside.. I moved closer but didn’t touch the blanket and dad didn’t uncover it too.. But then we knew who was in there.. And it was creepy. My phone beeped.. It was a text from Nick.. It read;

Where the hell are you? Footage of you running out of the hotel with a pyjamas like a freaking maniac.. What the fuck?”

I didn’t reply.. I just hung limp.. Next day, I woke up.. Dad face was discoloured.. He looked like something I couldn’t recognize. Had that same look on few months later at the funeral.. He didn’t want nobody by his side.. Not even me.. I could never forget the hateful stare he gave Nick when he came to the hospital the next day. I wanted to be by his side but he told me to get gone.. The same words he used on strangers.. That sadistic look in his eyes.. I’ve never been afraid of dad before up until that moment.

” He will come around. ” I whispered. Nick put his hands around my shoulder, squeezed it a little in a shudder and said;

He ain’t coming back from nothin'”

I did say nothing.. I stayed at Chancer hotel, a few blocks from my dad’s house.. I called, left text messages, even came by to see him many times but he never responded.. His next door neighbor, Mrs Jackson was really worried.. She told me that she heard groaning sounds and shattering in his house at night but didn’t hear a thing in the morning.. I knew my father loved going out so much, so I told her not to worry that he needed time.. And she too replied;

More time Indeed.”

Dad wasn’t seen anywhere.. The silence at day time and the weak groaning at night told me that he was at home.. Days I came there, threatening not to leave until he opened the door and stayed all night outside didn’t make him open the door, yet I could see his face from behind the door.

It didn’t take long in a sense.. Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months and my dad still didn’t come out from the house.. I remember a video chat I had with Nick and when I told him I was worried for my dad, he replied in implicit terms;

It’s already a done deal.”

I didn’t know what it meant.. I was so engrossed with helping my dad that I didn’t take out time to notice anything. Not even the grey hairs that was sprouting out underneath my hair, or the zits on my forehead.. I just sat around the hotel, looking at my father’s house from outside the diner section. Then the day finally came.. I didn’t wake up early enough but it didn’t stop the cops from knocking at the door.. I woke up and checked my clock, it was 9:30am.. The knock came again and this time, I rolled out of my bed and answered the door.. It was the cops.. I was so startled that I knocked my knee against the door.. The pain shot through my body in a stunned way.. I arranged myself and told them good morning..

” Lady, bad news..” I knew what was coming next but It gripped me in the chest..

Your father is dead.. Neighbour called the cops for him after hearing a bullet.. His short gun was beside him and he was dead.”

I bumped my way to the floor.. An old lady threw flowers in my direction as she passed by.. The cops didn’t try to get me up. I got up by myself and moved downstairs.. I could feel something breathing on me but I couldn’t say.. My body dangled and swayed as I climbed down.

I saw myself standing at my dad’s house.. A police tape was rolled at the entrance.. My dad was carried on a stretcher into an ambulance.. I didn’t remove the white linen that was used to cover him. Cameras rolled everywhere but no one asked me a damn question.

Nick picked me up that evening. He was with two guys behind.. They had dark shades on.. The two guys nodded at the back..

So remember to get the deal done today.. I want Connor to sign me up quickly. ” Nick said..

Will do.” One of the dark shade guy said.

They dropped at a bar and Nick drove off. On the way, Nick looked in my direction and smiled..

How are you doing?” He asked

You know how am doing. “

Well, sorry for the loss babe.. But your dad was already dead the moment she died.. The two couldn’t live without the other.. Am just glad that he’d been put out of his misery.” Nick said..

At that moment, I wanted to hit him but yes, he had a point..

You remember Connor, the Russian guy with his Partner, Leoind.. The two old men who came to our party? Well Connor said he saw you at your dad’s house this morning after he was confirmed dead.. He kept using the word terrible.. He said you should meet with him… He’s offering you a free ride on his jet.. He said you should call this number.” Nick slipped a piece of paper in my hand, rubbing his hands together as though unraveling a surprise package..

” what is that?” I asked.

A once in a life time opportunity.”


Was I interested? The answer was yes.. Didn’t know why… I did know that this Connor guy could try to force me to bed with him.. Did I have any alternative measures if that should happen? I thought of this as two men in suit picked me up in a Porsche, the 2020 cayenne.

Hey Aleandra and Adrick? Hope your dad’s good? “

” Yeah.. And he’s owning up to his promise, I should say.” The taller dark shaded guy retorted..

I looked at my handbag and remembered Nick putting condoms in there..

” Just in case anything happens… Do your thing, baby.” He said..

Adrick took the wheel while I sat in the backseat.. Aleandra was in the front..

Hope we make it in time for our double dates tonight.” Adrick said..

Can’t wait to see Kilm.. And can’t wait to get rid of this bitch.” I saw the swift angry grin on his face. I knew it was directed at me..

The drive to the airport was an hour drive.. Soft music was played.. Calls were taken in Russian language with a mixture of laughter.. Few turns and we made it to the airport..

A plane was already on set. The door of the plane slid open as Adrick moved closer and in between the Fuselage and moved into an uncompleted building. The place where the plane was was empty.. It was a long road.

Mr Connor was holding a stick and wore his Summer cap and dress.. It was too secular for a rich mogul.. He smiled when he saw me. His body glistered in the sun rays. His teeth was cocky and brownish dark.. He wore his sun glasses before holding me by the hand and together we got into the plane.

A bottle of Scotch was placed on the table in the middle of I and Connor..

Ma’am, wine.” Adrick looked on me with disgust as he placed my cup on the table..

No, not wine.. Get me a bottle of water.” I said..

All my ladies drink wine.. I know it took a lot of convincing from Nick for you to be here with me but let me be honest, Nick’s fame and fortune depends on whatever happens right here.. Understand? So do whatever I ask from you..” He reclined on his chair.. The air in my lungs gave room for only a stutter.

The plane zoomed into the sky after a swift glide and I fell back on my chair. For a long time, Connor’s eyes scanned my body.. His two sons were beyond disgusted watching the both of us. They took turns using the bathrooms. The plane jerked and with it came a jittering of my heartbeat.. One of the pilot came to where we were and sat an arm length from me.

” How far are we?” Connor asked.

30 minutes to landing. ” replied the pilot..

Yeah, can’t wait to get off this fuckin plane.” Adrick said calmly..

By the way, have Doi fix me and my lady the best reservation tonight and call Mr Koin tomorrow.. Just have him fired.. The guy‘s a dick and is very good at embarrassing people.. He would make a good show out of it if I fire him myself and being that he’s my P.A., he has my schedule and being the real son of a bitch that he it can track me down so just fire him and tell him that the board was on it and well pay him off.. Here is your official letter of appointment as the head of the finical secretary of my business. “

Wow you must really want to do away with this guy.. Cause you never wanted me or Aleandra anywhere the company, now you wanna give me a job in the company. How long before you fire me? ” Adrick asked..

” I just did all that so you both would man up.. I don’t want two sons who would be sucking my balls at death but now I see you’ve got skill.. I mean Adrick goes around selling business ideas while Aleandra is a pilot.. Nothing more can a man ask for than his children are doing good. ” Connor said, handing a note to Adrick and said;

Here’s the number. “

Nothing was said again. The plane flew down and we came out, two police men approached us. I was behind Connor. I knew we were in Nevada, but still I asked the pilot.

” Hello officers.. How may I help you?” Connor asked

Am Serbia and this is my partner, Macko.. I hate to tell you this but your company building has gone up in flames. A man named Kloin went live today accusing you of lancery, fraud and bribing men to sleep with their wives. He has a recorded conversation of you and Nick and has a picture of you and Grace.”

I froze at the mention of my name.

” He also posts some of your email chats with the women.. At least 340 of your email chats have gone viral.. Chats with Emily Davison, Piper Arc, Melisa cunt, Judith Ved, Helena Cusana.. Chats when you try to get them in bed.. An email chat with Leoind, was also leaked too.. You asking him for Rohypnol. You both have a dealer, Mr Fin.. He deals to Leoind, and Leoind gives it to you.. You both gave a strong evidence of your sedating women with that drug. You paid guys to track this women down and drug them, posing as guys who wanted to take them out on a date or for a lunch break and then they drug them.. It was easy though, you said, since all women are.. What’s the word you described them as?…”

Bunch of Condoms.. Just use them and throw them in the trash.. Ain’t that right?” Macko jumped in, cutting Serbia.

” And then these guys bring the women to your house and you rape them.. Yeah.. Same way you killed your wife, Theresa.. Kloin has your recorded videotape. You hired someone to do it.. The burglary was a set up.. He wasn’t planning to get caught but you turned on him and called the police. He gets caught on the scene and we put him in Jail. He’s killed lots of people before so the police are happy to get him off the street. You get him a lawyer that turns his case to shit and then you pay the police wards to kill him. You didn’t have to convince them. They had all the motivation in the world to end him. They drug him and then places a gun beside him. And then his cellmate tells him to pop himself with the gun, and he does it and wala, he’s dead. Nobody looks into it cause he was a sociopath. But you had a lot to gain. 750, 000 dollars for her life insurance and you had the right to her 500 million dollars left to her by her father with the mansion. Kolin pulled out all the finical records. And you blew. Bought yourself a helicopter, yacht, set up a billion dollar company that sells Illegal arm deals with China and Russia and Kolin took a picture of the safe underground where huge lump of money is buried. Trillions, I must say. You steal from bank reserves in America and China and now you’re caught. Leoind is in jail right now with some of your men. They’re making a deal with the cops right now and filling up the holes in Kolin’s story. And now the whole blame’s on you. Leoind told the police that the whole bank fraud was your idea. He tells the police that he gave you the drugs without knowing that you were gonna use it to rape women. He tells the police that he found out after you told him on the phone. The cops are not buying it though so you can come with us and maybe we can work some deal out.”

Connor stood still. He didn’t flinch when Macko chained him and took him away. I stared. I knew this wasn’t gonna end well.

Adrick and his brother quickly entered a jeep and moved down the same road as the cop. I stood still, long enough for the pilot to come out of the plane. He was of a sturdy look. I didn’t notice how flint he looked. He was lean but not muscular. He had the build of an acrobatic dancer. Then I noticed the scar on his right arm. It looked like a tat but I discovered that his hand was closed together and a bandage was wrapped around it.

” Wow, does that hurt?” I asked. He was startled and made a face. But then I pointed at the bandaged left arm.

Wow, 20 years and finally someone had the balls to ask.” He smiled.

Am Darby by the way. Nevada is a very fine place by the way. You’re gonna love it here trust me . “

I’ve been here before with Nick, on a business trip.”

” Yeah! You’re the lady that was caught running out of a hotel with a pj on.” He beamed.

Well, I lost my mom and dad in a short spree.. So yeah.” I spurted.

The smile quickly vanished and he was very sad.

Yeah.. My dad took me swimming on a lake. I was 10. I didn’t know what happened next but I saw people running away from the water. Then I saw blood on the water and then sharks. My dad was torn into pieces by the shark after he was able to get me on a speed boat driven by a man. He thrust me in with the help of the men that was in there and just immediately, sharks ate him there. I watched it happen. I didn’t know when the boat zoomed off. Mom was waiting at the shore and she cried on me and then she gasped when she looked at my bloodied hand and I too looked at it and noticed that of my fingers were gone. I was patched up but something in me died. Same thing happened to mom too. She started doing drugs too and I was taken away from her and given to my aunt who lives here. I’m heading there now by the way. Don’t worry, it’s not my permanent place of abode. I got a house in Washington DC. And I get free accommodations in other countries where I fly to and Good old Connor paid for a hotel so we go jack that place after visiting my aunt.” His face beamed again and I was perplexed by the mood swing.

” But first I need your phone. You got a load? ” I cut in. ” I’m Grace by the way.” I stretched out my hands and he took it.

He gave me his phone and I dialed Nick’s number and it went straight to voicemail. I wanted to tell him to pick up the phone and get me the hell out of here but Darby’s voice rolled out in my head

I’m guessing you’re calling Nick, well to be honest with you, that guy doesn’t care about you.. I watched the news and I was sore disappointed in finding out that he can send his wife to sleep with another guy just to get some favour from him.”

I didn’t say anything before handing back the phone to him.

Crazy Family Secrerts – Grace Tales Part VII

The wedding had a massive turnout.. I could hear the lots of noise from the ground floor that was used for the wedding event.. Someone was making a speech. I could hear muffled laughter and clinking of cups and a still music. I stared at myself in the mirror and smiled.. I didn’t know what I was smiling about but I did.. My face did feel lumpy. I looked weird in the make up I rubbed on my face.. I rarely used it but my mom told me I must wear one on my wedding day.. I could remember the countless of hours Of make up session.. Especially when the woman was drawing my brows and my lower lashes, and the fake long lashes that was glued on my eyes.. It was big and felt like a big zit.. I nagged, time after time, to know if she was done and she kept saying a minute but 30 minutes later, she was still in the same spot.. Then I will yell again and she will tell me that she is a professional and that how I looked affected her Career in a big way.. The other two girls didn’t say anything, only brought things that she wanted. She yelled their names; Fatisha and Helina.. They both were African Americans.. And best, these girls always knew what their madam wanted.

Fatisha.” She would call and the girl will go out and come in with bottled water and I will be stunned.. I never believed in mind reading power.After hours of painting, and cleaning and fixing, she was done. I looked at myself in the mirror and freaked out at the stranger I saw there.. She smiled as her hands coiled down my hair..I did a pretty job didn’t I ?” Her eyes darted at Fatisha and Helina..Yes.. Heather.” They both replied..Heather?” I asked..Yeah.. That’s my name.. I come from around here… So do you like the make up?” She asked..Yeah…. Sure…. It’s fine..” I stuttered.. I didn’t tell her how sun burned my face felt..I reclined from my thought and looked at the clock that hung above the stacked clothes that was hung and folded in the open closet..Then I heard voices down the hallway.. It came out in different tone.. One was yelling and angry, the other was pleading.” Stop it mother! Why are you here? You didn’t get an invite from me, all my guests get personal invites from me, so you need to leave.”Am sorry Nick please, sorry for letting you go the way I did.. I thought It was because your dad was dead and I was grieving, but it was because I couldn’t get over being held and kissed and being cuddled, and yeah, I had no reason to give you up to child protective services but I did and am sorry… Please don’t ask me to leave.. I just came here because… “Am all rich and famous.. ” An voice intrudedNo…. My life had been a mess since I gave you up.. I’m no better than your father.. At least he lived his life serving America in the army while I soiled his memory by screwing every guy I saw at the gym and just getting drunk at a club.. It’s been hard Nick… Since he left… I didn’t think I had what it took to raise you, I mean I was a junkie, even before your father died… He knew who I was and was insulted by it….”” whatever mom, you gotta go.. Leave and don’t ever come back.” The pacing footsteps accompanied the voices and then silence..The silence sucked the life out of me. I was damn petrified of going down the aisle.. I sighed when the door opened and a lady walked in and said; ” it’s time.” Dad too entered inside.. He smiled in his white suit.. He was radiating in the room.. The white suit radiated with his glowing brown skin colour and he emitted the brightness of a lamp… He kissed me on the forehead when he saw me and told me he was proud of me before walking me downstairs into the wedding hall.Everyone turned to stare at me immediately dad opened the door.. The breeze blew into my face and for a moment, it was as though I was flying.. The flower girl spread flowers on the floor and my dad and I walked together, arm clasped to the podium where the priest and Nick stood.. They were no brides maid or groom… I closed my eyes and opened them and looked at my mom who blew a kiss in my direction.. Everyone held still in their seating position as we read our vows and exchanged the rings.. Then immediately the priest yelled ; I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride. ‘ Everyone jerked on their feet at the same time and clapped.. Cameras rolled around us.. Girls scammed their eyes at me jealously.. A girl mouthed bitch to me.. Camera flash flipped on my face and disappeared.. I never saw it coming, just like it didn’t see what was coming next.


That evening I was unsettled in bed as I laid next to Nick.. It’s been 9 hours since I got married and I got tired of the endless calls and trooping into the house.. People came in with cameras and little mics.. I didn’t rest until in the night.. Nick threw a house party… I did never felt sick to my stomach.. The party was held outside on the porch.. The noise, the shouting and the drinking was so trivializing.. I was taking pictures.. Nick would wave;Grace, over here.” In the middle of a black lady and few white guys on suit.. The lady’s eyes were on me as Nick talked to the men.. Cool though, you’re now a married man.. Hope she’s the one?” One of the men asked and everyone looked around as though in a new realization.. The air was stiff.. I froze when Nick looked at me angrily after I moved away from them.. Death stares I called them.. Then the red haired lady who was staring at me before, brushed Nick with her behind and took a sip from her drink while looking at me.. A couple was holding hands and dancing behind me.. The man was caressing her eyes while his hands dropped slowly towards her behind to her left pocket and slicked her hands in there and I watched the phone move upward.. I wanted to yell, to say something but all I did was stare.. After they parted, he left and I watched her smile.. In her hands was a watch, a wallet, and a phone.. All I did was smile after I saw that cause I knew they were all his…The party lasted for hours and I was worn out… Nick and I took pictures after which I slid out.. He told me in my ears after he called me back the second time to take shots with him with a bunch of old men…” We are going to meet some powerful rich old men.. The two of them run business in Russia and am gotta be in their good graces tonight if you just look hot okay? Smile seductively, kiss them if you have to.. They have a weak spot for ladies and am gonna exploit it big time.”And true to his words, the two old men really had weak spots for women.. They held my hand slowly as they starred in my face… I wanted to freeze into their dark soul.. One of the men let go of my hand and said;” You don’t smile very often dear.. It’s your wedding night and everyone is here for you..” A bad sign.. I thought…” She hasn’t slept all day.. Darling go inside and catch a shut eye will you?.” Nick cut in.. His look alone scared me off.. And I beat it..I scammed off, running into people, especially those that served the drinks.. I didn’t bother to checkup on them. I picked up the race as I entered Nick’s house, only to pulled back by a man.. It was one of the security detail that was assigned to Nick.. His name is Jet.. I didn’t know when I hit him in the face twice yet his nose didn’t bled.. If anything, my hands pained me.. I held my wrist as I looked at his face.. He had this evil villain grin that made me fear.. I saw the smirk on his face and I wanted to throw another punch in his face only for him to catch my hand.. He smiled and I kicked him on the gut and this time, a punch in the face by him sent me to a deep sleep..Weeks and months passed into our marriage and nothing out of the ordinary happened.. We didn’t fight.. He took me around to his concerts in California, Tennessee, Philadelphia, and Texas.. Across America, we moved around to London, Italy, Dubai and Paris.. It was fun.. Dad and Nick didn’t get along so well so he stayed out of my life.. Not completely.. He still dropped by, still sent me text messages, even bro out with Nick too but it was clear that he didn’t like him.. He never asked of Nick in his letters but mom did.. She was the one who made Print T- shirts for Nick’s tour.. Unfortunately, she died in her sleep.. I will never forget that day.. I was in Nevada for a meeting with those 2 Russian Old men.. He called me his good luck Charm.. The morning before the meeting, Nick went out in the morning.. I didn’t see him leave.. He just left a note that read;Gotta go.. Be back in 2 hours.. Remember to look hot for our meeting… Remember , am counting on you.P.s. I had the housekeeper bring us breakfast in bed.. You needed to see the way she made her face when she saw the condoms on the floor with your bra.. Lol.. So, Smell you around. ” The letter ended with a love heart drawn on a new paragraph..I almost knocked off the tray from the bedside when I saw the note but I held my hands.My phone rang. I moved the pillow and took the phone.. It was my father.. I took it but the call ended.. I checked my call log and discovered that he left me 26 missed calls and a voicemail… I played the voicemail and it was silence and heavy breathing.. I could hear his heart beat at full speed.. He kept stuttering like a broken line… But I got the words;” My wife has died.. Hurry!”I was stunned.. Dad never called me.. He only writes to me.. I thought someone was using his phone but then my heart gave out when Mrs Esther sent me a message, telling me to run home to my dad before he does something harmful to himself.I ran out immediately in my Pyjamas.. I didn’t use the elevator. I kept bumping into different people. The hallway was wide, so was the stairs.. I didn’t stop.. I kept yelling.. I ran out of the hotel clad in my tight.. Car honks boozed my senses.. Traffic all over. I was running, when I bumped into a Taxi driver that was moving towards the driver seat.. He was beat when he saw me. I brushed past him, attempting to cross the road, only to be pulled back by the driver.. A big truck pulled away in a near lash.. I didn’t feel the minor cut on my arm when he pulled me away. I was still fighting him.. I was punching him but it took a punch to send me to dreamland.The loud music in his car woke me up.. I was placed at the front seat.. Traffic was moving slowly.. I wanted to throw him out of the car but I had no strength in me.. But I had that hysterical look in my eyes..” Are you okay ma’am?” He asked.. ” Take me to the airport.” I said..You know whatever it is, it’s not worth being knocked over by a truck.. Just take a deep breath.” I wanted to relax but then my father called again and I was ignited in a furious rage.. I jumped at the steering wheel and pushed the car forward.. It threw a man mid air and he jumped on the bonnet and fell down.. I was so crazed that I didn’t see the tumult.. I saw a gun in the compartment of the taxi. I jumped down and shot it in the air.. I pointed the gun at the cab man and shouted at him to get me to the airport… The man stood still till bullets started flying in the air and someone yelled;The cops are here.” A voice said.. I entered the car and the driver too jumped in and turned on the engine slowly.. A cop looked at us closely just as we dashed past him. He slowed down after we hit the road and then I pointed the gun in his head for him to speed up.. He went at a high speed and then slowed down on seeing a traffic light. The light turned red just as we were making a left turn..” Move!” I yelledAnd hit those people crossing over?. ” he asked..” I don’t give a fuck..” I pointed the gun on his head..” Girl, you’re gonna have to Kill me cause I’d be dead if I make a run for those guys over there.”I didn’t reply.. My eyes caught a woman with a baby on a stroller and saw the way she smiled when she looked in my direction.. Before I knew it, traffic was eased and the cars started moving again.I turned back and noticed that the gun wasn’t in my hand.. A twitch smile was formed in his face.. I just made a furs..By the way I’m Ben.. African American.. Lived Canada.. My mom is from Canada while my dad is from South Africa.. I came over to America for college and work but it’s been hard getting a job, you know, as a black guy.”I didn’t reply.. I just looked out of the window gazing at the sun.. And soon I slept off.We are here.” Ben’s voice jumped inside my head like an electric surge and soon I jumped up.. I looked around, staring in confusion.. My brain couldn’t process anything for a short while but the more I looked, the more it dawned on me that we were at an airport….Mccarran international Airport.” I heard Ben saying it on his phone.He ended the call and looked in my direction.” I called a friend who flies his own Jet… His coming over here.. Maybe you can fly with him cause I know that whatever must have made you run out with your pyjama on must be a damn emergency and you don’t have much time to spare so I thought I could help..”I didn’t know whether to kiss him or hug him.. I leaned towards him but he brushed me aside and said;You can save the kiss for your dad or boyfriend, my priority is to get you on your way.. And don’t worry about paying any cash to my friend. “I smiled and laughed and then I told him I was Grace and my boyfriend name was Nick.. Neither rang a bell to him.. He didn’t know Nick.. And that was weird..His friend was even weirder even though he knew who Nick was.. The way he smiled and gritted his teeth together as if he was making a scowl face.. His lips zagged as he smiled.. He held onto my hand in a full grip, extending to my elbow as though I was his guy..” I’m a huge fan of Nick.. My friend over here didn’t tell me that I was helping Nick’s girlfriend.. I would have put on a show for you.. By the way, am Max. “I didn’t reply.. My eyes looked at Ben and then he told Max that I was in some kind of emergency and he needed to take me to Kirkwood.. Max wasn’t listening. He was looking at a lady who passed by.. She was bringing out her phone from her purse.” Hey that’s my ride. ” Max said, with a click of his tongue.That my friend is a retard.” Ben said, swooping in their direction.. The conversation was a short one but I kept melting in my head as I watched them.. The girl had a very hefty laughter. The way she put her hands on her chest and laughed till I thought she was gonna choke, made me gag. She wore braces on her mouth and contact on her eyelids.. Her lips was a glamorous red.” Hey boyfriend..” She would yell from the onset before making any statement. Max was doing the talking and Just when I was about to drag the two bozos by the shoulders, they finished their discussion with the girl and was heading back in my direction.. I didn’t give Max anymore time with Ben.. I pulled him by the hand to his car.. Ben sat in the back while I sat in the front with Max.. Ben took a call while Max moved to an empty building.. It looked like a garage, only that there were no cars.. It was Just a big damn plane.. Ben ended his call and bellowed on the realization of where we were..”How far from the airport?”Max looked at his GPS and said” A hundred kilometre.”The plane was covered.Max uncovered it just as he said;This plane belongs to my dad.. He’s a pilot.. Travels a lot actually.. He’s in Dubai right now.. Makes good money.. Maybe I could show you pictures on the plane if you’re interested.. “ he smiled at me..Are you flirting with her?.. Wait a minute, you like her!”Ben saidSo what.. I could use her help in the future.. Why do you think am out here? Am not a saint.. You know I would have gone away with that girl if not that Grace is a celebrity.” Max said. I climbed into the Jet and didn’t waste time before yelling at Max.Max didn’t turn in my direction. He was still talking and laughing in the same pose.. I wanted to climb down and drag him by the collar, and just when I was about to execute my plan, he said; ” Thanks bro.. Gotta go.. Smell you around.” They hugged each other and Max came into the plane. It took minutes before the plane flew into the sky.. I would never forger Ben’s excitement as the plane moved out from the building.. I was afraid that the plane will break the building down but it didn’t.. It just went backward like a car on a reverse gear and started gliding before it zoomed into the sky.

Crazy Family Secrets – Grace Tales VI

Janet sounded playful on the phone. She laughed when I told her I was gonna tell the cops on her.. She just kept yelling ;

Nick’s so cute!!”

The second time this happened, I and Nick were at his house watching movies. He got up to take a leak.. I was still watching when my phone blinked.. I saw the photo.. I and Nick were sitting over a pop corn, Pizza and coke..

The first picture showed me putting a piece of the pizza into my mouth while Nick was uncorking a bottle of coke.

In the second picture, I and Nick were playing couple feeding game.. I cut a piece of the pizza and stuffed it in his mouth and he was pretending to choke.

I was scared out of my wits. Especially on hearing a sound outside. Someone had jumped on the shrubs.. I saw Nick come out with his muscle all stacked up but I was the least interested.. I showed him the images and he called the police and the phone number was tracked and Janet was caught.. Nick decided to drop the charges.. I was scared.. She had repeated at the station that she was just kidding me but I screamed out to her to go fuck herself and she got angry and called me a bitch and told me that she was gonna come for me.. Those statements scared the shit out of me and for months after she got out of prison, I kept checking the alarm at my house, always looking out the window at every minute wherever I went to.. Nick told me to drop the fear bullshit but I couldn’t.. Someone was after me, not him.. I didn’t sleep well at night.. My mind was tuned up at the slightest noise.. Once, Nick and I were in bed when I jerked up after I heard a faint noise outside and my heart kept beating.. Nick had turned around to spoon me when his eyes caught mine and he yelled and shook me violently and I shook.. He had to call the cops.. Police checked me out and I was fine.. They told me I was suffering from Illness and anxiety disorder and I was sedated before I was taken into an ambulance..

Dad rushed into the hospital the next day with mom.. The doctor came in few moments later.

” She’s fine..” The doctor said, trying to placate my already tensed up mom who was already burning up.

” Calm down… Hope you’re good now?.” Doctor asked me..

I think!.”

What happened? Nick told me that your eyes gave out.. Where you on drugs? Did he drug you?.” Mom’s eyes popped out.. I had never seen my mom look this way before.. She was really traumatised.. Her eyes very vacant..

Mom, am okay! It’s not Nick, it’s a girl from my class, Janet! She’s been stalking me and she threatened to come after me and she was just released from prison after Nick called the cops.”

I didn’t add that Nick dropped the charges.. My parents would be scandalised..

” I don’t get it.. The cops let her go after she threatened you.. Did you tell the cops that she threatened you?.” Dad asked.

” She made the threats in their presence but the cops called it an empty threat.” I replied..

Fuck the police.. Bastards! Sons of bitches! Until my daughter dies before they lock that psycho bitch up.”

The doctor told me to rest and he and my parents walked out.. Nick too followed attack. Protection detail was assigned to Nick few weeks later after an attack in Boston few weeks later..

I didn’t go.. I stayed at my parent’s house after some weeks and Nick had gone on his music tour the previous day before my discharge from the hospital.. He kissed me on my forehead and told me about the upcoming tour.. I didn’t know what to say so I smiled.. He left a card and a bunch of flowers. The card read;

get well soon baby.”

With colourful drawings..

I would never forget the bombshell smell that filled my noise after I rolled out of my ward room.. Especially seeing them stroll in really bloodied people inside with family members moving behind until the person, doctor and nurse moved into the hallway.. I could smell wounds, blood, syringe, sweat, fear, and purifying matter.

Mom bought pizza for me on our way back.. The doctor booked an appointment for me with a psychologist and I was to begin my session on Monday..

Aunt Esther came on Saturday to the house.. She wore a crop pink top and a jean pant.. Mom was making pancakes and I was starring the mixture for the new set of pancakes.. Dad was in the living room watching the news and then the knock on the door came.. Mom went to open it while I came out of the kitchen and went to the living room and read the headline

7 shots fired in Massachusetts at an all night music festival.. 3 injured.. No casualties..”

Then there was a picture of Nick ducking down after being carried out of the stage by the police.. The reporter was saying that a maniac had shot him on the shoulder and opened fire mid air which caught a guy and two ladies on the back.. The video of the stampede were shown on screen.. The police where called in time to save Nick from the gunman who wanted to take the kill shot but he was shot on the arm.. The gunman was one of the back stage singer.. When he shot Nick, and started shooting in the air, everyone ran off from the stage leaving Nick on the floor to fate.. It was Detective Chan that brought the gunman down who was right in front of Nick, stalking his prey.

I was numbed when I saw the news..

Grace! ” A faint voice called out but I couldn’t tell who it was.. The only thing I remembered was my slow dropping to the floor.

By the time I got up, I was placed on one of the sofas. An Ice pack was handed to me by Aunt Esther after I opened my eyes. My mom’s breathing came quickly and retired slowly.. She looked at me sadly..

Nice pancakes!” Mrs Esther said slowly as one who had something hot in her mouth.. Mom merely nodded..

I sat up and watched as everyone bowed their heads as though mourning a dead person.

” So maybe now’s not a good time but am retiring officially from the lecturing job.. Turned in my letter to the board.. They didn’t care.. The head of the university, Tim, just put it on the table and continued drinking his coffee.. It was one of the easiest decision I ever made.. Tim is a goddam racist and a misogynist… God, that dude is so controlling. He’s always going in a headlong with me and maybe I guess that’s why he can wait for me to leave. ” Mrs Esther said.

Dad just chuckled and said nothing…

Is Nick gonna be Okay?.” I asked.

Sure.. He was being taken to a hospital moments ago.. I’m sure his fine. It’s you am worried about.. The seizure, you freaked us all out.. For a moment I thought you were dead.” Mrs Esther said, getting up and moving towards the door and then jerked back to where I sat. She touched my neck and I yelled;

Am fine!”

Aunt Esther wiped her mouth with a napkin after eating the pancakes and smiled… She looked stuffed.. She coughed and belched and said;

I was thinking about taking us three; you, me and Grace for a spa treatment this Saturday, that’s if you both are okay with it.. I’ve got plenty of time in the world if Saturday ain’t convenient for you both.”

Mum looked around the house as if she was gonna get answers staring around, finally her eyes landed on a pair of hand gloves that was placed on the dinning table and said;

Yeah.. Saturday will be great.”

Your turn now.” Her eyes were focused on me now.. I looked into Aunt Esther’s eyes and I said;

” So say I.”

But mom later called to Cancel later that evening after she left.

2 days later, I went down to Boston to see Nick.. I had a feeling that he won‘t let me come to the hospital if I asked so I didn’t call him..

The hospital he was admitted into was located in Westfield, Massachusetts. It was a 2 hour fly over from Kirkwood. There was an uneasy gut in my head and it felt like bile in my stomach.. People were scattered around the airport by the time the plane descended and no one even took notice of me.. A cab picked me up.. The driver was a Muslim from Syria.. I knew cause I heard his accent. I was scared, watching him enter the car. I wanted to come out from the car but the car was already full before my lazy butt could kick in.

He wasn’t the only Arabian in the car, the man at the front too was from Syria.. They spoke English with a heavy Arabian accent.

I was just speaking with my mom and she told me that my dad just died.. He was killed by an airstrike.. Our Country, Syria is so loving this war.. Assad doesn’t want to step down, neither does our people want to give in.. We’ve been fighting this war for 7 years now and we don’t want to stop.. My dad was part of the rebel group who loved our land.. He fought in honour..” The cab driver said..

Yusuf! Honour? He died in a fucking war! A war that he didn’t create neither could he stop… Thousands of our people are dying everyday like ants yet we love spurred by Russia, Iran and America who would provide us with ammunitions to destroy each other.. The government had a good economy before the war started.. Hell, I remember those days before Assad came into power! Everything was great when his father was in power and then his devil son took in his stead.. I lost all my family to the war.. My sister Alya, I can still remember seeing her dead.. She was raped and killed by soldiers… She was young and beautiful.. My parents were killed by armies when they went to join the protest.. I would never forget the bullets that flew from a jet.. I was hurled down after a man fell down and brought me down with him.. He was dead and so was everyone who fell.. I couldn’t find my parents until a few days after the air raid and that was when I decided to leave Syria.. Fortunately, My Uncle, Amir was already a citizen in America.. I would never forget how he kept begging my dad to leave the fight but he kept saying that the war would soon end.. My Uncle even opted to take me, my mom and sister with him but my dad kept saying that he can’t have his family leave their home because of some evil men in power.. Then , I thought my dad patriotic, now I wish to hell that I can break his neck..”

I was the first to drop immediately the other guy finished speaking and I was damned glad.. I didn’t want to feel the tensed atmosphere..

I entered the hospital. Immediately the secretary saw me, she moved out from the counter and asked another lady to cover up for her..

” You must be Grace.. Nick’s girlfriend.. I saw him propose to you at the bar. Can’t still believe that I saw him live in person.. I could never forget the bumps I felt when he proposed to you.”

sure” I said, smiling…

He hesitated and turned around to sign on a paper.. The guy who held the paper didn’t look at me. I did think he was the security guy till a black slim lady walked up to him, holding a black baby boy in her right arm and a handbag on the left.. I could see tattoo drawings spurting out from underneath her sleeve.

Doctor said to bring Josh in on Thursday for checkup.. Got the drugs.”

” Yeah” he said, holding a small plastic bag…

I could see her grief.. Tears marred the perfect mack up on her face..

I can’t believe that my son has UTI.. I mean he grew up so normal. How can my 4 month old baby have to experience so much gruesome pain. Why will God allow an innocent baby to suffer? I mean I know we humans are evil but my boy is so innocent.”

As if the little boy heard his mother, he began to cry.. I could see the pain and tiredness in his eyes..

Wow the chills and Fever are back again.” The man said.

I didn’t know why but I took the baby from the mother.. He felt so feverish and was crying so loudly and threw up on me.. It came all out in one I gush..

The mother took the baby from me and gave him that wounded look.. She didn’t look in my direction when she said;

If you’re looking for an apology from me, trust me it ain’t gonna happen.. I didn’t give you my baby, you took him on your own and I sure didn’t threw up on you, the baby did so just go into the bathroom down the lobby and get yourself cleaned up.”

Without Pausing, she looked over at the man and said;

Idaro, we better get going! You know we are going to see the marriage counselor in another 3 hours.”

I watched them file out while I ran into the bathroom to clean up myself.

I came out to the lobby and headed back to the reception and then I told the secretary that I needed to see Nick but she was just smiling and talking to two old guys and when I repeated my demand, the two really old men gave me this creepy look and turned back to talk to her.

After they left, she told me the room number.

Room 434. Third floor” She said smiling and then added;

Would love to get an autograph from your super boyfriend.” An Old woman who came to the counter gaged at her statement.

I took the elevator and Just as I was about to close it, a man with a coffee stained shirt eased his shoulders through the elevator doors. He nodded at me and I gave him a wave.. He was a doctor, that I knew.. The white coat and the Inner white collared shirt and stethoscope on his neck was a dead give away. I did ask him what room he was heading to and he told me Room 434.. And the elevator dinged and we came out..

There was a small crowd by the door.. It was the media.. They rushed to me with the mic, demanding to know what the situation was.. The doctor gave me that high pitched look and gave me that sneer look when we entered inside..

Hey baby girl.” Nick’s voice leaped and then his face turned sour when he saw me but he quickly reverted.

Lots of girls were by his side. Judith too was sitting on his bed. At first the ladies smiled at me and one of the ladies even said to Nick;

” When is your girlfriend coming to check up on you? I mean she would be here if she cares about you that much”

“She’s probably fucking another guy.” They laughed and then Nick said;

That’s no way to talk to my girlfriend… She’s special.. She made me survive.. I thought of her when I was shot and I knew I had someone worth being alive for.. So hold your horses and here she is.”

Everyone turned and stared at me , following his gaze.. The girls hissed and got up as I came and gave him a peck on the cheek.

By the time I pulled my face from him, the girls were gone and the doctor I saw at the elevator was coming inside. He frowned when he saw me.

” Hey Miss time to go.. Your friends were spotted downstairs.. He will be all yours in two days.. Just two days and please relay the message to your other female friends not to drop by till Friday.. New Chicks keep dropping in here on daily occasions, guess you guys are many.”

She stays!” Nick said and the doctor stayed silent and made his observations. He kept saying ‘Nice’ and after checking his side, the doctor exclaimed;

Healed so quickly… Nice.”

It’s what happens when you have that special person by your side and you realize that you’ve got a reason to fight.. Cause someone’s waiting for you.. That special lady.” He said smiling at me and we kissed.

” That’s what they all say.” Doctor’s voice held so much disgust as he walked out


Our Wedding took place two weeks after Nick was discharged. It was at a grand hotel in saint Louis. I was numb at so many things. I couldn’t believe it was finally happening. Nick and I didn’t have bachelors party or bachelorette party like other couples. Neither of us could risk anything going wrong.

I stayed at my family house while he stayed at his house. The darkness of the night was more sinister than ever. The chilling wind blew out the cold and I was shaking and could feel the cold air coming out of my breath. That night Rain fell. I went downstairs to make coffee. Mom was sitting down at the white gleam iron table in the kitchen helping herself to a cup of coffee too. Her face beamed when she saw me.

” Hey.” She said.

Mum! ” I replied, going over to the coffee machine while she watched. I added cream and sugar and sat down next to her . She had the scent of a pillow. Tears stood in her eyes as she looked at me.

I’m so proud of you.” She said. She paused then ran her hands through my hair and brought them back to the table..

You know I was just going through the old family album and I’ve had a good laugh.. The day you were born was the day I knew that I was not as irresponsible as everyone thought. Your dad didn’t want me to have a baby cause I was a damn alcoholic.. Truth be told everything about our marriage was a mistake. Today makes it 25 years since I made my first major mistake.”

I watched her hands rub mine as she starred at the cabinet that was above the freezer and then she took a sip from her coffee.

Back then Grace, when I was your age I was a very obnoxious human being. I couldn’t stand my mom because she didn’t break like my dad.. I was hell stubborn, always sneaking out at night and going for parties, stealing my parents money and using it to gamble or buy cocaine.. My mom and I kept bickering. She couldn’t break. Dad had stopped talking to me ever since I took a mortgage out of the house. He took me to Prison when he found out that I did it. I would never forget that look in his eyes when he came home that night with cops to arrest me. That look of hurt and anger.. I was in prison for a week before mom came to pick me up. I never expected her to come to my rescue. She was my no one enemy in my mind, always nagging at everything I ever did, yet she came to my aid. Dad wasn’t pleased to see me. I became an unrecognizable stranger at home. Dad stopped picking me up from school, stopped caring about me, changed the locks of his room. I was deterred from his life.. He told everyone he met that I wasn’t his daughter, that my mom had me before their wedding. He didn’t wait for me to turn 17 before kicking me out of the house the day my mom passed. She died of heart attack. I killed her. I told her and dad that I was pregnant. She looked sullen and stoned. Dad kept eating dinner like he didn’t hear me. Then I watched the spoon fall off my mom’s hand and I watched her collapse. It was so surreal. The next thing I knew was the sudden rush of my dad as he jumped on my mom to give her CPR. He kept taking deep breaths as he blew in air in her mouth and kept rocking her. At first he smiled in Positivity until he heard me say ‘ Dad , she’s gone.’ Before he reclined in finality and went to call the cops.. When he came back and looked at me, I could see the loathing in his eyes. He became depraved. A doctor walked in with the police and he didn’t waste them in declaring her dad.. Dad knew that but the way he lurched out at me in a stoned rage shook me off.. He started screaming’ that bitch took her away.’ And then he pounced on me and started hitting me.. The police dragged him away.. He ran madly into the kitchen and brought out a gun and before I knew it, a police officer told me to duck and the first two shots went in the air and hit the officer in the arm, while the other shot shattered a glass cup.. Dad moved towards me pointing the gun at me, hitting the trigger, only to be gunned down by the policemen who stormed in.. When he landed on the floor, blood sputtering, he muttered ” bitch.” That was the last thing he ever said to me.” She paused to turn of the washing machine that had just finished. When she passed me, it was as though a ghost passed me. It was as if she literally passed through me. I watched her walk back slowly but frightened as though she had seen something in the basement. Maybe a ghost? She sat down and continued;

Grace, where were we?.. Ah yes!” She snapped her finger.

Did you know your mama had a twin?”

” She’s dead? ” I asked ..

” No, but am dead to her.. Remember the lady that brought your cousin John and his sister the day you brought Nick for dinner to this house, the surprise dinner that we ruined?”

Oh please mom don’t remind me!” I barked

But my mom was having non of the jokes..

” Her name’s Emily.. She never forgave me ever since our parents died.. She was in college when it happened. She had often told mom to stop putting up with me and send me out of the house. She told mom to stop with all the protecting child call of duty but mom would laugh it off and tell her that if anything happened to her or my father, I was to blame.. There is something about words.. But even after hearing mom say that, I couldn’t just try and prove them all wrong.. I destroyed my family.. I had no place to go after my parents died.. Luckily Your dad’s parents called me after an old couple who lived nearby took me in for the night.. The next day, a taxi cab was sent to my location.. And after a few chit chat and phone calls, I moved over to his parents house.. At first I hatted your dad but after seeing how supportive his mom was, and how much he took responsibility for the baby, my heart soften towards him.. And so that’s how you were born.. I went back to school after I gave birth to you and the rest is history.”

She yawned so tiredly and stretched her hands backward..

” I could use a shut eye and am guessing same for you if you know what I mean.” She said and walked upstairs while I took a big gulp of my coffee

Crazy family secrets – Grace Tales V

At the bar, we both sat still and listened as a lady and a man sang ” ain’t no mountain high” by Marvin Gaye.. Everyone raised their glasses and cups high as the song played.. Phones and Cameras were raised to record the singers.. Everyone was going live on the internet. Clapping, humming, tapping of feet, knocking of utensils and tables and even the musical drum beats made by people’s mouth was gay.

They finished and as they came down.. A man and a woman sitting down at the first row walked up to them.. The man gave the lady singer a peck on the cheek while the woman kissed the man..

A man was talking on the microphone;

” Everyone give it up for Justin and Jael… Nice! They killed the song.. That was lovely!.. So hope everyone’s having a good time?.”

Yeah!” The crowd responded..

So far we’ve had three groups presented, and I forgot to mention, Justin and Jael are celebrating their 2 year anniversary and their little kid just turned a year old today.. All celebration today.”

I watched the way Jael got up excitedly, took the mic from the man and told everyone that the next day was her birthday and she was making partner at her firm… She flustered when the man yelled great accomplishment by a woman…

” Yeah.. That’s right… Little piece of advice to all women.. The word accomplishment is not a bad word… Independence is not a bad thing.. Aspiration is not a bad Ideology.. Don’t let your spouse or family limit you… Anyone who loves you will seek your interest… Any man who doesn’t want you to have a good career will put you in his pocket…. The best marriage is the one where both parties are so successful that they won’t need to depend solely on the other person, nor would there be any need to out do the other… And get lots of knowledge.. Be a reader… And maybe know how to have sex.. “

Everyone laughed.. Well not me.

Hope my daughter turns out like you.. My name is Kitz, and I would love to take a photo with you.. If that’s okay with you?” The man on the mic said

” off course!”

I watched her get up, bend over her husband and kiss him, before going over to take a picture with Kitz. I could see the way his eyes popped with the camera flash.

Nick got up and moved over to Kitz after the picture taking.. It was a short whisper and he returned to his seat.

I did want to tell how much I disliked Jael’s feeling of self importance, how she looked like a cat and a clown in her make up but Kitz had decided to bring on 3 couples for a dance competition.. Italian songs were played and the couples rocked each other body.. There was spinning.. The first couple, Caucasians, from their faces I knew they were in their mid thirties, threw me off guard.. The way the guy held her, the way she spined around, the way he threw her up and cut her mid air was so cool.. The way she moved on his shoulders before taking a leap while he held her hands was cool.. At the end of the day they were the winners..

The second couple, old couples, mid sixties were laughing and hugging themselves.. The guy yelled;

” My wife loves me again.. She’s given our marriage another chance.. We aren’t divorcing again…” He yelled…

” I love you honey…” The man said, kissing her

Then, I saw Nick come out from nowhere with a mic.. He took of his glasses and everyone was yelling.. Phones and cameras were out again.. He sang Bruno Mars’ the way you are.. People were screaming.. Couples leaned on each other romantically… He called me up stage and sang.. Girls were smiling and shouting.. A lady frowned, her hands folded other in each other, didn’t join the girls who stood near the podium to get autographs…

After singing, he brought out a ring, went on and one knee and proposed.. The only words I heard was;

I will love to date you .. Me and and you make a hellva team.”

I watched him slid the ring to my finger, and I hugged him and he lifted me up in the air and kissed me.

Media went all frenzy about that night.. Pictures of when he went on a knee to slid the ring into my fingers was on all social media.. Sore comments were there.. A lady wrote;

His new pimp.🤒”

Another wrote;

why will ladies fall for this load of crap? God, he a spell on ladies.”

Another just wrote;

watch your back bitch! Doom awaits you!”

But the one that got me the most was a card which was slipped in my pocket.. It read ” Doom!” In blood streaked colour.. I found it on the morning after the party in my dorm..

My dad was even followed by paparazzi at work.. He was asked by the media, about what he thought about us and he immediately replied;

I don’t lazy my ass around TV.. I’m a doctor! I spend my time trying to save lives.. It’s a noble profession!! “

Yeah whatever, but what do you think about the guy who proposed to your daughter?” A reporter asked..

I don’t know him at all, only met him once at a family dinner and I wasn’t all that impressed but well, it’s her life, not mine and I will give her my full support on whatever choices she makes, so if you would excuse me, I have business to take care of..” And with that he walked out of the office..

But it didn’t end for the media.. No, they followed us everywhere. The first time he invited me to his house in Harrison avenue, I would always remember the chill I got as Nick’s car brushed pass me.. He sat at the back with his driver at the front seat.

It was a black suv jeep. He and the driver wore dark shades.. He rolled down the glass at a female reporter who came to collect an autograph.. Before I knew it, a small crowd gathered around the car but I saw the way he looked at her flirtatiously. He went on to sign on people’s faces and books.. Before that, I saw her bring out her pen from her breast pocket, slowly licking her lips.. It was deliberate and she unstrapped her jacket, smacking her behind before she turned around to face me and blew a mock kiss. As she turned around, Nick opened the door.. The crowd pushed back.. and he came forward.. She was starring at him but he moved past her and ambled in my direction while she stared in confusion.. He kissed me and led me to the back seat of the car.. The lady held his shoulders and he yanked them off with his hands and called her a whore before closing the car in her face and yelled;

” Grace’s with me.. So back off.” I saw the angry face she made at me and I couldn’t help laughing as he kissed me.. He snapped his fingers and the driver zoomed off..

Few minutes later, a text message hit his phone.. I knew already that what he and phony lady did was staged… Yet I played dumb when I saw the text she sent;

it turned out more cool than we rehearsed.. Hope your new girlfriend enjoys the aura of being preferred.. So make it a double pay.. That’s so social media.. Thanks. Xoxo Judith.”

He turned off the phone, almost immediately the message came in.

” Well, I have to be honest with you, what you saw out there few minutes ago was staged up and Judith is, well, an actress.. We met a month ago at a karaoke bar where I heard her sing solo and it was really good.. We had a drink after that and we started to catch up.. We got so close that she invited me to her play and well this was her way of paying me back I guess.. And me paying her in cash…”

” so you guys dated?” I asked

Yeah we did. 2 weeks before we spilt. She is a sweet lady and have a great body but we didn’t have time for our relationship.. We both were caught up in our career. She had just finished school and got a job at a theatre.. And I was so caught up in my singing thing.”

I smiled and said nothing. We reached his house. It was a big house.

That’s my house over there by the driveway. 6 rooms, a tennis court, 6 bathrooms, a flower porch, beautiful designs and a wonderful landscape, with my studio.. Don’t worry I don’t bluff when I say you’re gonna love the house. “

And true to his words, I did love the house. Everything was as he said.. I loved the white posh that was used for the painting and the fountain and blue sea that was used as design in the living room. The chandelier had candle shaped bulb around it and it spun slowly as though it would fall.. The house was cold. I could feel the icy breath in my mouth.. There was different knives stashed on the wall.. They were not real knives. The couch was nice and it was comfy.. Everything in the house was clean to a sparkle; the rugs, couch, flat screen TV, tables, even the chandelier. The floor gleamed. The rugs gleamed..

Like it?” He asked.

You love silver colour?”


I never met anyone who loved Silver colours.. Even the drapes were silver coloured.. He poured a Scotch wine in two Glass cups.. He smiled as he brought it to me.. Along with it were record labels and pictures.. He turned on the stereo and a soft music played out..

Wow! You look great!” I said

” And you’ve not done bad for yourself. So how have you been? “

Am good.. “

Nice! I wanna makeup for the past 9 years since we broke up so here goes nothing. ” he said, plopping the pictures on the dinning table, arranging them in different rows. He took his time, working silently and when he was done, he looked up at me and I told him to proceed..

” So let’s begin with the last time we spoke” He said.

I felt uneasy but I put myself together.. The picture first he showed me was his dad wrapped up in a white linen.. Bullets and blood were seen on the floor.. I gasped the moment I saw this..

To be honest I was kinda relieved that he died before he could harm anyone else.. You know my mom didn’t move on after he passed.. She still stayed at the house and refused to pack his things. Everyday became more awful within the first two days.. She didn’t come home and she locked me inside for the whole day.. She clearly told me not to go to school or anywhere and I didn’t feel up to it then.. Then on the third day, she arranged for me to move over to Kirkwood with child protective services.”

He showed me another picture, this time it was at a bar.. He was pouring wine at the counter.

Tell you what, I didn’t go to school after my mom ditched me off with those child protective service people.. I was handed over to a family with no kids.. The man owns a bar.. He came with a woman who I never saw again after that day… He dropped her off at bluebonnet lane and moved over to chancellor square street and didn’t stop driving till he reached a house in the woods.. I didn’t know it was his house.. He just came down and walked in while I waited for hours before I finally came down and saw him drinking beer and sitting on a chair outside in his stained inn wear and blue jeans. He didn’t still say anything to me though.

The next day, he took me to his bar.. He was singing aloud to a country music and I could see his stained rotten teeth.. He patted me on the laps and told me that I would love the hot chicks at the bar.. He laughed when I asked him if I was going back to school, and told me that I wasn’t going anywhere.”

” Wow, Nick whose the guy in that picture.. I can’t really see his face.. The men and the only female among them sitting at the counter is blocking the view.” I asked

Nick laughed when he saw the picture before taking it from the table.

That guy.” He pointed at the man holding a newspaper

is a pickpocket…. He grabs JI’s phone. Ji’s the guy with the drink by the end.. I poured the first scotch for him.. So guy Picks JI pocket and put it in one of the waiters’ pocket.. Then JI noticing that his phone was missing bugged the pickpocket who raised his newspaper and shrugs. JI turns to his friend and he calls the line. Meanwhile, waiter was serving at the last role when the phone rings out of his pocket.. Ji turns around and go after the waiter.. While everyone stared, Pickpocket jammed guy at the front table steals his brief case and his laptop and his wrist watch, then uses his hands to slam a cup full of liquid at the lady next to the guy and while the lady screams out, and he, pretending to help the lady clean herself up, yanked the jeweleries on her arm and neck.. Then goes on stealing other stuffs, bumping into people who were pulled off by the waiter and JI’s scuffle. The pickpocket guy was running off when he bumped into JI and JI checked his pant pocket and noticed that it was empty, left the hurled waiter and ran after him and dragged him into the bar with the suitcase and Jeweleries trailing with him.. The guy who owned the suitcase, yelled when he saw the pickpocket holding it while being dragged on the floor. The lady who owned the jewelries yelled too on seeing it on the floor.. Wallets had fallen off too and people recognized it and pounced on the pickpocket while the waiter gathered the wallets on the table.. I could hear the kicking and blows and broken bottles slams.. People got up from him and by that time, he was already bruised blood streaked..”

I couldn’t help but laugh at the story. I took a sip from my wine.. He wanted to continue but then saw my frown.. I saw Olivia’s picture with Lancy at a baseball game… He followed my gaze and said;

Haven’t heard from those two in a while now.. Saw them last at my show in California …. Both of them are in a serious relationship, don’t know how she was able to convince him to forgive her… She doesn’t talk about you though... Both of them are even getting married next week.”

I didn’t say anything.. Just closed my eyes, the mist covering my vision.

I woke up the next morning on his bed.. I could taste the wine mixed sweat.. The bed and pillow were body heated and had a combination of my smell and his.. I could remember the way he pulled me closer and that was.. It.. I knew we had a crazy sex that sent us lurching around naked.. I knew he carried me all the way to his bed and I felt disgusted at his having to touch me naked and I was glad that I had no memory of it.

He came out of the shower and I could see the steam rising into the room.. He didn’t say anything to me.. I just took off my shirt.. I saw his eyes on me as he looked in the mirror and I wanted to tell him to look away but then he gave me that bizarre look and I could see the sexual pleasure in his eyes.. I could see my worthlessness.. He had seen it all … I knew we had sex as kids but I never felt this vulnerable. I stripped myself stark naked, walking into the bathroom, not minding the looks on his face.

3 months later, we married.. Dad didn’t approve of him but mom did.. Our wedding took me by surprise.. I mean the media went all frenzy about it and so did some of the girls at school.. They’ve been going crazy ever since we started dating… I was never noticed by the girls or guys at my school but everything changed after that night at the karaoke bar when Nick proposed to me.. I was sent messages on my Email, Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook and my normal phone messages.. Janet, a girl I barely knew started stalking me.. She knew where I was at every moment. One time, Nick and I went for wedding shopping and after we got in the car, a photo of me holding a wedding bridal wedding gown while Nick took pictures on his camera.. The lady, who owned the shop was standing by a distance.. I would never forget the way she smiled the moment he hugged her and said ‘ hey Cynthia

Nick must have noticed the sore look on my face and then added

‘ We are tight friends.. Met 7 years back. ‘

uh.. Nicko…. Baby Nicko.” I saw them wiggle their nose together.. Like they wanted to kiss each other. Face clasped together, only that they didn’t kiss which I knew they had no problem doing.. I could see the flirt on her face.. Nick’s face didn’t read any emotion.. I heard Cynthia say with a scoff ‘ why is your girlfriend jealous?’ Turning over to me, she said

Best luck fighting

I didn’t know what she meant by that and I didn’t really care and it didn’t really creep me out like seeing that Janet’s photo of us.. I told Nick about it and he laughed it off. He told me that Janet had called him in the night a week ago, begging him to marry her alongside me.. She didn’t mind being a second wife or his concubine so long as she carried his child, and that he bets that it was the same Janet who sent me the photo was the same lady who called him.. I didn’t know who the Janet was and it never occurred to me that the Janet he talked about was the fat, straw berry eating, stud laughing, pony tail girl in my college until I called the phone number.

Crazy Family Secrets Grace Tales IV

I woke up the next morning and went to school.. I took the school bus for the first time.. I heard someone shout dork as I chased the bus.. It stopped at a grocery store to pick up a boy so I moved in.. The driver was an old lady with a mean face.. Her face beamed like a toad with wrinkles and furrows starring.. I walked slowly starring into the mean eyes of everyone in the bus.. The girls were clutching their bags on the empty seats.. The guys gave me this mean look that sent me starling.. I moved over to the backseat.. The boy behind me sat with a girl.. They both laughed.. I brought out my headset to keep myself busy while I took a peek at my book..

Mr Wick looked like a wet socks in his grey Jersey and pants which looked bigger than his waist.. He kept pulling it up.. His bald head was a gold platter which reflect light. He rolled up into the class with an evil smile.. He took the first period.. We all settled down.. He didn’t say a word.. He just went towards the board and started writing out questions.. Formula questions.. He called them.. Nobody picked up his pen to write until he was done.. Text books and phones were hidden in the locker… Mr Wick had a very good vision and he had the ears of an elephant..

Once, I heard jenny telling Olivia about how Mr Wick caught Sam and two guys who cut out a drawing of a man with an oversized head, cut out of a cereal box and cut out a dick drawing and glued it on the cut out guy and raised it in the air, pointing at Mr Wick and mouthing

” Asshole.”

Mr Wick turned around after Sam had dropped the picture.. With his turning, everyone stared straight at him.. At first, everyone thought he would start giving us high jibes about how we have empty brains and chicken memory.. But he didn’t say anything.. He moved around in his secular manner, looking under lockers, looking for things he couldn’t prove. Each time he looked under a table, Sam would lift up the photo and mouth asshole.. His lips would move no words would be heard.

And so when he reached Sam’s desk, he didn’t bother checking the table, he just pulled him up by the pants and the paper fell off..

Jenny couldn’t hold her laughter at the way Mr Wick stuffed the paper in Sam’s mouth.. And kept muttering “whose the asshole?”. I would never forget the shock on her face when he grabbed Tom and Shawn, Sam’s friends, by the shoulders and knocked their head together. The way he kept walking, telling everyone to keep still while he taught on Number theory.. He paced around the class, walking in the middle of tables.. Then he turned to the left, moved to the third line of the second row, grabbed both guys who sat side by side, knocked their heads together and moved on as though nothing happened. I still can’t understand how he saw all their faces and the drawings.

Mr Wick sat, crossed his legs pressing his phone.. He gave us 25minutes for the test. It was two questions from number theory and Geometry.. Once, a guy tried getting my attention to help me.. He squeezed a shredded paper under his chair for me to grab it.. I wanted to take it, only for Mr Wick’s voice to echo

” You boy over there! You look tense!.”

I didn’t know that he was coming towards my direction.. I sat in the second row, at the last end..

Mr wick came and grabbed the boy from the chair.. He searched his pocket.. Confidence brimmed on the boy’s face when he looked at me, thinking I had collected the paper from the floor but boy was he toast! Mr Wick saw the little paper lying near my desk.. He saw the paper and even without asking question, he pushed him out of the class.. There was a little uproar when they went out.. Seconds went by before he came back in, almost out of breathe of pushing the almost sturdy boy..

” You’ve got 15 minutes! ” he said as he moved back to his seat.

The test finished at 10 on the dot.. He took the paper and moved out and the fear tensed moment ended..

I saw Jenny after school with Lancy. He was by a locker and she faced him.. It was a little too intimate and weird but I quickly averted my gaze.. Jenny dropped a paper as she paced around the hallway while two guys approached lancy, shook hands with him and they moved downstairs..

I grabbed the paper.. It was an invite to Lancy pool party.. At the end read ” invite only.”

I clutched the paper as I headed towards the cafeteria.

On Saturday, I went to Lancy’s house.. It was a Halloween party so I put on my customs.. I looked like a monkey in my black short gown and leggings with a long tail sown at the back of the trouser.. I had little whiskers that I had drawn on my face and a mask.. I looked creepy with the dark makeup on.. I took a cab to the place..

Invites were shown to the security guard at the gate… He kept sniffing at the papers to make sure it wasn’t fake.. 9 people were at the gates, all looking uptight.. Most of them were white, blonde haired, carrying the air of superiority.

” Hey man, here’s my driver’s number.. Call him by 10pm to pick me up..” A boy said before entering.

” Move it will ya.. God! I’m not carrying a bomb.. You don’t have to keep looking at my invite card, like am some poor crook looking for a good meal, and if the real bad dudes walk in, you won’t even know.. Won’t even be able to confront them even if you see them.. Worst security service ever.. How can Mrs Seba use an old fat guy to protect rich white kids… Even my dog would do a better job.. Can he even run?.” A girl behind the boy said.. She jabbed the invite paper from his sand, gave him a dull look as he buzzed her in.

My turn came.. The old guy was tired.. He took a glance at my invite.. Kira’s name was on it.. He smiled…

You remind me of my daughter. Same blue eyes, same sparkling smile.. The warmth in her eyes is in yours.. Let me show you her picture..”

I watched him open the picture.. Didn’t focus on her images.. Didn’t care what she looked like. Before I knew it, I was buzzed in.

The party was already going sick by the time I got in.. Guys holding fire torches and dancing.. It was like a jungle in here.. The lawn was mowed.. Fire torches placed on wooden cleaves knocked on trees and walls.. Serval pumpkin heads were used in the pool.

A man came to the podium and told guys and girls to separate themselves.. Guys took the left.. Girls went to the right.. I couldn’t see no one as Everyone was instructed to put his Halloween face custom one.. The security guard gave everyone that didn’t have as he buzzed us in..

The girls formed straight lines.. A slow music emerged.. I couldn’t tell cause I wasn’t listening to the lyrics.. All I could think of was having a guy walk up to dance with me.. A guy I wouldn’t probably never see after tonight and I may not even remember to capture his face.. The rule of the dance was everyone must be masked up..

I became more tensed as I felt bodies moving in between me.. A guy bumped into me..

” Hey my bad! Just for the record, am a guy. Just wanna let you know, and am straight so…” He said..

I wanted to push him away but then a laughter I heard made me chuckle and I told him a girl..He laughed and I smiled..

We held hands, moving slowly against each other as our bodies clasped each other..

Wow you smell nice.” He said..

Thanks! Love how rocky your body feels and nice grip.. You got strong hands.. So what’s your name?”


I froze on hearing that..

What the hell!! Lancy, like Olivia’s lancy?”

Wait who the hell are you?”

it’s me Grace!” I wasted no time replying.. I could feel his hands trembling but he didn’t let go..

” God, hope Olivia isn’t watching us right now”. I said guiltily..

” Well, She can’t see us.. But how did you come in? I didn’t invite you.” He said..

I was bored.. Jenny left her invite card on the floor in the school hallway so I took it.”

He sighed.

I didn’t ask him why he didn’t invite me over for his party.. It was obvious, we are not friends.. At least I got that part but I knew it wasn’t the whole truth..

After the dance, I told him I wanted to say hi to Olivia. He refused but was called into the house by his mom by some guy.. There was so much noise that I wondered how the two men could whisper and hear each other.. Finally, he turned around and asked me to follow him.

Mrs Seba was an even prettier version of her son, Lancy. She was sitting outside the porch in her Halloween witch costume with a creepy green white and pink make over. She smiled as soon as she saw both of us…

” Another girl… Son, where is Olivia by the way.. Last time I saw her, she was in your room and I don’t think I saw her leaving..” She said.

I could see how tensed his face when his mom said it. It was quick, just noticed the way his eyebrows moved quickly. A message was sent to his mom and so she said quickly;

” Darling, so as I was saying, I need you to help serve the drinks… There are so many bottles of champagne in the Kitchen and beers, so get gone now.. Lancy show your girlfriend the way to the kitchen. “

Lancy and I moved towards the kitchen.. I wanted to loose him and check around.. I could smell that something wasn’t right..

Hey, can I use the bathroom?” I asked nervously.

Grace, are you okay?” Lancy asked..

I took a deep breath and could hear shouts and music… Monster Mash by Bobby Pickett was played outside and everyone was dancing in circles in the middle of a built fire.

” Yeah… I gotta go.” I replied and started running.

I took to my heels and ran down the hallway. I heard few mutters and when I turned around, Lancy was on my tails, along two guys.. I ran upstairs.. I felt a grab on my legs but I pulled away and heard a hurling sound. I threw a flower vase, then chairs, but still Lancy and the two guys didn’t give up. I ran into a guy who was mopping the floor, gliding and sliding my way. A door was open ajar and I barged in and what I saw bit me in the ass.. Nick and Olivia, naked and he was on top of her. The scene blew out the lights off my face..

By the time I woke up, I was on the floor.. Lancy stared in shock and Olivia and Nick wrapped themselves in a blanket.. Fear surged on their faces.. Anger and fear was on mine.. Lancy gave a blank stare.. No movement.. Then Nick arranged himself and Lancy threw himself at him and punched him serval times.. Olivia got up from the bed, wanting to run but I stopped her dead in her tracks. Words spurted from Lancy’s mouth; ” Bitch!” , ” trifling ass”, “whore!” His breathing kept rising.. The other two men were watching.. Fear was in their eyes.. Olivia had that same look in her eyes but hers was guilt and fear..

So this was your reason for hiding from Grace? So you could fuck this guy? You had the guts to fuck a guy in my bed? “

Olivia was silent.. Nick didn’t say anything either and I just walked out from the room.

Olivia was at the gate when I came out. And so where everyone.. Lancy had shut down the party.. He just sprung to the podium to announce it and he apologized and told everyone to have a good night..

Next morning, I got a text from Nick.. He told me that he was sorry, adding that he wasn’t thinking clearly, that grief pushed him.. He then said that his dad had died 2 weeks back.. He had put a round in his mouth and he only told Olivia and didn’t want to tell me cause he was just too damn angry.. He told me that after having dinner at my house, he returned home to meet the scene and lots of police and his mom on the couch.. His mom had told the police quietly that she saw him put the gun in his mouth and shoot himself. He added that when he got my text from Nick, asking for rehearsal, he was angry even though he knew that I had no idea about the incident.. He told me that he was moving over to Kirkwood and that he was very sorry about everything..

I didn’t reply.. I turned off the phone…

I dropped out from the singing contest at school.. I was angry for a long time.. I could remember one time raising a scissors to my hair and cutting it to shreds.. It happened the next morning after I got the text from Nick.. I was standing by the mirror, yelling and cutting my hair so deep that I starting cutting my scalp.. I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror.. Lots of burned stuff starring at me.. The middle of my head was bald while little hairs trailed in the left and right side of my head.. I got so angry, watching Olivia and Nick on the same bed that I took a seat and smashed the mirror.. I could never forget the horror look in my mom’s eyes when she entered my room.. She jumped in and jumped out of my room almost immediately.

At school, I saw Nick’s flash in all the dudes face.. I saw the flash of his smile in the principal’s face, saw his lean build in Max, saw the flash of his anger in Lancy.. I stayed by myself at school, listening to others talk.. They weren’t talking to me though.. I wanted to eavesdrop.. Thousands of words flown in my ears like bees.. I tried to make sense of them but I couldn’t.. I did more listening in class, tried to make sense of every word, and at the same time had my ears open to any side talk.. At the end, I heard nothing..

One time at school, durning break period, I sat in between 3 boys… Each gave me a nod and a warm smile and went back looking at a phone video held by the fattest boy who sat in the middle.. They were the weirdos of the school and one did have to be a loser to interact with them.. That day, I was the loser.

The fattest one, Chun was overweight.. He was Chinese American.. Durning Lunch hour at school, whenever he came down to the cafeteria, people who stood in line will push away so he will buy whatever he wanted. To make matters worse, people will start throwing apples, pies , banana peels at him. A guy even dragged his pant down once in the cafeteria.

I was eating steaks, hearing their laughter at the video;

Man, that was crazy.. She sure showed him.. ” said the second guy..

Ric, he grabbed her ass.. He brought out his dark shade eyeglass and his walking strick, moving towards her direction and grabbed her ass.. I never expected the slap.. It was so sudden.. Her expression is splendid.” They kept laughing, slapping each other laps.

Then 3 other mean looking boys walked up to them.. They didn’t look at me.. Boys just moved over to the table and smacked Chun’s face into his lunch, and his face was a mash of red sauce, pickles, cheese and Hamburger..

His face was so funny and people didn’t waste time to start laughing and taking photos.. One of the guys threw a nut in Chun’s mouth and I’ve never seen someone allergic to nuts before.. Chun threw up so bad on the table and it even touched Ric and his other friend who was black..

The second douche bag from the three bullies, moved behind Chun and put a fart machine toy on his seat.. I didn’t see it till Chun sat on his chair and the loud fart sound jammed the room.. It was more like the sound of a person popping out 30 burgers and 4 fries.. The laughter rang louder and the guy removed the chair and he fell to the floor.

Ric threw out his right arm at one of the bullies for a punch but he missed it and the dude took out his glasses and Ric crawled blindly on the floor. Then I heard a bone crack and a yell and a scream.. The bully guy raised his leg and Ric brought out his squashed left hand.. He and his other friends kept laughing..

I was hell mad at everyone and mostly at myself.. I didn’t help.. Tried to convince myself that I was outnumbered and a girl but I was hellva mad.. I was so glad when my mom told me that she was being transferred to university of Missouri a week later and dad decided to open up his own hospital in Missouri. Now, I watched with disdain as Chun’s friend, the third guy in the clique brought out his wallet and fearfully gave it to the 1st douche bag who had stood in his front.. The big bully looked at the small bundles that he jacked out of the wallet and yelled ;

200 dollars! Wow, didn’t you could afford 1 dollar.. Let me Press my lock on your prick friends.. ” He said digging into their pockets.. Ric and Chun each had 70 dollars..

Thanks Asshole and fat Chinese Dick.” Before throwing the wallets on the ground..


5 years later, I met Nick at a concert in St. Louis at a hotel.. I was in my final year in university of Missouri and didn’t hang out with People there so much.. I had a few drinks and it was a lit night. Dance after dance, Music beaming loudly from the stage as different musical artist took to the stage.. I didn’t recognize him at first glance. No, not until he yelled;

” Everyone, I wanna give a shout out to my amazing ex- girlfriend Grace Attinks.”

People gave way where I was sitting and the light beam shown on me.. I was shocked. Then guys around me dragged me from my seat and I was tossed up to the stage and then my eyes met his.. Emotions swirling in my head.. The stage light beamed into my eyes.. The shouting from the crowd startled me. I didn’t know when I fell into the crowd, only to be pushed back on the stage.. I saw the gleaming smile on his face as he mouthed ” Am sorry.. Really sorry.” I smiled and the music started.

I got a text from him the next day. I stayed in a dorm at school with 4 girls.. Their names are Sam, Carly, Jordan and Rivera.. Sam was in first year, Carly was in the second year and Jordan and Rivera was in the third year and I was the final year student among them but most times, I had the dorm to myself as each of the girls belonged to a sorority group.. The same sorority group I should say.. I’ve heard them talk about it before..

Nick took me to a karaoke bar on our first date.. There seemed to be an over stretch in his body.. His body was bent over.. I could see the little ripping on his coat as he drove his car. I could hear the crack in his neck when he moved it around as he glanced through the side mirror, sweat dripping from his forehead and the fierce laughter and whopping sound he made when he blew the horn. The way he poked his head outside and yelling ” fuck you” with his middle finger raised towards the drivers and poked his head inside was alarming but all that look and act vanished as we reached the bar.

Crazy Family Secrets – Grace Tales III

2 days later, I came to school and noticed the way everyone was hunched in small queues on their phones. From the hallway, to the bathroom, even at the food section, everywhere people kept laughing and pointing fingers. I tried to be as invisible as I could be so no one finds me. I could remember how frightful my mom was after I lied to her that some guys on the stret robbed me and ran off. I poured so much dirt on myself, messed up my hair. Prayed so hard that she would believe my lies and she bought it. She was scared.. Damn scared. She called the cops, moved into my room at night to check if I was okay. I was sort of glad that the thieves took her old looking necklace that she made me wear before I came to school that morning. I hated it. Covered it with my jacket which I wrapped myself with.

She called the cops. She was scared. Didn’t let me out of her sight that day but by the next morning she gave up. She couldn’t continue beating herself up for what could have been.. Dad knew I was lying about being robbed on the street even though he said nothing. At first I was being pampered by my mom for hours. She did my dishes, did my laundry, fixed me dinner, and the next day called a doctor to see if I was okay, and even though the doctor kept saying;

” She’s all good.. She didn’t break a spine.” My mom told the doctor to check me out. There was a smirk on my face that sent a resentment on hers. It settled on her face through out that day as she did the chores. She didn’t say anything to Olivia’s parents when they stopped by. It was my dad that talked slowly with Mrs Esther, and made sure not to laugh at anything frank said as not to be in my mom’s hate list. The last time my dad laughed when Frank had joke about my mom’s voice sounding like a chimpanzee, she completely avoided him for weeks. Cleaned everything he used before using it, bathed often whenever he came in contact with her. She even slept in the guest room. If at all she needed something, she wrote it on a piece of paper and passed it on to him. If dad should reply, she would reply coldly; ” Use the pen please. ” And he would scroll back to her in reply.

At first dad begged her. He didn’t at first know why she kept her distance, till one evening when we were having our usual silent dinner.. We’ve been having silent dinner since my parent’s fight began. I was sipping my water after taking the first forkful of the Macaroni . Dad had slipped on his napkin and clutched his fork and knife. Mum got up to leave after she got a phone call. Dad followed her. She was standing in the living clearly blurting;

” Phil is a goddam asshole! He’s so clueless, asking me to tell him what he did, I mean, how could he berate me like that before Frank? And he got the fuckin’ nerve to ask me what he did wrong.. Anyway…” Her voice trailed off when dad moved so quickly behind her and couldn’t stop. He jammed the flower vase and it fell. There was this stunning look in his eyes like he hadn’t seen her real beautiful side before. He stuttered as he looked at her. Mum laughed when he took her arms and kissed it. It was funny watching him tripped on the floor banging his head on the centre table with the flower vase. And right there, they had sex. Mum kissed him. He didn’t just kiss her, he drew her closer to himself and unbuckled his belt. I couldn’t understand the ecstasy, I mean neither of them was drunk but looking at them making love. My dad on top of her moaning, and mom caressing him. They had pulled off their clothes. I’d never seen my parents naked and high on whatever was in their head. I was afraid my mom would hate my dad, and blame him for what had happened, but she didn’t.. That night ended the quarrel.

So, at school, people gathered in pacts with their phones. Olivia was with some girls. They formed a circle around her. She was watching Sam’s porn video of the principal and Mr Benson.. Everyone at school knew the video was a phony but it was damn hilarious watching the principal in a diaper. An oversized dick popping out from Mr Benson shriveled nut sack.. The dick was so long that it curled around his oversized head and small body like a snake.

I heard the principal’s stern voice form the speaker that was hung high on the wall in the hallway.

Whose Sam Daniels? Report immediately to my office.. There are some nice gentle men waiting for you.. You’ve got 5 minutes….Thanks.” He ended.

I could hear a low murmur with laughter. I moved towards my locker. I’d expect what I was about to see but I gasped, wanted to surprise myself. Inside was everything that Sam and his gongs stole from me. My mom’s necklace was inside. It was irrelevant anyway, didn’t expect them to steal it anyway cause it couldn’t be sold or pawned.. Maybe they could use it as a dog chain.. It was funny. The multi coloured red silver inked necklace that barely covered my neck. It’s grip on my neck was slit and I only wore it till I got to few meters away from the house before pulling it off.

Added to the necklace was my bag, phone, money and an apology note written;

“Grace, We’re sorry for everything.. We don’t want to get expelled from school..”

Added to the note was $400 wrapped in an envelop with lots of photos

I smiled as I closed the locker. My phone rang but just before I could get it, I heard a bash sound. It came from the back of the school. Everyone was stunned. Then it came again, this time, we saw a guy thrown so high and landed on a car.. Everyone immediately ran out. I almost tripped in the process but I came out.

At the back of the school was a very long track field. 3 officers, the principal and Mr Benson was standing over a battered stark naked Sam. I would never forget those lost look in his eyes. An officer kept landing punches on him and dragged him up..

” Wanna see something for YouTube? here comes the naked guy.” The man said as he tied him on an American flag pole. He flogged him on his raw ass, even slapped it twice before being untied and he fell hard on the floor.

Mr Benson Unzipped and yelled;

” Here’s to your big dick.” Before urinating on him.

I watched Sam roll away but he didn’t go far. Mr Benson piss went as far as Sam who rolled into a piled up mud. Everyone kept laughing.. Phones were out for recording. Guy got served. His friends sold him out to the principal. They did that in exchange of not being screwed over by Nick. At the end of the day, it was only Sam that got screwed. He left school and never came back.

2 weeks later, I began practicing for the music audition. Mrs Hags, who led the music theatre made us sing ” Perfect” by Ed Sheeran. Max and AJ offered to practice with us.. Max was good with pianos. AJ was a pro at playing drum. Joe was good at guitar. We practiced at the school theatre by 4pm.

Nick had an amazing voice.. He reminded me of burno mars.. There was passion, hurt and pain in his voice.. He would hold my hands and spin me around. Mine hands would be held in his as we spun round the theatre.

The day for the audition came.. Lots of guys and girls paired up in both people from our class and senior high auditioned.. We were 8 pairs. The audition started. Mrs Hages laid out the rules; Duration of presentation must not exceed 3 minutes, song must be played on a keyboard and last minute sign up must speak out before the closure bell rung for class.

The two first people started, Mike and Judith from senior high. We all had to sing perfect. They kept missing lines in the song, making the beat more faster than it should be and overstretching the chorus. It was horrible.. It was like screeching of a vehicle.. Mrs Hages had to yell;

Enough!” Before moving to the next pair.

The next Pair were Chinese. They stuttered. There were posed in one direction for minutes, that the guy fell off stage. A huge guy went to check on him and he was fine.

The third pair were African Americans. The guy and the girl looked drunk. The guy gave a drunken belch when Mrs Hages asked him his name and laughed about it.. They both wore a blue open buttoned shirt with jeans torn on the edges. He didn’t give an answer.. Neither did the girl and Mrs.. Hague didn’t mind. Their voice was croaked.. It was liquor filled as though it was in their mouth. They didn’t know the lyrics. Couldn’t comprehend anything.. When Mrs Hage asked them if they were okay, the guy replied, ” yeah baby boo.” And told her that she looked like an old hungry toad, calling her an old bitch and jumped on the chair. The girl puked in Mrs Hage’s bag which was on the table and started laughing. The guy too jumped from the seat, rolled in a corner where the girl was and started laughing. It was hilarious. The girl even kicked the piano and both the piano guy and the piano fell in front of the podium.. They got up, looked at the guy and continued laughing, falling back to the ground. Security was brought in and both the girl and the guy were literally dragged on the floor by two white men who spat on them and said;

” fuckin black drunk.”

Mrs.. Hage stopped the audition and moved behind the security men..

The next day, durning recess hours, we headed back to the theatre to continue. The remaining 5 pairs.. We all where white Americans. Each pair sat on a row. The first pair took the first row of chairs, and that order followed sequentially.

The first Pair was Judi and Maria. They had a good voice but their voice didn’t go in tune with the piano. The guy who played the piano at a point stopped playing and just starred at them. At a point, Mrs Hagie told them to stop. The next three before my turn did really good.. Mrs Hagie didn’t have to burst her eyeballs screaming. She didn’t say anything to them. She just said “Next.” And then it got to I and Nick’s turn.. I was shaky. My hand shook as Nick held it. I moved together with him to the podium.. The stage light flickered in my eyes.. It was so bright that I couldn’t see.. Strays of different colours blurred my vision. I could hear a noise in my head that popped my brain. At a point I couldn’t see or hear nothing.. Just whirling sounds from a machine.. Then the noise faded and I could hear clapping and I opened my eyes.. Nick held me tight with both hands as my head slipped backward and my eyes locked into his eyes. My breath rushing. I stilled myself up, as he let go of his grip. Mrs.. Hage told us to go back inside. We were the fourth pair to compete on the finals. I couldn’t believe that we made it. I walked with clouds for the rest of the week.

History was one subject that bored the shit out of me. I never took a headset to class so I couldn’t use my phone which made me sleep. It was my other only option. But after coming out of that theatre, I didn’t sleep. I laughed at Mr Winston tale on why he hates democrats liberalism, how he doesn’t understand why blacks should be treated any lesser than trash. It was funny when he called bill Clinton an old fart. My laughter provoked stares. Not from Mr Winston but from m classmates. At first they thought my laughter was sarcastic cause the guy after Nick, Spira, popped a drawing of Mr Winston’s head and pot belly in my face.. It looked so stupid. Well that was the point. It looked like one of those drawings In my kindergarten where circles and lines were used to draw a person.

Everyone laughed at the drawing. A guy snapped it and posted it online. Everyone was nodding and mockingly cheering him on when he said that America greatest mistake was Juneteeth

” Releasing blacks is what has caused our country to be ruled by a black ass nigga in a monkey suit.. I mean what guts did that obama guy have! He didn’t just contest but won.. Whereas in 1925, excretes were more valued than blacks.. His people were not wanted.. And now.” He said sighing.

That evening, I had planned on inviting Nick to dinner at my place. Dad told me in the morning that he was gonna be late from work, when I told him that I had planned dinner with a friend in the evening. Mum was in the living room. She added;

That reminds me.. I got two classes to teach tomorrow and next.. 9am for each class.. I will be back on Friday.. So the house is all yours.. Make sure you were a condom after dinner cause it’s gonna be one hell of a fucked up dinner.”

It was weird of my dad to tell me his plans but it was weirder hearing my mom cuss. She laughed. I did too, telling her not to worry about me.

Then she asked me a more weird question;

is it a guy?” I paused. She looked at my face and said;

Off course it’s gonna be about a guy.. And you don’t use the word dinner in this situation.. Dinner sounds circular.. So what’s the guy like, is he tall?, prince charming.. Does he have 6 PACs’?”

” is he a fan of basketball? ” Dad added.

I just smiled at his joke. Didn’t remember that weird conversation until that evening when I Picked Nick at Melrose Avenue. I waited at the cinema where we had our first movie night date with Olivia and Lancy. It took him 45 minutes before he came. I remember carefully picking out the right drapes, using my savings to buy Beef Tenderloin with red wine sauce and lasagna. I used my mom cooking book to make it. She keeps it in the cupboard which was built together with the sink. The cupboard was down while the sink was up.. Luckily, my dad gave me an emergency card which I used to get the candles, drapes, ingredients and a pink jumpsuit outfit for myself. I had set the tables before leaving.

Nick appeared in a black Toyota RaV4. I was planning on calling an uber but I was glad I didn’t have to. I had seen the car miles away but I couldn’t place who the crazy driver was. It kept cutting through cars, tilting left and right. I thought the car was gonna crash. I would never forget how frozen I was as the car approached where I stood. I could hear screams but my body went limp. My heart raced a thousand miles and finally stopped as the car parked in front of me. The silence in me grew and by the time I could grasp myself, we were at my house.

” Thought you said no one was at your house?” Was the first thing my head could grasp after I got myself. I thought it was my dad but then Nick’s voice floated in my ears as he repeated the statement.

The lights were turned on in the living room. I could see it’s radiation in the porch. I saw shadows moving but still. The outside light flickered green the moment we moved past the flowers. I could hear a thud on the floor, like something heavy falling from the roof… There was a little murmur and I could hear a loud stumping and a weight pressed against the door and when I opened it, I saw my parents and and older Lady with a boy and a girl around my age. They all sat on the dinning.. The cutleries and covered plates were still as they were.. Nothing was touched expects slight pushes.. There was a plate of a big fried chicken with sodas bottles at each side of the table.. Everyone starred at us.. I could see the prank war smile on my mom’s face…

Hello dear..” The old lady called out dropping her hands on the table. I didn’t respond..

What’s her name again?? ” She paused..

” Grace!” My mom echoed.

I could see the glance on my mom’s face and I could tell that she thought this older lady was a jerk.

Dad thumped his elbow on the table. I moved over to the table. Nick and I sat opposite. I sat on the right, he sat on the left. I sat with the girl while he sat with the guy.

I looked over at Nick as the older lady started grace. She wrapped up the words, couldn’t hear a thing. Nick’s face was expressionless. He did look into my eyes and everyone started starring at him and then his eyes dropped back to his plate. My dad’s eyeballs kept moving up and down in Nick’s face as though sizing him.

I could see the derision in the girl’s face.. So many mean things she wanted to say, yet didn’t want it to spill out.. Her hands rubbing each other, her feet knocking each other.. Her body throbbing.. The old lady noticed and told her to spill it out.

” Hey guy… You look like a freak… No offence… Grace is my cousin.. Am Clara.. That is my brother John.. And my mama, June who are you? What is your family like? Is your dad a freak? Does your mom do drugs? Are they even alive? Any siblings? Or are you some freak who just jumped down from the sky?”

Nick used his fork to poke at his lasagna. There was this expressionless look in his eyes. His pupils dart around while his eyes looked steadily at me.. Furious, he poured his wine on Clara’s face and smashed the cup on the wall.. He jumped up and dragged the white linen that was placed on the dining table and I watched everything on the table crash on the floor.. The floor became the colour of bright red wine and a messy mash of lasagna, chicken, vegetables, beef.

I looked at the floor, then at Nick then at everyone else..

Looks like I was right, he is a psycho freak..” Clara’s voice rang out..

Nick looked red hard on me and yelled;

Don’t call me ever again.” As he walked outside.

I didn’t see him for weeks after that.. Nothing else changed.. Clara wasn’t reprimanded for her action.. She even faked a laughter.. I was so glad they weren’t staying at my house.

At school, Olivia and I bumped each other on the way to class. I was grabbing my books out of my locker when I ran into her.. She smiled and I too smiled. I picked up my books and asked her if she was good.. She said yes.. She told me that my hair looked like a mess and I noticed the little zits on her face but didn’t say it.. She told me to follow her to the bathroom.

I watched her take small tip of a cream on her index finger and kept rubbing the spots on her face, look at the mirror and then apply the cream at another spot. She said nothing while doing this. No , not until she applied her lip gloss.

” Hope you have a complete note in maths. Mr Wick is coming over for test tomorrow my note isn’t complete.. Maybe you could come over at my place for study.. On the other hand, I will come by at your place.. 9PM”

Cool.. Can’t wait..” I said..

After she was done, I moved towards the mirror, took a glance at myself in the mirror when I heard a faint sigh and heard Olivia say;

” Ooh.. Let me fix that up.” Before going to work on my hair.. She brushed every end of the braids shoving the hair around. She didn’t say anything until she was done.. She held on to the end of the braids and told me what I thought, I smiled, saying nothing.

We headed to class pretty much after that.. 4 classes that day and we were done. After Classes, I went to the school theatre by 2pm. I was waiting for everyone, not expecting the text I received from Max;

Nick’s done.. He’s not coming anymore.”

At first, I thought Nick called to cancel but then when I called Max, he plainly told me that Nick had dropped out from the show.. I didn’t think he would go that far just to get back at me..

At home, I was mad, really mad. Didn’t eat, chat or go out.. I just stayed in my room. My mom came into my room and I yelled at her to leave, then she looked at me and laughed;

Boyfriend Issue?” She asked in between her laughter and I threw the pillow at her though it didn’t hit her.

I was furious, really furious. I called Nick to give him a piece of my mind but it went straight to voicemail.. I sent hurling messages to him…. Messages that I wanted to delete because somehow I was convinced that he enjoyed every moment of my ire. Messages that he never replied.

Olivia came in hours later. I was sitting in my room, doodling Nick’s name on pieces of paper and throwing them in the trash can near the bathroom door. Some of the wrapped papers landed on the floor near the trash can.

Her blue sleeveless gown with all the shinning stars and flattering colours was a dead giveaway. The Rose flower that was placed in the middle was a good finish. She brought her books and a pizza and two bottles of Pepsi.

I couldn’t help but yell when I saw her. I mean I was in my room, didn’t hear a flint step on the stairs that was climbed by two people. Neither did I hear their voices.

My mom shut the door, immediately Olivia entered.

” Had to carry books here to let my mom agree to my coming over here.. Told her I was working on a Science project with you at school tomorrow and she was very excited that we are on the same team, she bought us pizza and Pepsi.” Olivia said.

But we are studying right? I have my note right here with me.” I said.

Yeah, Grace, about that… Let me see.” She said.

We passed the night reading. I was a nug head in maths. Olivia was very good at understanding formulas by just looking at it once.

By the time we knew it, it was 2am. Pizza half eaten, drink gone half. We both sat in yoga style on the floor with the Pizza, drink and book in the middle.

Well, I’ve been meaning to ask you, do you know about Nick’s whereabout?” I asked..

Yeah that’s true.. He sent me series of long depressing text two days ago but didn’t mention where he was. I did a drive by at his place but his mom said that he had moved out of the house and also that she didn’t know of his current location.” Olivia opened the phone and showed me the texts on her WhatsApp.. It was a long angry text.. Using ” Fuck” in each sentence.. Fear gripped me in the last sentence when he wrote;

Fuck the world and people like Grace that can’t stand up for anything.”

For a moment, I was stoned. I wanted to ask Olivia if she had another of his number on her phone but she was already dozing oby. I removed the message and scrolled upward at a message sent by Lancy inviting her for his birthday at his place.. It was a pool party. A picture of him and her at the pool was there too. She was sitting on the floor with him by her side, their legs giggling in the pool.. Lancy held up the phone while she smiled.

Crazy Family secrets – Grace Tales II

I watched him make a full run for the net.. It was amazing watching him shove dudes of different sizes. He kept running without breaking a sweat. And when he jumped in the air, his legs sliding apart, his hands throwing in the ball with all his power, and landing with his hands on the net, before throwing a back flip twice, everyone clapped and cheered. I stood up and smiled. I was about to go and hug me when I noticed that everyone was back on their seats. The next fantastic goal he scored was a far length throw into the opponent net, just after being passed the ball near his courts. It was amazing. He just jacked up the ball in the air and voom, it entered into the net.


At school, I and Nick became very close. He was able to convince Freddy, the guy who sat next to me to give up his seat and move over to his. It was easy convincing him because he was Nick’s right hand man. He was the guy I saw when Nick was talking to Olivia at her locker. The both of them were pretty very close with 3 other guys that made their cliques complete. The first time I hung out with them was on a Friday night after class. I told my mom that I was having girls night at Olivia’s house with some group of friends. She asked with a frown if jenny was coming over and I told her no. I could feel her gaze in my direction. She knew. She had to know that I was lying. I texted nick immediately I got into the house, asking him to pick me up and hour later. Olivia had her boyfriend when I came in, so I knew I was ruining the moment. But then I was better than her mom who always performed her melodrama whenever she saw a guy. She always wanted to make a good impression. I didn’t stay in the living room. I entered her room and sat on chair, reading a book on her study desk. I heard clamouring , footsteps, laughter, few yells and silence. I looked at her open drawer, starring at a bikini, wondering what it felt like to put it on. Then my eyes darted to a Japanese inscription on the book. It was inscribed on the front page of the book.

The door knob turned, immediately I looked at the door and Olivia entered inside. She was wearing her black jumpsuit in a shinning lipstick. She ran in and shut the door angrily. She sat on the bed. I could hear a mimicked laughter from the living room and the sound of TV. She looked at me and spoke quickly;

Nick’s here.” And then hushed down in silence.

” you gonna tell me what’s going on?”

God…..uuuuum.. Mum is so unbelievable! I mean what’s wrong in being in a relationship with a guy? How can she just come like that? First Nick, then Paul, then Joddy and now Landy.. Why can’t she just learn that we aren’t sharing bf.. And she wasn’t go near my boyfriend as I stay away from her husband?” She said ‘husband’ As though he wasn’t her dad.. As though her mom was stealing her boyfriend. As though her mom was among her clique of jealous girls that like to compete among themselves.

She moved downstairs after her phone rang for the 2nd time. She didn’t pick it. It was Nick. She waited for the call to end before moving outside.

I followed her. We moved past the kitchen, laundry room, bathroom and then the small hallway. We passed the living room and there I saw her mom and her bf laughing over a bottle of champagne and pop corn with the Tv on. Neither of them saw us. I could feel the steam of anger rising in Olivia’s face. But I moved over at the door. Nick closed the door after saying a quick hello to Olivia which she didn’t respond.

Nick’s house is a far distance from mine. I tucked myself inside the car as we passed my parents house. There was silence as Alicia keys song was playing on the stereo. The only time we talked was when Nick said; ” you’re gonna love my friends. They’re smart ass pricks.” He said as he made the final left turn and then parked the car at the garage.

His dad was reading news papers and smoking. His classes pushed slightly above the ridges of his nose.

Ignore him.” Nick whispered in my ear as we moved past him. Nick’s house was a nice building. It was a brick house and I’d never see one before. I used my hands to feel the sturdy surface of the wall. It was as though something was pushed against the house.

His mom was wiping her hands on a towel. Her face became very discoloured in the luminescent light bulb. On the walls were stashed collection of swords and knives. A sword fish was placed at a long end above their fire place.

Nick, honey!” His mom said.

Three guys were in the dining room playing Chess in the dining room. The guy on hood had a long scar on his right arm. The two other guys didn’t seem much different. I heard a guy yell;

Bet I win again.” He said rolling up his sleeves.

Na bro, checkmate!” The other guy yelled.

” Fuck! My king.. Eric…… What did you do?”

Netan, chill bro…. You took your eyes of the ball.. You took out my rookie, and I took out your king.” Eric said with a smirk on his face. Before turning around to see I and Nick…

God, just in time! I just won my first round with Netan and we made a bet of one thousand dollars to whoever wins.”

Nick smiled. I lean on him as I walked to the seat. It was though I would fall.. My feet seemed to loose it grips but I didn’t fall.

Nick introduced me to the guys and in turn said to me;

“Grace, this is Eric, Netan, and Smilv.”

Eric, the guy with the tat was the guy I saw at school.. He was Nick’s right hand… He didn’t have the politeness of a gentleman. He had this demeaning look.. I know I’m not good at reading people but then the look in his eyes.

Netan wasn’t easily read. I knew him at my school.. He played basketball with Nick but wasn’t as good as Nick. His grasps on my hand when we shook was neutral. It wasn’t weak, neither was it firm. It wasn’t as firm as Eric. Netan was a grade higher than both me, eric, and Nick.

Smilv was a natural ladies man. He was smiling when he held my hands and flushed when he said that I’m beautiful.

Soon, we went continued playing. Nick and Eric played their round of chess. It was a tight draw. They replayed again and Nick won. Smilv played with Eric and he tried to cheat on many occasions. He used his pawn to hit Eric’s bishop.. He made two plays with his rookie and bishop. Eric smiled when he saw him do this.

I guess I win, right Smilv?” Smilv wanted to argue but then didn’t upon seeing Eric ‘ Don’t give me that crap’ look. And he just held his wrist together in mock surrender.

They played again and this time, Eric won again.. Eric removed 6 of his Pawns with his rooks and queen while smilv removed only removed Eric’s 3 pawns and a Knight. Smilv played a castling movement, moving his king and a rook. Eric played his bishop which was already out of the other half, alongside his rook. Eric played and smiled and said ” Check!” Smilv, looking confused, looked at the game squarely and looked up at Eric before using his rook to remove Eric’s rook, leaving his king exposed. Eric used his bishop to remove the king.. He took his time laughing, saying gibberish things I couldn’t hear.

Netan didn’t play. He just sat and watched. I looked at the wall by the flower base, and saw pictures of Nick’s dad in an army uniform with some other bunch of officers. One of the men standing, had his left arm chopped off. A guy squatting in the photograph had his left eye pinned inside in a hellacious manner as though his eyes were pulled out from the socket. A guy standing 3 feet from Nick’s dad had his right leg bandaged with a flake of a deep cut oozing out.

An award frame was directly under the wall portrait. It was then I knew that his name is Danny.

Just as I kept starring, Nick whispered in my ear;

I guess I forgot to mention that my dad is..” I saw his mom stare from the kitchen angrily..

I mean was a solider… My mom isn’t proud of it and neither am I… I know it’s cool to hear that your dad fought in the America Taliban War.. But he he got wrecked after that. It’s been 20 years since the war, Just the year my mom got pregnant for me. She didn’t want my dad fighting in the war. She tells me how every time she would have PTSD for days and months whenever he went on a war mission. She could stand his addiction to drugs and alcohol but not the war.. She couldn’t handle the feeling of knowing that your husband could die.. Yeah, people die from all other loads of stuff but going to war was a deliberate signing a warrant of death.. She always tell how he would put her off with his jokes and kiss whenever she told him to resign.. Then when she got pregnant, she thought he would stay, but no he didn’t.. Not even for his son.. He told mum that he was doing it for the good of the country but she knew it was mere obsession. She was so angry when she found out that he didn’t resign .. He had promised after numerous fights that involved her leaving the house that he would resign.. He even made a call in her presence to his office about turning in his appointment letter and mom told me that she heard a voice say, , all good. Mom even spoke to the man on the phone, telling him that she was pregnant and about her PTSD.. The voice assured her that his resignation was effective with full payments.. Only for her to go through his phone months later and discovered a letter from Washington DC sent to him, asking him to remember his training the next day for the Taliban war.. Giving location and time.. She never asked dad about it and a week later, dad snuck out, leaving her a letter on the bed about he going to fight the Taliban war, how he couldn’t just sit by and do nothing while his brothers fight the war..Hell, mum didn’t understand while dad would choose to be tortured , blasted by bombs and possibly get killed than being with his wife and son? Mum tore the paper into shreds and didn’t pick dad’s call. She believed and knew he wouldn’t die but he betrayed her.. A week after, she was called by a hospital that her husband was just brought in by the military ambulance.. Mum was told that dad was in a pretty bad shape. And true to it, she saw lying on a hospital with thousand of badly injured bandaged soldiers.

Mum recalled the disgust she felt after the doctor told her that her husband was a hero.. He survived but then his smile faded and he told mom that dad had suffered traumatic brain injury.. Mom recalled to me how twice he tried jumping off the roof of his house. Another time he tried burning the house.. She told me that dad became a beast after that war. He got into fights unprovoked. He even beat mom twice. The first time was because she wasn’t at home early and so he had to wait outside and after she came in and he silently entered, he began beating her.. He even pointed a pocket knife at her. Luckily the neighbors called the cops and he was arrested for weeks but it didn’t stop him from assaulting officers and other prisoners. He even shot himself with a gun in the head but they were able to save him and he got a metal plate in his head.. Mum even found that he had been doing drugs.. A whole lump of cocaine and marijuana was found in his closet.. With different posters of naked girls which were crossed with a red marker.. He was taken to a psychiatric home after his trial for 3 years before coming home.”

Nick crossed his eyes, moving away towards the guys after relaying the story while I stood in a mounted position. I saw his dad stare at me. A blank stare that I couldn’t make of it’s meaning before looking over at the TV.

That night, I was curled in Nick’s bed. The guys left. Smilv kissed my fist as he said goodbye to me. Netan shook hands with Nick and they laughed about the evening. Not the whole of it, just the part where a guy grabbed a lady’s butt and the lady gave him a knock out punch and the way the guy stiffed and the lady used the tip of her right index finger to poke his nose and he fell straight on, almost snapping his neck.. Everyone on the street had according to netan, thought it was some performance and yelled and clapped while the lady walked off the side walk. Nick added;

Guy had his wrist watch, phone , wallets and even his clothes taken off him and he didn’t even stir.. No, not even when a dog pissed on him.

Before the dog piss on him, I thought he was dead, not until those punk kids touched him and said silently that he was still breathing as not to wake him up before they took his stuff and ran away and then that stray dog piss on him.. The way the guy jerked up, looked disdained at the dog, looked at the taunting people and then looked over his body, noticing he was stark naked with even his boxer ripped from under him… The way he ran into the Convenience store nearby, hugging himself with his dick flapping out was so funny.. “

Nick and I lay together on his bed, our warm bodies wrapped together. We faced each other and kissed, giggling and laughing. He put his finger into my mouth and I licked it and laughed. I had never had sex before, yet when I mounted on him, and rubbed him, it was as though I did it all my life. I was moaning, laughing, jumping crying. I wanted more of him. I grabbed him by the neck and kept kissing and soon I fell asleep.

A loud clatter woke me up. It was still dark. The faint voices were stark clear. I heard gun sound, as though someone was reloading his gun. Foot steps weren’t heard. But I could see shadows moving under the door.

Danny, what are you doing carrying a gun to Nick’s room.. You can’t go on crazy before his girlfriend. “

Well she’s the one am after.. She’s a threat and she has to be eliminated.. She is oblar’s daughter. He’s the head of the Taliban group. ” He said, clicking his gun.

I jerked Nick up but he kept pushing, and even faced the other direction, as he pulled the blanket on his body.

My heart skipped on hearing the loud knock on the door. I heart whispers, and a dead silence. I could see a figure walking into the room quickly and quietly. I wanted to turn on the light but the figure pointed a gun in my face and before I knew it, bullets were shot in a frenzy. Loud clatter of bullets piercing and shattering but not of it landed in my direction. I closed my eyes to what was happening and kept on screaming before I knew it, I found myself pushed under a heavy drawer. It was fallen on me. There was little movement. I heard a voice ;

“I killed her. Oblar’s daughter is dead.. You don’t have to worry about her anymore.”

I heard a male voice. He was crying, saying how he saw her get blown up with her father, only for her to be seen with her son.. ” You believe me don’t you, honey.. I’m not insane.” I didn’t hear a response.. The door just snapped open and was shut almost immediately. Few minutes later, the drawer was pulled away and Nick gave me a hand and I reached out to grab it and we both hugged each other with my sobs pouring out. Nick put his finger on my lips to hush me and I started moaning.

The next morning, I got up very early. Nick was still asleep. I put on my clothes. It was 7am. I headed down, running like I was in a marathon race. My heart kept skipping. I didn’t know when I bumped into Nick’s dad who was holding a cup of coffee. I wanted to keep running but I tripped and fell. I tried bracing myself up with a leg of a chair and then I saw him come closer in my direction. I was paralyzed. I started screaming, closing my eyes. But I was lifted up from the ground. I heard him asking me if I was okay but I didn’t respond. I just ran outside, past Nick’s mom who was watering the garden and I headed for a cab that took me back home.

Mum was out by her car when I arrived back at home. She had just gotten out like she forgot something, about to make a call when I moved in. She smiled the minute she saw me;

Good morning grace, how did your night out with your boyfriend turn out?”

She held her mouth. She wasn’t supposed to spill out that she knew about her daughter’s whereabout. She wanted to track me till I was caught caging against the wall.. She wanted me stunned by discovery of what she knew about me. Now she blew it.

I didn’t act shock. Nothing really shook as much as the events of last night, leading up to the morning. I quickly apologized and then entered inside. Dad was sitting by the fire place.. In his silk pyjayet. and with his scrubby look, he looked like grandfather.. The 60year old version. I never met him though. He was dead before â„ą was born.. I only saw him in a picture hung on the wall.. But now it didn’t matter.. I was so glad to have a father that wasn’t insane.. I didn’t have a big hero father that fought for America. I hugged him, wrapping my hands around him.. He smelled like pillow.. I didn’t let go. Closed my eyes to smell the early morning sunrise, to feel it’s warmth.. Finally I pulled back and patted my dad’s hair. He didn’t say anything. He just smiled.

That evening, Nick sent tons of text messages, apologizing for the previous evening.. He called and I sent it to voice mail. I couldn’t face him, at least not yet.

On Monday, I ran into Olivia durning lunch hour.. We hadn’t had much catching up since that Friday.. We had just finished Math Class. She was talking to Joyce and jenny when I bumped into her.

” Hey you.” She said as I tripped and fell. She pulled me up and I starred at her. Neither Joyce or jenny spoke to me.

“Thanks.” I finally said.

” Thank goodness I finally found you.. Nick said I should give you this.. He said it’s to make it up to you.”

I took the music notes paper.

He’s auditioning today at the music theatre. He wants to sing with you.”

I was stunned. So stunned was I that the paper slipped off my fingers and landed on my legs.

By the time I recovered, Olivia and her friends were gone. Along with them was my money, my watch and my jewelries. My locker key was also taken and I knew that before I got there, my phone too would be taken..

I moved, clouded by many thoughts, not noticing the poking laughter from other people. The laughter resounded with the pointing fingers but I couldn’t make out the faces. Finally, I slipped and a pie was thrown in my face and I fell. The laughter rang on the floor. It didn’t stop. No, until Nick pulled me up and we entered into the basketball court gym. There was lockers all over the place. Guys tying towels, walking about shirtless made me gag. But it wasn’t as much as the laughter. I wondered why? Not until I looked in the mirror and saw lots of sharpie drawings on my face with different colours. gibberish small letters were drawn on my forehead. My face looked carved. My nose wasn’t coloured but the two sides of my face were. I could still see streaks of colours drawn on my legs and arm with gibberish inserted in different position. I screamed so loudly. I had a hard time removing them but in the end with the help of a lemon juice which Nick got from the hallway, the stains went off quickly. I watched as he used a white handkerchief, smeared in lemon juice and scrubbed it on my face. It felt slimy. I looked at myself in the mirror. There were faint specks of sharpie drawings and colours.. They looked like shadows, really creepy but it didn’t match the creepy chill I got when one of those basketball wienies plopped behind a locker and yelled;

This is for all YouTube viewers out there. Today video is about a crazy girl at school.. You can follow us at Prank Masters DM for more videos. ” he ended the clip before looking at me through the mirror;

” You’re famous brat lady.. Video of your collapsing at the hallway and the sharpie prank has been posted on YouTube.. And 730 views in less than 2 hours since it was uploaded, so welcome aboard.” He jumped out and ran off.

For a moment I starred, with liquid fire ragging on the inside. My hands shook and it squeezed the plastic bottle which contained the lemon juice. It was though I was chancing into a monster like the way Barry changes to hulk the moment he gets real angry. I could feel my veins stacked out in my neck, my brain exploding with ragging fire, my thigh posting. But no. The only sound Nick heard was my loud fart and my moaning after he jerked me.

“I got an idea.” Nick said.

Nick, hold on I gotta tell you something… They stole my money, my phone, my jewelries…Good mom is gonna kill me.. They’re actually hers.. God!” I yelled, tugging at my hair.

” Then follow me. ” he said.

He raced out of the gym and ran downstairs. He flew over the staircases. I’d never see such athleticism before. I could see the bewildered look on people’s face when he flew past them , almost bumping into them. A guy who was carrying lumps of books that were so high that It overshadowed him was hurled to the ground after Nick flew past him. I ran after him. The wind blew in my face.. So did lots of images of people, and doors and lockers.. It was as though everything and everyone around me was in a fast forward. Then a pause. He jerked me still after he entered a dark room.. Nobody was there. In front of us was a book shelf. It was so big.. So many books. The shelf was very tall. Nick pushed a book on the shelf and it split open. And I saw a staircase.

This is the underground basement. It is used as a hide out in case of a shoot out or a bomb blast. But we’ve never had one of those so it has never been used. So many people don’t know about this place save a few guys I’d like you to meet.” He said as we walked down the stairs.

Well he was right. The tunnel’d lead us to the basement. It was more like my house basement. There was tons of stuff in here. Couches thrown in an upside position, coffee stained mugs. There was a plate of half eaten sandwich on the floor, near a saucer fallen face down. The place had numerous smell that I couldn’t place. The smell of dirty laundry, mixed with a strong masculine stench , plus the smell of really sweaty people and the smell of whatever was lying dead around the corner choked me.

Then 3 guys came in. I could hear their faint voices;

Shit! Someone have spotted our secret hideout.. We are getting suspended!”

shhh… quiet I hear something.”

It was my stomach growling. The dead silence made even a little whisper loud.

They came to where I and nick were. We didn’t move from where we were. There was literally no place to go.

The first guy broke the awkward silence. He extended his right hand for a shake.

” what’s up AJ?” Nick said, shaking him.

Hey! So you’ve finally brought her to our secret hideout.”

“It’s not really a hideout. No, not when half the school knows about it.” 2nd guy said.

Shut up joe, do you have to be logical about everything? ” 3rd guy said, before throwing a playful jab on his shoulder. Then he looked at me and said;

” You’ve got blue eyes.. Love girls with blue. ” And then realizing himself, looked at Nick and said:

Sorry, didn’t mean to hit on your girlfriend.”

There was a sad look on Nick’s face when he said that and I couldn’t place why neither did I care.

The third guy introduced himself as Max and the other two as Aj and Joe. They all had Peculiar traits. AJ was muscular and tall, Max was tall and very thin. He was so thin that two of him together won’t give Aj body mass. Joe was short and pudgy. He wasn’t so fat and as if he read my mind, he told Max;

Wow, can’t believe I lost three pounds.”

Aj looked at Nick and said;

So what brings you here man? You’ve been keeping our hideout a secret, guess we owe you one?”

Nick staggered a little bit before speaking;

Man, some dutch bags at school have been putting my lady in a bad space and I need to teach them a lesson?”

what guys?” Joe asked

Didn’t you…. Never mind” Nick said, cut himself off.

” Yeah, I know you, you’re the famous lady on YouTube who got drooled on by a guy, and had sharpie marks drawn on your face. To be honest it was very funny.. That video has gotten 900 views already. More than enough to last a whole year.” AJ said, looking at me. He started laughing but stopped dead the moment he saw Nick’s eyes

I took a deep breathe before adding;

They took my stuff when I passed out and I need to get them back, I need your help.”

” Well, the guy who owns the youtube channel where the video of your girlfriend was posted is our classmates. Always like poking fun.. He did same to us. His name is Sam.” Max said.

As soon as Max said his name, my mind clicked back to his fallout with Mr Benson in Class.

” Why do you think we hide from everyone at school? We got punked by him and his crew at the school prom last year after they dragged us butt naked in front of everyone at school. Dutch bag even videoed it and put it on his youtube channel, and I guessed half of everyone at school did same too. We were so high. On the video, we were all smiling and holding our dick in front of the camera.”

Yeah I could never forget that day.. I was the prom king and lyida was the prom queen.. I would never forget the stunned look on lyida’s face.” Nick said

” Probably one of the reasons she left the school the following year.” Max said.

Well, I’ve been looking for ways to make the bastard pay and I think I know a way.. I have a leaked video which he made of Mr Benson and the principal fucking each other.. Their heads were big in the video and their bodies looked so small. They even had baby pampers on.. Let me turn on my phone. ” Aj said, as he unlocked his phone.

Crazy family secrets. Grace Tales 1

I stared at my mom, at the same time my eyes focused on the light that shone in my mom’s bathroom. It kept glistering. It was bright gold.

I eased my way from the door and watched her enter. She didn’t shut the door. She carried Abby into her bedroom I kept on starring until she shoved me aside before I remembered myself. I didn’t know why I starred, perhaps the shock of what I found in the trunk startled me. I mean how could I tell her that Memo was doing drugs and had been arrested by the cops. But then I knew I didn’t have to.

I moved outside and went to the garage. It was open. Mum didn’t like it shut, well dad did.

I moved towards the backseat of the car and opened the door and then I noticed that the plastic bag had the Woodbine centre label instead of the De Peres Centre label where we normally by groceries. Dad loved that place, and I guess we all did too.

I took the bags inside, walking slowly as though my feet were heavy.

Mum didn’t say much to me. She did notice me though, kept walking at a crisped angle as though I was a plague. She didn’t go peering at the groceries, like she would have done. She didn’t mind that I didn’t shut the door, something she would have barked out at me.

I just watched her as she went slowly and painstakingly inside and brought out a couple of dirty clothes, throwing them inside the washing machine, turning it on and moving into the kitchen to get herself a glass of water with her pain killer tablets.

Marcy walked in just as the machine dinged. Mum came out with a basket and walked hastily to the laundry room which was close by the stairs. I watched her enter inside, shutting the door, and then coming out almost immediately. Both I and Marcy were still starring. She was few metres from me when Marcy yelled out;

” Mum, Memo has been arrested by the cops.”

And this statement stopped Mum’s tracks. It stunned her. She turned around and moved towards Marcy and gave her hard thuds on the face.

I was too stunned to do anything. I had never seen this desperation in Marcy’s voice. She looked at her, then turned to face me. I could hear her groan laughter. I watched her dash upstairs.

Marcy fell on the couch. I wanted to hold her, hug her and tell her that everything would be okay but then I could sense this righteous vindictiveness.

Memo had always been termed the good child. He was quiet, never getting into trouble. He seemed more ambitious than me and Marcy.

Once, I heard him telling dad;

You know dad, I wanna make you and mum proud. I wanna be a pilot, so I would take you both round the world. We will go to London. I know mom loves going to London. I don’t wanna disappoint you.”

And I believed him. I was watching Barney on TV that day. I could never forget that day. It was on a Sunday Morning. We didn’t go to church. Mum usually went for the early mass by 7am. As for the rest of us, we never did.

Mum hurriedly came out dressed in an orange top and a black pant. I could hear the dangling of the keys. Then I heard the TV turn on. Marcy had turn the TV on and guess who was on TV? My Dad!.

A Reporter was live on TV with my dad at a cafeteria. They sat opposite each other. The Reporter goes asking the big question;

Wow, it’s been hours since the cops made an arrest on your son.. What do you have to say?.”

My dad laughed, smiled and took a sip of his coffee before replying;

Well I got nothing to loose, he ain’t my son.”

Before I could grasp the shock of what he said, I saw my Mom and Marcy walking out of the living room. I wanted to run after them but something glued me where I stood. The front door was wide open and I watched them leave.

I turned and entered inside and then I noticed that the TV was again unplugged from the socket. I was moved beyond surreal at the way she could still remember to turn the TV off in the midst of the chaos.

I sat still, looking at the window, remembering my father’s words;

Well I got nothing to loose, he ain’t my son.”

Those words cut me in half. I didn’t know why. So many thoughts rattled in my head.

He probably wanted to protect his image.. “

He wants the media attention…”

Maybe it was his way of mocking mom.”

I could imagine him jeering at mom, publicly mocking Memo in prison.

I turned around on hearing the clatter in the kitchen. I ran in there and saw cutleries and cereal boxes and a broken jelly jar on the floor. Mum would literally kill me. Those were the groceries she bought.

I didn’t pick anything up. Instead I heard a chiming on the right side of the cupboard. I opened it and saw an I pod. It was dark blue. I picked it and swiped it open. No password. She didn’t hide it in the normal place where she hid everything else.

There was a long passage in the I pod. It wasn’t that long, probably 30 pages. It looked like she started writing it weeks ago.

I scrolled up and started reading….

I lived in L.A. with my parents. I was the only child.

My memories of everything began when I was fourteen. My father was a doctor, my mum a lecturer at the University of California, Los Angeles. We lived there with our neighbors, Frank and Esther. Frank was a doctor who worked at the hospital where my dad worked and Esther worked at a shopping mall. They had a kid, Olivia. She was a year older than me.

At first we didn’t talk to our neighbors. I never thought of knocking on their door. Until one evening, I was asleep in our couch and I noticed some men dressed in firefighters uniform with fire extinguishers. One of the men pulled me away and took me to my almost wary parents who held me. I’d never see them hold me that way before.

My mum kept calling my name in between tears;

Grace! Grace!!.”

My dad didn’t say anything. I could feel the throbbing in his chest. It was as though I was lying in a hospital bed and they were watching me take my last breath.

The house wasn’t completely burnt down. But we didn’t stay there for 2 days. We stayed over at Frank and Esther place.

The Next day after the burnt down, I could remember getting up early in the morning and hearing my dad say to frank;

Thanks for calling 911.”

Yeah… What are neighbors for.”

Soon the police will be up with the news. And I think the police had already figured out that our toaster is faulty. I used it and I must have forgot to turn it off.” My dad said.

Yeah, at least you have insurance covering up the damage.”

I heard little murmuring which resulted in laughter.

Just as I wanted to clear my head a little, I saw Olivia stretching on the bed. I didn’t feel comfortable sharing a bed with her cause I never shared a bed with anyone.

I saw her mom walk into the room in her orange pyjamas..

Good morning mom.”

“Good morning olivia.” And then she turned over and looked at me and said;

Morning Grace.”

Not waiting for a response, she told us to get ready for school.

Few of my clothes were hurriedly packed in a bag that was kept on top Olivia’s wardrobe. I picked out a pink dress and a silk pant.

Olivia had gone into the bathroom and that gave me plenty of time to look into her bag and then I noticed a rolled up stonehenge paper and I remembered our assignment that Mr Benson had given us to draw the map of the United States of America. It was an assignment that I spent 2 nights drawing, only for it to be burnt in fire.

I saw her room for the first time. It had a lovely smell and a fine rug kept by the end of the bed. I could see some photos that were stuck on the mirror of her dresser. Pictures she took on the beach with a guy, her boyfriend I guess. He was the average muscular guy in blue shorts. Pictures she took at a girl scout. Personal pictures with drunk friends at a party. She had two personal pictures. In one she was younger, no older than 8 years old and the other, more older. Next to these photo was the picture of a girl, slender in a red gown, her hands were raised and she was smiling.

Olivia came out about the same time I turned around from looking at the mirror. She had a white towel tied around her waist. She moved pass me and went to take a dress from her closet. She didn’t say a word to me.

I moved away took off my clothes in the bathroom and started running the shower but stood afar off. I heard thuds, stumps, whispers and then silence.

I came out from the bathroom after a quick shower with my bra and underwear on. I moved over to the side of the bed and grabbed a gray shirt and a pant and put them on. I wanted to try on Olivia’s makeup but after running the red lipstick over my lips, I put it down and took a comb and ran it in a straight curve on my head.

I didn’t stay long cause I knew I would still look like a hot mess so I ran downstairs.

Olivia was already walking out the door, her mum blowing kisses and telling her to stay safe. My parents were already out. The dinning room smelt of pancakes and Maple syrup and beacon and eggs.

I didn’t have my school bags so I was going to school with nothing.

I entered my class. Everyone was starring at me. It so crazy how news spread out. I sat by the door, my usual spot when Mr Benson walked in. I thought he would send Mrs Jackie to carry on for him as he sometimes did but here he was. He couldn’t wait to send people to detention.

Good evening Class.” He retreated.

Good evening Mr Benson.”

” Before I begin, I wanna say two things; I’ve finally proposed to Mrs Jackie….”

Everyone growled at the same time. I looked over, reading their expression on their faces:

” Duh, of all the guys to get married to.” Shawn, the guy who sat three seats from me

Oh the proud prick, what a show off.” Joyce, the girl behind me read.

And finally, a voice broke out in the silence;

” Seriously what does Mrs Jackie see in his Shriveled dick?”

And everyone turned to Sam’s direction. There was a quick silence and then laughter. Normally, whenever a student cracked a joke about a teacher’s bald head, or his ugly moustache, or draw a dog face, raising it up in class when a teacher was in class, the teacher would just something funny to get back at the joker or send him to detention but not Mr Benson. He had other plans.

Before I knew it, I heard pounding fist. I turned and watched Mr Benson as he beat the shit out of Sam. It was fast and slow at the same time. It stopped as soon as it started. Then, I saw Olivia walk into the classroom. I didn’t know she was in my class. She walked to her seat and everyone kept starring at her. Not that she was in anyway attractive but everyone was caught up in the moment.

Mr Benson was so angry that he walked out of the classroom. He didn’t ask for our project and well that was a good thing , well for me.

I watched Sam walk out of the classroom and it left a breath of a little relief

Durning lunch time, I ran out. There was much shouting and running outside. I took my time and walked out the front door when the class was empty. Mrs Jackie , our class teacher starred at me. She pushed the ridge of her glasses up a little.

I had just walked a little down the hall when I saw Olivia and two guys standing. I heard someone shout ” Grace” from an unknown direction. I decided to move close to where she was standing.

The guy Olivia stood close to had honey comb eyes. He seemed flustered when he spoke.

” Benson whipped his ass big time.”

Bro we gotta get in line… Lunch hour will soon be over.”

Man, get in line for me.. Make sure you grab a soda too.”

I watched the other walk away. Olivia and the guy started talking;

Well Nick, I have this awesome party planned out on Saturday at my house.. It’s strictly based on invite and am inviting you.”

” I have this game night with my buddies this Saturday but well I could always cancel.” Nick said and then took out his phone typed quickly and then I heard the beep.


And with that the bell rang.

” Oh just great.” I yelled.

Grace, what a surprise. ” Olivia said.

I watched the stare Nick gave on my face. He was skeptical, using his eyes to scan me and then looked away at two girls bending down to grab something from their lockers which was near each other and a boy riding on a skateboard rode behind them and grabbed their butts and just as he was laughing, his skateboard tripped on a banana peel, sending him crashing on the stairs.

Everyone ran downstairs to check on him. Murmured laughter rang in my ears cause Mr Wick, our science teacher was coming.

Mr Wick didn’t stop to look at what happened. He just entered into my Class we filled in behind him.

After school, I went to my locker to get a chocolate bar when I saw a note that read;

Hi Grace, call me. Nick.”

I saw his number near his text. I didn’t call him off course. I was a little tired after the whole class lecture which lasted for 2 hours but even after I got home, I didn’t still call him and I lost his contact.

The next day, I was woken up by the noise of the door which was pushed open. It was Mrs Esther. I rubbed my sleepy eyes just in time to catch a glimpse of Olivia hurled on the floor. I noticed her phone falling off the table and hitting her and she immediately jumped up. She looked at me and then looked at her mom who was still standing by the door. Her eyes were red. It was so creepy when she starred at me with those eyes.

I heard her phone beep and I watched her open it and the next thing I knew, she started screaming. She was so horrified.

Can’t believe I slept that long! God am a fuckin weasel.. The party is starting soon and am not ready, not fuckin ready.. What are my friends gonna think? What was I thinking when I was throwing the party? I can’t do anything. “

The Phone beeped again and this time she smashed it on the wall. She then took a deep breathe. I watched her enter the bathroom and come out almost immediately before moving out of the room. Her mom walked out of the room the same time She left.

I heard a mimicked laughter downstairs and I came downstairs watching my Dad and Mr Frank making fun of a crying baby on T.V. and they kept laughing and asking themselves whom they sound like.

My Dad mimicked my mom’s laughter and Frank told him it’s the laughter of a chimpanzee.

My dad laughed and nodded at my mom, with his eyebrow raised in her direction, as though trying to point her to someone without her noticing like the way they do in action movies. But he wanted her to notice and she’d notice.

You laugh like an ape.” Frank said laughing and mom was super pissed. I could see it in her eyes.

I looked over my mom and watched Olivia come inside with 2 girls. I saw her mom enter inside about the same time Frank turned around to look at the 2 girls who walked in. There was quick nods, quick hellos, brief chuckles and the three of them ran upstairs, almost pushing me down in the process. It was quick, the pull and thud of the door, and the brash shutting clasped a thud in my face, leaving me terrified.

I decided to follow my mom for grocery shopping with Mrs Esther. She took both of us in her car.

It was a fifteen minute drive. I could hear my mom sigh when her phone rang and she looked at it. It rang again but my mom didn’t answer. Olivia’s mom gave my mom that stare that spelt;

If I were you, I’d pick up the phone. “

And as if mom understood that look, she replied in English;

Not in a life time.”

It’s phil”

Can you believe that he was mocking me before frank? Like he totally did that. He didn’t even try to defend me when frank called my voice a chimpanzees.”

Mrs Esther only chuckled. She kept driving.

Wow, I took a glance at your house yesterday and well I most say it’s looking really good though.. Am sure you can’t wait to move back in.” She said..

I don’t know though.. I’m so happy that the fire didn’t cause a major damage.”

We stopped at venos store to buy the groceries. They picked out a lot of stuffs. I wheeled the cart where all the bought stuffs where kept in. We moved to the counter and the woman kept clicking computers, and I could hear the beeping when she took an item and faced it to a computer before yelling;

That be 600 dollars and 20 cents.”

After the man in front in an open neck jacket paid, Olivia’s mom paid next and we got back to the car.

Before heading home, Mrs Esther drove into a saloon to get her hair and nails done. Mum decided to get her’s done as well. I sat at the a third empty seat watching the Saloon owners get to work. I could see how flustered mom was. She would curl her hair and laugh. I would see the 2nd woman who was doing mom’s hair grab a soda and the first woman jokingly said;

That’s the 5th bottle of soda you have finished today. You want to kill yourself?.”

Seriously I can’t help it Sophie.”

Well, I will not watch you kill yourself, Jamie. Am throwing away all that stuff.”

” No way, you can’t do that. “

They didn’t say anything else again until Jamie, the second lady, took a newspaper that spread on the floor and then looked into it and said;

Black guy gunned down by white cops in his car.. He was shot 15 times.. Police officers at the scene said he was moving his hands into his Glover compartment when stopped by police and he refused to cooperate and show them his drivers licence when the cops asked for it and he even threatened to dead them if they don’t get the fuck away from him, and so they shot him, thinking he was reaching for his gun but it was his phone.”

That’s one hell of a bastardized lie.. I’m sure the cops made up their minds to kill him after he told them off and they cooked this trash about him being uncooperative and stuff.. I’m sure he didn’t reach for his glover compartment.. It’s fuckin racists.” Sophie said, putting a black jel on Olivia’s mom hair. Nothing else was said for another minutes before 2 women walked in with their cats. The women looked mid forties. I watched them as they moved in and sat down on a long seat. One of the women had a bulgy cheek, the size of a bull dog. I watched her use her eyes to look at Jamie and Sophie and then I heard her say so loudly;

These ladies are no good.. They smell like skunks.. These African American faggots. Come on lets get the fuck out of here.”

I watched the cat wriggle it’s way out of one of the women and ran after a mice that was lurking near the seat of both women. Not long after did the mice climb up the hair of one of the women and as the woman was screaming, the cat jumped on the woman. The rat jumped on the second woman and the cat jumped on her as well. Both women were hurled down and slipped crashed into a chair and both the chair and a bucket of blue paint that was on it fell on both of them. I could hear Jamie’s cringing laughter almost at once.

The women looked more petrified when their hands slid down their faces. I steadied myself on my seat as though trying to get a great view of a film. The women turned around and left. The amused astonishment on my face silenced my laughter but deep down I was overjoyed.

We left the saloon and went back home. It was 6pm when we got back. Olivia and the two girls had just moved out from the house in gray blue mini jacket and a blue shorts with sneakers.

“One hell of a party.” Mrs Esther said, shutting the driver door.

The girls moved to the next house opposite my parent’s house.

I moved behind the girls staying few meters apart. A guy was by the door in a slim fit suit. A few meters long line was at the door. You needed to be checked out before entering. I was almost smiling cause I was certain that I would be checked in but all that smile faded when I heard him yell out:

No invite Card, no entry!.”

I watched how he kept pushing backward. People kept sticking out a purple cards up in the air before entering. The line kept moving till I saw him push Olivia and the other two girls backwards. They moved again and he pushed Olivia on the chest and yelled;

No card, no entry. “

The third girl with Olivia wanted to say something but Olivia waved her hands up in the air, shushing her up. I watched her open her green pursue and brought out her Phone and said loudly to the girls;

Lesson 1 : never leave your phone behind you never know when it will come in handy.”

I watched her dial numbers quickly and quickly voiced out;

Landy please I need security out here.. “

I saw a huge guy in a tuxedo walk outside and walked over to the guy and whispered in his ear and the guy replied loudly;

Fuck that… You know what, you guys are what’s fuckin wrong with these girls.. This bitch talks crazy to me and you’re supporting her.. Come on bro , am your guy, you should be supporting me.. Girls are just sex objects to fuck with..”

I’m not gonna say it twice.. Let her go.” Landy said.

The laughed but it was brevet of emotions.. It was as though he was memorizing it.

Guys! Guys!! So stupid! So you’re telling me you wanna fight me over this bitch? This toothless scum, this..”

Landy not waisting any time, knocked him out.

That’s no way to talk to a lady.” He said before moving over to Olivia and asked her if she was okay.. She stiffed her face in irritation before saying yes. I watched the smile creep into her face slowly.

May I?” He said, taking her hands into his. I watched him point at something on her wrist but I couldn’t tell what it was. I only heard her laughter and watched them both with the two other ladies, climb over the guy that stood at the door. Everyone at the door suddenly went into tumult. People raced inside. I joined them off course, pushing and shoving under people’s arms and armpits. Twice I was pushed back by two ladies and a guy in front. Everyone was rushing. The door was wide open and I feared that it would pull off from it’s hinges.

I tripped immediately I got in and I heard the door closed forcefully immediately a guy fell on me. I could hear raised voices outside. The guy got up and looked at me. I smiled. I knew the guy. It was the guy Olivia was with at school durning lunch hours. I could remember his name, Nick.

We went to grab a drink. He poured champagne in my glass cup before pouring into his. He smiled as he did that. In fact he smiled literally at everything. He would stare at a lady taking a selfie with a selfie stick and he would sneak behind, plop his neck behind her just as she took the shot. He did that more often than I could count. I often caught him starring at a ladies butt when we were talking. He didn’t talk much, couldn’t remember what we were talking about whenever he got distracted and would want to change the topic. It irked me but at the same time, it made me laugh.

He was a very observant guy. He’d notice a very tiny red dot on my neck. It was so small that it was my parents who noticed it. But the most thrilling of it was when he got up from his seat durning our conversation, (it was like the hundredth time he was doing that, and I was really becoming sick of it.) My eyes was thrown in his direction as I watched him move over to a lady in dark gray blue. She was about sipping a drink from a tall glass cup when he slapped it off her and it fell and splattered all over the floor. The bartender and everyone at the table all looked confused. A guy who was drinking lattice, poured it on his chest as he stared.

It’s poisoned.” He said loudly when a huge dude came over to punch him in the nose.

The lady’s dog jumped off from her laps and licked off some of the wine on the floor and it jerked and died. It was almost funny and quick. I thought the puppy dog was faking it but even after the lady screamed it’s name, it didn’t wake up. Security were immediately called in. Nick was told to give the full description of the guy whom he saw poisoning the drink and he did; 6 foot scruffy hair, blue eyes, white skin, dark suit, slender dark pants, purple tie, very slim and was seen putting on a Bandana Scarf and wore a sneakers. It was a little bizarrely hearing that this guy wore sneaker on suit but none of that mattered now. The party was kinda shut down because the cops were called in and I noticed how nervous everyone became.

I watched the cops enter inside the building. At first people didn’t really care. I mean I saw a girl move over to a cop, dragging him by the hand to the dance floor, using her hands to feel her nipples. A guy even barfed on another cop. That cop who got puked on, brought out his gun and shot it twice in the air and shouting at everyone to get outside.

I moved out behind Olivia. I couldn’t make out who she was in that blue short gown that was cut out in the middle and the crazy makeup and blue lipstick. I knew it wasn’t the outfit she wore the last time I saw her and her two friends before they entered inside the building.

The cops were hot heads. They weren’t looking for whoever tried to poison Syi, the lady who Nick saved. Her boyfriend who punched Nick was arrested for carrying an unlicensed gun. Nick was the one who told the cops. I wondered how he knew that. But I heard him pointing at the detachment of the serial number on the handgun. I heard the click of the cuffs on his wrist and they led him to the car and I heard Nick say loudly;

Pay back’s a bitch!”

I watch the cops round up guys who had drugs and unregistered guns on them. I saw Landy and the guy who stood by the door, the guy Landy beat up, his name was Austa. It turned out that this Austa was the guy who tried to kill Syi. The bartender who was one of those arrested for possession of drugs, rattled him out to the cops. And Nick too confirmed that he was the one. The bartender told the cops that he wanted to kill a girl who dissed him in front of everyone. She even called out a guy to beat him up. The bartender told the cops how Austa looked at Syi and had clenched his fist in rage on seeing her before moving outside. He told the cops that he didn’t see Austa after that.

A cop went and uncuffed the bartender and shoved him right back to where we stood. I could hear the blaring of sirens. The cops shut down the building and everyone was told to go home.

Olivia wasn’t perturbed at all about the previous night. She didn’t talk about it with her two friends who slept over in her room after the party , neither did she say a word to me. But I knew she saw me at the party after the police rounded everyone outside.

The only time I heard her talk about it was when one of her friend, jenny who plopped a pillow close to my face and said;

That Austa guy is one son of a bitch! He didn’t even recognize you and that’s sort of good, well it’d save your life.”

I’d see the wary look on Olivia’s face when jenny said that and she quickly replied;

Well none of it happened, right?.”

And When jenny said:

” Tonight served as a warning.. You gotta be careful, there are wackos all over the place. “,

Olivia told her to drop it. There was a still slience before joyce, her second friend brought out her phone and showed them something. Truth be told, I didn’t really know what it was, neither did I care the least. I was damn tired about how the evening went down. I had screamed, gasped, laughed, and almost shit myself. I even started praying to God after the cops showed up. Something I don’t think I ever do. The floating sounds of giggling and cracky throaty laughter and a sound from the phone trailed in my head till I fell asleep.

The next day, my mom entered inside Olivia’s room. Her gait blinded the light in the room. She was a huge broad for her age. Even though I knew we were moving back to our house, yet I was surprised when she said it.

Dad had his bag trailing at his side by the time I came out of Olivia’s room in my pink long sleeves and blue jeans. I had my school bag hung across my bag with few clothes in it. She didn’t still speak to me after my mom walked out of the room but I could hear her conversation with jenny;

I was just thinking, since yesterday’s party was kinda ruined, I was planning a girls night.. I will call Nick. And maybe you can call Landy.. And by the way, Grace, you’re invited.. That’s if you wanna show up.” Jenny’s face was heaved up with a sneer when she faced me to say that. Her face expression reading;

Not in a life time is that ever gonna happen.”

But much to my surprise, Olivia agreed.

Breakfast was Bacon, egg and cheese sandwich with bottles of coke. There was laughter at the table. My mom kept nudging Aunt Esther as she laughed. She didn’t seat close to my dad, and always tried to sideline him whenever he spoke. Like when my dad said that our house was good as new and that he couldn’t wait to go back to his bed with his wife, he said, leaning for a kiss, as he moved over to the empty seat that separated them, she pushed his face away and said that she would rather stick pins into her eyes than be anywhere near my dad. Everyone laughed. But it got a little bit more personal when mom started talking about how one time dad got so drunk that he was seen walking completely naked on the street with a stuffed bear tied around his private part. She went on to He was seen by a Kid’s mother, rubbing the stuffed bear on the little kid’s face so much that the boy began to try to rip off the stuffed bear from his waist.. My mom even said that he was heard by a passerby as he kept shouting ; ‘ here you go fag’, but what saved his ass was that his father was a damn good lawyer and a well connected one. Some guys that he helped in their cases involving the murder of a black guy in an arm robbery shooting at a local store. He got them all out of prison after 10 years.

Phil told me that his dad planted drugs in the car of those women, till today how he managed to find out who were at the scene, I’m sure it was those guys he got out of jail and the cops he paid off but those women never got any chance to testify. Tons of cocaine and marijuana were found in their cars. The mother of the boy had drugs in her desk at school. Mum told us that after arresting her, a call was made by the school authorities where she worked. A janitor who cleaned the school had discovered drugs in one of the lockers of her desk.

I would never forget the look on Frank’s face after mom relayed that story. I wanted to hear more about what happened to those women but I knew that mine was the last voice anyone wanted to hear. Olivia’s mom said nothing. We all just ate in silence, saying as little as we could to each other. The only voice I heard was when joyce said;

Thanks Aunt Esther.. Nice food.. I think we better get going and Olivia, tell me when next you plan doing something awesome. The party was amazing and so was the sleep over” I heard her chuckle and then she said finally;

see ya around Olivia.” and then got up. Jenny too got up, did a little gesture with her hands as she thanked Mrs Esther and left.

We packed our stuff and headed back to our house. Frank helped us put our luggages in his car and moved over to our house which was a 6 second drive.

The house was still the same other than same fresh paint used on the house and our couches and TV were missing. The house was cleaned swept with literally nothing inside. I could hear my echo. I looked over at the spot where our couch was. I could remember the night I lay there just before the fire started.

I heard the noise of a mini van. I looked out the window as dad moved near the van, wrapping his hands together as if ready to unravel a present. I heard them talking even though I couldn’t make out what they said. But I saw two other men coming out of the van and started bringing in furniture. I saw very fine glass cupboards, new glass tables. The couch gave me the wits. The plasma TV was huge. It was laid resting on the wall.

A car parked near the mini van. I couldn’t tell when the car came but I saw it. men came out w, bringing stuffs out from the trunk. When I looked closer, I discovered that it was work stuff. They moved in. Electricians, masons, carpenters, and some other guys who moved in things strolled. I could hear banging, cutting, screwing, electric rattling and few words spoking in gibberish.

2 weeks later, I , nick, went on a double date with Olivia and Landy. Joyce and Jenny didn’t show up. We were at a cinema. It was my first date. Nick, showing up in a suit was very weird considering that we entered a cab with a woman and her baby who puked all over Nick. The woman eyed her baby, and brought out a baby wipe that was bloated with blue ink. Nick took the wipe and used it to clean his suit, only to see snarks of blue ink on his suit. The woman held her hands on both side of her face, screaming:

” oh God, so sorry!”

Nick told her not to worry. Before the driver pulled at the cinema. Nick paid the driver. He didn’t give him change. He just drove off. I couldn’t help but mutter ” asshole.”

Nick got into the bathroom while I went to get us a ticket. The line was soul crushingly long. Lots of people scrambling for tickets. The movie we were about to see was hell to the yeah, an American comedy movie about a man who was cursed with women flocking his life after his one night stand with a girl about to get married.

Before it got to my turn, I saw Olivia sitting on a chair, typing on her phone. Landy came inside and walked towards where we was. His zipped up sweat shirt didn’t fit into the arena. He kissed her.

As I kept looking, I was distracted by a flicker light and by the time I turned around, I discovered that I was the last. People whom I came before had just simply slipped by me. And then the worst happened, I saw a man and his daughter, take the last two tickets for the movie. I knew it, because after they left, the guy was telling his daughter;

Honey we made it. Daddy got the last two tickets.” And then gave her a peck on her cheek.

Olivia and I bumped into each other. I didn’t know when she came towards my direction. She quickly apologized, and then laughed when she saw me.

” Hi Olivia.”

Hey you.” She replied in a dry tone before reaching out to my hair and smiled and said;

Can’t believe mom took you out to make her hair.. You used my mom’s extension on your hair. I know you, my mom and yours went to my mom’s favourite saloon. I heard your mom and mine talk about it yesterday on the phone.”

I noticed the bittersweet expression on her face. I saw Nick coming towards my direction with a smile that dented his cheek. He moved in a saggy curve and started jay walking before he stopped dead on seeing me. He smiled again.

I saw justin moments ago. He and jenny came to watch Avengers infinity wars. God, that dude is crazy.. You needed to see how he dressed up. It was heinous.”

” I’ve always known that this Justin guy was trouble. Can’t believe you guys still hangout… ” Olivia said

” Well, I’ve got bad news Nick tickets have been sold out.. ” I said.

Hi Grace, hello Nick… Oh honey, movie is starting in 3 minutes and I got us pop corn ..” Landy said.

How about we get tickets and join Landy and Olivia?” I suggested.

He shrugged a little but then he realized that we were out of options and so he asked for the name of the movie, and Olivia told him that it was avengers and he yelled, ” oh man why didn’t you tell me. ?”

We moved into the movie theatre after nick got us two tickets for the movie. There were at least 5 rooms showing different movies. Devices weren’t allowed inside the theatre so everyone had to drop their phone with a middle aged lady who gave tags and numbers. Olivia and Landy were before I and Nick. Nick put his phone on the table and the woman smiled on seeing him;

” Hey pretty boy, ain’t what that other Lisa lady call you? So this is your engagement place, u take your special girls here right? So tell me, why didn’t it work out between you both? Don’t mind my asking, I love love.”

I could see her deep smile and dimple and the way she kept looking at us. Nick was too tensed to say anything. It was as through he was trying to hide something and it was best not knowing.

he won’t twich. It was sick watching everyone become heavily The movie was nothing short of amazing. Especially durning iron man, Captain America and Thanos scene. Repeatedly, I was caught up in the tensed screaming and jerking. People jerked on each other in shock shouting ‘ shit’ and ‘fuck’ . Landy was so caught up in the moment that he spilled his drink all over the floor. It was the same reaction my dad gave durning scoccer and American football. I mean you could literally slap his head twice and he wouldn’t twitch.

The movie had a shocking ending with Thanos sending half the earth alongside the avengers heroes into extinction by the snap of his fingers. Everyone gave out an open mouth stare.. A guy had his drink poured on his face. The most touching part of the movie was when spider man disappeared and iron man was crying. A lady was literally crying and had to be held by a guy who sat next to her, her bf, am guessing. Lots of cuss words were sputtered in all directions. I guess people weren’t just ready to see the bad man win. No. Especially not Olivia. I overheard her telling landey as we exited the theatre;

” Nice movie with a stupid ending.. The writers must be such big dicks.” And She uploaded it on her status two weeks later.

So things actually 5dad look bad so I didn’t. kinda intrsting. Olivia was my right hand lady. Our both parents became close. Dad and Frank would watch America football and soccer at our house while Dad would go over to their house to gym. Sometimes, I would see dad weight lifting, hoisted in the air by Frank as he lifted up those metals. I was creped out. Frank was a 5ft guy with a no so great body yet he lifted a huge guy weight lifting. I did want to take pictures and post it online but it only would make things look bad for dad so I didn’t.

Mum and Esther got really close too. Turns out that she worked as a board in the University where my mom teaches. Mum and her would go together to school. Mum even went with Esther to the saloon that she took the both of us to when we were at their place.

At school, I became everyone’s favourite because of Nick. Girls trailed all over Nick. He was damn so good in literally everything.. He was good in science project, was great at basketball.. I could remember one time watching him play at the school tournament in the finals. Everything he did made girls scream. It was as though he was the only player in the pitch. He played full round. I remember watching him run with the ball after David threw the ball in his direction. I watched him make a full run for the net.. It was amazing watching him shove dudes of different sizes. He kept running without breaking a sweat. And when he jumped in the air, his legs sliding apart, his hands throwing in the ball with all his power, and landing with his hands on the net, before throwing a back flip twice, everyone clapped and cheered. I stood up and smiled. I was about to go and hug me when I noticed that everyone was back on their seats. The next fantastic goal he scored was a far length throw into the opponent net, just after being passed the ball near his courts. It was amazing. He just jacked up the ball in the air and voom, it entered into the net..

God is our Help

Psalm 46:1 God [is] our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.


Hey guys… Just thought about sharing this uplifting scripture.. In this time of crisis, let’s all put our hopes on Jesus.. Cause he got the power to make all things beautiful.. He’s still doing Good and he’s the only one who can help us out of this pandemic.. And he is gonna do just that cause he loves us all…

Please do take out time to read Psalm 46.. It will really bless you..

Do have a lovely day..

Crazy Family Secrets

Today started off when I was basically grounded by my mom for staying out late the previous night.. I mean is that such a big deal?…. Anyways, at least I don’t have to worry about babysitting my baby sister, Abby. My mom never trusts me with her… Well that’s a good thing.. Don’t judge me Cause I can’t deal with her tears.. It’s debilitating. I mean there are some days that I just wanna put her in an oven.

So my mom drives out and didn’t as much as wave at me. She’s hell mad but why should she be? I’m 18 years old, an adult.

I moved away from the window and sat down on the couch in our living room. I couldn’t believe that I would be grounded for a week; no going out, no phone; my mom will literally start picking my calls and I know that it wont be long before my friends stop calling cause my mom would always yell at them, telling them to get off the line and do something reasonable with their time.. She would call my male friends predators and Locals and keep threatening them with the cops if they don’t leave me alone.

I could remember countless times hearing her yelling on the phone. She began yelling too often ever since she and my dad got divorced. I would hide and stare as she kept yelling, sometimes I wonder if really someone was on the phone; I’d thought my mom was crazy and sometimes I would try to talk my eldest sister, Marcy to talk my mom into seeing a psychiatrist, but she was always damn too busy checking her phone or going out. I rarely ever saw my elder brother, Memo. He rarely ever came home. He was able to convince my mom about trying a scholarship into Stanford and he needed to stay at his friend’s place to be able to read up for the exam.

I rarely ever stayed home, none of us really did.. My mom was busy with her career and her new crush.. His name is Jonas.. A basketball player.

Marcy always went out.. She always had somewhere to crash… Sometimes I thought she was tired of my mom, trying of being the target of my mom’s constant nagging… Well we didn’t talk much, you know as girls..

My parents destroyed the sibling bond between me, Memo and Marcy. We didn’t get to do things that other brother and sister did.. My dad, from the time I could remember, never allowed Memo into my room. He never let us share anything. Not even a plate of ice cream. Everyone had to have theirs.

Again, We didn’t go to the same school. My parents never took us shopping.. Everyone had to go fend for themselves. My dad only managed to pay our fees in school but never showed up for bring your father to class day, and rarely picked me and dropped me off to school..

When I was still little, my mom would give me to Aunt Patti, a former neighbor of ours to pick me and drop me off at school. She didn’t have any kids of her own, so she obliged to it. She loved it. Once I asked her why my mom won’t hang out with me and then she replied slowly and quietly as though fearing that someone might hear and said;

” people don’t know what they have until they loose it. “ and then kissed me on the head.


So after my mom drove out, I sat down and stared at the TV. My mom’d unplug the TV socket so I don’t watch TV and so I was pretty much screwed. I tried not to think of Misty and Travis, her bf. Misty was my best friend. She’d live in Becker street which was a different side of the tracks for me as I lived in Amber street with my mom and siblings.

I starred around. It was as though I was playing chase hunt. I noticed the silver plastering in the living room. My mom didn’t change that. I’d remember her saying she wouldn’t leave a trace of my dad’s memory. My dad loved silver color. Almost everything in the house was silverware; our TV was silverware, the couch was silverware, the cars, garage, cutleries, bathroom, even the painting in the house. I’d never noticed this until I moved around the house. The front door was opened with a little gate which I could easily jump over was standing in front of me. Sometimes I wonder how really was I grounded. I could easily escape but then I didn’t want to try my mom’s crazy. I mean I’ve seen her ram a dog with her car.. Some how I’d figure that she would find out if I should escape, so I didn’t and we were on summer break so no school officially for me.

I moved towards the garage and saw the silver color used and as I turned around, I saw my neighbor playing fetch with another dog. He frowned at seeing me. He was the neighbor whose previous dog my mom rammed. I started walking slowly. I didn’t want any mean remark from him and sure enough, he didn’t call me back.

I entered inside and locked the door. I was so terrified but I couldn’t tell what I was afraid of.

A whisper sound made me jump and run into my mom’s room. I didn’t stop running till I slammed into her wardrobe. It was pretty weird. The room was wide enough, the ground slippery, pieces of furniture on the floor and yet none of it slipped me.

Immediately I landed with my head on the wardrobe, a heavy book fell on me and I was thrown down and then I jerked up, shook my head a little and then looked into my mom’s room.

I couldn’t hide my startle on seeing my mom’s bedroom. I’d never come in here before; the lights, the purple curtain used, the flowery scent, the A.C, the roses spread on the bathtub, the nice smaller wooden cupboard, with a mirror built on it and then when I opened the drawer, I saw a phone placed on a picture. I took the phone away and saw the picture. It was my dad and his new side chick.

The phone chimed and I swiped it open as it didn’t have a password and then I saw half written letters composed by my mom to my dad. I didn’t know she missed him that much.

Dearest Nick, missing you so much. I would like to kill that bitch who stole you away from me.. Hahahaha.”

Added to the letter was a picture of my Dad and my dad’s new girlfriend, Becky.

My dad was a musician and I noticed that my mom kept watching all his live feed as well as old music sung by him. It was hard for her to watch, especially walking with her on the red carpet at an award festival.

My mom had a screenshot of my dad and Becky walking on a red carpet to receive a VMA award and had commented

” She’s a real bitch!” On YouTube.

I looked over at her WhatsApp messages and I saw a message sent by Jonas.

Hey beautiful, thinking of you all night long.

Somehow, I knew he was a dirty flirt. I decided to reply.

He was online the minute I started chatting and then I texted.

“Hi, it’s me Anabel.”

Am Frank.” He said ..

What a liar? Using fake names, oooh shit! Is Jonas actually his real name?” I thought. But I played along.

Wow, that’s nice, saw your picture on Facebook and well I must say you’re damn handsome… So I thought I’d take your number..” I said

Wow that’s nice. ” he replied.

Alright, so what do you do?”

” Am a doctor. ”

I almost wanted to ask;

A what?”

But I knew he’d catch me so i didn’t. My mom told me that this Jonas guy was a basketball player. Well a guy who could give a false name , every statement he makes are just horse apples.

OK that’s cute. But can you give me an address of your house, I’d love to talk to you in person. ” He said.

I couldn’t believe it.. He couldn’t wait for the first day to end.. I wondered if he was some dubious serial killer, or just some stupid phony.

No can do. At work.” I replied.

So tell me something, how old are you?”

Since I had no display picture, I decided to download a grown up lady picture. I didn’t use a celebrity. I wanted to use Marcy picture as my dp but I’d figure that this guy was trouble so i didn’t.

Wow nice pics.” he replied, ten minutes after I uploaded it.


Nice hair and boobs and nice bra.” He said.

I stuck a laughing emoji.

You’re damn hot.. Well from the look of this picture, am guessing you’re in your twenties.”

I didn’t know why I couldn’t just tell him I was 18.

But I didn’t need to.

” Wait, isn’t this Grace’s ( my mom’s) phone.”

” It sure is and am her friend Anabel, wait till I tell her that her wonderful bf is cheating on her. Can’t wait to see the look on her face when I tell her that her bf is a liar, that Jonas ain’t even his real name.”

Please don’t do that.. I know how crazy Grace gets when she’s angry. I will stay away from her. In fact I will cancel the hotel date I planned with her..

No you won’t.. You must go on that date with her.

You will be her boyfriend for another 2 months and then you disappear from her life. When I mean disappear, you will leave this city. And in case you don’t know, my husband is a highly ranked officer, so if you don’t do what I say, you have your ass locked up in jail, especially when i tell him that you tried to lure me. I can cook up evidence that can send you to jail for a long time. You will be all over the news and be tagged the cyber predator and I promise you it won’t be funny. You will be in a jail for a long time and you will have a hard time clearing your name. So are we on the same page?”

I couldn’t believe how easily the lies flew out. I had to hold myself from laughing.

Promise me you won’t tell her about our encounter.” He said.

” Of course not. Am her friend. I want to protect her.”

” Ok. Bye.”

And the chat ended.

I looked away from the phone and my gaze trolled towards a door near my mum’s bedroom. I’d never noticed this door. After living in this house almost my entire life. I stood before the door. It was like any door, metal cushioned silverware with brown knobs. Every door in the house looked the same. I remember countless times i mistook my room for Marcy’s.

I pushed the door open and moved inside. Everything about this room smelt of history. 2 trunks lay on the floor and a picture album lay on the floor so like the one I saw in my mum’s room.

Then I saw lots of lost items in the closet. I didn’t know my mom kept Marcy’s bags and shoes. Red bags and red shoes. It was imported by her bf ‘s dad from London. She clearly didn’t like them, at least that’s what she obviously said, but Marcy wore them. In fact one time Marcy wore it , a flowery red gown , and the red bag and red shoe, my mom told her to drop the bag and shoe and Marcy in her recalcitrant manner refused and my mom told her she either does that or she won’t go on the date with her bf. And her bf was waiting for her in his ford ranger car parked on the road.

The heated argument between Marcy and my mom lasted for 20 minutes with lots of swearing and shouting and then I heard the shattering of a glass cup. I knew it was Marcy. She always does that in the fit of rage. I heard the door open and saw her bf entering inside just before Marcy called my mom crazy to her face .

Her bf wore a slim fit suit and tuxedo inside and a tight pant. There was a judgmental look he gave when he entered inside. His eyes almost closing, the deep furrow on his forehead, the way he bent his lips sent a message that was unsaid. He looked at Marcy with that stare and she told him to get the fuck out of her house. He turned around, walked out the door and drove off. I thought Marcy would call him back but she didn’t. She silently cleaned up the broken glass.

The next thing I saw made me almost cry. I saw my graduation picture frame. I and Misty with Travis standing in the middle, his hands spread across our shoulders. I couldn’t believe that my mom came. I could remember Travis mom hugging him when his name was called and a folded rolled white paper was put into his hands after being shaken by our principal. He was nominated for best science student of the year.

As I stood in line, I saw Misty mom taking pictures . Not only her, but literally everyone was taking pictures and shouting.

I could remember how free my spirit was for the first time when we threw our berets. There was so much joy and laughter. It was so contagious that i couldn’t question it. I didn’t have anyone show up at my graduation. My dad and mum had already divorced then, Marcy went on a date and Memo was graduating in his own school , so literally no one was planning on coming. Well finding out that my mom did come didn’t give me any satisfaction.

I remember Misty mom giving the final shot just soon a guy bumped into her and yelled;

” Move away lady.”

Just before we threw away our beret and yelled excitedly.

As I moved down with Misty, I saw her dad running and hugging her.

Here’s to your big day.” He said, handling a car key in her hands and pointed a black Honda Accord car parked two miles from where we were standing.

I could see the radiating excitement on her face. She dragged me by the hand and we got to the car. She entered inside the car, turning the steering wheel and laughing.

I watched her as she hugged him and then saw that something was tossed into her hands and when she opened it, it was her drivers licence . She was so excited.

Daddy, I love you.” She said over and over again.

OK honey, need to get back to work. Don’t worry the fun isn’t over yet.” Her dad said to her before pushing backward and kissed Misty’s mum and kept pushing back and smiling before i saw him enter a Ford jeep and it drove out immediately.

As I stood staring, I heard Misty’s mum voice;

Places people”

I turned around and moved towards the car. Misty and Travis were already standing and smiling for a pose. Their eyes on each other. His hand cuddling her and she smiling. And then I went to the end, near Misty, grabbing her hands which was left flaggy on the air. She didn’t seem to notice but then I saw her mum pulling Travis who stood at Misty’s right and drop him in the middle. I was caught staring and their eyes still met each other and the only thing I heard was a finger snap.

Misty’s mom had taken the shot of us staring. I looked like someone who had Amnesia. I couldn’t help but stare at Misty and Travis getting lost in each other.

Misty’s mom took the next shot . This time we stood near Rosa park’s statue which was in the middle of the school. Travis stood in the middle, his hands spread across our backs. I’d see lots of parents and children and two guys , one holding a bass drum with a rope tied on her neck. The other guy had a snare drum which had a rope , tied on his neck. They were playing. It was so amazing. Everyone kept cheering them on as they played.

Most of my course mates were taking beautiful shots at a red carpet stand. I saw Chad and Kia and Paul and Ruth. They were taking picture at the red carpet stand. Ruth and Kia took first. Chad and Paul took next. Chad and Kia took next and Paul and Ruth took final shot before they all gathered together and took final picture. I kept blinking my eyes because of the continuous camera flash.

I wanted to remember more things but then seeing a video camera took my interest. On the camera was written;

January 16th 2007″

I didn’t know what it was but I knew it held something memorable and sure it did. It was the day Abby was born. At first I wasn’t sure what it was. I felt I was gonna find a secret, like a video of a killing spree or robbery, not sure what it was, I opened it.

It was the video of my mom being stretchered hurriedly into the labour room. It was as though her eyes were fading.

Breathe honey, we are almost there.” My dad voiced.

I could hear loud noise accompanied with camera flashes. I could hear a lady voice;

Please sign your autograph.”

And a nurse shouting;

Back off people.”

I didn’t know paparazzi followed celebrities to the hospital. They were everywhere, always taking photos and videos.

It was part of why we didn’t hang out together as a family. Marcy didn’t like the fame, although she liked being rich. I remember one time my dad came to pick her from school in his Black Ford car. He just stepped out of the car and immediately everyone on the road started shouting. News reporters came from where ever they were, trying to ask him few questions. Parents kept asking him to sign his autographs on their papers, some even on their foreheads.

Marcy had just finished her final exams that day and was walking outside the building with her friend, Katie when she saw dad’s car parked opposite the school. Everyone was cheering his name;

Nick! Nick!!.”

Katie ran forward and started shouting. She didn’t know about him being Marcy’s dad. She didn’t know about Me or Memo, or my mom. I still don’t get why she had to be ashamed of her family. Everyone else would have been bragging.

Katie stood with my dad, taking pictures and laughing.

And then Marcy was walking down, ear plugged, moving slowly towards a bus when my dad called out;

Honey, over here.”

Marcy kept on walking as though she didn’t hear him or know him and so he shouted;

Hey everyone, that’s my daughter, Marcy”

Marcy then looked up as half her school cheered for her. She was so red faced by the shouting and stares that she said;

“Am ok Nick, I think I should use the bus.”

Are you sure?.”


Marcy started walking towards the bus when Katie screamed;

” I can’t believe Nick’s your dad.”

And Marcy sharply and coldly replied;

He ain’t my dad.”

Marcy statement caught headline and it was captioned;

Popular Musician, Nick Howard’s daughter, denies her father at school.”

And the short video of Katie saying;

” I can’t believe Nick’s your dad.”

And she replying;

He ain’t my dad.”

Was on screen for a week.

That evening, Marcy was very angry with my dad. I could remember that evening. I, Memo and Marcy sat beside each other. Memo sat in the middle of the both of us. Mum sat opposite me and dad was next to me. At the right end of the dinning table. He usually sat there whenever we had lunch or dinner and no one ever took that spot. It was an unspoken rule.

We each had a plate of chicken cacciatore and a glass of wine. My dad said grace and we dug in.

There was a strain silence at dinner that hushed us all as the reporter on CNN kept talking about the event that transpired at Marcy’s school. No one said anything. I kept looking at My dad’s eyes as he stared at Marcy a I watched Marcy as she poked the Chicken hard with the fork. I kept looking at my dad, begging him with my eyes to say something to lighten the tensed mood but he didn’t. And being that we ain’t a close family, no one would talk about his/ her day or what’s going on in his/her life. The only time we ever talked was when my dad says something funny about how women kept pushing one another for him to sign on their face. How rip each other hair, talking crazy;

Hey am here first.” A lady will say.

Bitch, shut up.” Another will reply

Fuck you ugly chipmunk..”

And then dad will say;

Ladies calm down.”

Tell her ugly face to leave. She ain’t worth your saliva.”

Oh yeah, at least my child doesn’t smoke crack like yours does, neither does my husband sleep around like a whore in bikinis.”

And they keep on thrash talking each other until one of them looses it and slap the other and the other pulls at her hair and they start fighting.

My dad loves the action flick. He enjoys being flattered by women so much that he doesn’t let my mom follow him to big events so that people don’t easily remember that they’re married. It is so weird and so was the silence at dinner.

The only thing that broke the silence was when Marcy got up, picked up her glass cup and smashed it on the TV.

I couldn’t help but look at her. The way she got up. There was everything wrong about her posture when she got up. She didn’t seem angry, hardly got up to push Memo’s hand gently so she would get a room. She was relaxed and a faded smile crept on her face. Then she took the glass cup as though to raise it into her mouth as there was still wine in the glass cup.

I didn’t know what took my attention off her but while I looked at my plate, I heard a shatter. I looked up as my dad jerked his shoulder as though dodging the already shattered glass. I looked at everyone. They all kept eating as though nothing happened. Marcy took her plates, pushed back her chair and walked straight into the kitchen.

The only thing I heard was her footstep and the scraping of fork and knives. The moment she stepped outside the dinning door, the place returned to it’s wonted quiet.

I remembered how quickly we looked at my dad and how quickly our eyes got back to our plates. I wondered why Marcy didn’t say a word at all to dad but then I understood that she didn’t have to, her action said a whole lot.

So, I pushed back my hair and continue looking at the video of my mum being led by the team of nurses , a doctor, and my dad, into the labour room and when they entered inside the room and shut the door, the clip ended.

I pressed ‘ NEXT’ on the video recorder and I saw my mum holding my little sister in her hands. She looked scaled on the video. Her eyes were closed and her head bald. I couldn’t believe that this hunker – do- di was my sister.

I could hear voices in the room. I saw my aunt Clara and uncle John and some other people , and of course the baby’s loud whimper.

I kept hearing;

” God, the baby’s so cute”

” Awww.. Look how pretty she is”

” Baby, make a fist. Make a fist for Uncle John”

” Beautiful baby with the prettiest smile.”

Just then I heard noise at the door. I knew it was those Paparazzi. My dad quickly opened the door for them. I knew my mom didn’t want the press on her at that moment but she would do anything to please my dad.

I had earlier saw how cold my dad was to the baby. He wasn’t excited. No kiss or hugs from him. He behaved as though the baby wasn’t his. As though mom got pregnant out of wedlock and he just had to put up as the good guy. Was that why he left ?As though the baby was an extra burden that he didn’t and couldn’t carry.

I’d notice how he made series of phone calls out the window. He kept saying one minute but the call didn’t stop. No. Not until the paparazzi walked in.

I then noticed the full attention he started giving my mum and little baby sister. He kissed mum on her cheek and told the press about how excited he was about having to look out for the baby. How he was now Dad 3. How he forgot how sweet it was watching a baby grow, teaching a baby how to walk, talk, feed herself and ride a bicycle He wasn’t gonna be relieved of this moment easily.

“It’s great being a dad.”

I watched him kiss mom who tired to create a happy face. But the facade was glaring. They kept smiling. And then the screen went blank.

I looked at the video recorder as it slid from my hands and fell inside the trunk. I looked up and then my nose sniffed irritably at the dust in the room. It was though no one had steeped in this room for months. The floor was dusty, so were my hands and face.

I looked into the trunk again and noticed a phone. It looked new even though it was dusty as everything else in the trunk.

I picked the phone and tapped on it and it opened. That was weird, No password.

As soon as the phone opened, I saw a live feed of a street. I knew the phone was used as a tracking device. I could see the hand of whoever was wearing the tracking chip but I couldn’t see his face. Mum must have pinned the chip on his/ her arm.

I heard an old crappy voice;


” Yeah man, what’s up?”

” Cool, you got my dope?”

” Yeah, he got your dope.” Another guy responded.

I could see his face clearly when Memo stretched out his hands to shake him. His name was Rick. He lived with his mum in Bluebonnet lane. I only saw him once, two weeks ago. He came over to help Memo pack some of his stuff to his house. They were high school buddies.

Memo had begged mom that evening to let him stay over at his place so that he could prepare for his Standford scholarship exam. I could remember the suspicious look I gave him. The queasy in my guts told me he was lying and I guess mom could feel it too.

I felt suspicious because he never asked mom’s permission to go over to his friend’s house; we all never did. Mom’s only law was that we come home that same day otherwise we are grounded. It was a law my dad made and it still stood.

Mom didn’t say anything. She was watching TV and I sat arm length from her.

When were you planning on telling me? You just walk in and start packing stuff.”

” My stuff.” Memo said.

Mum looked at them and then walked into her room and within seconds she came out with a wrist watch and some cash.

” Thanks mum.” Memo smiled gleefully as he took it. And with that he walked out of the house.

I’d figure then that mom let him off because she knew Rick’s dad or something. I couldn’t believe she was spying on him.

I watched as Memo took two red bags and handed it to the old guy. Memo was standing by the car waiting for a tip but what he got was a pistol shoved in his face.

” Hands in the air you cunt. NYPD, you’re under arrest.” He said, using his gun to knock him out. I knew the tracking was strapped to his wrist watch. So it was difficult watching the view from the ground level but I didn’t see Rick and my gut told me that Rick had tipped the officer. He was his secret informer who tipped him off about drug dealers.

Memo was raised from the ground and put inside the car and just before I knew it, the phone screen went black.

I put down the phone only to hear my mom’s car tyre screech into the garage. I knew she would take forever before entering inside so that gave me plenty of time to arrange the trunk , cover it, enter her room and put the family album back on top of the wardrobe, delete my chat with Jonas, her boyfriend and shut the door. My mom won’t find out if anything went amiss in the room. She’d think she did it. Sure my mom had a lot of explaining to do, but if she found me digging through her stuff, the only explanation am gonna get is triple grounding.

I sat in the living room, legs crossed, hands on my legs with a nervous look as though I was hiding something, when mom walked in with Abby.

” Hey mum.”

” Hi!” She replied in her low tune voice.

There was a face she made at me when she walked in as though i did something wrong. Perhaps she hid camera in her room and watched me search her room or the room next to her’s which I call the secret room.

I watched her storm into her room in anger and then she came out with her phone. She was on a call. I could hear her shouting and angry. I was so scared. I moved towards where she was and she looked at me. I could hear Abby’s baby voice from her room. I couldn’t help myself from not looking. And when I put my face inside mom’s room, I could see little Abby playing in her little bed. It didn’t take seconds for mom to come to her room, with a phone stuck in her ears and cursing loudly.

There was a dead silence when she saw me standing by her door. I didn’t get it. Or maybe I did.

I could remember how my dad never liked the idea of Abby sleeping in the same room as them. He didn’t like his sleep being disturbed. He was a superstar who didn’t want to go through parenting a child phase again. He was way past it. He was already tired of having to lookout for Marcy, Memo and I. He was tired of seeing our faces. He wanted us to go to college and move out of his house for good. He’d complain of how he spent more paying the bills whenever we were around. He would talk about how he could turn part of the house to a studio. It was as though were one bane in his life, mum included.

Every night, my patents fought about Abby staying in the room, especially at midnight. I would hear them from my room and later I would see my parents door open and he going to the living room.

My dad clearly stopped coming home. We didn’t see him that often. He couldn’t stand the little “mutt”. And he couldn’t stand mom.

Mom’s voice tossed me out from my thought.

Jonas called. He’s taking me out for dinner. And am freaking out cause Nick is coming and so is that whore of his.

Actually it’s a party at a hotel, and Nick is the guest artist. I mean I don’t really know what to do. I need to look hot. I need Jonas to be all over me. I want him to see just how fine I’ve been without him. I want him to be jealous and I want to throw that his girlfriend off stage. I wanna be so good that it will cut him down at his throat. I want him notice just how fit and perfectly slender I have become. I want him to chase me and I will sniff at him like he were some dog. I will love to watch him roll in dirt and plead for me to come back to him and I will mock him and kiss Jonas in his presence. I wanna watch him bleed, wanna watch him crawl on the ground like I did when he left me, wanna read his text messages and see his calls which I will reply with a picture of me and Jonas and he will go crazy and rip that bitch in half.

Mum suddenly realized herself and looked at me and said;

” Go get the groceries from the car.”

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

“They say there’s one thing that’s greater than the pen and it’s called a fucking handgun….” He said to the cop and pauses.

The cop pauses and looks as the man suddenly sat still, his hands chained to each other with cuffs and his legs too cuffed together.

The man looked on stubbornly at him but the cop knew that he would confess anyway. It didn’t make sense to keep hiding and the cop knew that their bargain to reduce his sentence if he should tell the truth was mendacious and the cop could see that ‘I’m not stupid’ smile he wore when he said it but then the cop wasn’t impressed, neither would any of the police who watched the interview outside.

The silence persisted. The man saw that the cop wasn’t intimidated by him but had put on the face of a friend, someone who just wanted to talk. He even went as far as turning off the camera and then sat still and offered the man a smoke. The cop took his Cigarette and lighted it. And the man suddenly felt at ease with the cop. The cop didn’t put on his uniform, he just looked casual. He didn’t even take his badge and had shaved.

Nothing was said. But the silence started breaking as both men smiled dubiously and it could be read on both faces;

“I would love to get the hell out of this shithole. ”

They both laughed and stopped and then he started talking.

“Man, it all started on a quiet Wednesday in Alameda street in California.”

He paused and looked at the cop who sat still without moving a flinch and then he smiled and said;

” By the way, am Larid. ”

The cop didn’t say anything. He still remained in the same pose posture; He sat still, leg crossed over, eyes fixed on the criminal, those confident eyes. Larid thought.

Then Larid said;

” what’s your name officer.? ”

No answer.

” Hey officer! ”

” Well I didn’t give it, did I?. ” The officer responded.

What a show off. Larid thought. Then he looked at his badge and caught his name ” Brian ” written on it.

” No you didn’t, officer Brian. ”

Larid could see the offset in Brian’s face. His shock, the anger and the silence could make up for his ego.

What a sulky bastard? Laird thought.

Then the door opened and the chief of police walked in and yelled;

” Brian what’s going on? I sent you in here to get him to talk, not to stare at him.” and then walked out.

Brian could see the smirk in laird face and he damn hell wanted to punch him. Why was he acting so special? What did he know that the police didn’t? The police knew about his brother, Eddie, kidnapping 3 people from a bank; The security guard, a lady and the owner of the bank, Mr Lonnie.

Eddie was masked alongside two other guys who carried out the operation. At the bank, they made away with 10 million. Too low for a heist, especially something calculative like this one and then again, why still kidnap those people? Was there a connection among the victims? It didn’t make sense to Brian or any cop? If they wanted more money, they could have taken a lot more from the bank or was Eddie and his gong using them as hostage?

The door snapped open and another cop entered inside and Brian came back to himself and looked at Laird whose face was devoid of emotion. Brian turned around and saw detective jean enter.

” Time up.” he said and Brian looked at the window and saw inspector Jean disapproving eyes and then he got up and walked out of the interrogation room.

Inspector Jean sat and gave a hard look at laird. Brian knew that there was no wasting time with this detective.

Brian had barely made it out of the interrogation room when he heard the sound of a table crashing down and he turned around and saw detective jean and laird staring face at each other. The table in between them had fallen on the floor and inspector Jean was pointing a gun at laird. He even shot laird on the leg and he wilted in pain. Brian scoffed in disgust. Inspector Jean had just shot Laird and no one did anything. If it were to be him, he would have been suspended.

He could remember how Inspector Jean and he had headed an operation in Garden Grove in LA. 4 robbers, multiple killings and collection of purses and phones from each of the victim. Each victim had a bullet in the head. And they were lying on different side of the road. Their identity were discovered after they were taken to the lab. Their families wailed after they got the news and months after, the fingerprints on the victims faces and throats, even the footprints were taken.

The victims were 4 women, young, mid twenties. The autopsy report proved that the women were raped and strangled and that each of the women had a different male fingerprint on their face and throats. semen were seen on the women.

Brian knew that this women were dumped on the road. He guessed in his head that the killers must have raped them and then strangled them and for no reason, shoot them.

The killers were four males; John , Masc , Jedi and Dogg . An anonymous call came to the police stating what happened to the victims. The caller didn’t give his name or whereabouts. He called Brian, told his story and ended the call.

According to the caller, he had gone to buy fuel at a Gas Station. He was still filing his car when a pick up truck moved in and parked close by near a fuel pump machine. A dude came out of the vehicle to fill the tank. Then the caller saw 4 women at the back seat of the car. They were in a sit up position but they looked drugged and unconscious.

When Brian asked for the plate number of the truck, the caller who had snapped it, called it out for Brian, and then hung up before Brian went to meet his boss.

Thomas, the chief of police, on hearing the recorded call, called in inspector Jean and Dawn, Brian’s partner and together, they listened to the recorded call.

“Looks like we got ourselves a case here. ” Thomas said.

Dawn and Thomas with the help of Nancy, a lady who worked in , Star Ford Lincoln , South Gate , LA, were able to track the owner of the pick up truck . His name was Dogg Peterson.

According to the caller, it was a white pick up truck. Brian and Dawn were able to confirm this. They went to the Gas Station to look at their security cameras and everything was as the caller said. Although the caller didn’t follow them to the place, he gave them the address and later they saw the supposed caller and they identified him as Mr Patrick who lived in Torrance, divorced, with a 16 year old daughter who was with her mom in Boston. He had been divorced for 9 years. After they divorced, his wife, Angela, decided to move over to Boston with her ex boyfriend and her daughter.

The man at the front seat of the vehicle was seen on camera and was identified as John vemi . The man who came out to fill the tank was identified as Dogg Peterson .

Thomas asked Brian and inspector Jean to check it out. Dawn had objected to be on this case and Thomas sided him.

Brian and inspector Jean decided to visit Mr Patrick before looking over for Dogg.

Mr Patrick was already moving into his house when the police came over. He didn’t want them in his house.

” Hey good morning sir. ” Brian said

“what the hell is the goddam police doing in my house? Whatever is it you want, you ain’t seeing it here. Just go on before I make you leave. ” Mr Patrick said.

Inspector Jean came forward and spoke..

” where you the person who called the cops ?”

“I didn’t do anything wrong by being a good citizen, whatever you find incriminating about the facts I gave it wasn’t intentional and please don’t take my name on the news. I wanna remain anonymous.. It took serious guts and balls to call you guys.. I believe I did good, at least to the cops? ”

” We don’t want no trouble. We just want to know our mystery caller. ” Brian said.

” Guess I will be leaving LA this week . Maybe move over to London. ” Mr Patrick said. But that didn’t scare inspector Jean.

” You may go to shitburg for all I care but when we catch this guys, you make sure you bring your ass to court, at least so we won’t look like fools before the judge… We need a witness and we have a good shot at you, so if you make us look stupid, just know that it’s all over for you cause your ass will always be on the run and finally in jail. ”

The next day, Brian and inspector Jean set off to Dogg’s house. He was just coming out, about to enter his car when Brian and inspector Jean showed up. They were in suit.

” Hey, can I help you? ” Dogg said.

” I’m officer Brian, and this is officer jean… ”

” Inspector Jean ” Inspector Jean said, and then waved a hand at Brian and continued speaking;

” we came out here so you could help us with these murder cases. ” he said, showing him the pictures of the 4 ladies and then Dogg started digging his hands into his jacket and before he could bring it out, inspector Jean shot him twice in the chest and Dogg feel down and a barrel gun rolled out from his jacket.

Just before Brian could recover from the shooting, 3 other guys came out with guns and inspector Jean, not waiting for them to walk out the front door, shot them many times and their bodies lay on the floor, their double barrel guns were on the floor too.

Brian kept staring at what had happened. The quickness of the whole thing scared him.

The police were quickly called in and the 4 men were taken to the hospital and that’s when their identity were revealed; Jedi, masc, John and Dogg.

They took DNA samples from this men to test with the 4 women who were killed and it matched. The truck which was seen on camera was found in the garage and was taken for searching and blood sparkles were seen at the edge of the back doors and on the seat and it matched the victims. It was then discovered that these men had no connection with this women.They were just random killers, they didn’t have any personal relationship with the victims. The victims were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Laird’s scream brought Brian back to himself. And now that he had time to think things through, he felt grateful that Inspector Jean had did what he did. It saved them both and above all, those women killers have finally been brought to justice, and above all, he won’t have to prove no damn thing to the judge, neither will those men.They won’t have a chance of getting a good lawyer to free them. They would never be able to do what they did to another person but Brian couldn’t be more grateful that he was alive.

And then inspector Jean voice boomed out;

” Looks like he’s ready to talk. ”

” Quick and easy. ” yelled Dawn


Laird sat chained on the hands. Brian took the wheels while Dawn sat at the front seat.. He was directing them to where Eddie and the victims were. Larid’s voice kept saying, ‘go this way’ or ‘ go that way ‘ , or ‘ stop’, ‘ enter. ‘

Brian kept moving, listening to every single word laird spoke. Dawn said nothing. The only time Dawn spoke was when he spoke on his transmitter;

” I think this guy’s playing us. ”

” well if he is, I’m gonna beat him to a pup. ” inspector Jean said. And Dawn looked back at laird and saw how frightened he suddenly became and this made Dawn smile.

Brian moved from the road and headed into Gospel swamp. Laird took them to particular spots where different dead bodies were found. It shocked him. He could remember countless times people were reported missing. The sight of the corpse puked Brian. He really needed a transfer. He couldn’t keep up with the numerous murder cases that he solves. The crime here is too much. Garden Grove is regarded as a very unsafe city in the USA.

” We’ve reached the place and it’s pilled up with dead bodies, 12 dead bodies and they are all covered in swamp mud. Looks like this Eddie dude is a serial killer , and a dumb one.. Why kill his victims and dump them in a swamp where they could be washed out?.” Dawn spoke on his transmitter.

” We are sending a team right in your location. ” Thomas said.

Few hours later, the police arrived and all the bodies at the swamp were taken. They were long dead and their bodies looked decayed. They were taken into the lab but the police couldn’t find the bank victims .

” Do you have any clue where your brother could be? Time is running out, we got to save those hostages! And stop him. ” Dawn said to laird.

Laird laughed and smiled..

“Hostages…. What makes you so sure that they aren’t dead.”

He was still laughing when a heavy punch on his face took the smirk away. He turned and saw inspector Jean.

Brian could see the fear in laird eyes. The blow had knocked out larid tooth.

” Where is Eddie.? ” Inspector Jean yelled..

” I don’t know. ” laird said.

” Don’t lie to me, man. ”

” He was supposed to be here. ” laird said.

Brian phone rang. It was Thomas. He clicked.

” They got nothing. ” Thomas said.

” Hello chief. ” Brian said, thinking Thomas was talking to another person .

No answer.

” Chief!”

” They’ve got nothing man. This dead guys you found are campers, probably bitten by snakes or pythons. Venoms were found inside their bodies. Looks like they were strangled hard by the snakes but somehow were able to take them all out, you know what I mean, not get swallow up. ”

Brian hung up the phone and turned around just in time for inspector Jean and two officers came forward.

” Thomas just texted me, looks like we’ve been pranked and we found 2 tents erected downhills and camp fire in the middle of the tents and a long range gun was found in the water.. Well you could imagine. ”

” Fuck! ” Dawn yelled

At the same time, inspector Jean turned around and gave laird a heavy blow on the side of his head.

” You motherfucker! where is larid? ” he said, holding him by the collar.

” I don’t know, I swear to God. ”

” You fuckin piece of shit! ” inspector Jean punched his face twice before Dawn pulled him away. laird spat out blood.

Just then, Jordan, a 911 dispatcher called Brian. He picked it and thenher voice rang out;

” There’s someone on the line calling, it’s an emergency. She said 2 masked guys brought in 3 hostages and had everyone in the hospital hostage. She said she worked a the food service worker in the hospital. When I asked her who was in the hospital, she told me everyone was at the hospital. Patients and workers. She said the guys brought in a very sick man and just before I knew it, I heard a bang and the line went dead. ”

” Looks like we got our man. ” Brian said, turning over and saw Dawn. Soon, inspector Jean came over and said;

” There’s been a hostage situation at a hospital, let’s move. ”


Eddie looked at his little brother, Stan . The more he saw his brother pained, the more angrier he became. He couldn’t watch him die. He could remember the doctor telling his mum that Stan had congenital heart disease. He could remember how stiffly his mum was. it was as though everything in her was freezed. She couldn’t believe it. The doctor held her cold hands and told her that everything was gonna be alright. His brother stayed in the hospital for 3 months and he and his mum always went to see him and everything time he saw Stan deteriorating, he got more angrier. And worse still, his step father, Lonnie, and his bimbo of a girlfriend, kept moving on with their lives as though nothing happened.

Lonnie owned a bank and he and Rachel, Eddie’s mum, had married after he became rich. Rachel was previously married to Kingsley, a finical secretary of a huge store, with whom she had Eddie and Stan before she divorced him after she met Lonnie.

The first time they met was at his bank, Grigetton bank. She had newly started working there. Kingsley, her husband, got laid off from work as a finical secretary of a kidies store. It was a very big store with a net worth of over 400 million dollars.

Kingsley and the two guys decided to rob the store on a Christmas evening. It was a big heist that they were planning. They wanted to steal 1 billion from the store . Chess, a bartender who worked at a bar close to the store had come up with the idea. Kingsley had come to have a drink on that evening when he heard chesss talking about it with another guy, Leo.

Kingsley didn’t know why, but he decided to help them. He introduced himself and grabbed a seat close to Leo. There was a suspicious way Leo looked at him, as though he was gay and so Kingsley held up his wedding ring.

” You’re married? ” Leo asked.

Kingsley didn’t reply but brought out his phone and showed them Rachel picture and his two sons.

“wow that’s great, you’re a father too. Nice! ”

And so the two guys allowed him in their company and they got along very quickly and they knew they could really use him, especially being that he worked at the store.

Kingsley had snuck into the store at midnight and was able to shut out the cameras. The security guards was drugged by chess and so it was an easy task.

By morning, Kingsley set up a smoke in the building which triggered the fire alarm and everyone headed for the exit of the building while chess and Leo hid in the ceiling.

When everyone was out, the three guys went to a computer. Chess and Kingsely had earlier shut out the cameras and so he went to work. He hacked into the accounts of the store. The store had over 30 accounts in 6 countries. He sent a virus into 3 banks in LA so their computers stopped. And he kept transferring money from these accounts to an account that Chess opened in London . He opened it in the name of one Friman Johnson. He had stolen the man’s ID at an airport and had even been using his credit card , piling up lots of debts for him. He had sent Friman Johnson ID to the bank and they immediately opened it in his name.

Friman Johnson was arrested after the police traced the accounts.

But a receptionist of a hotel where Chess had lodged called the cops, reporting the credit card stolen. And then she sent the video of chess using the credit card and the police tracked him down and arrested him.

While at the station, the receptionist of the London bank where he opened the account called Chess and Brian picked.

” Hey there, I’m just checking in. I would love to have an interview with you, not that am suspecting you, cause you’re a good man with an impeccable Character but protocols must be followed. And I would love to see you, Friman Johnson.”And immediately the line went dead.

Chess, immediately he was taken into prison, exposed everything that went down. He was a coward.

The police immediately released Friman Johnson and 2 days later, arrested Leo and Kingsley.

Kingsley was at work when he saw the cops entering the building. it was 3 months since the heist and he had a feeling of ease although somehow he knew he would be caught and that’s why he didn’t dry playing the chase game with the police. When, he wasn’t certain but he off course knew.

He was watching some stuff on his computer when the police, with his boss leading the way, entered his office. It still didn’t click. Until one of the cops came behind him and said;

“you’re under arrest.. You’ve been caught. ” before mirandizing him.

He got up and walked out of the store with the police behind.

Few months after he was imprisoned, Rachel served him the divorce papers and he signed it.


Lonnie and Rachel got married a year after Kingsley was imprisoned and neither Eddie or Stan saw their father again.

2 years after she got married to Lonnie, she discovered that he was cheating on her with Sarah, his secretary. She found both of them in Lonnie house, having sex on their bed and she was shocked like really shocked. it was so much to take. She couldn’t believe Lonnie would do that to her. I mean she praised him and loved him and adored him. She knew she couldn’t stay. And a week later, she decided to file for divorce. Since they signed a prenuptial agreement before they got married, Lonnie got to keep all his wealth and she was left with nothing. He didn’t as much as continue paying for Stan’s treatment. He wasn’t his kid anyway. And the hospital decided to get rid of Stan and give him back to his mum.

3 months after the divorce, Eddie with his friends decided to rob Griggtonn’s bank, owned by Lonnie. They took 10 million out of the bank, and still kidnapped Lonnie, his wife and the security guard, Mr Thompson.

Lonnie, too, had gone ahead to marry Sarah.

Even now as Eddie stared at Lonnie and his wife, he couldn’t help but hate them. They were gagged and tied up.

One of Eddie’s men, four, dragged an unconscious lady into the surgery room and held her phone screen on Eddie’s face and said;

” She called the cops. ”

” Fuck! ” Eddie yelled and turned around and looked at the scared doctor and said;

” Just so we are clear, if Stan dies, you too will join him, and I will come after your family.. This is not Rachel Evans, this is her son and that’s my brother over there. So make it good. ”

” But he needs a new heart. ”

“Not a problem. ” Eddie said, shooting Lonnie on the head twice and his body throbbed and fell. And with the shooting, Sarah screamed. Eddie pointed his gun at her and said;

” Bitch! shut the fuck up. I will be with you in a minute. ”

Lonnie’s heart was removed from his chest. it was a gruesome and bloody mes. The surgery lasted for hours.


Brian and Dawn and the rest of the police team, arrived at the hospital. It’s been 40 minutes since the PR called. The phone dispatcher had said that she heard a bang and the line went dead. Brian prayed she wasn’t dead.

As soon as Eddie saw the police cars, he went outside with one of the hostages with a gun in his hand;

” I’ve got plenty hostages, you back off or I shoot. ” he said.

Brian watched Eddie go back inside with the hostage. He imagined what was going through the mind of the hostages.

As he stood, a police car drove in and the driver door opened and inspector Jean came out.

” Hey officer Brian, what do we got on the hostage situation?”

” Nothing! We don’t know how many hostages are in there but looks like they’re lots of hostages. PR, when she called, said everyone was still in the building, workers and patients. ”

” Have you tried talking to Eddie, like get him to talk.? ”

” He just drove me on.”

” what about his brother, laird? I don’t think he knows we got him. We can use him to make a trade with the hostages. We got a leverage. ”

Few minutes later, laird was brought out of the van, cuffed on the hands and feet. They went to the security camera and made him stand in the middle.

Eddie was still watching the doctor as he cut his brother open and began to remove his bad heart. Some many equipments were on the table. Then, four, his friend entered, painting.

” They got larid. The cops got larid! ”

Eddie went and called Brian.

” Hey dear fella ” he said, immediately Brian answered.

” whose this? ” Brian asked.

” So you got larid. ”

” Hey asshole, we fuckin got your brother, release the hostages or watch him die slowly. ” Brian said.

” You can’t do that cause you’re fuckin weak. I, on the other hand has killed Lonnie, my fuckin step dad and his bitch wife is here too and I plan on killing her. And I wish you guys would have seen his heart taken out. ”

“You Bastard!” inspector Jean yelled. And he came over with a gun and pointed it at Laird’s head as they headed for the main entrance to the building.

” You release those goddam hostages or I burst his caps. ” he said.

” you can’t do that you’re a cop and cops don’t have balls. ” Eddie said, and immediately, a bullet flew out of the window and hit laird on the head and he fell dead.

Inspector Jean was taken aback by fear. He ran off whimpering.

” See what I mean, you got no balls and larid isn’t my brother. He was just a distraction. I shot him on the leg at the bank on purpose so you guys would find him.. See the way he led you on. It was great watching you guys fool yourselves .. lol.”

Inspector Jean was still out of breath. He couldn’t believe what just happened.

Brian got a call from Jordan. He wanted to cut it but he took the call.

“Hello. ” he said.

“Brian! ” Jordan replied.

” Now’s not a good time…. ”

” She didn’t let him finish before saying;

” I looked at Eddie’s profile and I found out that he has a mum, Rachel Evans and a brother , stan and his father, Kingsley Evans is imprisoned for arm robbery. I looked up Rachel Evans and I found her home address, maybe you could bring her and Eddie would give up. ” Jordan said.

” Just so am cleared, he has no brother by the name laird? ”

” Nope. Laird and his parents live in 6209 Ludlow are, Garden Grove, while Eddie, Stan, and his mum live in 6187 Ludlow Are, garden grove. ”

Jordan hung up immediately and inspector Jean came by him and said;

” We can go get his mum. I’ve sent a cop already to get her. We’ve tracked her location already. She’s at Westminister museum .”

Brian and he smiled and turned around to keep watching.

An hour later, Rachel Evans was brought to the scene. The cops had pulled her out of the car and brought her before Brian. And then inspector Jean showed up. Dawn too came by.


Eddie looked over at his brother and then turned around to look at four. He could tell that he was nervous. He knew he wasn’t supposed to kill laird but he badly wanted to get back at the police. Now he wondered if it was a bright idea.

He looked at Sarah with a hate glare. He wasn’t gonna let her go. She had to die.

The doctor finished stiching Stan up and looked over at Eddie and said;

” He’s okay.. He needs to rest. ”

Eddie smiled thankfully. He was so happy that he was ready to release everyone, except from Sarah, off course. He told four to release everyone, while he grabbed the screaming Sarah, while he gagged her.

” Bitch’s screaming so loud. ”

Four released everyone.

Brian and Dawn looked over at the hospital and saw everyone running out of the building.

” Asshole just released victims. ” Dawn spoke in his transmitter.

Brian and Inspector Jean, rounded up everyone and discovered that Sarah was still missing.

” We need to get in there. Dawn, watch out in case he tries to make a run. ”

Brian called Eddie.

” Hello buddy. ” Eddie’s voice rung out, melodious .

” We got your mum and we wanna make a trade, her for Sarah. ”

” That’s good Brian, but I ain’t buying it. ”

” Check the security camera. ”

Eddie went out and checked and he saw his mum with the cops. He was outraged and then shouted at Brian;

” You watch me kill her, and am coming for you and your family. ”

Eddie looked over at Sarah and pointed the gun in her direction. He laughed and growled at the excitement of watching her die. He was ready to loose his mum.

“Brian, you got 5 seconds to catch me before I make the kill…… 5, 4, 3, 2…”

Brian ran into the building.


And then the bullet went off. Brian stopped and started crying.

Dawn and the police went to the last floor and saw Eddie lying dead and saw a guy in hoodies pointing a gun in Eddie’s direction while Sarah had passed out on the floor. The reality of death crumbled her.

Dawn cuffed the guy and called an ambulance went in to pick Sarah.

Brian too had ran up, just in time for her to get conscious. And he ran to hug her really tight. Inspector Jean had to break off the hug. They took her inside the ambulance and it drove off.

The ambulance too had spotted Stan and took him into the van, driving him to a hospital.

As Brian sat in the back seat of the car with the cuffed guy, he looked over and asked him his name. Dawn was looking at him through the driver mirror. While Inspector Jean looked through the side mirror.

” four… My name is Four. ” The guy said.

” Thanks for saving Sarah. ” Brian said.

” I didn’t save her. I just got back at the motherfucker who killed my brother, laird. ” he said, sending a wave of shock to them all.

Morning Torture

Dickson towed the car forward as he moved towards the building. He could feel the excitement running through his veins. His buddies Mike and Tyson were already ready. It was an all night party at Thomas house.

Music was already turned on and flicker green light shone as people came out of the building in a shinning green dress that glowed. Green lights flickered from their dress.

Mike voice rang out;

” Can’t believe we actually snuck out for the party… I mean my dad is really dumb, like I do really get away with serious shit at home….

Mike voice was drowned in the drunken voices of people and the music playing. A Guy and lady were seen standing near the door smoking. They often giggled and laughed. The girl looked often at the people who moved in and out of the building but the guy will nudge her and she peer into his phone and they both laughed heartily.

Mike turned his eyes and looked at a lady running after a guy, and another guy pleading walking in front of him, using his hands to slow the pace of his movement;

” You fuckin piece of shit” The guy said, turning around to the girl…

“Robert calm down. ” The other guy pleaded, still pushing him backward.

Robert eased his way from his hold.

“That bastard fucked my sister and you let it happen! Didn’t I tell you that she ain’t up to 18yrs? Am shutting down this stupid party. ”

Robert pushed him away, only to be gunned down by a bleeding dude who came out. Mike could tell that Robert had seriously beaten up this huge dude.

The girl was crying and screaming;

“Jason, call the police. ”

Jason stood motionlessly. He couldn’t call the police.

The huge guy came over where the girl was and gave her a drink in a small glass cup. She knew he was gonna do whatever the hell he wanted, and she didn’t want to be sane when he does that and so she drank it, it was just one gulp, yeah, just one gulp and her life would never the same again.

Mike looked over at Tyson and Dickson and noticed that they both saw what just happened but their face didn’t hold any fear. He knew that they were going to enter the party and nothing was gonna change that. It was just 2 psychos….. I mean isn’t it said that death is part of life?

Dickson was the first to jump out of the car and Tyson and Mike came down together, slamming the door and soon the huge guy and the lady zoomed off in a car pass them.

Mike knew everyone at the party was boozed up. No one had run on hearing the loud gun bang. The gun had fired loudly and no one did anything or said anything.

Mike saw Jason calling another guy and they put Robert in a car boot and rode off to go dispose off Robert’s body.

Dickson saw Mike’s gnawing stare on him. He looked away and saw 3 women approaching their direction. They smiled and they moved away from each other and each went to grab Dickson and the other two guys.

Dickson looked at the lady that stood before him. The lady smiled and he too smiled.

” Am Carley ” She said.

” Am Dickson. ”

” Wow, your name is funny.. It’s a short form for Dick. You sound like my brother when you pronounce your name. He always says ;

” Look at my dick ”

” You know am growing large balls and dick. ”

And he always calls every girl he likes his second dick. Off course no girl will like to be called such and so they ditch him before he dates them. ”

Dickson didn’t respond. He just smiled.

” Have you ever been out late before?”

Dickson knew from the way she smiled at him that she was assessing him, using her brother as a standard rule for him. He could tell that she often do that with different guys. Telling her that he snuck out from the house would make a good joke but it would cause her to disparage him and so he said;

“Yeah… Am a night crawler…. ”

” Am a drug dealer. ” he whispered into her ears.

Dickson looked at Carley and she smiled at him. She always smiled but then he wondered if she would be impressed. Perhaps she wouldn’t still think of him as anything close to her brother.

Dickson noticed her gaze looking above him and then an admiring smile crept into her face. Dickson looked backward and saw a guy looking at Carley and smiling. It was few seconds flirting before he joined a small crowd into the house.

Carley looked at Dickson and he could hint the smile of disappointment and then she said;

“you ain’t nothing like my brother. ”

Dickson knew that she expected him to punch the flirting guy in the face for flirting with his woman. That is what her brother would have done.

Carley moved pass him and he turned around and saw Mike and Tyson with the other two ladies.

Both ladies shook hands with Dickson.

” Am Donna. ”

” Am Lizzy. ”

Donna wore a short bun and a mini top and a tight grey pant.

Lizzy wore braids and a mini black top that exposed her nipples and a mini black skirt.

Carley wore a short Jean jacket and wore a white dress inside and wore a jean tight pant and she had her hair done in layers.

Dickson looked behind Carley and saw guys and girls holding hands going inside the house. He came back to himself on hearing Tyson’s voice and then he saw him shaking Thomas and giving him power hug.

Thomas came outside. He was with a lady, his hand wrapped around her shoulders. She smiled often.

Dickson kept staring at her makeup. It was crazy . She looked like a Halloween clown in a custom. The make up was too much on her face. He would like to snap it and show it to his sister.

” Hey you guys, so glad you could make it. ” He said, shaking the guys hands and giving the ladies a peck on the cheek. There was something romantic in the way he pecked the ladies. He was acting like a Spanish rich mafian. The way he kissed the ladies on their fingers which he held close , going on one knee and said;

” Hey senorita. ”

He then got up. The lady beside him smiled, and playfully jabbed Thomas on the shoulder.

” Hey guys, this is my lady, Linda. Standford, free med.”

” Wow, congrats. ” Carley said

Linda went into the embrace of all of them except Thomas.

” so we…. ” Thomas voice was cut short by her coughing.

” Thought we came here for a party and am sure you guys haven’t gone inside yet. ” Linda said, cutting in.

” Yeah, sure. Everyone this way. ” Thomas said almost immediately and they all went in one file with Carley and Linda leading the way.

Thomas and Dickson both could see the tension for control between the ladies but they kept quiet and went into the house. A small crowd of people had followed too, some shouting Thomas name and saying all manner of shitty things.

” Yo! This party is sick. ” yelled a guy.

” We are all fucking crushing motherfuckers. ”

” Eat my titty. ” A lady with a bare chest yelled. She ripped off her bra.

” Now this shit is awesome. ”

Dickson kept smiling and laughing and shaking and hugging and giving small talks and then Carley opened the door and they all entered..


It was a hell of a night filled with music, screams, ladies, drugs, and shouts and the DJ was on a frantic mode. A bottle of champagne was popped open and everyone kept yelling.

Mike had brought a bottle of wine that he popped open with a pill that would remove sleep from the eyes. The ladies had their own drinks and glass cups with pills too. Thomas took them to a table and brought marijuana for them in grinded form and each of them snuff in a large amount after they took the pills and gulped down the drink and then their brains were fried.

Carley took to where people were dancing and jumped on a guy, pouring champagne from the bottle on both herself and him. They both were screaming and he took a selfie of both he and she.

Dickson ran straight to the guy and pushed him away from Carley. Even his intoxicated state couldn’t keep her away from his eyes. He wanted her.

Dickson was a wimp in the real sense of it and he would never fight huge muscular tall guys but now he was wild in his thoughts.

The guy came over. Carley had fallen down and hurt her waist when Dickson pushed the guy.

Dickson ran forward but the guy gave him a knock out punch that left him on the floor for hours.

Donna and Tyson had jumped on tables stark naked and screaming. Donna was screaming;

“Eat my titty bitches.” and was pouring cheap whisky on her body.

Tyson grabbed her and kept nuzzling her breast, wringling his dick.

Mike jumped from the roof of the house in his drugged state and feet landed hard on a jeep and everyone outside was yelling. And he jumped down from the top of the jeep and ran inside screaming loudly and jumping into the crowd.

Lizzy was dancing wildly with a guy, screaming and laughing and jumping.

Dickson was woken up from being knocked out but the drugs didn’t leave him. He went over the guy who was with Carley, who had passed out and began punching him on the face. No one stopped him, no one noticed it. Everyone’s crazy was lit.

Dickson even broke a bottle and pierced the guys face and then he used it on his face and then fell face down, laughing. Everyone was screaming and laughing and dancing and the DJ beat out of control. It was an all night party that lasted until 5am the next day.


Dickson woke up on a seat face down. A bottle lay before him. The bottle was corked open and sprawled face down and drops of liquid wine leaking from the table. A small pool of wine was formed near the bottle.

Dickson noticed bottles and drugs and cigarettes on the floor. He saw a needle on the floor and without being told, he knew someone was injecting himself with heroin. Broken pieces of bottles and glasses cups. The music set was still there. Plastic cups and bags were lying on the floor.

Someone underwear was hung on the fan blade which spun slowly. Then Thomas came out from his room jumping over guys and ladies that were sleeping all over the floor and couches. The 2 Djs were passed out drunk with a passed out naked lady on top of one of them.

” God, you’re awake… The 4th guy to get up. You have sleeping problems? You barely passed out for 30 minutes and now you’re awake.”

Dickson didn’t respond. He just turned back on hearing someone trying to rouse himself up and he could hear groans and a loud fart.

” oh men! ” A voice rang out.

Dickson knew it was Tyson and then quietly moved over to where he was being laid on by a heavy lady. She farted again and then there was silence. He knew she was passed out.

” Come, Thomas, help me out. ” Dickson said.

Thomas and Dickson rolled the lady away from Tyson and she was pushed to a table and it shook and a bottle feel and broke on her. Dickson and Thomas averted their gaze to the bottle and looked back at Tyson. Dickson pulled him up and Tyson looked around.

“Wow, looks like we really partied hard.. I feel so sick.. I really wanna go home. ” Tyson said.

Thomas and Dickson stared at Tyson’s naked body. It was shocking, yet not sinful. They stared at him as he grabbed his underwear from the fan blade and his clothes which were on the floor near the DJ stand. They didn’t take their eyes off him but watched him as he put his underwear and clothes on.

Dickson knew that he danced all night stark naked. The reality of this crippled his stare at him. Thomas looked away. Dickson suddenly jerked back and asked;

“where’s Mike? ”

“Yo! He’s at the kitchen counter. ” Thomas said.

And the three of them walked quietly and slowly to the counter. So many passed out people lying on the stairs and floors and near the doors. A guy had his face in a toilet and tissue paper rolled in a straight line on the floor. Another guy was passed out in the bathtub , wearing only his underwear.

Mike was in the kitchen. A knife was near him which was bloodied and a bloodied finger was near the knife. He jerked up and turned around. He was barely awake. Dickson could see a bloody cloth wrapped around his right hand and then he knew that Mike had slashed his finger.

Tyson looked back at Thomas and asked him if he had seen Donna and Carley and Lizzy.

Thomas stammered a little bit before talking in whispers;

” Their brother took them away. He looked really pissed but I had to pacify him. No one noticed anything as all of you guys were oblivious. He came with some guys. He wanted to kill everyone. He punched a drunk guy who barfed on him to a pup. When I brought out his passed out sisters, one of them was stark naked. He kept on asking for their boyfriends and I told him that they didn’t come with any. I bet he would have killed you guys if I rattled you out so I didn’t. After starring in fury, one of his men spoke to him and he got into his car and left. He kept on shouting until he drove off with his sisters at the back seat. ”

” WTF? Those ladies are sisters… They don’t look like each other. ” Tyson said.

Nobody replied. The three guys jacked Mike and put him in Mike’s dad car and they dropped off each at his own house. No talking during the drive. Everyone was damn tired.


Dickson walked on the road. He had just entered Broadway Street and his family house was on the first block. He looked at his phone and realized that he didn’t get a missed call from his parents or his sister. The last call he got was from Mike when they came to pick him up from his house. They parked at Tyson’s house and made the call so that Dickson’s parents or sister won’t be alert. It was 10:30pm when they came.

Dickson parents were asleep and so was his sister. So he climbed out from his window and climb down the roof and landed on his mum’s flower. He quickly jumped out through the small gate and smiled, before putting on his helmet and gliding his skateboard over to Tyson’s house.

Dickson moved so slowly as he dragged his feet and dozed off in his standing position, ready to fall but stilling himself. He couldn’t wait to enter his room. He wanted to sleep, badly needed to sleep.

He got to the door of his house and rung the bell and then dropped off on the welcome rug and it was few minutes before a gourd of water was poured on his face and he jumped up. He figured it would be his sister but it was his dad.

” So you snuck out of the house, ain’t that right smart guy? You won. Me and your mum are douche bags… We are so dumb. We can’t catch you… You snuck out again like you always do… Bravo! ” His said.

Dickson rubbed his eyes and then yawned;

” Dad, am so sorry.. Okay you caught me this time.. I own up to my bullshit.. I wanted to go out, in fact it was my idea in the first place.. I take responsibility for my actions and you can ground me for as long as you want to.. ”

It was the same line he always used for his parents whenever he snuck out to go to any party and then they will ground him and he will be of good behavior for a week, and then ask them if they needed any favors or help and they always did. They appreciated this gesture, especially his mum because she always did everything and never gave her kids any chores to do because she feared that they would do more damage in the process so she always do everything in the house and go to her job.

And most times whenever he helped her with anything, she would complain but she wouldn’t do anything about it.. Like a week ago when he helped his almost exhausted mum on his second day of being grounded to go buy groceries, he told her to lift his being grounded for going to a night party prior and she nagged about him not coming home on time, him not knowing what to buy, him forgetting an item even if she wrote the list of items for him, but she still gave him money and lifted his ban. He prepared dinner that evening and burnt it and was grounded again and his mum started nagging but they ate the burnt roasted chicken and Taco salad for dinner.

Dickson looked at his dad and was still shocked at the response he got when he uttered his fake apology;

” No problem son, go get dress for school.. it’s almost 8 am. ”

” What? Aren’t you gonna ground me?. ”

His dad busted into a chuckle;

“Nah… Son, me and your mom are tired of going through the same thing with you over and over again.. We ground you and you sneak out, so we’ve decided not to ground you, go in and get ready for school and sorry about the water I poured on you, thought you was dead. ”

Dickson laughed at his dad joke. His mum came outside in a red gown and had her face made up.

” morning mom. ”

” Morning son, how did your party go?. ” she said moving into her car and then turned around and kissed her husband and then gave Dickson 20 dollars.

” mum? ”

” You want it or not, I bet Kim would need it. ” her dad yelled his sister’s name.

Dickson tightened his grip on his money and then went inside. He moved slowly and then his eyelids started dropping. He needed some damn sleep and he crashed himself on the couch. It wasn’t long before Kim snuck up on him and zapped him with a stun gun and Dickson jumped up and feel to the floor.

” Dad said I should make sure that you’re ready for school. ” Kim said in between her laughter.

” Stupid ass bitch.” Dickson muttered and then got up

” I ain’t going to school today!” he yelled as he moved towards his room bumping into several things and opened his room door, barely moving and then lay in a kneeling position, face down on the edge of his bed.

Kim entered his room on hearing the thud in Dickson room and the silence and then saw him, kneeling down and sleeping. She came over with a headset and put it in his ears and then turned on a loud music on a stereo which she plugged the headset to and immediately, Dickson jumped up. He removed the headset in anger and yelled Kim’s name in frustration and then his dad emerged in his room.

” What the hell?” he cursed.

” Dad ” Dickson said weakly.

” So you’re not ready for school?. ”

” Dad am damn tired, I need to sleep. ”

” Nah… You’re not gonna stay home today. You’re going to school. ”

” No way! ” Dickson yelled

” How about I get another water, am sure you want that. ”

Dickson didn’t respond. He was half asleep.

Dickson dad on noticing that his son was sleeping, entered the bathroom and came out with two bucket of water and an electric wire which he rapped around Dickson and plugged the end to a socket near the bed, lightening it and then he poured the two buckets of water and the wire electrocuted him and then he jumped up, this time the sleep cleared up from his eyes and he went to prepare for school.

Dickson stayed at the front seat while Kin stayed at the back.

” No sleeping son otherwise I would have to spank you. ” His dad said as he turned on the engine .

The drive to school was a short one but it felt like hell cause Dickson had to control himself from falling asleep. He had been spanked 6 times on the face for dropping his eyelids. And so he decided to join in their conversation.

” Dad, I was checking some beautiful clothes for ladies online in the Walmart app; out wears, Active wears, in wears, designer shoes and bags and all clothes deals, it’s really… ”

” Yeah dad, I love Christmas and money.. Give me Christmas and Easter and Good Friday .” Dickson said cutting in.

Both Kim and their dad looked at him in confusion and then he yanked himself on his seat and gave a sleepy stare and before he could get comfy, his dad slapped him again and this time he glared up at kin and his dad and ordered his dad to stop the car. Kin laughed, his dad laughed too and Dickson got so mad that he jumped on his dad in a bid to stop the car and as they both struggled on the driver seat, the car suddenly started moving in an incoherent manner, moving in the left right axis. Dickson steered the car left while his dad steered right and the car was on a very high speed as Dickson dad had marched the accelerator very hard in trying to get rid of his son.

Suddenly, Kin started screaming and both Dickson and he looked up and saw an oncoming truck and Dickson swerved left and the truck was able to duck away from them in a slim. But then, the car was heading for the railings and it started breaking. Under the railings was a river. Dickson was pushed by his dad immediately they ducked from the truck and so he was able to push the car backward and still it. Kin kept yelling as the railing kept breaking as her dad tried to pull away.

Everyone sat still for few minutes, their sigh of relief and tension brooding between them and then Dickson pushed the front door and was yanked by his dad..

” You walk out that door, you walk out of my house. ” his dad said.

” I don’t give a damn you sick bastard. ” Dickson cursed, plopping himself from his dad grip.

” Am serious son. You walk out and you don’t ever come back. ”

” Fuck you dad! Yeah at least I would find a place to sleep. ” Dickson said, smirking his lips a little harder before adding;

” I could call the cops for your black ass. ”

” And you leave.. You think you’re so stubborn. I told you not to go for that party and you went, while I may not give a fuck about you, I do about my house, I don’t want you sleeping and someone break in. Just so we are clear, you ain’t sleeping till midnight, I ain’t gonna let that happen and if after school you don’t come home , don’t even think about coming home again… While you may choose to live your life the way you want it, just remember that I pay the bills of the house and as such I make the rules, and if you can’t understand that, get the fuck out of my house.”

Their was heavy silence after their dad spoke and it continued until he dropped them off at school.

Dickson mind relayed the truck incident and noticed how the truck ran off as though the driver didn’t know that it almost collided with their car and he could remember how cars were scattered in different angles in an attempt to avoid any collision with theirs. People coming out to ask if they were okay after his dad was able to pull away from the railings, the way his dad drove off till they got to a backyard and then he sat still before everyone started giving sighs of relief before he tried to get out from the car and then his dad then gave him a piece of advise and the tension followed suit.


Dickson, Tyson and Mike sat together during lunch hours in detention. School was horrible for them. Neither of them could sleep at home and so they had to sleep in class only to get pranked by other kids in the class.

First time, they were sleeping, someone put an ice cube in their ears and they started barfing everywhere till they were woken up and then they noticed that their pants were wet and their hands soaked in a bowl of warm water. Everyone kept laughing and yelling at them. A guy came over with a pen and wanted to continue his drawing on Tyson’s face but was pulled away by Tyson who had suddenly come back conscious, and when the dude made another attempt, Tyson knocked him out with a punch.

At the same time, Dickson had gone into a fight with another boy who was laughing and jeering at him. He wasn’t the only one laughing and pointing fingers, but the boy had called his mum a whore and a fuckin pussy and that really pissed him off.

Mike didn’t really do anything. But he went to detention with his friends. They were kept in an isolated classroom with a scary male teacher and a janitor through out lunch period. No talking. Everyone just kept looking at each other. They could only pick books on the table and read.

Dickson noticed the bandage in the middle spot of Mike’s right hand and remembered that he lashed his finger and then tore a paper and wrote;

” How’s the hand?. ” and then passed it to Mike who was a seat before him and then Mike turned back and waved his right hand and mouthed back;

” How did it happen? Do you know where my finger is?. ”

Before Dickson could reply with a negative affirmation, the teacher turned and stared at both of them and Mike paced forward as if trying to rearrange himself.

Dickson sat there thinking. Their teacher didn’t give them any chance to explain. She just came in the ears of those white kids and took them to detention. Didn’t she see the drawings on their faces? Or the remains of pie on their faces?

Now that Dickson had time to think through, he looked over at his pants. He couldn’t believe that he had wet his pants, a habit he stopped at 5 years old. Even though he knew that soaking hands in warm water in one’s sleep could lead to peeing on himself in his sleep, it wouldn’t save him or his friends from embarrassment at school. He needed a break from school. He looked up and noticed Mike nodding at him as though agreeing with his thoughts.

Dickson eyes finally started dropping. Sleep came back again but the sleep vanished on hearing his teacher stony voice;

” You three, to the principal office. ” She said opening the door of the classroom.

Dickson looked at her. The deplore on her face was petty. She was racist and Anti Semite. She would gladly expel them from school if she had the power to do so. They were black and she was white.

The principal gave them suspension for 3 weeks and then sent them home. Their parents were called to the school. It was only their dads that came. It was a long talk most of which Dickson heard nothing. The sleep in his eyes were gnawing on him. The sleep would disappear from his eyes whenever his stare met with his dad’s.

Finally it was all over. The three of them walked uniformly, humoring their dads who walked ahead of them. The men kept laughing and talking to each other. Even when they got out of the building, they kept talking .

Dickson and his friends each went to their dads car. Dickson sat down and looked at the side mirror to see his dad. He didn’t want to sleep now. He didn’t want his dad to smack him. He knew his dad wouldn’t give a shit about his detention but his mum would and she would scold him and that’s it.

Mike ‘s dad would ban him from T. v and from going out. He didn’t have a mum. His parents got divorced. His dad had a reputation for being a pastor at a local church and hearing what his son did would make him really mad. Not only will he ground him for the detention stuff but also for sneaking out of the house to go partying.

Tyson’s dad won’t give a fuck. just like Dickson’s dad wouldn’t , neither will his mum but he would have to put up with his annoying little brother, same as Dickson who would have to put up with Kin and when Dickson remembers this, it would make him mad.

But for all the best things, he finally closed his eyes to sleep. He finally gave in to nature. He didn’t try to fight. He longed to surrender and that’s what he did. It felt like hours or days or months. Maybe staying at home won’t really be a bad idea. Kin would go to school, unlike Tyson’s brother and he would have the T. v. to himself too.

He smiled in his sleep only to be woken up by a water splash on his face. it was Kin. Dickson was still lying down in the back seat of the car. He knew that he was at home. His dad finally let him sleep.

Dickson looked up at his laughing sister and for the first time he laughed at her prank and finally knew as she smiled that it was her way of getting along.

Fathom part 13

Emma sat down in the wardrobe. Her dulling eyes and mind gave in easily to her environment. She didn’t know why she felt such shivering fear. She didn’t know why she felt wetness all over her. She didn’t know why she was inside the wardrobe or why her body throbbed with fear. It didn’t make sense. Nothing made sense. Then suddenly a noise pushed her back to Memory Lane. Her jottering started off from there. The memories rushed up in her head at the same time. She wasn’t given time to breathe, to shake it off a little.

Her memories started off at dakikoya restaurant, then when she jumped towards a moving car to save a little girl, then Kain. His name rang memories in her head. Where was he? She stretched out a little, pushing the wardrobe open but it didn’t. It was locked. She kept pushing it a little harder and then she heard the noise again, this time it was louder and closer. She heard the rattling of the Wardrobe lock. It was as though someone was breaking a safe. It came fast and slow at the same time. The noise drenched the shit out of her, so much that she passed out before the wardrobe door opened.

Emma weary eyes and brain synced open at the same time but together, they were dull and unreponsive. Emma picked up lots of sounds and blurred images but couldn’t make out neither. It was like pouring water in a drive. She noticed a man sitting on the wheels with Japanese inscriptions tattooed at the back of his bald head. The writing was so small and Hindi.

The driver looked at her through the wind screen and saw how terrifed she was. He sighed remembering how his cousin, Kain had called him over to pick her up and take her to their family house. He could remember how docile he was. He’d ask questions, like when Kain told him that she was locked up in a wardrobe, he asked him what she was doing inside there, of course, Kain danced round the question and skipped it but he didn’t sound jovial. Kain didn’t sound like something was wrong . He rushed the conversation, saying what was necessary then quickly hung up. And now he got to the house through the address that Kain sent and he couldn’t find Kain. He could have also not have been able to find Emma, hadn’t it been that Kain had told him where she was.

Now he looked at her as she leaned haphazardly on the door.. What had fhe gotten himself into. He should have asked Kain why she was locked up in the wardrobe.

Emma sat up on the bed. She could tell that she wasn’t at Marcus apartment. The bed sheet on the bed was reddish blood color. The floor had the color of a brown wood that was used in making beds. A huge frame was hung on the wall. A plate of chicken noodle soup was kept by the bedside and above it was a wall clock.

Emma was slowly emerging from the bed when she saw an old lady. She wore a slim tight dress and a rumpled brown skirt. She was so slimb and bone dry. Emma could see her bones sticking out from her neck. There was something irking about her, in fact, there was everything irking about her. She frowned at Emma. A frown that sent a jolt to Emma’s spine. Emma was scared as the old lady stared at her. The old lady was holding a small knife which she glared at Emma before going out of the room..


Emma heard loud voices as she sat on the bed. She heard a guy speaking a Japanese tone English, while the voice of the old woman in pure Japanese language was heard.

” I didn’t find Kain there, although I found this lady locked up in a wardrobe…. And I can’t reach Kain either, I’m trying Akihisa number to see what he can find. I bet he’s coming over here too… ”

Emma could feel the old lady impatience and fury rising. She was shouting in Japanese language.

” Don’t worry mama, Kain would be fine. ” But that didn’t do any better.


“I can’t believe you shot that dumb fuck… You’ve deprived me of the satisfaction of torturing him… He slept with my wife and no one does that to me and gets to leave normally.. Now you’re gonna go in his place. ” Nashua said before shooting the guy in the head twice. He gave a signal and two guys took the dead guy away.

Nashua leaned back on the couch as he watched the news. The guy’s death gave him no satisfaction.. Kain was still out there.. The dumb fucker had shot Kain thrice but didn’t kill him. Kain was at Temple Medical Center hospital. It was easy to kill him there. Dr. Lawrence was there. In fact, Dr Lawrence was the one who told Nashua that the ambulance had brought in Kain before he saw it on the news. He sighed as he called Dr. Lawrence.

Dr. Lawrence sounded shaky on the phone and so Nashua asked him what was wrong…

” Everything! Every fucking thing! ” Dr Lawrence yelled.

” What happened? ” Nashua asked calmly.

” It’s about your son Caleb.”

” What about him? Thought you told me he was dead. ”

Dr. Lawrence swallowed hard. He didn’t know what to say. The last thing Nashua could stand was lies. He could remember when Nashua men abducted both him and Riley on the orders of Nashua. And for no reason whatsoever, Nashua had asked his men to return Riley back to Emma and have Caleb killed. Nashua had told Dr. Lawrence to inject Caleb with lethal injection drugs but there was a mix up in the drugs. Dr Lawrence forgot to inject Caleb with potassium chloride which would stop his heart. He was only able to sedate him and before he could give the final kill, some team of nurses were seen rushing to where he was. He was being called for an emergency surgery. Another doctor had to look out for Caleb. Luckily for Dr Lawrence, the telephone operator had given him a 5 minutes heads up on their coming so he was able to hide the injections.

The surgery lasted for hours. It was a heart transplant surgery. A woman was being rushed into the surgery room for it. So many doctors were in there. A Japanese doctor was the one who led the operation. It grazed Dr Lawrence as he watched them open the woman up to remove her bad heart. It was the first surgery that Dr Lawrence had ever witnessed. Everyone in the surgery room wore hand gloves and covered their nose and mouth leaving their eyes.

Finally the surgery was completed. The woman was stitched up back and lay unconscious. It was a 3 hours surgery, after whichu Dr Lawrence hurriedly took off the gloves and the surgery coat and ran straight to Dr Sota office, where Caleb was transferred to and when he got there, he was told by Dr Sota that a woman came with the police, claiming that Caleb was her son. Actually, he thought this to be joke, till he heard some clamouring coming from the hallway and he walked there and saw two police officers and the woman. Caleb too was with them and he seemed off the grid.

The woman was so convinced that Caleb was her son and there was no need trying to prove otherwise. She called him by the name koki and hugged him.

Dr Lawrence wondered if this was some foul play.. Was this Emma getting her son back? He thought. He wanted to tell Nashua but he knew better and so he didn’t. Nashua watched the lady shout and hove out in the hospital. The police told her to go and come back the next day and Dr Lawrence was exhaling in relief. He had the next 12 hours to kill Caleb but the next day, Caleb had gone missing from the hospital. While Dr Lawrence was still meddling in shock, the phone dispatcher called him aside and told him that a nurse had discovered a lethal injection in his office and she wanted to call the police and turn it over to them but the phone dispatcher, a Japanese lady who was having an obvious crush on Dr Lawrence, had stolen the injection from her. She handed the lethal injection over to him and told him to get rid of it while smiling mischievously. Dr Lawrence shook greatly before going to dispose it.

Later that day when he would be composed and his mind will go back to that day, he will be sure glad that he didn’t have to kill anyone to cover his tracks.

The woman who claimed that Caleb was her son, wasn’t seen or heard from for a long time. Then all of a sudden, after almost a year, Caleb was reported on ABC7 news to be found in N. Alameda street.

The woman who had earlier claimed Caleb to be her long lost son was arrested alongside two men. It was discovered by the police that the woman had no child . She the police and told them that her son was missing. The woman was a child trafficker who trafficked children in exchange for drugs. She usually steals children, even babies, from hospitals. The police were able to track her to a house in N. Alameda. The house was like any other house and one won’t think that children were stacked in there, drugged. The police entered inside and saw that the house was empty. They heard lurching sounds from the basement and the cops followed the noise and found the children there all tied up with chains and drugged. The woman didn’t try to run when the police got hold on her, neither did the two men who were with her. They were arrested. The people who sold drugs to them in exchange for children were Mexicans.

The woman name was revealed on the news. Her name is Ami. The two men were unidentified.

Pictures of abducted children were shown on the news but Dr Lawrence didn’t see Caleb picture on the news. Perhaps they killed him. It would be a good riddance if they did but he couldn’t take any chances.

Nashua’s voice rang again on the phone. Dr Lawrence quickly realized how lost he was. He stammered quietly on the phone. Nashua said something that he didn’t get. He said something about Kain. He heard this very statement….

” Don’t make the kill on Kain yet. I want to have the pleasure of killing the bastard. I have Caleb all covered. ”

That was the only statements he heard. How couldn’t Nashua tell that he wasn’t paying attention?

The call ended and Nashua turned around in time to see a nurse coming to his direction.


Emma sat still at the library looking at a Japanese book. Their was something shoving about the house. It had Japanese inscriptions and pictures all over the walls. It looked like a shrine tainted with ancient history. She kept peering into the book, trying hard to make out the meaning of the Japanese inscriptions used in the book.

” Still no word from him mother but I think saw him on the news. He was taken into a hospital, can’t remember the name. ” The man’s voice rang out in the house.

Emma saw him moving towards her direction as he kept talking, as if running from the old lady. He placed a phone in her hand

“Is for you. ” The guy who drove her over said. His name is Rui. He heard the old lady calling him that. The soggy looking old lady with her cramped figure. she thought.

Emma put the phone in her ear as a new kind of fear throttled her. She knew it had something to do with her kids or Marcus. Maybe either was found dead. She held her breath, preparing for the worst, yet she couldn’t stop the shivering fear. The voice rang out;

” Hello, are you there? is this Emma?.”

It sounded like an alarm….

“Yes! Am here. ” she replied screaming too.

The male voice on the phone paused and took a deep breath before saying;

“I have your son, Caleb!. ”


Emma was stunned in silence when she heard her son’s name. She wanted to ask him his name, but he told her to come over and get her son. He added too that if they were to contact each other again, it must be by texting . No phone calls and no police. But even the caller knew she would still call the police.

Emma jumped out from the seat and made a run for the car. Rui saw her running and tried to still her but couldn’t. The old lady was saying something in Japanese language about him wanting to leave her all by herself. But Rui replied back in Japanese that he just want to know what was wrong. But Emma didn’t say a word before storming out and Rui couldn’t help but follow her. He led her into the car and turned on the engine.


Nashua sat in the car and watched out. He never showed up with his men for any operation yet he couldn’t resist coming. He wanted to shoot Caleb. He wanted to see Emma grieve. He wanted her to watch him ride off with Riley. He smiled with an evil grin as he remembered Mei eyes when she died.

Riley woke up 2 nights ago and approached Mei with a gun. One of Nashua guys had broken into her house and injected Riley and placed a gun by her bedside and got out through the window without being spotted.

Riley was in a total black out as she got up with the gun. She kept following the voices in her head. The guy had turned on the micro chip planted in her ears a long time by Dr. Lawrence and kept speaking through it and she kept moving iftn its direction. She was very unconscious. In fact, her moving was not willed by her.

Mei woke up on hearing the door of her bedroom pushed open. She turned just in time to see Riley pointing a gun to her face. A voice spoke out from nowhere, loud and clear the voice rang;

“Give up Riley or die! Give up Riley or die!!. ”

Before Mei could say anymore, a bullet hit her on the forehead from the window. Riley was still unconscious with the gun pointed at Mei. A man, using a rope, broke the window open and took Riley away.

Nashua smiled at himself. He knew the murder would be on the news. A mystified kill. Although he knew that there was no perfect crime, yet the thought that soon, the police would gain on him and finally he would gain recognition for his crimes spur him. He had to finish up Kain, Caleb and Marcus before turning himself over to the police. He ain’t got time to keep running from the police. Most of all, he wanted to watch Emma welt in pain. He wanted her to suffer. He wanted to watch life gorge her out. That was his life spring. That was the whole essence of all his crimes. Since she had the balls to leave him for other men, he would teach her and her lovers. But he didn’t want her killed immediately. He wanted her death to be slow. nothing would make him anymore happier. He wanted her to suffer all through life.

He jumped out of his thoughts on hearing a car pull over. It was a cop. One of his dirty cops who strolled out of the car with Caleb. He pulled him by the shirt and took him to Nashua car.

” Did you make the call? ”

” Yeah!” the cop said, pausing before he continued;

“Almost forgot…. I didn’t give her a location ” and then he typed;

forgot to mention am at N. Alameda… At a Chevron Gas Station 901 Almeda st” He hit the send button.

Emma phone beeped almost immediately. She saw the message and showed Rui who scoffed;

” Shit we’ve passed it ” before making a turn.

Emma called the police officer on the wheels and told him about the message and he too scoffed before making a turn.

Emma drove slowly on reaching the Gas Station. She muttered a prayer under her breathe. Emma could see a jeep parked at a building close to the Gas Station and she saw a dim image of a man holding a boy. The man held the boy on the right hand and a gun on his left.

Emma knew from a distance that the boy was Caleb

Rui drove quickly being fired up by her screaming. it was as though the faster they drove, the less chance of Caleb death.

Emma didn’t take a quick glance at the Gas Station, all that rang in her head was screams; hers, Riley and Caleb.

The two police officers followed her at a distance. Emma heart skipped faster than ever. Emma wanted to tell Rui to run the man over with the car but she wouldn’t risk her son’s life.

Almost immediately Rui stepped out from the driver door, the jeep opened and Emma smiled at who she saw coming out of the jeep. It was Marcus. He smiled at her but she could tell that even as they stood, starring at each other, that something was different about him. The hairs on his body and face stood, rather than curl. He was more robust than usual. He smiled falsely. Emma could see the false smile and he was a more shorter than she remembered. All this described one person; Nashua. Maybe it was her worry alarm ringing in her head. The alarm that never allowed her enjoy anything.

Emma knew better than to trust her guts so she went over to him and grabbed his collar and kissed him. He did same too only that he grabbed her thigh.

Nashua loved the scent of her. He couldn’t believe what was happening. she didn’t notice by a hint. She couldn’t feel his heart throbbing in anxiety and ecstasy. He ripped her open with his eyes. How could he forget her plummy, dry rigid body. There was nothing sexy about her. Not in looks or moves or sound.

A police officer stepped forward and so did the man who held Caleb.

” Haru. ” The man said, introducing himself to the police officer.

Emma watched the men shake hands and pull off. She noticed also that Caleb was unconscious. His eyes didn’t lit up. He did a little gesture with his hand and then dropped it as if he noticed something.

” Your boy really went through a lot. Nashua is a damn beast.” Nashua smiled. He loved it, the damn beast. But no he wasn’t a beast. He was a tactical motherfucker. A beast wouldn’t go as far as he went. A beast would go after his prey without a rethink. But not Nashua. He would plan, strategies, before making a tactical kill. He hardly ever missed his target.

Nashua smiled at his thoughts and then continued.

“Nashua strapped your son to a chair and kicked a wooden door and rats came gnawing on Caleb. I could see the pleasure in his eyes as the rats climbed Caleb and chewed on him before throwing him inside a cell where he is beaten and locked up. ”

There was fury in Emma’s eyes when Nashua finished talking and nothing made him more happier than seeing this but still he wanted more. He wanted to rip Caleb like a sack bag.

The drive continued in silence. Emma sat still. Marcus was carrying her to the police station and when she asked why, he told her about Mei.

” Mei was killed last night and Riley was seen at gunpoint with the lady shot dead. No one can say what really happened. looks like an accident and I don’t think that Riley knew what she was doing but the police ain’t gonna believe her. They took her in their car but me and my men snuck her out and she’s safe. That’s where we are heading.

Emma smiled on hearing this. it was all she ever wanted. She wanted to ask Marcus why he didn’t bring Riley along and wanted to know in details what Nashua had done to Riley and Caleb. The more she knew the more angrier she would become. she wanted to smash Nashua head. She wanted to cut him in half. Nashua smiled in satisfaction.

The car drove on an empty road. No cars, just Metro Stations and gas stations and the crunchy sound made by the asphalts.

The silence in the car was revered. Emma turned silently to Caleb who was still slightly conscious. His eyes lit up a little, pointing up and then he crashed out. Emma looked back at Marcus, wondering why there was no snuggling or kissing or chatting. Had the events drifted them off? Had it changed them in an unrecognizable manner? was there still a remnant of the old?

Emma couldn’t answer the question and didn’t want to. she leaned over and kissed him.

Nashua wanted to pull her away but he didn’t. He still needed her so he played along and kissed. A deceitful kiss, yet it felt like passionate. With Emma it was passionate and that made Nashua hate her the most. She always wanted to be sincere, always open, always true.

The kiss lasted for a while before Emma looked at the driver seat and saw a message in his eyes that she couldn’t interpret. A man too was sitting at the front too. He didn’t look back, didn’t as much as peek.

Just as they were about to pull out from each other, thecar jolted, sending both Nashua and Emma to the side doors of the car. The driver tried to still the car, clutching the wheels. Then a shot came again and this time the car jerked in a somersault and crashed on the road. There was growling and man at the driver seat pulled out from the car just in time to get shot in the head. The other man at the front seat was already dead. He caught a bullet in his chest during the chase.

Nashua crawled out from the car with cuts and bruises on his face. He kept a staggering face and was still blurred out by the crash when a kick landed at the side of his head and he feel. He looked up and saw his own reflection starring at him. At first he thought it was a dream or vision but then as the view came down on his face, he knew at that moment that it was Marcus. He remembered the surgery.

Marcus came forward, pointing the gun on Nashua face, eyes fixed on him. Marcus touched the trigger, aiming for the forehead and then the glass shattering and Emma moans made Marcus turn and then Nashua jabbed him on the knee. Marcus turns and kick Nashua in the skull and Nashua kicks him again, this time, pointing the gun more fiercely at him and then a gun rattled behind him. He could hear bullets and then Emma’s voice rang out

” Turn around. ”

Marcus paused and stood still. He heard so much noise in that moment but he couldn’t make out what the voices said and who owned the voices. It was as though he was in a place that was blown up. screams. shootings.. and then Emma’s voice stood out among the voices and in rang again. He turned, smiling and she didn’t wait to pump the bullets in his chest. It was three hard shots, Landing on his bullet proof vest and slowly he fell.


Emma pointed the gun at Marcus. He reminded her of everything she hated. She looked up and saw Nashua coming forward, smiling and pointing a gun at her. She was numbed.. What is going on? she thought. Emma kept on calling Marcus name as she looked at him. This time. she heard him scoff at her and she heard the word;

” Bitch!!” from his mouth, then he shot her on the leg and she fell.

It hit her again, her vision at the dakikoya restaurant.

Nashua walked slowly. he couldn’t wait to rip off Marcus face that he carried. His initial plan was to wear Marcus face and sleep with Emma and maybe run away with Riley while he killed her and Caleb but the thought of her mouth coming in contact with his nauseated him. He wondered what Marcus sees in her.

Emma was still pointing the gun in Nashua face when two men strolled out from behind her and went towards Nashua turned around, facing him, now pointing the gun in her face.

Marcus stirred as he lay on the floor. He could feel the bullets shove up his assistant. He looked at his bullet proof vest and saw the holes that the bullet made. He jacked up a little harder for Nashua to notice.

” Hey bitch! ”

On hearing Nashua voice, he mellowed down

” So you’re awake… I know you didn’t die though. You’re not an actor, neither am I though. I wanted you to watch this moment as I pull a bullet in her head. ” he said, holding Emma and pointed a gun in her head before thundering;

” Back off. ”

Nashua saw the confusing look on Marcus face as he saw two of his men standing for Nashua. Nashua smiled on seeing his face;

“See one thing God has blessed me with is that I have loyal friends, people who are willing to loose themselves for me and the thing is am not even a loyal friend all the time.. This are my men whom I sent to the police force. You thought you was gonna shoot me but here is how it’s gonna be played… ”

A bullet sent Nashua landing on his belly.

Nashua looked up and saw one of his men pointing a gun at him.

” YOLO! ” Nashua called out.

He ordered his second man to shoot Yolo but he didn’t move a muscle.

” You couldn’t wait to let him have it.” Marcus voice rang out in laughter.

Now it was Nashua turn to be confused.

” But you captured the perfect moment ” Marcus said before looking in Nashua face and said;

” Good to be played ain’t it? You think you can just kill someone and get away with it?”

Nashua was still confused and then Marcus spilled it out;

” Mei, you remember? This men where her brothers and you killed her. ”

Marcus wanted to capture this look this frantic stare in Nashua eyes but before Nashua could say anything else, both men pumped 24 bullets into his ass.

Marcus walked towards Emma and smiled. She was still shivering but he gave her a cozy hug.

They broke off and looked into each other eyes. Emma knew he was Marcus. She never saw this brave side of him before but she knew he was the one behind Nashua face. She wanted to hug him but not with Nashua face.

” holding up on a brother? ” Marcus asked and she pointed at his face.

Yolo coughed and both Emma, Marcus looked at him.

Then Marcus smiled.

” We’ve got something for you. ” He said.

Emma saw him dash towards a car miles away and she followed. They got to the car and there Riley was. Emma was stunned. Nashua had told her that Riley was at his house but then it occurred to her that Yolo and his brother must have snuck her out. She heard Marcus say;

” We didn’t sneak her out. Yolo was the one who told Nashua that I was bringing the cops over to the warehouse and that he should put Riley in a separate car and after he must have killed you and Caleb, he would snuck her out to Mexico.”

But Emma wasn’t listening. But she waited for Marcus to finish talking before going to the car, pulling out her daughter and hugging her. Riley cried on her mother. They both looked at each other after Emma pulled her gently away and then they went back to hugging.

Emma looked back after pulling away from Riley finally and saw Nashua holding a detonator. She didn’t need to be told that Marcus wanted to blow up the warehouse. He smiled at her and she came forward and they both kissed and then he pressed the detonator. After which they headed back to the jeep to get Caleb.


The police officers were already at the jeep when Emma and Marcus arrived. They pulled Caleb out of the jeep and one of the officers made a call and ambulance arrived in no time. Caleb and Riley were taken into the ambulance. Emma joined them.

It was 2 days at the hospital. Two days watching her kids. 2 days crying at what they went through. 2 days starring at Nashua images in her head. He was gone but his memory wasn’t. On the news, his death was announced and it sent a shocking wave.. On the news, it was tagged

“Killer finally got served. ”

Dr Lawrence too was arrested too. Marcus had exposed him. Kain was recuperating and was later arrested when he recovered. Dr Lawrence exposed him. Emma never saw him again.

Later Marcus arrived at the hospital. Emma was in Caleb room kissing him and he smiled. Caleb wound up and his eyes opened.

Emma smiled and left the room and went to where Riley was. She didn’t care about what had happened to her daughter. she had her and that was all that mattered. she hugged her and kissed her. Riley too cried on her mother she too had missed her and this warmed Emma heart.

The story of the explosion warehouse at San Pedro was all over the news. Emma saw piles of burnt stuffs there.. Police had arrived at the scene and recovered over 40 dead burnt bodies.

” Wow that’s cute. ” Marcus said

Mei picture was shown on the news. The police had recovered 3 children and had identified a missing girl too among them. Riley picture was shown on the news.. it was gonna be a long damn explaining to the cops.

Emma chided herself for not grieving for mei. she wanted to grieve but she was damn too happy to grieve and this saddened her

The end

Crazy moments…

Evans drove his van steadily on the road. He couldn’t be more stunned and disgusted at how rich people flaunt their wealth. What did he expect? This was rodeo drive street in belvery hills, a place not meant for the poor, or the average. Celebrities lived here. Although he loved the sites in rodeo drive, he knew that it wasn’t as dashing as buildings in mulholland drive or as gorgeous as sunset boulveward. He looked over at the rear mirror to take a glance at the house where he had just delivered a mail in a mailbox. He wanted to stay and observe but he knew he couldn’t be caught unless he would be suspected to be an arm robber. The way the rich protected themselves here was so alarming. He wouldn’t blame them though. One could ehttp://asily become a victim of violent crimes here and also one could be a victim of property crimes like burglary, car theft and the likes. It was no surprising that people called the cops when they suspected someone.

Evans looked over at the previous house where he just delivered their mail, and smiled. He wished he could just buy the house from the owners. It was a white slivered house with lights on it. The lights shone brightly at night, making the building a full crystal ray of brightness. That building looked like a Royal Palace. He moved over to the next house, a few blocks away from this house. It was a normal house, nothing really fancy save that the tiles in the compound gleamed and the buildings were built in a straight role. The garage included. Luckily the compound wasn’t big. One didn’t have to walk miles to reach the house. The walkway was a x shape with Lawns at different angles.

Evans parked his van by the gate and came out. He looked out for a mailbox but it wasn’t there. He looked at the compound and decided to climb over the little gate. Immediately his legs entered the compound, he could hear the growls of dog barks. He took two more steps and he saw vicious dogs. They were rottweilers. 3 in number. They looked at him all Salivating. He went backwards and the dogs came forward, all growling slowly, then immediately, he turned and ran. He didn’t know what he did next. Adrenaline did the rest. He just jumped through the gate. The dogs jumped too and chased him. One of the dogs bit him on the butt but he couldn’t get a complete mouth grip on him.

Evans ran very quickly. The rottweilers chased him with full speed then stopped after some distance but Evans didn’t stop running. He ran until he entered a mall. The name of the mall is Rodeo collection. It was a big plaza.

Evans stood by the door, realizing that it all over. He was amazed at the distance he covered as he ran. He knew that the dogs had long stopped chasing him but he couldn’t stop running. He didn’t look back. He didn’t want to look at their horrific eyes. Then it occurred to him that he had dropped the keys and he didn’t know what had happened to the mails of the residents of that house where he had just been chased by dogs. He feared that the residents would call his office and have him fired. He had other mails that was yet to be delivered. He touched his back pocket and felt the emptiness. His phone was gone. Someone must have swiped it from his pocket or maybe it fell off on the road or it was in his van. But he couldn’t care the least.

Evans gasped a little as he looked at the glass of a boutique shop in the mall. He saw a woman and her white puppy dog. She held on to the puppy as she spoke to the woman. She had a pearl of diamond necklace hung on her neck with a diamond ring on her finger. She was flustered as the sales woman in the boutique was talking. Evans loved her pink lacy gown and red jacket. It had flowers all over it. She looked like a celebrity in the shinning red lipstick she wore.

Evans kept peering, watching the woman try to keep her jumpy dog still. Evans didn’t know what made him look away before hearing a scream. He looked at the door and saw two men with 2 bags running out of the mall. A diamond ring fell out of one of the bag. One of the men looked at Evans and screamed;

” Run! Run!!. ”

Before throwing one of the bags to him.

Evans looked stunned at the bag before looking at a cop who looked back at him as if daring him to run and he did run. He didn’t ditch the bag. He ran into a car which was turned on. A guy was leaning on the bonnet of the car, smiling and looking at a lady’s behind, when Evans drove speedily and he fell down, lucky to roll out of the way of an incoming Police car. They were actually 2 police cars.

Evans drove speedily, honking at incoming cars. Twice he left his lane and almost got hit by an incoming car. Evans swayed away into the pavement. The police were behind him. One of the police cars had made a detour. The other car was still behind him. Cars were swaying from their direction.

Evans couldn’t tell what direction he was going to. He didn’t turn left or right. He just kept moving, knowing he was heading for a dead end with the other Police car gaining on him. He looked ahead in time to see the other cop car which had earlier made a detour, making a one way drive towards him. Evans tired marching the brakes but it gave no response. Evans eyes shone red in devastation, his hands shaky on the wheels and then he heard a tire bang. He didn’t need to be told that it was his tire that was shot at. He freely let go as his car ran into a neatly parked car.


Evans sat still handcuffed in a police car with another police car behind. He looked over at the road and saw the wreckage that was caused due to the hot chase. Cars had crashed into each other in a bid to avoid the crazy drivers, ambulance were seen at various ends of the road. Evans heard the voice on the walky talky;

” we have those assholes, have you got the accomplice?. ”

” Yeah. ” one of the cops answered, turning around and looking at him before turning forward.

As soon as Evans heard the word “accomplice ” his heart skipped a beat. What had he gotten himself into?

” Hope his not bugged?. ” The voice came again.

” Don’t think so. ” The cop answered.

” You didn’t check him out did you. ?”

No answer.

” Remember what happened the last time. The criminal who hid a pin in his clothes, who jammed the lock of the handcuff and shot all the cops, jumping out the window and was never seen again, while our beloved cops died and their car exploded in contact with a truck? ”

Their was silence and then the cop driver pulled over while the cop at the front came out and dragged Evans and gave a thorough search which involved pulling down his pants before putting him inside. Evans tried pleading his innocence but was told twice to shut the fuck up.

Then the drive continued, with the cop driver looking at him through the rear mirror.


Evans sat in an empty room. A cop entered inside and sat at a swat opposite him. A table separated them. Evans could see the other cops watching through the window, cameras were on the walls and he knew that the cops could hear everything.

The cop wasted no time asking him questions.

What’s your name?

Where do you come from?

Did you know this guys?

How were you involved with them?

Did you act alone or was their an inside guy?

What other crimes are you people planing?

Where are you planning on carrying out the crime?

At first Evans tried playing it cool, telling them that he didn’t know what they were talking about, telling them about the dog chase in a funny tune that made one think he was joking. But then the smile on his face faded when the cop threatened to lock him up in prison. Evans became mad, telling them that he was only a mail man who had a terrible day and didn’t deserve this kind of treatment. But the cop had walked out of the room, giving him time to confess to a crime that he knows nothing about.

Hours later, the cop enters back. Evans is now calmly seated but scared and angry. The cop tells him that they believe that he’s lying. He brought out a file and read out the previous crimes committed by this group of criminals. It was then that Evans would get to know their names;

Brian, Foster, Michael, John and Dike.

Evans thought they were only two but he didn’t know about the other three. He had earlier seen Brian and Dike at the mall. He recognized them but he wouldn’t tell that to the cop as it would fuel the suspicion of his involvement.

The cop read out the other suspected crimes;

Heist in banks and jewelry stores, Arson.

They robbed two banks; Bank of America and well Fargo bank.

They robbed a jewelry store and burnt it in the process. police couldn’t pin them on either crimes because they knew how to slip away from them.

Evans read the files

Brian was born on October 16th 1980 in Kansas

Foster was born on 30th September 1984 from Michigan.

Michael was born on 11th June 1978, from Massachusetts.

John was born on 19th April 1985, from Massachusetts.

Dike was born on 20th July 1986 from belvery hills.

All of them were Americans. They all went to the same college. He didn’t really read into their details.

Evans finally looked up at the cop and told him soberly that he didn’t know who these guys were. Then the cop brought a video where Evans was caught on the outside camera looking suspiciously through the window and then bending low and few minutes later, Brian and Dike were seen running out the door of the mall with 2 bags. A diamond ring fell out one of the bags. Brian threw the bag to Evans and Evans started running. Brian and Dike were seen on camera entering a red car and the screeched away. 2 security guards had dashed out from the mall at the same time the red Car screeched off.

Evans couldn’t say anymore. He immediately requested his lawyer. The cop smiled telling him that it wasn’t gonna do him any good before leaving the room.

His lawyer, Mr Bryce was immediately contacted. It was his cousin. He lived with him here and took a job as a mail man. Evans was working to save up for college and also to help pay the bills of his cousin’s house.

Mr Bryce came in. He told the cops that he knows that his cousin is no crook. The cops tells him that it wasn’t gonna prove anything and so Bryce went to work. The police finally charged them all to court. The criminals pleaded guilty expect Evans who on the advice of Bryce pleaded not guilty and so they continued to prosecute him. The other criminals on the light of the current crime and the former crimes which the prosecution was able to prove, they were sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Evans hated the court room, hated those lawyers and judges who wore sadistic looks, hated and terrriffed at being told to stand in a box and asked hard questions by the prosecutor in a pertrifed manner. Even when Bryce came up to question him, something they did practice, he still was petrified. Sometimes he had a brain lock down and he would go on stammering for hours.

But finally Bryce was able to prove his cousin’s innocence. He showed the court evidence of the previous gang crimes which Evans didn’t participate, he showed them pictures which Dike, Michael and Foster took on a train with Brian at the back, his head raised between Dike and foster and he giving a fuck you sign, pictures of Dike and his girlfriend Dallas in a boat, Brian and his girlfriend at a restaurant. Brian was putting on a baseball cap and wearing sunglasses while Jane, his girlfriend wore a red jacket covering whatever she wore inside and a white print pant. It was a tight one.

Bryce told the court that this pictures were taking long before this guys went into crime. The prosecutor objected. The judge told the prosecution lawyer to hold on and let Bryce finish. Evans looked often at the prosecution Lawyer who gave him a hateful glance.

Bryce touched his tie, looked over at his cousin before turning over to the jury and that indeed the pictures were taken a great deal back but then it could prove that his cousin didn’t have any history whatsoever with either Dike, foster, John and Brian. He also added that this crooks did start their robbery adventure two years back, so one can consider the time frame and observe that my client had limited time to merge up with this guys. Bryce told the jury that his cousin was his client and the way one of the jury looked proved that they knew. He remembered using client and cousin interchangeably.

Bryce proved further by telling the jury that Evans started living with him 3 months back. He moved over from New York to come over to belvery hills . He proved this by showing the court evidence of the plane ticket that Evans had and also pictures of Evans in the plane. The jury saw the tickets and nodded.

The prosecutor tried to hang on to the picture of Brian throwing the diamond ring bags to Evans at the mall. They showed images of Evans running away in a car with 2 cop cars behind his trail.

The prosecutor posed a question to the jury that if indeed Evans wasn’t part of them, at least an accomplice, why was he standing at the window of the boutique shop in a suspicious manner? The prosecutor showed images of Evans outside the mall standing and stopping suspiciously, and of course the question as of why Brian had thrown the diamond bag to him. If he were no accomplice, he wouldn’t have started running immediately. The prosecutor deposed that Evans if he were no accomplice would have been shocked or at most afraid and dropped off the bag but he didn’t as much as ditch the bag. The act of running immediately showed that he wasn’t surprised by the action of Brian and his gangs. He must have known of their plans at most even if he didn’t join them in carrying it out.

Bryce finally stood up and called witnesses, one was a recorded statement from Brian who expressly spoke that he never knew who Evans was. He didn’t know he was standing there. And that he throwing the diamond bag to Evans was out of desperation.

Even the police records that Bryce brought as evidence was able to prove that Evans had no criminal history whatsoever both here and in New York.

Bryce brought family and friends from New York and Evans’ work place who spoke good about Evans. Even Evans boss at work testified in court. Evans was particularly described as a calm, shy, intelligent and loving human being.

Things were starting to turn good. Evans was happy. The prosecution couldn’t call any witnesses. Brian recorded testimony really turned things around. The prosecution told the jury that the Record was fabricated and so Brian decided to appear in person when the court sat again. He told the court exactly what he recorded. The prosecutor asked him if Bryce had in any way deceived him into thinking that he would gain freedom or that his sentence was gonna be reduced? Brian laughed and told the jury that he merely was doing what he thinks is right. He tells the court that he is now a changed man. The prosecutor laughed and told him that he really isn’t a smart liar. He hasn’t spent a month in jail and he is now changed. Did Jesus appear to you last night in your dream? The prosecutor asked mockingly and everyone laughed briefly and kept quiet. But Brian didn’t answer, instead he smiled.

The prosecutor objected, telling the court that Brian’s testimony was false. They told the jury that Brian was trying to protect Evans. They posed that gang members often did that. They often would rather die than sell out their brother in the supposed sense.

But Bryce able to show all the numbers that Brian, and the other gang members called before and after their robbery spree started. Their text messages were also shown as evidence in the court. Bank transactions of the gang members were administered as evidence in the court and all these evidence proved that the gang members had never communicated to Evans by any means.

” Guess it’s a rap up prosecutor. ” The judge said. There was a masked tense silence before the prosecutor finally said

” That’s it your honor .”as Brian moved over to his seat.

Then The prosecutor spoke up and finally told the court that indeed they were wrong to have prosecuted Evans but there was one problem. Evans had stolen a car and had damaged it and it turned out that the car he stole to use and escape from the cops was a cop car. it was used as new evidence and it’s images were shown in the court. Evans smiling face of victory turned sour on seeing this. The prosecuting lawyer gave a fleet smile, an in your face smile at Bryce then turned over continued speaking to the jury that Evans had indeed caused a great deal of accidents on the road, damaging both the police car and other individuals cars that had tried to duck from him. He also injured people who walked on the sidewalks. Images of the damages were shown to the jury.

The jury finally gave it’s judgment on the next date. Bryce was indeed acquited on the charge of being accomplice with Foster, Brian, Dike and Michael but was sentenced to 5 years in prison for damaging a police car and also for damaging people and road property . He was further asked to pay the sum of five hundred thousand dollars as payment for all the damages he caused. However Bryce would be able to bail Evans two years after.


Bob walked out of the court room quite pleased with himself. He didn’t loose. it was a winning streak of his that no lawyer, not even the famous Bryce could break. But Bryce really did put him on a shoving edge. He smiled as he looked over and saw Bryce coming forward. He shoved him aside and said;

” how does it feel to loose?. ”

Bryce smiled and walked out. What was he smiling about?. Bob checked his pocket to see if anything was missing but nothing was lost. He just scoffed and entered his car. It was then that his phone beeped. It was an email. He opened it and screamed. it was images of his previous night at the hotel. He was seen having sex with three women. He was drunk holding a popped up bottle. There were images of when he stuck his hands in the bare ass of one of the ladies. There was another picture of the the two ladies stark naked kissing him on the bed.

With it was a little message underneath;

How about I show your wife this images I’m sure she would be thrilled to see it and I also tell the world of your corrupt practices behind and put your ass in prison? Can’t believe you could go through such diabolical means just to send people to jail… I’m still stunned as I read your files… Trust me I wanna make your life a living hell but on a second thought, how about you give me 30 million to put my scandal away. if I were you, I’d work fast, am doing your ass a big favor.

Bob starred at the images. God was he dumb. Really what goes around comes around. He jerked and his phone fell off.

Fathom part 12

Emma sat still and looked on the road while the cab driver drove. She’s been giving a black out stare ever since they came out of Dakikoya restaurant. Kain tried not to look at her. He wondered if she caught Nashua’s gaze in the dim of the night. He knew she saw the shadow. Nashua stood long enough for her to catch his gait, though he knew she wouldn’t know who the figure was. But would she suspect that he was there too as he had earlier gone out to make a phone call… That was planned too. Soon, Nashua or Dr Lawrence would soon call him for a new assignment. He scoffed.


Emma sniffed absent minded and was about taking her pills when she smiled frantically at Kain as she popped in the pills. Something broke inside him as he watched her take in those pills. He wanted to stop her but he couldn’t bring himself to it, at least not yet. Cool breeze snuck into the cab as the driver took on a high speed. The multi color lights from other buildings glowed, making it feel like Halloween. Most shops and malls and apartments, all had Japanese inscriptions above them.

Kain and Emma finally reached the apartment. Kain literally had to help her walk. The drugs made her dizzy. Kain knew she was hallucinating again and this time, it was Riley she was seeing. There was a frantic smile on her face and at the same time, a sorrowful grim on her face. She was laughing and crying at the same time, while making gibberish sounds but at least she walked straight. Then it was as if some other stuff broke up in her. She pulled herself from Kain and ran in between a car on seeing a little girl crossing the road, about to be hit by the car. Emma screamed Riley’s name as she shoved the girl away and together, they were flinged to the pavement. The already crying girl choked as Emma covered her in her embrace. She cried on the girl. It didn’t take long before a Japanese woman pulled Emma away and grabbed the little girl. Kain knew that she was the mother of the girl, and that she didn’t know what had happened. Kain had seen the woman come out from a mall and he figured there that she smoked crack. Emma had saved her daughter’s life and what did she get in return?, shrill abuses.


Marcus looked up drowsily. All the images in his face was blurred. He was tired and his whole body system was in a shut down.

The man poked Marcus in the face before putting back the shadddy glasses which have fallen up from Marcus face. Cars drove ahead while he slowed down to send a text to Dr. Lawrence, when he got a quick message that threw him out of balance,

We can see you… Meet us at point fermin park. “

The man shook in fear. Dr. Lawrence had earlier told him to come to temple medical centre and now this? He suspected a foul play. Who were this guys?.

He could remember how thrilled and frightened he was when Dr. Lawrence called him by his name; Akira a week ago and offered him the job. He didn’t know how Dr. Lawrence got to know his name. He didn’t even know who the caller was until Dr. Lawrence introduced himself to him before ending the call on him, and at that moment, he knew he had to do the job. Firstly, Dr. Lawrence had saved his mum, who was diagnosed with a hole in the heart. He performed the surgery on her and she made it. Secondly, the reward of the job was huge; $700 million dollars, an amount he knew he can’t earn in the next 5 years due to his low pay job that earns him 50 dollars a month. He wonders if Dr. Lawrence knew that he owed him a favor, or if he’s name was just a random guess. Then he didn’t care, he was gonna be rich but now maybe he did a little. When he asked Dr Lawrence to show him the money before he did anything, Dr. Lawrence merely scoffed before he said;

” it’s either you’re in, or you back the hell out. ”

Those words told him that Dr. Lawrence wasn’t fucking with him. Akira knew he had no option and so he joined. It was a one man operation. It was an easy one. He was given directives of Marcus whereabouts and the rest was history.

Now, as he drove to the park with Marcus who was barely awake, he wondered if he was going to make it from this, I mean, he had remembered when he earlier threatended to expose them to the cops if they didn’t have his money. He didn’t want them to think that they could just mess with him.

None of the men where there when Akira got there. Nothing out of the ordinary had happened. The sun was still shining, people were having fun in the river. Akira loved the white turf buildings around that area. Akira had pushed back his car seat and took in a deep breath. Everything was perfect before his head got blown by 2 bullets. He didn’t turn around before getting shot. The bullets had pinned him face down to the steering wheel. Before he finally died, he coughed out blood.

The two men came out from their car and went over quickly at where Marcus sat and pulled him out into their car and drove of. Marcus was still unconscious. One of the men sent a text to Nashua;

” The deed is done. ”


Riley sat still as Mei, her foster mum, came out from a detective office and she was signaled to come in. She sat still, not making any move, till, her foster brother, Yiki, pushed and pointed her to his mum direction before she got up and entered the office. The office felt sulky and so did she. She felt in her brain thousands of people playing soccer in her head. Words were flowing in and out of her head. Words didn’t get to settle in her head before popping out. She tried hard to get a grip of the thoughts in her own head, when finally she heard Mei speaking;

” He’s been sending me this message for almost a month now. I don’t know who he is but I have a feeling that it’s a guy and no offence, you know also that most guys are criminals.” it was a joke but it had no warmth in it.

Riley saw the threat text and it read;

” Give up Riley or die!! ”

She inhaled deeply and tried to swallow too but something like a log was formed at her throat, making her choke a little before she looked up and gave a thumbs up in the air, signifying that she was okay. She didn’t want Mei to get alarmed as Mei was an awfully nice person and that made Riley hate her.

” I’d bet that maybe this message is a prank. ” The officer said..

” That’s what they all say.. But I don’t think so. I mean this message has consistently been sent to me for a month now and with terrifying bloodshot images.”

Mei opened her phone to show him the images and indeed they were terrifying. Women stabbed beyond recognition in a face up position, A dismembered skeletal frame scattered around by a graveyard, headless bodies of men and women on the road with their heads placed beside their necks. It creepy. Even the police officer had to gasp a little before he regained himself.

” Call it. Let’s see if we can trace it.” he finally said.

“No you call him, he won’t pick my call if I do call him. ”

The police officer finally exhaled and looked invariably at Riley and wondered what was going through her mind.

Just as everyone were reclining in their thoughts, Mei phone rang and instinctively, she picked it.

” Hey asshole!” The voice rang out,

” You hand over Riley or you’re dead. ” Call ended.

Mei looked at the cop and he could see the question lit in her eyes;

” Did you trace it?”

He inhaled slowly and she knew it was a no.

The cop bent down, dropping his clenched fist on the table. He looked over at the table for too long that Mei began thinking that the table had vaticinating powers, or maybe he was seeking counsels from a God with potent power. Finally he looked over at Mei and asked;

” Are you her foster mum. ” his eyes peering in Riley’s direction.

Mei nodded explicitly before adding;

” I went to the Foster home months back to look for kids I can help since I never got a kid of my own. My other kids were taken also from Foster care. Both of them have same story. Their dad died, their mum started taking cracks and dumped them at some shitty place then child services finds them. But Riley was different. I actually saw her at some restaurant with her mum. Her mum’s is a psycho. You needed to see how she charged at me when I came and took her daughter. They had to use during tape and Chain to restrain her. Later, I saw her mum on the news jumping from one table to another, people running, so they don’t get their food dumped on them. It was highly hysterical. But then I fear for Riley. She hasn’t said a word since I took her in. She’s always starring, as though a part of her is somewhere else, perhaps with her crazy mum. It’s been 2 weeks since I took her in and I have taken her to hospitals and I was told that she’s perfectly fine. Finally it dawned on me that it was a mental situation, so I took her to 2 different psychologists but she won’t open up to them. She didn’t as much as say a word through out the session with them. Then it dawned on me that she didn’t want to talk to anyone. ”

The cop looked over at Riley, who was scanning the room with her eyes before their eyes met and then he said;

“whose your dad?. ”

It didn’t take minutes or seconds for Riley to respond

” Nashua. ”

The cop eye balls popped out on his face. He damn well knew the psychopath. It was the monster that killed that judge few years back. But there was no proof that he did it but everyone knew it was him.

The cop knew he couldn’t just jump into conclusion that Nashua was the one sending those letters and making those calls. it could be anyone but he wasn’t so sure.

Mei looked at him closely, wondering what was wrong but she didn’t ask. He just told her to go home and take extra precautions. Be very cautious. Put alarms on your door and if possible, get a dog. Always take extra care when you’re driving or at any place. He told her to install cameras in her house. He told her to call the cops if anything out of the ordinary is noticed. He gave her his number to call him if there was trouble. With that, he sent her away.


Kain took Emma inside and placed her on the sofa. He looked at her. Anger and guilt lurched her. She had lost her two kids and he played a role in it. He wondered what she would do if she found out?

Kain’s phone rang again. it was Dr. Lawrence calling. He had sent him a message to give her flunitrazepam. so as to knock her out and they can take her to the streets and she can go crazy and get locked up behind bars. It wasn’t enough that they mixed up her meds which makes her see people who aren’t really there. It was what made her go crazy at the restaurant and in the bus. He could still feel the shiver as he watched her break through the window in the bus on purportedly seeing her son. He could remember watching her jump on tables in other to catch her imaginary Nashua at the restaurant. It felt so good. Even Nashua who never smiled, laughed when he saw this.

Kain heard the sound of footsteps coming from the living room. He knew it was Emma but he wasn’t sure why and when she got up. He saw Marcus portrait hung on the wall in Marcus bedroom. He looked at the bed, imagining Emma and Marcus snuggling sex, he, all over her and she all over him. He imagined she stark naked, on top of him, Kissing his nipples and he being lit up and burnt by her touch and body. It made him frisky and so he turned around and went to the living room, in time to see Emma popping a tablet of the flunitrazepam drug and drinking water to swallow it. He stared in shock at her and she too gave him a surprised look and smiled and then her eyes shut down and she was knocked out. Kain looked at the door and could see shadows standing and could hear voices in very low tune and then he heard bullets fired at the door, making a small hole in the door.

Kain was still trying to recover from his shrilled madness when the door was pushed. Kain could see the door knob jerking. Someone was kicking the door. Kain quickly grabbed Emma who was knocked out and hid her in a wardrobe, locking the door. He used a chair to break the window and throw her foot wears outside just in time for two of Nashua’s gongs to come in. One of the men didn’t waste time shot Kain on the leg.

” where’s she. ” he yelled

” She jumped down. I gave her those drugs that makes her go crazy, and before then, we got into a fight. I confessed. I told her that I worked with Nashua. ”

He didn’t waste time in shooting him thrice in the chest before he pushed back the other man who was with him and then turned on his transmitter to talk to the other men and Dr. Lawrence about his information. There was a heavy silence before another guy spoke up that Marcus had escaped. The two men who had pulled him out from Akira’s car were found dead at point ferrin park. No sign of Marcus. There was a heavy silence, and then Dr Lawrence voice rang out on the transmitter;

” Don’t worry, we will get him. ” and then he broke connection and so did the others.

Tag a title for me…

Me, die, hate them,

See cause die havoc,

Die, death hate in every way,

Heat kills,

Winter burns,

Dry season,

Lips cracking,

Throat drought,

Die! Die!! Die!!!

Sand leaping,

Shovel digging,

People crying,

Rain showers,

Brain tumor,

Umbrellas flicking,

Blood dripping,

Sweat beading,

Tears trickling,

Hate! Hate!! Hate!!!

Ding dong,

Ding dong,

The world sings.

We know them,

We see them,

The raving birds,

Swooping a thousand feet above us.

Fire! Fire!!

Rolling Stone,

Grave silence,

Subtle steaming,

Wind blowing,

Justice denied.

Rampage! Rampage!! Rampage!!!

Snow burns,

Fire freeze,

Earth laughs,

Children growl,

World spinning,

Cars hooting,

fire crackers,

Stars dancing,

Petals booming,

Fish grills,

Human astonished…

Fathom part 11

Emma stirred up at the abrupt knock on the door. She got up, half asleep, and made it to the door. She knew it was Kain. He was coming to check up on her. She opened the door and the brightness of the sun took away the sleep.

” How you doing?. ” Kain asked, standing by 2 men in white shirt and dark blue pant and a bullet proof with a dark blue square sized cap. They stood with an uneasy gait. She didn’t need to be told that they were cops. God, little Tokyo is a funny place, she thought.

Then realizing that she starred too long, she moved away from the door and said;

“Am good Kain.. Thanks for asking, and gentlemen, forgive my manners. I’ve been sleeping a good while and I’m still not fully awake… ” Emma said, extending her hands to the men but neither shook her.

Emma looked up and caught Kain’s eyes peering into the room. She tried to avert his gaze but she couldn’t. She needed him to chip in something to make the tension go away.

Finally, Kain walked in and the cops followed suit.

” Am so sorry in here is such a mess. ” She said to Kain, who smiled and it faded on noticing one of the cops staring at him.

Emma wanted to ask them if they had any news on Marcus whereabouts, but she didn’t, because it seemed to her the reason for their coming. And perhaps news on Caleb, perhaps he was dead and was cremated. She held herself, ready for the worse. One of the cops, by the name Aimi , spoke up..

” We came here to ask you about what happened weeks back, when you jumped through the window of the bus. We can’t make out anything of that message that was sent to you. ” he looked over at Kain before continuing,

” We tried to trace the number but it was a dead number. The number doesn’t exist. We searched through our database but no one has that number.”

Emma didn’t respond. She knew what they wanted her to say, that she sees imaginery people, that she’s crazy. They know about that. She told them when they took her to the hospital, and she had been given drugs to take which she had been taking, so why bring it up?

” Is that it? ” Emma asked, ready to tell them to leave, when Aimi spoke again;

” Do you know any guy by the name Nashua? ”

At the mention of his name, Emma heart skipped a beat. She was jumpy. She couldn’t hide it. His name reminded her of things she did want to forget; his existence, Caleb, and mostly, herself. She finally admitted it to herself : The main reason she loathe Nashua so much is because he reminded her of how gullible she is.

Aimi’s small sniffling brought her back to the apartment.

” So you know him? You guys got a messy divorce or what?. ”

” We ain’t never married. ” Emma replied cheesed off.

” Don’t sell me that bullshit… I know all about you. You had two kids for him, Riley and Caleb. And you all lived in South Park before you moved over with your kids here, away from him. ” Aimi said.

” Now that you know it. I will tell you one thing Nashua is a devil. He’s a psychopath. Nothing like the man I knew before I married him. I just… ” she paused and then Aimi spoke;

” We got a report a week ago in 243 spring street about a burning car. When we came to the scene, we discovered 3 persons burnt beyond recognition. By the time the story was put on the news, a man by the name Dr. Lawerence called us and told us about a man who was in the car by the name Nashua, whom he claimed to be in the vehicle but when we showed him pictures of the burnt bodies, he couldn’t identify him among them but he was certain that he was in there. ”

” well that’s crazy. ” Emma said and a heavy silence broke followed suit.

After few minutes, the 2 cops walked out. Emma could hear them murmur something quickly to each other before Kain shut the door. He moved over to where Emma stood and whispered in her ears;

” it’s not Nashua, it’s Marcus. ”

Emma looked at him as his shoulders brushed hers and he entered the room where Marcus and her slept in and lay on the bed.

Emma starred at him and the words echoed in her brain;

it’s not Nashua, it’s Marcus. “

Something gave way in her on hearing this; At this reality.


Marcus jerked up on hearing noises like the swarm of bees. The light flickered in his face and so he blinked a little and then opened his eyes to see a little boy running out of the room. He looked around, knowing definitely that this was not his apartment. Then he felt a sharp pain at his head region. He could feel the marks of cuts on his face, like it was ripped off and then stitched back again. The heavy sun rays shone all over the room. He used his hands to shield his face.

Marcus looked at the mirror that was hung opposite the bed where he laid and saw Nashua’s reflection. He sprang up and looked at the mirror to confirm that his mind wasn’t playing games on him, and when he looked at himself in the mirror, Nashua’s face appeared. He got so mad that he uses his fist to punch through the mirror with every rage in him. The shattering of the glass and the blood trickling down his fist and the small pool of blood formed around his feet savoured his rage. Then before he could think, something was banged on his head. He turned around and saw a Japanese old lady with the boy he saw earlier running out of the room.

Marcus looked at the broken mirror and in that spilt second, an image of a surgery room popped up I’m his face. He could hear whirling of machines. Then it dawned on him.

Marcus could hear how swiftly the old lady spoke Japanese to the boy who ran out and came back with first aid kits which was kept on the bed. The boy went out and returned with a standing broom and something to pack the gathered glasses. He went out and did come back later

Marcus watched as the lady swept the broken pieces, her hands limping upward and downward on the stick. No word was said as she swept. Not by Marcus, nor by the boy who came back with his Japanese family.

Marcus looked up at boy’s father. He knew it was his father. They both had striking resemblance and a little girl who was tad bit too grill, stood in their middle. Their was few minutes silence where both father, son and daughter starred at him, and their eyes still peered behind him, focusing on the old lady who was packing the debris.

The father then gave an eye signal and they all moved out of the room.

Marcus noticed how slowly everyone moved. Their footsteps were slow and quiet. it looked as though someone had died in there. Everyone moved as though they tiptoed. Marcus could see many shut doors as they moved in the long hallway. The rugs croaked as they moved on it. Nothing seemed alive in the house. The air was very cold and lifeless. The cushions were lifeless. The portraits were lifeless. The rooms were lifeless. The roof wanted to fall down. Their was so much quiet humming in the house. The fire place was dead ash too.

Everyone walked in a file; the father went ahead, followed by the little girl, then the little boy, then Marcus. Each went a step before the other.

The dining section had a long table with many chairs placed around it. cobwebs curled on the chairs. The floor was whiten with dust. Everyone sat on the chairs, distant apart, really distant apart. No one said a word and Marcus couldn’t take this anymore. He had lots of questions but it looked like they were all stuck up in grief. He got up and walked out.

Marcus entered a bus to go to San Pedro. It felt as though it would be a long journey when it was only miles apart. Everyone starred at him as he sat down. He could hear whispers behind him. The news of his fatal survival had escalated everywhere. Even in the bus, the news about a missing person in the accident on 243 spring street which occurred 3 days ago. Everyone in the bus bent down to call the cops.

Marcus saw a woman behind already contacting the police, and he ran madly to stop the call, the frightened woman, noticing his coming closer to her, she starts yelling and immediately a bullet on the leg, alongside a heavy blow on the back of his forehead which gave him blurred images as he fell on the floor.

Marcus heard loud screams in his head in that dim moment. He saw himself struggling with the steering wheel and the man at the front shot him with his gun and he flying and hitting his head on the road and as he looked on the car, while he lay as a bloody mess on the road, the car exploded, resulting in a huge fire. He closed his eyes to bring himself back to the bus. The noise in the bus began to grow faint. It was like it was coming from miles away. Something seemed to give way inside him. Everything in him dragged slowly as though shutting down.

The man took drowsy Marcus out of the car. He had faked a call to a girl and had jerked up, as though realizing he had forgotten something. Then he told the bus driver to stop, taking Marcus by the hand as they climbed out of the bus. He paid the driver, and then cheerfully apologized to everyone for Marcus behavior in the bus, adding that he was taking Marcus back to the cops.

He put Marcus in the front seat, put a shady glasses on his eyes before entering the driver seat. He had taken a great deal to make sure no one was watching or following them. As he sat in front, he sent a message;

” I got him. Injected him with alprazolam like you said. Am on my way to San Pedro.. Make sure I don’t have to call on your ass when I get there. I want it quick. Already the cops are looking for him. And make sure I have my money when I get there or else…..” He sighed heavily as he sent the message to Dr. Lawrence. Then he starts the engine and hits the road.


Emma, Kain and Riley, together, went to Dakikoya restaurant, 327E,1street. Kain called it a relief trip. Riley didn’t care. Emma was so devastated about the loss of Marcus. She’d never realized how much she cared about him until now. She couldn’t believe that he was dead. She took her medication that Kain recommended for her and then she looked up at the ceiling of the cab they sat in. There was no talking in the cab. The cab driver kept looking at Riley through the side mirror. Japanese songs were played on the radio.

They all came down after the short ride and Emma starts feeling a meltdown in her brain. She knew she had to stop thinking.

Dakikoya had it’s charms. One thing Emma loved about the restaurant was the flickering of lights and the touch of red that was used for the color of seats in the restaurant. The other was the tasty rice bowls and ramen noodles. It felt sloppy in her mouth. She looked over at Riley who averted her gaze. Kain answered a call. His phone rang twice but he didn’t pick it. It was when it rang the third time that he looked at her, as though waiting for her approval and she nodded and he got up and went outside. Riley followed him.

Emma looked about at the number of people that were in the building. She could remember the Japanese inscription on the building. She could remember seeing it and mistaking it for a mall because the door leading to the entrance, was fashioned in the like manner of that of a mall.

Emma couldn’t stand the chittering in the restaurant. it made her sick and just when she knew it she heard a voice. She recognized the voice, it was Marcus.

” Hey”

Emma was startled.

” over here stupid!. ”

She followed the sound and saw him sitting on the chair Riley and Kain were sitting.

” Marcus! ” She yelled, ” You’re alive. ”

Everyone in the restaurant stopped their conversation and turned towards her direction.

” You fool, not too long am gone and you’re sleeping with that guy. You’re a whore… Can’t believe I fell for you… You don’t love me, you never loved me. ”

” I love you… I really do.. I just did that because…. ”

” Because you’re a bitch…. Goodamit! ” Marcus echoed loudly.

” Fuck you! ” Emma said jerking up.

” You know what, you don’t have a clue on where Caleb is and you don’t care, you’re so stupid… You don’t give a fuck about his survival.. In fact, you’re glad that he’s dead. ”

Emma was stunned. Marcus never used contumelious words on her. He just called her a bitch and stupid. But that didn’t get to her. What got to her was his accusing her of not caring for Caleb…. Couldn’t he see the agony that logged in her soul because of Caleb? But somehow she knew he was right. And it made her mad…

” I love Caleb. I always will, and nothing you say or do can change that. ” She yelled.

Everyone in the restaurant was stationed in their stare at her.

” No you don’t, you know you don’t. ”

And their, Emma finally lost it. She kicked herself up in fury and flung the table near her on the floor shouting loudly;

” I do love Caleb.. ”

The plates were overturned and the rice bowl and ramen noodles poured on the floor, forming a marshy, oozing pastry.

Emma could see Marcus jumping on tables and jeering her. She immediately chased him and jumped tables after him. So many people in the restaurant had their food marched and dumped on them as she jumped on tables. People screamed and shoved away from the table.

Emma jumped at the counter, kicking bottles, chasing Marcus, who had turned to Nashua and jeered her more and said;

” I’m gonna fuck Riley, am gonna fuck her real good.” It made her spleen.

Emma jumped from the counter on seeing Nashua standing and hurled him down, ready to punch him for all eternity, when someone dealt her a blow on the side of the head and then her vision was clear, She had just hurled a cop. There was no Nashua or Marcus in sight. Then she passed out.

Emma got up just in time to see shadows walking. She opened her eyes and saw Riley going out of the restaurant In the middle of 2 cops, 2 women and a man. She didn’t need to be told that they were child protective services agents. She jerked and fought and ravished but it did no good as she was tied real hard. No escape for her. Emma was bitting the ropes, and stomped her feet violently, trying to shake off the chain that was used on her feet.

Emma saw them turn around and moved towards her. She charged insanely at them. Another woman followed from behind . When they got to where Emma was, the cops stood and so did Riley and the child protective services agents . They turned around, facing the woman, and one of the cops said;

” Hey Riley, meet your new foster mom. ”

The woman moved towards Riley and they both paused and starred and the woman took Riley into her embrace.

The Default Mode Of An Average Black Negro

America is known all over the world as the third largest country in the whole world with a population of 327 million, making them the third most populated country in the world. Their mass area, exceeding 3.6 million square miles, makes them, a little bit lower than the whole of Europe if clumped together. The exceeding diverse geography, climate and wide life there, makes it one of the world 17 megadiverse countries.

Hawaii is an archipelago in the mid Pacific Ocean. The U. S. territories are scattered about the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean sea, stretching across nine official time zones.

Let me not bug you too much with what most of us are acquianted with.

America is known to have a homogeneous culture, being that everyone speaks one language which is English and they do not have different ethnic groups or different background cultural history like in Nigeria. But we all know that diversity of culture between the white and black is prominent in the USA. They may speak the same language but their beliefs, upbringing, and their totality is different. I would like pinpoint their differences..

Black Americans

Black Americans are comulation of American with total or partial ancestry of black racial groups of Africa. They are the descendants of enslaved black people who came to America during the sixties. They are known to be very protestant.

Some of the culture of a black American could be seen in their languages, names, religion, music and food.

Black Americans are known for speaking the African American language which is different from the standard English language.

Black Americans are often known for answering their traditional names which began in the late nineties. Although some of their names are referenced from the Bible. Some of which are David, Daniel and Joseph.

Also the culture of black Americans is mostly manifest in their music. Black Americans were known for their great vocal ability during the slavery era. Reggae beats are usually associated with black American music.

Black Americans dominate the music industry. Notable people like Nina Simone, Marvin Gaye, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, and Michael Jackson.

Behavioral characteristics of a black American.

The behavioral characteristics of a black American reveal themselves in two forms and they are the the inborn and the inbred. The inborn characteristics are not just found in black Americans alone but in all the black race, that also includes African countries while the inbred characteristics are formed by the experiences of places they find themselves in. So the inbred characteristics of a black American are accredited to the America life alone.

Some of the inborn characteristics are;

  • Family : Blacks generally cherish family and brotherhood. A black family can have a fight with each other, up to the extent of getting into each other throats, but they can never let an outsider come in to scatter them. They fight together. Fighting a black most times could mean fighting communities of blacks. This oneness is unexplainable as most times, blacks drive each other crazy.

There is a particular slogan amongst blacks which is, “family comes first.”

  • Violence : Blacks are naturally violent. Sometimes I wonder if the fight against colonialism and slavery is a resultant factor in the streaks of violence amongst blacks. It is often said that in America, blacks are more likely to die in the hands of the cops than whites. Now, I do know that racism has a part to play here but when you look at how violently blacks die in the hands of each other, you won’t blame the police sometimes. The death of Tupac Shakur is an example of the violence of the black man.

There was a statistics raised between 2011-2013 and it was stated there that 38% of people arrested for murder, manslaughter, rape, arm robbery and aggreviated assault, were blacks. Now while it is often stated that this figure is problematic, it is also alarming.
But there are also certain manifestations, the result of training or neglect, which are not inborn. As they are inculcable, so they are eradicable; and it is only by a loose terminology that we apply the term characteristics to them without distinction between them and the inherent traits. In considering the characteristics of the Negro people, therefore, we must not confuse the constitutional with the removable. Studied with sympathy and at first hand, the black man of America will be seen to possess certain predominant idiosyncrasies of which the following form a fair catalogue:

  • Religion : Black Americans are known for their religious beliefs. Most black Americans are Christians. You would hardly find a Jewish or a Buddhist among blacks. Blacks do openly believe in a supernatural being. It was one of the beliefs that was fought against by their masters during the slavery era. They tried to put a stop to their church meetings and the influence it was gaining , as well as his attributing every event, good or bad, to be by the workings of the creator. At a time, the masters, even began to have faith in the black man’s religion, but than in theirs.
  • Imaginative: Blacks are very creative. This sounds fishy as we know that they don’t invent things like the whites and the Chinese but however, just listen to their music. The play on words. The words of a Negro is highly proverbial and their crudest speech protray visions of his mind, and indeed, the poetic quality of his mind is beyond education.
  • Forgiveness : Although blacks are known for violence, yet he is known not to hoard resentment for a long time. He doesn’t show more affection to his race and disregard other races. It’s often agreed that the Negro longs for the goodwill and respect of the white man and that the love that bind them during slavery still exists among them. Their are numerous instances of the black man extending forgiveness and love to their slaves masters. The story of the black bishop who returned to the state where he was held a slave to alleviate the plight of his former master. The story of Nelson Mandela is another example. Also the helpfulness of a Negro slave during the America civil war and his wife who nursed white children, while their masters were fighting to establish slavery. You may call the black man stupid, but he wasn’t, neither was he afraid. It was love and mercy that engendered his actions.
  • Physical strength : The Negro is known for his enormous physical strength . He is recorded as a laborer who kill tasks in most trying climate in America.
  • Courageous :. His page in the war record of this country is without blot or blemish. His commanders unite in pronouncing him admirable for courage in the field, commendable for obedience in camp. That he should exhibit such excellent fighting qualities as a soldier, and yet exercise the forbearance that characterizes him as a citizen, is remarkable.
  • Cheerful : Black Negros are known to be very cheerful. It’s why there’s no high rate of suicides among the blacks because they’ve learned not to allow situations get to them. Though the mudsill of the labor world, he whistles as he hoes, and no dark broodings or whispered conspirings mar the cheerful acceptance of the load he bears. Against the rubber bumper of his good cheer things that have crushed and maddened others rebound without damage. When one hears the quaint jubilee songs, set to minor cadence, he might suppose them the expressions of a melancholy people. They are not to be so interpreted. Rather are they the expression of an experience, not a nature. Like the subdued voice of a caged bird, these songs are the coinage of an occasion, and not the free note of nature. The slave sang of griefs he was not allowed to discuss, hence his songs. This cheerfulness has enabled the Negro to live and increase under circumstances which, in all other instances, have decimated, if not exterminated, inferior peoples.

The above traits are matching like, inborn traits among the black race, everywhere, both in Africa and the United States.
If, now, we turn to consider his inbred traits, those the result of experience, conditions and environments, we find that they exist mainly as deficiencies and deformities. These have been superimposed upon the native soul endowment. Slavery has been called the Negro’s great schoolmaster, because it took him a savage and released him civilized; took him a heathen and released him a Christian; took him an idler and released him a laborer. Undoubtedly it did these things superficially, but one great defect is to be charged against this school—it did not teach him the meaning of home, purity and providence. To do this is the burden of freedom.

Some of the inbred traits of a black American are;

  • Shiftleness: The Blacks are lacking in self reliance and leadership. It is one of the consequences of slavery and colonialism. Blacks always depend on the whites for almost everything. In Nigeria for example, most of the laws of the received English law is still used. A black man is still been ruled by the whites even after his fighting colonialism. Colonialism left a slavery mentality in blacks.
  • Incontinence : A black man is known for his lack of self control. This can be noticed in the slavery era where blacks are known for their uncontrollable procreation.

Among the igbo tribe, during colonial rule, and even among other African countries like Uganda, a black man could marry as many wives as he wanted, and give birth to many children, children he couldn’t take care of. Leaving them improvished.

The incontinence of a Negro is seen in his love for revenge and violence and power . A black Negro is known to go to any length to get back at anyone who got him even if it cost them their lives. Their love for violence is contagious. Especially among African countries where most of their head of states, who are power drunken, who can go to any length to get the power. They are ready to kill anyone who stands in their way.

  • Improvidence and extravagance : Blacks are very extravagant. Their extremism in women and money is astonishing. It’s only blacks that live in big houses that they can’t afford just to boost their egos. It’s only blacks that can buy a private jet when it’s just the last cash on them. A black man doesn’t know what it means to save. There is the proverb among Africans, about seeing a rich dead man, and considering him a fool for not spending all his money while alive. His fear of death is so paramount, and so he wants to enjoy himself fully while he’s alive. In doing so, he goes way out of control.
  • Dishonesty : This is the logic, if not the training, of slavery. It is easy for the unrequited toiler in another’s field to justify reprisal; hence there arose among the Negroes an amended Commandment which added to “Thou shalt not steal” the clause, “except thou be stolen from.” It was no great fault, then, according to this code, to purloin a pig, a sheep, a chicken, or a few potatoes from a master who took all from the slave.
  • Untruthfulness: A black man is known to lie. This was known from colonial period. A Negro can’t be trusted to do anything. He can tell you “yes” because it is more pleasant to say yes and stay away than say no. It reminds me of the story Jesus Christ told about 2 sons who were asked to work on the farm. The eldest son told his father that he would work on his farm but never did. The second one said he wouldn’t but later did. Blacks are like that. They are known to be very deceptive. A black man can tell you he is sorry but never means it. Falsehood is so associated with blacks, especially Africans where everything they do is savoured with corruption. From the government to the little toddlers. Everyone is thought to lie. You can’t do business with an African man without him trying to cheat you out of it. Every story A black man tells you is filled with a greater proportion of lies than truths.
  • Suspicion of his own race :

He was taught to watch other Negroes and tell all that they did. This was slavery’s native detective force to discover incipient insurrection. Each slave learned to distrust his fellow. And added to this is the knowledge one Negro has that no other has had half sufficient experience in business to be a wise counsellor, or a safe steward of another man’s funds. Almost all Negroes who have acquired wealth have entrusted its management to white men.

A historian once said;

To cure the evils entailed upon him by an unhappy past, he must be educated to work with skill, with self-direction, in combination and unremittingly. Industrial education with constant application, is the slogan of his rise from racial pauperism to productive manliness. Not that exceptional minds should not have exceptional opportunities (and they already exist); but that the great majority of awkward and unskilled ones, who must work somehow, somewhere, all the time, shall have their opportunities for training in industrial schools near them and with courses consonant with the lives they are to lead. Let the ninety and nine who must work, either with trained or fumbling hands, have a chance. Train the Negro to accept and carry responsibility by putting it upon him. Train him, more than any schools are now doing, in morals—to speak the truth, to keep a promise, to touch only his own property, to trust the trustworthy among his own race, to risk something in business, to strike out in new lines of endeavor, to buy houses and make homes, to regard beauty as well as utility, to save rather than display. In short, let us subordinate mere knowledge to the work of invigorating the will, energizing productive effort and clarifying moral vision. Let us make safe men rather than vociferous mountebanks; let us put deftness in daily labor above sleight-of-hand tricks, and common sense, well trained, above classical smatterings, which awe the multitude but butter no parsnips.


” I’m not crazy. I saw what I saw.” Billy said.

” I never said you’re crazy. Am just saying that maybe you watch too much T. V and what you see on TV is what is replaying in your mind. ” The psychologist said.

” Now what are we gonna do about my son. He’s going nuts day by day. It’s crazy. He’s creeping everyone out. ” Nina, Billy’s mum asked.

” Let’s hear his dreams first. ” the psychologist said.

” I don’t need to hear another crazy fantasy of his. ”

The psychologist ignored her and turned to Billy and said;

” Please share your dream. I know how it feels to have nightmares, crazy nightmares. I’ve been there. Once I dreamt that my mom was bleeding profusely in our living room. Everyone thought I was crazy but then 2 weeks later, it happened during dinner and that’s how my mom passed away. I couldn’t bear to look at my dad and my siblings ever since then. So I know what it feels like. So would you like to share your dreams?. ” the psychologist asked.

Billy smiled at her. She understands me. He thought. He looked over at his mom and was heartbroken at the thought that she thought him crazy. Even if he really was crazy, the reality shouldn’t have come from her. His dad should be the one to bring him here. But unlike his mom, his dad believed that the insanity of his mum had passed on to her grandson. It was the only thing that made sense. His father didn’t believe that his madness could be cured and so he saw no use of trying to find a solution. Instead, he always laughed at Billy and called him all sorts of crazy names. His sister Mara and brother Cayle were just as annoying as his father. They always taunted him and called him names. No one believed him but how would they, his dreams were crazy just like the one he was about to share with the psychologist.

” This dream was a day ago;

I was in our basement with my sister getting something to drink suddenly my sister’s faces start to get weird. Her mouths and noses get really small and pretty much 90% of the face is her eyes. I start to run upstairs but a creature grabs my neck and pulls me up. The face was like a normal one but it had another skin above it. It started to scream like a demon and I just cant do anything else but screaming back.
My mother said in the first night I screamed three hours before I woke up.”

The psychologist face remained unchanged after hearing the dream. Billy could read her thoughts already as she wrote down in her notes; he’s crazy.

” Do you watch thriller movies, vampire movies?.” The psychologist asked.

Billy didn’t reply. He knew he had watched Vampire the night of his dream. He could remember how the next morning, he kept slapping his brother and sister face. When Cayle pushed him away, he dashed into his dad’s room, leaving his family who were nearby, trying to rouse him from his sleep. He could remember seeing Cayle’s smile immediately he opened his eyes. It was the devil’s smile. That was what made him to start hitting them in the first place.

Everyone, speechless, watched him as he ran out of the door. It took minutes or seconds, no one could tell. But right before everyone eyes, Billy entered into his room with a loaded gun. He aimed it and shot it twice at his siblings but he missed it. Cayle and Mara ran, pushing him and ran off into Mara’s room and locked the door. Billy who ran after them slipped off and fell, knocking himself out on the rails of the staircase. The next thing he saw himself on a chair, sitting before a white gray lady and a woman entering inside. He looked back after hearing the banging of the door and noticed that it was his mum.

” It has never been as bad as this. He’s been having weird dreams but it never got to the point of shooting people. He nearly killed my older son and daughter. His father has been asking me on countless occasions to take him to an asylum but I didn’t. Now I doubt my decision. ”

” I’ve not been having bad dreams, I’ve been seeing visions from God and it is going to happen. ” Billy’s voice rang out of the blues.

His mom started crying.

” No need trying to convince him otherwise. At least not for now. I hope he doesn’t turn out to be a serial killer cause that’s how they start. They imagine something… ”

” I’m not imagining anything. I saw it real in my dream. I’m not crazy.” Billy caught her short.

Billy’s nightmares started few months back. Nobody took him seriously. Even at school, complaint were made by his principal concerning it and threatened to involve child services if his parents didn’t do anything about it.

A week ago, Dan’s mum, a neighbor who lived a few blocks dropped in to say hi. It was Christmas morning and everyone save Billy was awake. Dan too had come also. He was helping Mara to decorate the Christmas tree. Her dad wanted the Christmas tree to be decorated on Christmas morning. Food were passed around. Snacks too passed around with Christmas songs playing from within and without. Everyone gathered around at the living room. No one noticed when Billy came down from the stairs. He must have stood there for God knows how long. But then, he saw Dan’s mum turn around and immediately, he started yelling. He grabbed a knife nearby and threw it and it missed Dan’s mum by a hair breadth but it left a small cut on Dan’s face who was sitting nearby. Billy stares at her and took another knife on the table and races at her direction. Immediately, his dad threw something at him and in the process of dodging it, he fell. Dan’s mum immediately carried her son and ran away from the house.

Cayle and Mara jumped on him. Billy struggled on the floor, shouting that Dan’s mum was evil. He had seen it in his dreams. As he kept struggling, his dad used a baseball bat and knocked him out. Later, when his mum comes into his room and asked him what he had seen in his dream, he begins to tell her;

” Last night, Dan’s mom came out and started yelling at me and Danfor drawing on the deck. But the weird thing was this lady wasn’t Dan’s mom. She was something evil and I could tell. It was like she was transforming into something dark and ugly in front of my eyes but Dan couldn’t see it. Long story short she finds out that I know she is evil and throws both of us off the cliff. I hit the bottom and open my eyes and see Dan with thorns sticking to her. Then the dream just ends.

” Jesus Christ!!!.” his mum yelled. Then, she regained her composure and sat up on his bed.

” So why did you want to kill her today?. ” his mom asked

” To stop her from killing Dan.” Billy said.

” But there was no proof that Dan’s mum was the monster and besides, Dan’s Mom would never hurt anyone. She’s so nice and sweet and everyone loves her including you. Have you forgotten the presents she bought you last Christmas?. ”

Billy deposition didn’t change. He said instead;

” We need to stop evil people before they carry out their evil plans. God revealed that to me. I heard his voice in my sleep. He told me to destroy her or else Dan’s blood will be on my head. ”

His mum was baffled and she jerked off his bed and starred at him as he looked back at the window before she left his room. As usual, his dad suggested that he’d been taken to an asylum but she opted against it and said he will be fine. Throughout that day and the next, his family sat in silence. Dan’s mom and Dan didn’t come to their house after that event, that didn’t matter. What did was that she didn’t call the cops on him.

In school, 2 weeks back, Billy was learning maths in his class when he slumbered. Few minutes later, he got up and went to the bathroom and comes in front of the class and start screaming;

“There’s gonna be a shooting here. Arm robbers are coming!! I saw them coming here. ”

His tone drove everyone at school to panic and immediately, the police were called in. Students and teachers hid in the school bunkers. A bang like bullet noise erupted in the surrounding and everyone yelled out in fear. After about few hours, it was discovered that there were no arm robbers in sight neither was there any gun shooting as people suspected. Some boys were shooting crackers at a near end.

The principal, who felt ashamed at his own fears that had almost made him jump off the window was furious when news reached him that it was a little dysfunctional boy who had started this false alarm and then the boy came into his office and his parents were told to come in too. 2 police men were sitting in his office, with Billy in their middle when his parents arrived and then when they told him why he made up such false alarm, he tells them that it was no false alarm, that he saw it in his sleep. That God had revealed it to him.

His statement resulted in an outburst of laughter by the police. The principal didn’t think it to be funny. Billy’s dad wanted to join in the laughing but Nina slapped his hands and instead he coughed.

The principal then told them that if they didn’t do something about their son, he would call child services for them. There was no response from his parents. The principal had expected a defense, an argument, a defiance but none of that happened. Instead his parents face remained expressionless. His mum felt grateful and vulnerable at the same time. The thought of her son taken away from her by child services scared her but she didn’t show it. Instead, like her husband, she kept her face expressionless and then her husband chipped in one or two words to the principal and the cops. It was an apology, she could tell. After which, they got up and left. Billy followed them home.


Billy looked up at his mom as they rode into their house after their visit from the psychologist. The psychologist had diagonaised him of borderline personality disorder. Their ride home was filled with a heavy silence which was interrupted on few occasions by the heavy sighs of Nina. His mum couldn’t understand this. He never had this issue growing up. He was a lovely sweet kid. Then all of a sudden, this. She couldn’t understand why it was happening now. if it had started in his very early years, she would have known what to do and it wouldn’t have turned out as bad as this. Her husband’s mum insanity was noticed very early and they were able to fight it to some point. She still was seen on few occasions talking and laughing to herself but she didn’t have no demons talking to her. It was too much for him to handle, especially at his young age of 16.

Nina sighs deeply at the thoughts swooping on the inside. She knew that Billy was showing symptoms but she decided to shut her eyes to it. She could remember few months back before his insanity took a whole new level, how he would tell them in the morning before going to school, about seeing a vampires and dragons in his sleep. He told them also that he usually hears voices in his head, they never bothered finding out what the voices were telling him, cause they always suspected that it was whatever he watched the previous night that was replaying in his head.

Cayle would joke about it, calling it a revelation from God and they will all laugh expect Billy, who would stare at them in anger. Or sometimes, he would join them in laughing, but his face would always smile, looking upward, and then he would yell and tell them that he saw a demon starring at them.

Cayle would yell again;

” God is speaking. ” in a mock tune, and he would start screaming and running all over the dinning room and stoop low behind where Billy was sitting, and he would scream so loudly from behind him, and Billy would yell in fear. It was so funny whenever Cayle did it. And then, Cayle would get up and go back to his seat.

Once during breakfast, Billy’s father was throwing a conversation with Nina, when Billy suddenly hushed them, with his finger on his lips. Mara was talking on the phone, when Billy knocked the table so loudly that she didn’t know when she ended the call. Billy was frozen, and so was everyone else for the moment. Billy sat still, taking deep breaths. He told them that the God was speaking. Cayle, suddenly jerked off as if reliazing himself, said mockingly;

” Tell us what he’s saying. ”

” He said I should take a knife and pierce it into your eyes. ” Billy said.

The sarcastic tune at which Billy said it, sent everyone to derision. It was funny. Even Billy would join in the laughter, so nobody took him seriously.

Nina should have noticed how suddenly he became withdrawn. She always heard him talking loudly in his room whenever he was alone. It was gibberish words. she thought he was talking to a friend on the phone. She didn’t mind that he stopped following them for outing. She didn’t mind that he never came out to watch T. v. with the family. He only watched the TV in his room. Cayle was glad about it cause nobody to struggle with him. Mara was always pressing her phone. She wasn’t a TV person. She only watched music channels. This was whenever Cayle wasn’t in the living room, which was rare.

Nina knew Billy watched Vampire movies but she didn’t stop him. She usually would enter his room to kiss him goodnight and the Tv in his room would be turned off, so was the light in his room. She would never see DvD packs on his DVD player, and so she would see no need to tell him to shut the TV. It never even crossed her mind. But then after she left, he would stay up all night, watching the Vampire movies. Those creatures on the screen scared him so much but instead of screaming outrightly, he would seat still, frozen. He watched vampires with eye sockets, covered in dark horror. The chill that those films gave him was beyond words.

Billy suddenly was seen sleeping in class and then those dark horror movies played on in his head but this time, he would see his brother or sister or father or mother… Just about anyone he knew was suddenly transformed into dark ugly, creatures with 3 eyes and 4 hands and multiple legs. Exactly as the creatures in his films. it was hideous. Then he will hear voices, telling him that what he saw was a revelation. It felt so true, at least to him. But to the rest of his family, especially to Cayle, it was a joke.


Billy entered inside with his mum. No word was said to him by his dad and his two older siblings. They were scared of him and at the same time, they had this feeling of disdain towards him. It was in the evening when they returned and so he entered his room and slept off.

In his dream, Billy saw his mum driving a car and someone coming from her left angle with his car, and pushed her off the cliff into the river. It was so real. He got up screaming and soon his mum rushed into his room and woke him up. When asked what was wrong, he told her nothing but another bad dream. He even started smiling so that she wouldn’t worry and then she kissed him and stood up to watch him. Tears were gleaming in her eyes. Finally she left.

Billy sat up. He knew it was another revelation. No one believed his revelation because no one was worthy enough to carry out his dreams. What if he carried it out? Everyone thought he was crazy, even his mum. He would teach them. He would show them that he’d been having encounters from God. He lay on his bed smiling.

The next morning, while everyone was in the living room, he came out and told them his dream of last night. He could see the hatred in the eyes of his brother and father as he relayed it .His father called him a crazy freak. It was only his mum who held him in sympathy.

Soon everyone went out, leaving him alone in the house. His dad went out to a Bar, his mom to a grocery shop, Cayle, to his friends’ place and Mara hung out with her boyfriend.

you’re the chosen one. ” The voice in his dreams spoke out.

Upon hearing that voice, he went and took his dad’s keys. His dad didn’t carry his car but his mom carried hers. Perfect. He thought. This was God speaking.

He called his mom. She picked instantly.

” Homey are you okay?. ”

” Yeah sure. ” Billy said.

” Are you sure?” heavy sighs following then she continues;

” look am so sorry about dad. I would talk to him. ”

” look I get it, he hates me, everyone in this house hates me. ”

” But I don’t hate u. Doesn’t that count?. ”

No answer.

” Mum have you reached the groceries?”

” yes Billy and am buying your favorite cereals and doing shopping for dad and Cayle and Mara and you. I will be home in 15 minutes. Am coming with a friend so I will reach a few blocks before coming home. Stay safe, love you ”

Billy ended the call before starting the car. He held a sigh of relief as he drove the car outside the garage.

Billy drove quickly to the road. His dad had thought him a year ago how to drive. He parked by the left flank of the cliff and was about to call his mom when she called him.

” mum where are you?” he asked.

” Am heading toward the Cliff. Am coming son. ” she said and he ended the call on her. She called back but he didn’t pick.

Soon, he saw his mom car heading towards him. it wasn’t on top speed and besides he heard the voice in his head say;

” She’s coming. ”

Billy immediately drove off immediately he saw her pass him. He hit her car twice. Since she wasn’t on a very full speed, Nina’s car swayed sideways. Nina looked through her window and saw the car as he drove from behind her and hit her again. This time, her car pushed the car and it swayed and the bonnet of the car was faced towards the driver door of her car. The car pushed her further near the cliffs. Whoever that was in there wanted to throw her off the cliff into the river.

Billy pressed further, pushing his mum against the railing of the cliffs. Then before he knew it, he saw his mum’s eyes on him in a wide shock and he froze and immediately, the voice in his head spoke out loudly and clear;

” You failed to show strength when you should. You’re weak, overcome by affection. You failed to met out justice against the evil ones. You failed to fulfill the prophecy and now you must pay with your life. ”

immediately, Billy was brought back to reality. His mum was screaming helplessly as the railings were breaking. Billy screamed too in despair and from nowhere, a truck with a failed break hit the car Billy was in and it jerked away from his mum’s car and tumbled about 4 times and crashed on the road and the car Immediately, burst into flames.

The truck’s break came alive again after the car started tumbling and it stopped immediately, same thing with Nina’s car which after it must have moved a little bit, it stopped.

Both Nina and the truck driver rushed to the burning car. Billy’s body was already chopped off by the fire. The car was a wreck. Nina could see the world swirling through her head. She couldn’t tell who she was or what was happening. The only thing she could hear was loud sirens and at that moment, she knew that his demons had caught up with him.

Spoiler alert

Gavin sat up and looked up at Charlotte as she moaned and pushed rather too slightly on the bed. This is it. He thought. He looked at his bedside clock. It was 6pm. The next day was her wedding with Kennedy and here she was drunk and in bed with a guy that she met few hours . He had few hours before stopping what he thought was the biggest mistake of all time.

Gavin pushed himself off the bed and sat up looking at her. Their clothes lay on the bed. It was then he realized that he was naked. He wore his boxer and headed for the door and removed the camera from behind it. He copied the video of what had happened between him and Charlotte and sent it to Alec, Kennedy’s brother.

Immediately Gavin sent that, someone called him. He wondered who that might be. It wasn’t Kennedy that’s for sure. Neither was it anyone he knew. His dad would be doing on online dating, chasing hot chicks. His mum had finally gotten her date and she will be all night with him in his apartment. Gavin knew the guy his mum was dating. They were good friends. They met at a bar. He fell out with the guy after he got into a relationship with his mom. Firstly he knew the guy sleeps with strippers. Secondly the guy was way younger for his mum. He couldn’t bear to see his mom heartbroken. But he knew that spilting both of them would leave his mom devastated so he didn’t. Instead he moved out of the house and found an apartment at Anaheim street. He had previously been in 3 relationships which didn’t ended well, and he and his half brother weren’t seeing eye to eye because Gavin slept with his girlfriend, it was the first girl Gavin ever dated and he could remember how she called him on phone to come pick her at her place, not knowing his brother was at her place too. He could remember walking into her apartment and she opening the door for him and immediately he saw his brother, Gerald looking at him.

“Hey boyfriend. ” She said, kissing him and immediately Gerald ran madly after his brother. He brought out his gun and shot Gavin who ran off immediately. He didn’t go after Gavin and never contacted or spoke to him again. Gavin, knowing that the worst thing to do to Gerald was to go begging. If he wants to let go, he must be the one to call. That he never did and so Gavin never him again, though he knew his brother had moved over to Colorado.

Gavin finally picked the call.

” Hello, am I speaking to Gavin?. ” The voice sounded like an auto machine.

” Yes… Sure…” Gavin said frozen. Who had pinned something on him? What was going on?

” OK. I’m Mr. Gerardo, Charlotte’s dad. I was told by my daughter that you lost your Student Loan and you can’t pay your last 2 semester fees. She tells me you’re super sweet and smart and she really wanna help you. She’s so sweet. I know that. I know I objected to it but I kinda agree cause I love helping people. You can call me a scholarship guy. ” he said with a chuckle before continuing;

” So I sent your fees few hours ago. I checked your school profile and I found out that you’re pretty smart, straight A’s….. That’s nice. Keep up the good work. ” He ended the call.

Gavin starred at his phone. Mr. Gerardo’s words played in his head. No way could he do this to Charlotte. He couldn’t believe that she went this far to help him. He had merely told her when the both of them sat together in a cab. He was heading towards his apartment while she was heading to church. They dropped at the same time yet he didn’t see that as a sign. His apartment was a few blocks from her church.

It still didn’t make sense to him even as he stood by in her apartment. She didn’t seem to care when he kept muttering his problems out loud. Even though she didn’t tell him to cut the bullshit like the man who sat on his right, even if she didn’t tell him to shut the fuck up like the cab driver, she remained silent, uninterested and didn’t seem apprehensive. He didn’t even know her from anywhere. How did Mr Gerardo know the college he attends? How did she know his name? He suddenly remembered that before they parted ways, she had asked him for his contact which he reluctantly gave her. She gave him hers which he couldn’t find no more. “Shit! I gotta end this” he said, before calling Alec, Kennedy’s brother.


Alec sat up at his computer and was surfing the internet. He was looking at Amazon sale products. He saw cool tuxedos, smart phones and what not. He wasn’t planning on buying anything. He was just checking prices. Some of their prices were way out of the universe. Most of the tuxedos online cost a $1,000. He was flirting with his phone when Kennedy sent him a photo of him and Charlotte with an inscription written below;

can’t believe my wedding is in 6 hours. “

” That’s if there’s ever gonna be any wedding. ” He muttered to himself as he looked at his phone.

what the hell bro, you’re still awake.” Alec typed to Kennedy.

Same as you bro. “

” You got 6 hours to your big day and now you don’t wanna get some rest. You wanna go to the altar looking like a perverted bus driver. You wanna go drooling on your wife on your big day.”

” She gotta accept me for whom I am.”

” That’s not funny Ken, you don’t have to go on the altar looking drowsy. Get some sleep man.. ”

Alec knew that Kennedy won’t reply immediately. He knew Kennedy was imagining himself, sleepy and falling on Charlotte and probably drunk.

After waiting for an hour, Alec sent Kennedy a message which he didn’t reply immediately and Alec was about to gasp happily when Kennedy sent him an emoji sticking it’s tongue out. It really made Alec so mad and so he sent him a quick message

” Good luck bro on your big day. ” And was about shutting down when he got a message from Gavin;

” I can’t do this anymore. ”

” what do you mean? ” Alec asked.

“The video.. You have gotta to delete it please… ”

” What do you mean by I’ve gotta delete it. Haven’t I paid you for your job?. ”

” Yeah sure…. But Charlotte’s dad is a renowned pastor in this little town of ours… What you are planning on doing would ruining him and have you thought about your brother what it could do to him…? ”

Alec laughed heartily on seeing the last part of the message.. Who is this dude talking? A neighbor at Charlotte’s apartment. He off course didn’t have a clue of who Kennedy was and why should he? Kennedy had sex with tons of girls. There They were only 2 girls with whom he was into serious relationship with. They were Ashley and Susan.

Ashley was from Kirkwood. She was Kennedy’s first. Alec had developed keen relationship with her because she loved behaving like a guy. She loved watching football and soccer and was a great fan of NBA sports.

At first the relationship resided between Kennedy and her. They went out on many dates, most of which was her idea. Kennedy was so quiet and most times he would just gloat at her while she talked or while she got up and danced to the beat of a music. The first time Kennedy was dragged to dance in the midst of a gloating crowd at a homecoming party organized by their high school, Kennedy only moved his body when her hands pushed it to. Twice when she left him and danced for few seconds, he fell face down. It was funny. He wasn’t used to this. He was used to silence. He was used to going to a library to read books. He was used to their silence sex where nothing was said save their heavy breathing. He was used to their watching TV in silence. He was used to their almost silent dinner where Ashley or he chipped in one or two words. The only thing she couldn’t tolerate about him was his reading and thinking and his love for it. Sometimes he could just be caught off in his thoughts and she would talk for hours and he wouldn’t hear her until when she called his name and shook him and he would respond, apologizing but by then, the ecstasy was gone.

Alec and Ashley started to hang up. The first time they spoke was at Kennedy’s family house. She had come to look for Kennedy but he wasn’t at home so she met his brother. Alec was the opposite of his brother. Alec loved the wild life. He is everything his brother isn’t. The only thing they shared in common was that they loved to fuck girls.

Girls weren’t really into Alec. He was more like the everyone ones guy. Girls didn’t really wanna have any intimate relationship with him because he never had a private moment. People were always in his room. He was always having sleep overs and Kennedy would look at them shyly and greet the people there and the girls would give seductive smiles and the next night, a girl would come over to Kennedy’s room for a sleepover and they will be all over each other, naked.

After Ashley hung out with Alec the first time, she began seeing him more often. Kennedy was grateful that his brother took Ashley’s mind off him. Ashley really loved Kennedy and he loved her too just that she couldn’t fit in his compressed silent world. They saw little of each other and spoke little to each other and Alec, without their will, spilt them apart. Ashley even stopped asking of Kennedy even when she saw him she said a little hello and moved over to Alec. Then one night, when Kennedy seemed in the mood to talk to her, he found her and his brother on his bed in his room, naked. That was it. He closed the door and she feeling guilty left and never spoke to either of them again.

Susan and Kennedy dated for weeks. They broke up after her boyfriend whom she earlier thought was dead, survived a plane crash. He didn’t board the plane. That was 2 years back . Photos on facebook were showing his Rip posters. No word was heard about him for months . He didn’t call her or send her texts. In her grief, she went to a bar and drank herself to stupor and Kennedy who was depressed that day was at that same bar. They sat opposite each other, brandy and beer and cigarettes fumes filled the air. When Kennedy looked up and saw her, he smiled. That thing that triggered him was in her eyes; silence. They were both drunk and they kissed each other in the bar. They were both tipsy and for the first time, Kennedy didn’t spend the night at home and also for the first time Kennedy had lay at a bar wasted. Yet it didn’t spark regrets in either of them. They went on dating for weeks. And then on the second time that he and she went out, her boyfriend suddenly showed up at the restaurant where they were and there eyes met and they hugged and kissed each other and she broke up with Kennedy at that very moment and he watched the two of them as they walked out of the restaurant.


Charlotte stir on the bed. She got up almost the same time Gavin jumps out the window. She shivered at the reality of what just happened. She knew he drugged her but that didn’t matter. She was deflowered. She was no better than all friends. She had tried all her life to marry as a virgin. She didn’t go partying like her friends did. She never stayed out late both at college and when she got out of college. She was churcheous and diligent too.

Charelote could remember the first time she saw Kennedy . It was at a library. She had come there to do some research work for her final project in school. It was her last project in school as she was soon graduating. She was fancied at the way he looked at the book he was reading with so much concentration. His voraciousness for knowledge was eminent in the way he looked at the book. He was so taken aback by it. She starred a little longer till Ashley, her friend showed up. Ashley had once dated Kennedy.

Charelote didn’t wait for her to ask her who she was staring at, she immediately pointed at a guy in red sweatshirt with short curly hair. Immediately Ashley saw Kennedy, she dragged Charelotte away and told her to keep away from that guy. She told her about his weird silent life style and his presumptuous brother Alec and how she knew that he had slept with many girls and could have contacted HIV and other sex related diseases but none of that mattered to Charlotte because she believed him to be the one.

Few hours later, Charlotte noticed him leaving, got up and ran after him and in the process bumped into him and a couple of paperwork that he had on him fell to the ground. She immediately bent down to pick it. By the time she got up, she noticed that he had his eyes scanning her curved body in those spilt seconds. Her hands were shaky and the paperwork fell to the ground. Kennedy picked them up this time.

Ashley had just reached her when Kennedy said hello to her which she didn’t respond.

Charlotte eyes sparked with innocence as she looked at him and her smile was gentle and her eyes held silence. Kennedy immediately gave her his card, containing his contact and she gave him hers as well.

That evening as Charlotte searched for his card, Ashley who was with her, snatched it from her stripe jacket pocket and cut it to shreds with a scissors. Charlotte starring in shock.

Later that night, Kennedy called her. She wasn’t used to night calls, neither was she used to strangers calling her at midnight. She finally picked the call after 5 missed call. She gave it to an older lady who was in her dorm and she yelled out crazily at him, telling him to stop calling or she would call the cops on him, calling him a predator, an evil monster. When Kennedy told the lady that Charllote had given him her contact, she called him a pathetic liar, a deleterious son of a bitch, a lying cheating butt hole and told him that may God save his soul before ending the call.

But the whole drama didn’t turn him off as later that night, he sent her a text and a voicemail, reminding her about the library catch up and she immediately called back and apologized. Charlotte told the lady that she knew the guy and she had made a bloody mistake. The lady disbelieving her, knew better than to interfere.

And from there, more hanging out, more calling and texting and they introduced each other to their families and friends.

Charllote could remember how Alec looked at her in a distasteful manner. He didn’t like her. It was clear. When Kennedy reveals to her that his parents are dead, she does go forward and hug him tightly. Alec was surprised at how easily Kennedy could tell her that. Kennedy tells her that he has no uncle or aunts or cousins as both his parents were the only child in their families. Kennedy then laughs and tell that it wasn’t true. Kennedy tells her the real truth… His parents families are big time rivals and so they hate each other.. He tells her that when his parents died in air crash, that increased the hatred the more as both families of his parents took their deceased family member to bury separately. No one gave a shit about Kennedy or his brother and so they were both left to figure out life for themselves. Fortunately, they had both finished college at that time.

Charllote didn’t tell Kennedy that Alec looked vile . She was sometimes scared that he could kill her or something but that never happened. He only looked at her like a barking dog. He was truly presumptuous.

When Kennedy visited her house, Mr Gerardo didn’t seem excited to see him. If he was at first, he wasn’t anymore because Kennedy had openly told him that he wasn’t a Christian. Kennedy was too open to her father. When her dad asked him if Charelotte was the only girl that he had ever dated, he said no and told him that he ‘d been into tons of relationships before ever being with his daughter. Mr. Gerardo felt this disdain for him and took Charlotte into the hallway to have a word with her. She knew what he wanted to tell her and so when he told her that he didn’t trust that guy and didn’t want her to marry him, she objected to it, telling him that she loved his honesty and the way he didn’t lie to get approved. When her dad pressed further, she told him to stop all this pretending. She reminded him of how he cheated on her mum who caught him naked with her best friend in her best friend’s house and she got so mad that she ran off and came back months later and they both had to go through a divorce, leaving Charlotte in her dad’s care.

Mr. Gerardo looked into his daughter’s eyes with a wide guilt and went back quietly to the dining room.

Charelotte memory was struck back by the loud knocking on the door. She was still naked.

” Honey are you okay. ” her father’s voice echoed through the door

“Sure dad. ” she said as she went to unlock the door.

Her dad was talking happily and couldn’t guess that anything wrong had happened. He talked about the dinner they had together with Gavin, her wedding dress, the wedding cake and people who were coming but she wasn’t paying attention. Gavin had played her. He had drugged her somehow and had snuck into her room at night to have sex with her. She enjoyed it, she could tell even though she knew it was the drugs at work.

Charelotte was very disappointed in herself. She had succeeded In convincing Kennedy not to have sex with her before marriage. He didn’t cheat on her even though it was obvious that he would and now she was the cheater..

Her dad left her after kissing her good night and told her that she would make a beautiful bride and she cried as she looked at her wedding gown which was hung on her wardrobe.


The wedding day finally came. So many people trooped into the church. her dad who was a widely known pastor and was the senior pastor of the church saw so much crowd. The people from all over the streets and even from far and wide came. Her uncles, aunts and cousins came. Ashley had agreed to be her maid of honor. Her little cousin, Jenna, had agreed to be the little bride.

Kennedy’s brother, Alec, was the only person who showed up for Kennedy. His 3 friends had agreed to be groom men for him.

Alec looked at Charlotte with an evil smile. Kennedy had a few times bumped into him and said a quick hello and asked him to help him do his buttons right. His collars were done right too.

Charelotte sat sad in the maidens room. she smiled but deep down she was hell mad. she couldn’t show her through feelings and distance herself. Everyone would think it to be malevolence. No one would understand. Ashley and some of the maid kept running through her things and we’re admiring her gown. Her cousins, her male cousins, trooped in to say hi. Ashley helped Jenna to get her makeup done.

It was time for the wedding. Charelotte came out first. Jenna had gone before her as the flower girl and everyone starred admirably. Then Charelotte came out and looked ahead and saw Kennedy standing on the altar with her father. Alec was by his side, looking at her. Gavin was nowhere there but she could feel his presence. He was hiding somewhere.

As she mounted the podium, she had the urge to get out but didn’t. Her father read serval scriptures and spoke for 5 minutes before the exchange of rings and vows was about to commence. Just then, Alec gave a signal and immediately, the projector screen in the church started giving blurred images and just then, the video of Gavin and Charelotte kissing popped on the screen. It was hysterical, everyone gave a hideous glance and just then Kennedy eyes gave out. Charelotte noticed it first. She wanted to say something but before she could, Kennedy was hurled on the floor and snapped his neck hard in the process

Alec yelled immensely. paramedics were immediately rushed into the building. Before they could resuscitate him, he was gone…

Alec shook his brother with tears running all over his face. He was screaming outrightly. He had gotten more than he had bargained for. Kennedy was dead. He had lost his parents, now he had lost his brother as well. He wanted to prove that Charlotte was a whore and he had all but proved it but in the end, he was the biggest loser. Soon everyone was gonna forget that video but how could he ever forget Kennedy ?. He knew that Charlotte would move out to another state where no one would know her or what she did. Even if they know, it would be one or two and the only they could do was to gossip her to the neighbors or look at her disapprovingly. She wouldn’t die, neither would it cost her anything pricessless. But he lost his only family forever. The wound will never heal. He had won the battle but had lost the war.

Fathom part 10

Marcus woke up sheepishly on hearing the loud knock from the door. The incident of the previous night starred in his face. He quickly went to the kitchen and carried a knife. In his haste, he tramped Riley who lay on the floor. He was scared of going near her. She lay in the same posture, no stir.

The knock on the door came again, this time with more viciousness. The loudness of the knock, reminded Marcus of the thud with which Riley fell with her head slamming on the ground before the bright light enveloped Marcus in the dim of the night and the screaming of Nashua’s voice in that loud brittleness. He could remember being frozen, like a not fully formed human being and watch her in slow motion as she yanked to the floor. He tried to fight the thought of guilt which caught him on the throat to the point of unconsciousness. It broke him completely, the thought of Riley dying and he standing and frozen. It was only when he heard gasps of her breaths that he became conscious again.

The loud knock which came again broke him from his thoughts. He sprang up from the floor where he lay he tramped Riley. He took his knife and slowly headed for the floor. He thought of what to do when he opened the door. He would stab Nashua or whoever was at the door. He was still stewing in his thoughts when he looked behind him and noticed he was already at the door. He wanted to go back to the kitchen and walk at a slower pace when the knock came again.

” Shit! He knows that I’m here. ” he yelled.

He looked on to Riley who was still sleeping. His hands grabbed the knob of the door and before he could shift his gaze from Riley, the door opened and he was about yelling when his face caught Emma’s pale eyes.. He gave her a blank stare before pushing back and allowing her come in.

Emma walked absentmindedly into the room and sat on the couch. Her eyes floating in silent gaze round the living room yet, she could see or hear nothing. Her memory was clouded with Nashua’s images, at Caleb’s bloody image, at the Japanese men and women who starred occasionally at her at the hospital when she was carried by an ambulance on the road. She could recall how frightened she was when Nashua’s face popped out from the group of men who carried her as she lay on the stretcher. She recalled how something gave out in her when she slammed her head on the road. She recalled the Japanese man who was driving her before the incident, starring at her and looking back at the doctor and back at her.

” Hey! Hey!!. ” Marcus voice broke into her thoughts.

Emma turned and looked at him.

” Are you okay?. ” he asked, standing at a far end.

Emma shot a quick stare at Riley and asked;

” why’re you holding a knife?.”

” Something strange is happening. Riley’s becoming delusional. Don’t know what Dr. Lawrence did to her but looks like someone is hypnotizing her. Can’t really explain it but last night she was hypnotized. Someone bugged by cell phone and was screaming; give up Riley or… ” Marcus paused and noticed Emma smiling and laughing. Her gaze shot behind him. Marcus turned back and looked behind him but nothing was there. No one was standing behind him. No one had opened the door. Perhaps she saw a ghost. Perhaps her son’s ghost. A swirling feeling struck Marcus on the head. Had Nashua called her to tell her that Caleb was dead? has his death drove her insane?

Marcus broke off from his thoughts and went near her, cuddling her. He spoke softly in that tone used in pacifying insanity;

” Is okay. Caleb misses you too. Can’t believe he’s dead… ”

Emma suddenly screamed.

” Caleb’s dead! Caleb dead?. ”

She jerked him away and started screaming. Marcus dashed after her. Emma had ran into a Japanese woman who carried a basket filled with snakes. The woman cursed in Japanese. Marcus ran too and hit the woman who was about getting up. Emma ran into the last stairs of the building and wanted to jump off from such great height when Marcus came and pushed her back. She approached him and he punched her into unconsciousness.


Emma sat up in Marcus apartment. She was tied to the couch. Marcus duct taped her. She was still struggling to get free when Marcus walked in and she calmed down in a silent hate.

” Listen to me, Caleb’s not dead. I thought he was because I saw you talking to the air few minutes ago. I thought Nashua called you and told you that Caleb is dead. ”

” So Caleb’s not dead. This was just a bunch of speculation?.” Emma asked, adjusting herself on the couch.

” Yes!. ”

” I could kill you right now. ”

Marcus laughed.

” About Riley. What did you say happen to her?.”

” I can’t really say but all I do know is that someone’s messing with her head. Last night, a voice echoed through my phone and was shouting. The voice asked me if I wanted to see something hysterical and before I knew it, Riley came into the living room with a gun stuck to her head. I was screaming but she wasn’t there. She was hypnotized. She couldn’t see or hear me. She was some kind of puppet. It was crazy and thrilling too.” Marcus said.

” Same thing happened to me too. I was in a taxi and I saw Nashua in the car but then the cab driver who drove me said that nothing was in there. I was told that I slammed myself through the windshield screaming as though something was chasing me when in reality nothing was there but I really saw him there. And later that night, I saw someone walk into the room, injecting me with something. I can’t say what was it but I know that it’s bad. ” Emma said.

” God! By the way who were you talking to minutes ago?. ” Marcus asked

” My friend pep. ”

” whose pep?.”

” A dark skinny guy who appears to me. No one sees him but me. I had a long conversation with him on the way to your place this morning…. ”

Marcus exhaled in amazement;

Dear God! We really need to go see a doctor. ”


The next day, while Emma set out with Riley to see a psychologist outside the outskirts of little Tokyo, Marcus took a cab to temple medical centre. He called Emma on arrival but she didn’t pick. He could remember her words loud and clear when they came down from his apartment before they went their separate ways;

” Make sure you get that son of a bitch.”

Getting pass the security was an easy thing for him, as an electrician walked out the door to go get something from his car. Marcus sneaked behind him and knocked him out with a blow by the side of the head. He dragged him inside his car and saw a duct tape which he used to strap him on the front seat and gave him a further blow on his head again, this time on the forehead. He saw him stir a little.

Marcus had gotten out from the car when he heard a phone ringing. He knew it was the guy’s phone. It was, perhaps what he came out to collect. He jacked the phone instantly on seeing someone approaching his direction. It was an old crazy woman, in crutches supported by an angry looking nurse who couldn’t wait to get rid of her.

Marcus strolled back to the entrance of the hospital. He was immediately halted and was asked in Japanese what he was doing there. The phone in his hand was still ringing. The security guards furiously spoke Japanese as they stared at him. Finally one of them seeing the phone, asked him if he was the electrician cause he had after knocking the guy out, had put on his uniform. Marcus gave him the ” what do you think ” look and the guards finally let him in.

Marcus walked in looking back at the guards who had gone back on their chit chat.

Marcus looked at the electrician phone, it was unlocked. As soon as he scrolled it upwards, a map, showing segment of the building popped up on the screen. It was really easy to locate Dr. Lawrence office. But the problem was how to physically get there?

Marcus had just passed the telephone dispatcher office, walking slowly, when 2 men approached him. He felt uneasy as he looked at them.

“Show us your ID. ” the men said in Japanese.

Marcus froze on hearing that. He suddenly felt his fingers running around the right pocket of his trouser uniform. It was the trouser of the electrician he had earlier knocked out. Something was in his right pocket. There was a little solidness, he could feel it. He dipped into the pocket and brought out an ID and another Card which the hospital had given him for identification, in case he went out.

Marcus slowly handed the 2 ID’s to the men. After examining it, they spoke briefly to each other, before one of them asked him to go. He gasped in relief. Thank goodness, he had worn the electrician cap and sunglasses.

Marcus couldn’t help feeling watched as he moved round the building. He passed ward rooms and offices. Most offices had their doors locked. But the office holders had their names written on the doors. Like the medical administrative assistant, whose office was close to one of the ward rooms. He also passed the office of the patient care Technician, the office of the correspondence technician.

Marcus walked a wide length in the building with no one looking at him. He had looked at the phone to look at the map of the building. he was almost reaching Dr. Lawrence office. it was on the third floor. He took an elevator to the third floor. His door was on the left side. He used a pin to jam the lock of the door and was about opening the door when he felt a sharp piercing on his neck. He turned around and saw two men looking at him. He felt weaknesses all over his body as he slumped into unconsciousness.

Few minutes later, Marcus was woken. He was very weak and could hardly see, yet when Dr. Lawrence and Nashua walked into the office, he couldn’t help but know it was them. He even heard their voices;

” When I heard that someone was sneaking into my office, I didn’t know that it was this dip shit.” Dr. Lawrence said.

” Is it possible for you to carry out a face surgery on me and this guy. Let me have his face and let him have mine. ” Nashua said.

” I need to ask a quick question; what do you gain by torturing Emma and Riley. Cause I know you are doing it to hurt them?.”

” I don’t really know. I just like hurting Emma. I hate her but I love Riley. Am strangely obsessed by the little girl. ”

“Right.” Dr. Lawrence said before adding;

” But would you kill this guy?. ”

” Not yet but get him tied up in a hideout. Tie him up, face him to a dripping tap so that he would go insane. I really do want him to pay for getting into my business, for hooking himself with my wife. ” Nashua said.

Marcus was finally knocked out.


Emma sat with Riley and the psychologist in a taxi cab that took them to S. San Pedro street. Emma had called Marcus, hoping he’s gotten the bastard, but his line was switched off. Riley often looked at the psychologist, a white fair dude who lived outside the outskirts of little Tokyo. Riley could remember seeing his name on a newspaper and had heard some guys in the bus that drove her and Riley to Eagle Rock, Los Angeles. That was the location of the psychologist. Even then, she couldn’t help but feel that somehow this men were arranged by someone, perhaps the psychologist. She felt this way because immediately she ended the call with the psychologist ( She got his number from the newspaper), the men started talking. The suddeness exposed the charade. Perhaps this wasn’t so. Perhaps the men wanted to have a conversation and was looking for an opportunity to strike one. Emma listened with keen interest as the men spoke about him. Even though she said nothing, she was happy that someone had unknowingly confirmed good about where she was going. After a while, the men stopped talking.

Emma looked often at Riley who at different intervals, peered into the psychologist’s phone. Emma could remember how he introduced himself to her as Kain. She could remember how hypnotized she felt as she looked at him. She could recall how they stared at each other moments longer… She was the one starring. he was addressing Riley and before she knew it, she was outside of his office, sitting on a long chair. She couldn’t tell how long she was cut off. She could remember wanting to bang at the door of his office, scared cause she couldn’t hear or see Riley, scared cause she couldn’t tell who or where she was. She felt helpless and hopeless. She couldn’t get up. She found herself crying profusely, screaming inside but no word out. She wasn’t tied or anything relating to her. She could have easily gotten up and banged on Kain’s door and gotten out but she didn’t. She couldn’t.

Emma noticed how with disdain and contempt the secretary looked at her. Then Riley stepped out through the door. It was with great relief that Emma ran and hugged her daughter who suddenly felt strange to her.

Emma took her turn and sat looking at Kain. She told him about Nashua and about how she hallucinates. He looked at her as though she was keeping some secrets but then he began to cheer her up. He told her stories of when he first came to Little Tokyo to see his grandmother and she took him to kinokuniya, a large Japanese book store that had wide selection of Japanese language books,magazines, music CDs, manga, and anime, as well as a selection of English-language books on Japanese subjects and translated manga and anime.

Kain told her how weird he felt as people spoke and looked like Japanese . He told her how he picked some Japanese books to the counter so to pay for them. He laughed ,telling her how stunned the cashier was as he spoke that junk America language that was smeared with ” fuck!. ” and the confused lady was shouting in Japanese language, with her eyes bulged out. She screamed as though she was electrified. And he yelled back too in that junky America accent. Suddenly, people who stood behind him yelled too in Japanese language. It wasn’t security men started leveling out of the way, that he yelled out to his mum who came to his aid, spoke Japanese to the security men and the cashier and people everywhere started laughing.

” it was so hilarious, the whole drama. ” Kain finally said.

When Kain tells her that he’s from San Francisco, she couldn’t but see a connection between them. She too was from San Francisco and grew up there, like him.

Kain told her after their little chat that he needed to see his grandmother again whom he hadn’t seen in ages. she was happy and Riley too, was unusually happy. She never showed affection, never smiled but she did today and it warmed Emma’s heart even as the three of them sat in the bus.

Kain phone finally beeped. Riley had looked away outside. Emma who sat at the end was thinking deeply on Marcus. She had called him for almost the 15th time and he still didn’t pick his phone.

“Make her look backward . ”

The message came on Kain’s phone in capital letters.

” Look around Emma. ” Kain’s voice yelled out

Emma immediately turned backward and saw Caleb sitting on an empty chair in the bus. He was silent and looked often at her but with no lit in his eyes.

” Caleb! Caleb!! Am coming to get you baby. ” She yelled painfully and ran towards him. People starred at her and looked towards her direction. The car swayed, pushing her to the floor but she got up. She tripped on people’s legs occasionally as she approached where he sat. She tried to grab him but she couldn’t. She yelled his name but he didn’t respond. She saw him trying to jump through the window. She heard him say;

” mum, I love you. ” And he jumped.

She couldn’t contain it. She yelled and jumped too, Crashing through the window into the road. Cars swaying off her direction to avoid crushing her. Some Cars crashed into each other in an attempt to avoid hitting her. There was noise, shouting and yelling and as Emma lay on the road, She knew her imagination played her, or was it?

Life of a prisoner

Metropolitan Correctional Centre,

150 park row


New York .

20th September, 2018

Dear Mary Jane,

How you doing? Hope you’re taking good care of yourself and Leno? By the way how’s the little guy doing? I wish I could just see him. It’s what now, 17 years since I’ve been in jail. I’m serving sentence of 120 years without parole. You know that already. I’m just feeling sorry for myself and I need your condolences too. That’s all I ask from you. But please don’t tell Leno about me. He doesn’t have to know that his dad was a killer, a crook, a drug addict, a man who beat up his wife and still cheat on her. He doesn’t have to live in my past. He doesn’t have to grow up, having that memory of me.

I heard you’re now married to a lawyer whose based in texas… I heard he’s from Singapore.. I heard he’s got a frog like furrowed face.. Okay that’s not funny…. Guess I’ve run out of good jokes. Congratulations to you!

Am writing this letter cause there are lots of stories to tell. Life in prison is hell and cool at the same time. I know you don’t care anyways but I have to share it with you cause it’s all I can do. I can’t stay silenced in prison. Someone gotta hear me out.

I didn’t come to accept my fate for a long time. It was as though none of it were real. It was a dream. I told myself.. But here I am locked behind bars.

When I came here in 2001, after my arrest for the bank robbery and killing of an old guy who I thought was bringing out a gun, I was surprised that my inmate in prison, turned out to be the son of that guy. It was hell the first night we stayed together. I had no idea that he was his son. I was half asleep and then I felt a heavy weight on me. I looked up and I saw a gun hoisted in my direction. I had just rolled out from the bed when bullets were shot at the spot where I laid. The bullets were scattered all over the bed. The room was dark. He didn’t turn on the light so I don’t wake up.

I lay on the floor trying to catch my breath when another round of shooting occurred. Someone was standing by the door in a sneaky position and he must have thought that it was me so he shot the person who turned out to be a cop. He must have frozen on seeing it. He shot the dead cop a couple more times before turning back, looking back in the direction of the bunker bed but soon the cops crowded our cell. The guy was shot on the legs and soon was transferred to solitary.

For the next few days after that event, I had fever and crouched with severe headaches.

I was transferred to another cell, this time with a bearded fat guy. He killed his dad, that was what got him to jail. His name’s Cretch. I heard him shouting aloud to himself that he didn’t mean to kill his dad. He had merely pushed his dad from the staircase and his dad was still struggling to get up. He came over to his father and held his neck to make his dad unconscious, instead, he snapped his dad’s neck and he died. He had broken into his dad’s house after his dad sent him away few months after his mum died. He was a drug addict and his dad didn’t want him into the house because of his way of living so he put him out for days and cretch, having no where else to go decided to come back and then it lead to everything He’s from L. A. He told me all of this after I asked him why he was talking to himself.

My daily routine in prison was the same as ever. We woke up at 6am and then clean up and have our morning exercise, and then we went out to work . We did jobs like raking the field. Everyone had a day scheduled for him to work outside. The period for working was also leisure for those who weren’t scheduled to work. Today’s my leisure day and that’s why I’m hunched in the common room, writing this letter to you.

Telephone calls were allowed for people who weren’t working. And the period for working lasted for thirty minutes.

Soon after this period, everyone goes to his cell where food is served. We have our breakfast in our cells… What a life?

Food here sucks but you learn to cope with it. It’s so bad that we usually eat tissue papers and toothpaste because the food wasn’t just ever enough. A guy in his sixities recently died in his cell because of the poor quality of food.

Food Menus here were Tacos, burger or pizza which was rotated every few weeks.

New prisoners, like, Bret, a dude from Lambertville, who was thrown into prison, a year ago, was seen continually eating toothpaste. He could get along with the spoilt, sour, small meals that was served in prison. Not really even that. Truth be told, he hardly ever ate a good meal due to the fights that always occurred whenever food was served.

15 minutes is allocated for answering telephone calls in the morning.

This just reminded me of our midnight chat when we were still courting, mostly when we got married. I really enjoyed it when we got married, how we stayed at different sections of the small apartment in Madison. You would sometimes sleep in the living room and yell as though you saw a mice, and I will run to get you, only for you to scare the living crap out of me when you put on a scary face and say in that monster voice :

” picka boo.”

And I would yell and run into the kitchen, clutching a knife, savaging in fear and you will laugh so hard when you decide to stop it and I will feign anger, but it was more of relief, a relief that the monster wasn’t real.

I miss our long conversation on phone in the night when we pass out in different sections of the small apartment. Now I get to call you for just 5 minutes, at most and I hate it when you tell me to cut it sly. I hate how brief and pertinent you sound on the phone as though we never shared anything.

Forget to mention about the morning roll calls every morning.

There’s this dude in cell 16, a huge dude who had tattoos all over his body even to his head. He was a bully, a big bully. Prisoners were often scared of him. He was brought into prison for numerous knife stabbings, possession of drugs and arm robbery. He got a life sentence, like me.

Remember, Bret, the new kid I told you about. Not too long ago Bret was close to killing the dude. This was how it happened. This dude sprang up on Bret and cut out the telephone wire when Bret was communicating with his mom, whereupon, Bret hit him hard on his face and the dude passed out. Everyone, including Bret was taken by fear. It was later we found out that the dude had cancer that was seriously eating him up and what he did to Bret and what he has being doing to us was suicidal. He wanted to use us to get himself killed.

I can still remember how we all started in amazement when we saw this dude hurled to the floor after just a punch. Everyone was at the common room, watching TV when it happened. Everyone gathered around, shouting,

” fight! Fight!!. ”

Bret spirit seemed to be filed by the chanting and he bent low, waiting for the dude to get up so he’d punch him again but the dude didn’t. It wasn’t until we saw medics coming in before we knew that the dude had passed out.

lunch time always snuck up on me. I was often going for an anger management program. I didn’t go to school because I ‘m gonna be stuck in prison till I die so what’s the point of going to read a course when I probably will never get to use it? As usual there was another roll call before lunch and lunch was as bad as breakfast with few brunches.

After lunch, each prisoner would go back to his assigned location where he’s either working in the kitchen or working in the garden or he’s in his program or school. In summary, we all go back to whatever the hell we were doing before we came for lunch.

Evenings is usually the best time in prison as we get to decide what to do with it. No white cop sending you out in the field. No cop looking at you though telling you that he got his eyes on you or reminding you that you were in prison.

The evenings were filled with music which came from other cells and loud voices as well. I couldn’t talk with my inmate cause he’s a psycho so I spend the evening in the common room and there I watch T. V. Or play cards with other dudes.

There is much talking and chatting in the common room. Men telling stories of how they shot their bitch wives or girlfriend in the head for cheating on them. Or how they killed guys in the name of revenge over the death or rape of a loved one, or how they sold drugs, or how they mastrubate in sandwiches and give others to eat. I felt grossed whenever I saw them do this in the common room. Sometimes they could put it in someone’s mouth when he’s sleeping and joke about it being a prank.

A guy, Fred, got the highest number of people who gathered round his table. He still sold drugs for inmates. Secretly of course. If the police found out, he will be in big trouble. He was very rich and had eyes in prison even in the police. I was told that he kills people outside prison.

I love whenever T. v. Was turned on in the common room. The arguments that burst out was fun especially during football matches. Comedy shows was watched with laughter. The cops never allowed us watch action movies because they were scared of us implementing some actions that will make us escape prison.

Not too long ago, 4 guys escaped prison. Am still stunned by how they made their way pass security. The prison was on lock down for days and everyone was locked in their cell. My inmate who never left his cell was banging at the door of the prison and shouting that someone is chasing him with a knife. No one took him seriously, not even me. It never occurred t to me that he could be dangerous but he wasn’t.

The prisoners who escaped never made it back. They were being pursued by the police who found them in Florida, months later and in their moment of escape, they crashed into a building and the car engulfed in flames and they all died. We watched it on T.v. it was after then that the police started to monitor our conversation on phone and in the common room and even in our cells.

Dinner are served in cells. I had brownies with chips for dinner.

The evenings is the time that I spend writing letters that I never finish, letters that I fold into crumbs and throw them in the trash. Believe me M. J. am changed. I know my changing or not changing doesn’t concern you but I just wanted to let that out. For me. I now go to church in prison and there’s this guy who comes every time to preach. I love his preaching. At first I was angry at his preaching about God’s love and hope.

If God loved me, why hasn’t he gotting me out of jail? I would ask before but later I came to understand and I hope you too would.

That’s all I can write for now. it’s almost 9pm and the cops are calling for lights out in the prison and am damn tired. Gotta go. How’s Charles my best friend in college? He hasn’t given me a call since I got into prison? How’s your brother, Evan. I could still remember the night I beat him up after he came to fight me after I beat you..

Hope you’re done with your P. H. D. Program? And please tell Leno not to do anything that would bring him here. I really wanna have the chance of talking to him in person. He has anger just like me. Tell him to walk away whenever he’s angry and not fight back. It might seem cowardly but it’s usually the right thing. Tell him never to join gangs or franternities. Tell him never to hit a lady, to be a gentleman. Raise him to be a man who is compassionate..

Life in prison is so bad. It’s all about survival of the fittest. We can’t have normal lives, be normal people. We are continually locked in this shit hole day in, day out. Some of us like Mosa, a dude in cell 5 who was locked in here after been framed for murder, he told me this months back after he was brought in here. He told me that his grandma had died of suffocation and he had his DNA samples all over her body. This was revealed after a lab autopsy was carried out on her. It took months and the cops took samples of he and his other family members who had come over to his grandmas house for Thanksgiving. He told me how his brother face lit with hate when the result came out. No one spoke as they handcuffed him. Mosa tells me how his mum died of heart attack after his arrest and he never got a chance to say goodbye.

Now I know that the greatest gift of man is not life, it’s freedom. Because death is better than confinement. I learn to thank God for all the years that I was a free man. I could go out on the street without seeing my name on posters with the word wanted. I miss the times when I could turn on the radio and TV and my name wasn’t mentioned as being extremely harm and dangerous and tagged wanted by the cops.. Nothing really is what trading your freedom for. I’ve come to learn that the hard way.

That’s all for now… would love to hear and if it’s possible, see you come visit me in jail. No one has ever visited me in prison. It’s as though I don’t have a family. I know I was bad back then but you don’t leave family to rot and die. Everyone, no matter how bad they are derserves love

Bye for now.. kisses and hugs to you and Leno….




Barry drove alongside his son Andrew who stared occasionally at him. Barry tried not to look too often at his son. After a long strain of silence, Andrew spoke up;

” Dad why did you put me off the police force.”

Barry didn’t respond. He kept on driving forward.

” Fuckin Answer me dad!.” He said slamming his fist hard on the dashboard.

Still no answer.

They drove in silence.

” Stop the car.” Andrew said.

Barry didn’t answer.

” I said stop the fuckin car.” Andrew said, tilting forward, struggling with the steering wheel with his dad.

Andrew heard his dad mumble ‘get off me’ but he couldn’t tell if he really said that. He didn’t want to believe it came from his dad’s mouth.

Barry often like pissing people off but never wanted to let what another person did get to him. His ego wouldn’t have it.

Andrew remembered how his mum tried often to piss him off. His mum and dad divorced 6 years ago when he turned 21. She went ahead to marry Philip, a business dealer, 3 months later after the divorce but that didn’t get to Barry. She spilt his money in half but that also didn’t get to him either. She put him out of the house too but that didn’t get to him too. Andrew knew his mum often wanted to see his dad broken, defeated. Andrew remembered how his mum slept with the chief of police in his dad’s work place and blackmailed him 2 weeks later him to get his dad fired unless she would tell his wife about her pregnancy and that she would release a statement on press he tried to rape her. Andrew remembered that night when his dad walked through the door of his mum’s house. Andrew remembered how triumphant his mum’s voice was as his dad walked into the house. Philip kissed her.

” Wow great news! Glad to hear your black ass got fired.” Andrew’s mum said.

” just when i was about getting promoted! Scoffs. Shit happens right?. And am sure you had a hand in it?.” Barry said.

” off course i did. I slept with your boss in other to get him to fire you, threatening to tell his wife about my made up pregnancy and telling the world that he tried to rape me. You should have seen the look on his face. He was stricken. The same look I longed to see on your face and by God you’re gonna get it.” Andrew’s mum said.

” Didn’t you learn anything from Kevin’s death?.” Barry asked.

Andrew looked up and saw Kevin picture hung on a frame. He could remember Kevin, his big old brother. Kevin worked with his dad as a cop. He died in an accident, at least that was what Andrew was told by his dad and mum.

Kevin’s death still shocked Andrew. It was something that wasn’t meant to happen. Kevin, the guy with all the big awards, the guy who got scholarship to 6 different universities and had the option of making a choice, the guy who was so good in sports. He was the fastest runner, the strongest guy in school, the greatest soccer player as well as football player. He was generally loved and stalked by the ladies. Guys were envious and secretly stalked him.

” Don’t you dear bring up Kevin. You didn’t shed a tear when he died. You didn’t Shed any at his funeral.” Andrew’s mum said.

Barry wanted to say something but he held himself. He never wanted to get emotional. He locked up himself like a code to crack open.

” Good night.” He said after much silence.

” Ass hoe! You deserve all the bad coming your way. You think you can just go one sleeping with those whores?.”

Barry got up and said;

” Looks like I got all the statement I need. Thanks for your corporation” he said holding a recorder and dashed out.

Andrew could see the hatred on his mum’s face.

” So the bastard won again.” He heard his mum say. ” Those whores.”


Barry screeched his car into a halt as Andrew yelled at him the second time. He parked by the side of the road, gasping and angry..

” Why? Why dad? Why do you love pissing everyone off? You think it’s a game? You pissed mum so much that she literally cries herself to sleep every night because of you. Now you’re destroying all my chances of me becoming a cop. You stupid ego always have to come first place.” Andrew said, opening the door when Barry yanked him down.

” You wanna talk? Okay let’s talk! How about you ask your mum why she divorced me and kicked me out of the house, and married Philip in less than 3 months after we got our divorce, sending me photographs of the both of them. She even went as far as sleeping with and blackmailing my boss to get me fired. She tries pissing me off and i do all i can to get back at her.”

” Dad, she did all this because she wants you to apologize to her. She longed to hear you say ‘am sorry!’ She’s tired of being the one who is always forgiven. She wants to be the one to forgive you.. Dad mum loves you so much. But your ego won’t let you see it.”

” Shut up!” Barry said, knocking on the engine.

” Dad, what happened to Kevin.?”

It took a second for it to click in Barry’s head who Andrew was referring to.

” I and your mum have told you thousands of time, he died in an accident.” Barry said as he buckled his seatbelt.

” well I don’t believe that..” Andrew said.

” Then go to hell.” Barry said, hitting the road.

” But dad so those ladies photos that you sent to mum after she kicked you out of the house were just to piss her off? You never did anything with them?.”

No answer.

Barry drove his son to a bar. He sat down on a seat at the bartender stand. Andrew followed suit, sitting on a seat, next to his dad.

” Give me a red wine please with 2 glass cups.” Barry said.

” No specifics?.” Bartender asked.

It took a second for Barry to understand what he was saying.

” Nah… No specifics.”

” Get me a shot of vodka.” A voice behind asked.

Barry turned around almost immediately.

” Hey Grieg.” Barry said.

” it’s detective Grieg.” He said in a serious chuckle that wanted Barry wanted to call his name by the name of detective. Barry did thus, and both men shook hands firmly, their shoulders knocking each other.

” So how’s my buddy doing?.” Grieg asked, pulling a chair close to Barry.

” Not bad. I’m hoping to become a bartender.” He said in a loud voice, as the bartender came back with the vodka.

The bartender didn’t smile, neither did he respond. He’d think that Barry was mocking him. Neither Barry nor Grieg noticed his outer appeal.

Barry watched Grieg gulp in the vodka in the tinted glass cup.

” great.” He said after dropping the glass cup. He wanted to ask for another shot of vodka but the bartender was standing at a far end.

” By the way, this is by son Andrew. Andrew , detective Grieg.” Barry said, shoving himself so Grieg could see Andrew.

” wow! He’s all grown up. So is he your new do-do partner like your other son, Kevin.?” Grieg said. It was a joke, but it erupted something bad in Barry. It was the demons of his past. Even Grieg realized this and hushed his voice too.

Barry sat in silence when someone kicked the door down. The guy had a gun too. He shot it in the air.

” Get down on the floor.” He roared, kicking men and women to the ground. Everyone stooped down expect from Barry. He got up looking at the guy.

” Get on your knees.” Roared the guy but Barry didn’t. He couldn’t not after what the man did to him the last time. He had to be brave.

” Get on the fuckin floor.” The guy said again. But Barry didn’t and so he kicked him to the floor.

” Dad! ” Yelled Andrew.

There was rumbling of voices in despair.

” Shut up!.” The guy said. And there was a great silence.

Then a phone rang. The guy turned around to see whose phone rang when Barry sprang up in attack. He jumped on the guy, not minding the gun pointed in his direction.

The guy who was trying to throw off Barry, mistakenly shot the gun. He throw Barry off on shooting the gun.

Andrew grabbed the gun that was flunged in his direction. He pointed it at the guy who looked back at him, smiling. He saw how Andrew shook with the gun in his hand.

” just like the last one.” The guy said, walking closer to Andrew’s direction.

” shoot him.” Barry voice came up in the air. His voice was full of grief.

“This was exactly how your former partner died.” The guy said, laughing and smacking his hands.

“Dad, what’s he talking about.?”

No answer.

“Answer me.” Andrew’s voice rumbled like thunder.

Andrew didn’t need to be told. Everything clicked. Kev. Was his dad’s partner. A new sadness dawned on him at what his guts were revealing. He couldn’t believe this yet he knew it was true. He looked over at his dad who looked up. His dad was broken. He never saw his dad this broken.

” Dad was Kevin your partner?” He asked, although he knew.

Kelvin always talked to him about how his dad and he would beat up some drug motherfuckers, or how his dad threatened teenagers who smoked on the street, and he would seize their weed and smoke it in their presence. Kevin also told him how dad insists in each mission they go for, that he wears the bullet proof. Kevin also showed him his police badge.

Andrew remembered how Kevin said that fear always gripped him whenever he went with dad on a mission. Andrew never believed him because Kevin was like his dad who never got scared looks, neither was he ever pissed outside, yet he harboured so much on the inside.

Andrew could remember Kevin telling him about an arm robbery case in a bank. He could remember Kevin telling him how he gripped in fear as he heard the arm robbers voice;

” we got hostages in the building, back off or we shoot them all.”

Kevin tells Andrew that soon after a cop replied with a megaphone;

” We ain’t backing off. That’s not an option. And no deal will be made for you sons of bitches. You have 2 rounds, you either release those hostages and do some time in jail or you die and rot in hell.”

” No way are we doing time in prison.” The voice replied, and immediately, javelins, bombs and bullets were shot at the cops.

Voices of ‘ incoming!” Rented the sky and in that sick moment, Barry who stood near his son, pushed him and himself under the patrol car. Kevin closed his whole being to what was going on as he hid with his dad.

Kevin tells Andrew about the huge fire that resulted via the shooting, bombing and blasting. Many Cops died. Police cars were engulfed in flames. Some of the dead Cops were covered in flames. In fact it was only Barry’s car that didn’t explode though it was engulfed in flames.

The bank building too had gone up in flames. It exploded too. The robbers who didn’t want to go to jail had exploded the building, killing themselves and hundreds of hostages in the building.

It was after this event that Kevin wasn’t allowed again go on a operation for a year or so.


Andrew looked with rage at his dad. He couldn’t believe that his dad lied about how Kevin died for all those years

Then a thought struck him: His mum too might have been an accomplice to his dad’s lies

A gunshot bang in the air accompanied by a kick on Andrew’s head sent both Barry and Andrew down on the floor.


Barry sat up and looked at the gunman as he pointed his new gun which he tucked out from his pocket at Andrew’s face. Everyone had lay on the floor lifeless. There was no sound, neither was their movement. Then Barry heard a gunshot. It stunned him. He didn’t want to look up at his son who was a few metres away from him. He heard Grieg voice for the first time since the gun drama started;

” Andrew’s not dead. He didn’t shoot him. It’s another guy whose phone beeped. That guy he shot was a Cop. It’s Tremaine, that dutch bag. He must have tried alerting the cops and was Caught.”

But Barry was listening to any of what Grieg was saying. The gunshot brought him back to memory lane of Kevin’s death. He could remember coming to the bar with Kevin. He could remember Kevin laughing and saying that he loved being a cop. He said this because of the way streets gongs scrambled in fear whenever he showed up with Barry on his police uniform. It was mainly teenagers in hoods who ran off in fear. Kevin felt like a superhero though he never showed it. He felt good because those teenagers were often molesting other teenagers who didn’t grow up in the streets like them.

The grown men never ran off. They often looked at Barry and Kevin with angry stares, holding a stick. Kevin enjoyed moving up to one of the grown men and yank his lit Cigarette from his lips, smoke it and puff the smoke on his face and laugh with derision as he watched the guy’s face lit in fury, the kind of fury that could make him wanna put a bullet in Kevin’s brain.

The men could do nothing but watch. They can’t put their hands on a cop otherwise they would be glad to give Cops like Kevin a good beating.

Barry thought what Kevin did funny although he knew he was taking it too far but after all Kevin was taking after him; he loved pissing people off and he wasn’t goddam sorry about it.

Barry could remember how he and his son, Kevin were drinking wine at the bar. Barry remembered his phone ringing and he going outside to make a call. He was almost done with the call when he heard a bang of gunshot. He turned off his phone just in time to see a guy in blonde running away with a bag hung across his shoulder.

” Stop that guy! Stop that guy!.” Yelled a Cop. But Barry didn’t. He wanted to piss the Cop. He loved seeing his scowling face and wanted him to yell;

” You let that guy escape! Asshole!.”

Then he would have let out a mocking face just to infiltrate him the more. But before all that could happen, he heard a loud gunshot near his patrol Car. He watched the guy jump into his car and drove off, having hit the wires.

As the car screeched off into the road, the cops shooting the car in vain to stop his escape, there lay Kevin near the Car with a bullet stuck to his forehead. He was dead. Barry knew before he came any closer that it was his son’s Corpse. Something broke inside him ever since that day. It was more of a rupture. That’s why he didn’t cry at Kevin’s funeral. He gave another scene of Kevin’s death to his wife. He didn’t do that because he was afraid of her, he did that to pacify his conscience. She had gone well with his lies that he was knocked down by a car, even though nothing like that made sense, at least not to Barry, perhaps it was because it was his own cooked up lie.

Barry hatted his wife for buying the lies, for letting him stay up in that house. He didn’t want to stay in that house again because everything in the house reminded him of Kevin. He couldn’t sleep at night as the scene of that day kept hunting him. That’s why he cheated on his wife and made a good laugh at it when she caught him naked with two ladies on the couch in the living room, calling her names. He wanted her to divorce him and put him away from that house that was presumed by him to be hunted with Kevin’s ghost. And he didn’t want her to know so his conscience doesn’t get to crucify him.


Barry watched as the guy with guns stacked up cash into his bag. The guy had signaled a black dude into the bar. The black dude too had guns. He shot it in the air and everyone on the floor gasped in fear.

The guy strapped the bag across his shoulder and was walking towards the door. He hoisted the gun upward and shot 2 bullets into the ceiling.

Barry suddenly sprang up in fury and jumped on the guy. There was no way he was letting him escape this time. He struggled the gun with the guy and pressed the trigger, killing the black dude who had in turn shot the guy twice in an attempt to shoot Barry. Barry got up and looked at the guy to make sure he was dead. There was no way he was letting the guy walk out of the bar alive…

Fathom part 9

Emma heard the beeping of machines. She couldn’t tell if she was dreaming or if it was real. She gasped, and immediately blurred images of people were starling in her face. She got up, raising herself in a sitting position. Everyone around her starred at her like she was a failed experiment. They starred as though they expected her to die or explode, something like that. Finally they stopped starring and everyone went about his duties, as though she never existed. Minutes ago, she was a big deal and seconds later, it was as if this big deal wasn’t a big deal after all.

Emma watched as everyone in the ward room worked and talked. None of them looked in her direction as though she had a contagious infection. Finally, a lady nurse walked up to her. The lady nurse was old, yet she had a smallish body. Her Japanese language swooped softly in the air. It was like the buzzing of bees.

The nurse held a liquid to Emma’s face, with swift Japanese language flowing from her. She spoke as though performing magic incantations, holding Emma’s face with her tiny hands.

Emma looked up above her and saw a guy walk in. He looked in her direction and frowned on seeing the nurse. He was Japanese too. He looked like a Monk. Most Japanese do look like Monks.

” Get away from her Shya, she doesn’t speak Japanese.” The guy said as he yanked the liquid from her.

Shya looked disappointed at Emma for not being Japanese. She liked her and wanted her as a friend but she couldn’t cause Emma was an American, not Japanese.

” Hey.” The guy said.

” God you speak English. You speak it so well. Am so thrilled. Thought you’re Japanese…

” Yeah! Sure.. My name’s Alvid. Am Japanese but i was born here, in little Tokyo. I grew up here and I’ve leaved here all my life expect when i was in college. I did my college in Florida that’s why my English is hot.. By the way, am the patient care technician.. By the way, our boss told us about you. He’s sickly in love with you.. It’s crazy. He told these nurses to make sure you get back conscious.. Are you his girlfriend or something.?” Alvid asked.

No answer.

” Here, Emma drink this.. It’s gonna make you a whole lot better.” He said giving her the liquid that Shya, the nurse was holding.

Emma took the small glass cup and looked at the slimy colour of the liquid before taking one gulp.

” You welcome. Our boss said to give it to you.” Alvd said on hearing Emma’s belch.


Emma got out of the clinic. She was carried on a wheel chair by Alvd even though she could walk perfectly. The bright lights that flickered in the building made her blink on serval occasion.

Emma saw many sickly old people in the hospital, she saw many with amputated leg or bandaged hands on stretchers. Sickly cries of infants rose up like wailings and horror.

The telephone dispatcher frowned on seeing Emma. Emma could remember the frowning. She recalled the day before when she came to see Dr. Lawrence.

Emma strolled out the building and waved at a security guard who waved back.

” Thanks.” Emma said getting out of the wheel chair.

” No probs. So catch you later. By the way, that liquid you were given, you must take a mouthful quantity. Don’t take a full gulp. ” Alvd said, flagging down a cab.

” Drop her off.” He said to the cab driver.

” Sure, get in.” The cab driver said.

” Bye.” Alvd said, walking back to the hospital.

Emma entered into the Cab.

” So where are we heading.” The cab driver asked in Japanese accent.

Emma looked at the cab driver. He was a sickly old man.

” S. San Pedro street.”

The cab driver looked at her, clenching his jaw like he had some evil intentions. His mouth was moving too. He turned on the car and screeched into the road.

Emma looked behind her and saw the magnificent temple medical centre building. The street was glowing yellow, dark yellow. Old Japanese men and little boys were playing on Accordions and Concertinas, singing in Japanese language. The old men sat in yoga style.

Emma saw men walking with sickly looking dogs. Emma noticed that most Japanese men were bald. Old buildings with cracks were seen in different areas.

Emma suddenly started feeling dizzy again. She closed her eyes and opened it and soon she saw Nashua in the front seat laughing. He was dressed up like the cab driver. He turned back and winked at her.

” Hey Emma, caught you..” He said laughing.

Emma could hear Caleb’s voice, screaming from a far end, calling onto her. Emma saw him through the wind screen of the car. He was screaming her name in desperation but someone had tied up his mouth. Nashua came over where he was and pointed a gun on his head, laughing. Emma dived ahead, breaking the wind screen and landed on the road, rolling twice.

The cab driver who had lost control of the brakes due to her screaming suddenly halts in front of her.

The cab driver left the engine running and came to check on her. He was speaking Japanese, jerking her.

Emma was moaning in pain. She turned leftward and saw Nashua starling at her with an evil sinister smile.

” Now I’ve caught you.” He roared.

Emma screamed and punched him. Suddenly she was jerked twice. She looked up and saw the cab driver and some other Japanese people starring at her. Ambulance and siren noise would fill her ears. She would see some men lifting her into a stretcher. Suddenly she would see Nashua among the men lifting her. She would point in his direction, trying to scream but can’t. Then she would hear him yell;

” you’re mine, all mine.” She would scream loudly, jerking off the stretcher and falling on the road and in the process gets unconscious.


Marcus sat up in the living room of his apartment, tapping his feet to the rhythm of worry. He was worried about Emma’s whereabouts. At first he was angry. He couldn’t but get over with the thought that Emma was fucking Dr. Lawrence. The thought of them together nauseated him. At first, he was like;

” what in the hell was wrong with Emma? How could she leave her sick daughter in the hands of a stranger and go about fucking a guy?.”

Marcus wanted to feign ” the good guy, the responsible guy.” But he knew beneath all that anger was jealousy. He was jealous that Emma was sleeping with a guy who wasn’t him. He tried using morality to defend his anger and jealousy.

Marcus finally got up that night and looked out the window. This was the 80th time he did that. Emma won’t be there, he knew. But he wanted to feel good about trying. This was his way of trying to look for her. He’d stay up all night, starring at the window, hearing swift Japanese language floating in the air. He even made noddle soup to stay awake. It’s been 18 hrs since Emma went dark.

Marcus heard his phone ringing. He heard the sigh of relief at the thought of Emma calling even though he knew she never called whenever she stayed out late. The number calling was visible on his phone. Marcus heart went to his chest as he starred at his phone. Had something happened to Emma? Was she dead?

The way the caller kept calling was confirming Marcus fears. Marcus finally picked up his phone;

” Hello.” He said.

” Give up Riley or die… Give up Riley or die..” The voice sounded like a telephone machine.

” Hello? Hello?.” Marcus kept saying.

” Give up Riley! Give up Riley!.”

Marcus quickly put the phone down. He was panting with a grave desperation.

” Give up Riley or die! Give up Riley or die.” The voice rang again. This time Marcus didn’t know if the voice was coming from his phone or it was just his imagination. He quickly smashed the phone on the wall.

” Give up Riley! Give up Riley..” The voice was coming closer.

Marcus turned back and saw Riley holding a gun, pointing it at his direction.

” Riley! Riley!!.” Marcus called out.

Riley starred helplessly at him. She was unconscious. He knew.

” Wanna see something hysterical?.” Nashua’s voice rang out in a chuckle.

And before Marcus could say anything, he saw Riley pointing the gun at the left side of her head.

” No! No!!.” Marcus yelled out

Marcus could hear Nashua’s roaring laughter. It was hideous.

” Die!.” Nashua yelled out. It echoed all over the place.

Marcus closed his eyes and also his ear in the process. The earsplitting sound that rang all over the room left him deaf. A shadow beclouded him and he couldn’t see. Everything was white and so he shut his eyes and ears for few seconds before opening them.

Marcus looked around. Everything was back to normal. He shook as his body touched his phone. Riley was unconscious on the floor. He feared that she was dead. He wanted her to show a sign that she wasn’t but she didn’t stir. He was petrified.

Later, he sprang up to where she lay and shook her. When he did that, he heard her breathing. He held a sigh of relief on hearing her deep breaths, on seeing her stir, on hearing the sounds of her deep snores as she was caught up in a deep sleep…

Shit still happens…

You climbed the lumpy couch, stretching further to where Curt was. You both sat on the long couch. He sat at the left end while you sat at the right end. You could tell something was wrong. Sure you and he were gonna share a drink, sure he kept himself distant apart like he always does before you both had sex, he always told you that distancing oneself helped to build up the emotions and energy and passion required for the sex. You never believed this until he slid into you. He felt heavy on you. Passion and virility starling up as he kissed you and shoved you and you moan and groan at increased tempo.

Curt got up after kissing you for the first time that evening. He was going to get a champagne. It was a tradition that you guys shared whenever it was new years eve

Curt always says;

let’s drink to that.”

And you guys never shared drinks in Curt’s apartment. It was always in a mall.

You remember when you guys had drinks in Santa’s pizza 3 years ago durning a new year eve in 2012. And then he told you that he’d been enrolled into college. He was smiling and you too were smiling and you both pressed your forehead against each other, and you both nudge the ridges of your nose and you both kissed just about the time fireworks were lit in the sky and shrewd screaming of;

Happy new year.”

And you both looked up and saw it boldly written in the sky as the fireworks rent the sky. It was amazing, you loved it even though it wasn’t your first time of seeing fireworks. You even shot one years back but stopped because Christmas was never a joyful time for you. You hatted Christmas cause it always brought bad luck.

Your hate for Christmas started in 2006 when your dad had stroke on Christmas morning and your brother, Neil drove you and your mother to the hospital. You sat in the front watching your mum rubbing your dad’s next slightly and shouting like she was holding something hot or perhaps, she’d have something hot in her mouth. She was screaming;

” Baby please wake up.” In that seductive manner that reminded you of sex. But your mum was crying literally.

Your dad was admitted into the hospital and everything went down drain. Holiday planes were cancelled, the big thanksgiving dinner that your family had with cousins, uncles and aunts and friends too were canceled. You didn’t get to see your high school sweetheart Jake, who lived in northern Carolina. You never told him that dinner was canceled, neither did you tell him about your dad cause you felt that as long as he didn’t know, miracle could happen and your dad could get healed and everything could turn back to normal but your mum told his mum that morning and 2 days later, your dad died. You were in the living room starring at the big decorated Christmas tree in your living room when the doctor came to your house to tell you all. You saw the stunned look on your mum’s face then you saw her tearing down the Christmas tree. You were angered by her. If only she hadn’t called Jake’s mum.

Neil came over and grabbed your mum while she cried on him and almost immediately you saw Jake standing by the door and you get mad. He comes towards you smiling, wanting to kiss you but you kick him on the gut and you slam your fist hard on his face many times as you kept breathing in the fury of his anger and Neil comes in and pulls you away from him and he walks out. He never called to break off from the relationship after that but you never saw him again. But you knew he moved on and so you did too.

The next Christmas, Neil got arrested. He was caught with cocaine. He had gone out in the morning to get the Christmas tree and lights while your mum and cousin, Paula prepared breakfast.

When Neil didn’t come back in the next 30 minutes, your mum starred with worry but you thought she should have known better, Neil could have stopped at a friends house or gone to buy something at a store.

Your cousin, Paula jokes about Neil being kidnapped, and you become infiltrated and walk slowly as though to get a pitcher from the kitchen as breakfast was ready and You all were setting the plates and cutleries in the dinning.

Breakfast was America fried rice with chicken bog and steaks with milk. Glass cups were arranged serially and bottles of milk were placed on the table.

2 hours, there was a knock on the door. It wasn’t the Neil’s kind of knock, yet you couldn’t resist believing that he was at the door. You opened it and saw the cops and when he asked for your mum and you asked what was the trouble, he eyed you and looked inside as he called out your mum and when she came out, he quickly broke the news to her of Neil’s arrest. You see the starling look in your mum’s eyes. Paula came over, holding your mum on the shoulder and looked at the cop as though flirting with him. The cop too, smiled at her.

You were mad at her when she exchanged number with the cop. She was supposed to hate him.

Christmas was ruined again and everyone ate breakfast in silence. You were stunned at how causal you and your mum and cousin were. The death of your father had taught you all to grief. It brought you and your mum to that state of hopelessness. Your brother called it strength; the ability not to show emotion when something bad happens. But you knew it was self deceit. You welded so much memory inside that if someone could dig deeper, he would see how vulnerable you are, that was your greatest fear so you let it stay there while being brave.

Christmas always brought bad luck to your family, more tragedy; your mum sold your family house so you people had to move over to leave with Jakes parent’s house in north Carolina. Paula lived there too. You refused to go over to leave with them so you moved out of the house and came to arrow highway in Los Angeles. Your mum didn’t try to stop you when you said you were leaving and you hate her for it. It was then you realized how little your presence meant to her. Or may it was because she wasn’t in her right spirit. Maybe it was because she was overcome by grief and she didn’t want you to hurt her by your leaving. Anyways you didn’t care.


When you came down from the cab that took you to Arrow highway, it was then the reality of what you did starred up in your face. It was then you realized that you were nothing but an eighteen year old kid who was too lazy to take care of herself. You were always told by your dad that the outside world is cruel, and that we only feel this cruelty when we face life alone. You didn’t get it when he said cause you had your dad providing, your mum providing and you needed to do nothing but be an obedient girl who does her chores but that too, you found hard.

Neil had dropped out from college to start rapping and dancing in the streets. He’d perform mostly in black neighborhood. You often watched him on T.V. feeling proud scared. You were proud of him winning the dance competition but you were scared that he would die. That some black negros will come after his car and shoot him. It was how most blacks died but Neil always rung the doorbell of your house.

Your dad and Neil stopped speaking to each other when he dropped out of college. Not until he died did Neil miss him. You know your dad is regretting too in the grave. Now you walk in the streets of arrow highway with tears in your eyes at your brother being jailed. Neil should have been smarter. He’s been doing drugs since he joined that dance crew and he wasn’t caught. Maybe someone rattled him out.

You keeping walking trying to dodge the unsteady people who crashed into you and muttered “sorry.” You remember how you lost your phone, perhaps in the cab or at home or it fell off on the road. You wanted to call your mum to come get you but when you felt your back pocket, the phone was gone, so was the cab when you turned around, so was the cash you managed to smuggle on your way…

” Great.!!!” You yelled.

You walked with your bag trailing behind. You walked a great mile and you were so exhausted that you crashed on your bag.

You woke up 3 hours and screamed as though it were a bad dream but it was real, everything was real so was the death of your father. You were kept on a chair, your bag was placed on a chair nearby. You knew you were in a restaurant. Immediately you got up, a man approached you. He was the owner of the restaurant. He was a short man with pot belly.

” Welcome to bell’s restaurant, my name’s Richard.” He said extending his hands.

You starred at him; at his oily stained apron, at his uncombed hair, at his untended bears. He looked like someone that got drunk too often, one of those who got frustrated with life, one of those who wanted to die but didn’t have the balls to carry it out so that he had no option but to live. You suddenly feel a strong connection and so you say;

” Am Jessie.”

He starred at you, wondering what was going on in your mind, wondering whether you knew him somehow and praying you did.

“Um… I saw you down the road. You were unconscious so i took you in. Hope you don’t mind.”

You didn’t respond.

” Anyways you’re a lucky girl. I know you’re Paula’s cousin. I lived near you in Anaheim street before i moved over here. So tell me something, you’ve finally moved out of your parents house. You’re now an adult right? Anyways i came here to offer you a job and also a place in the kitchen where you can stay after work. I could rent you an apartment but i need my eyes to be on you…”

When he says that with that smile on his face as though he had mastery over you, you shook inward. What will he ask you to do for him ? You thought. He could ask you to sleep with him and so you become his sex toy and his then he would be beating you and fucking you and you can do nothing about it. You wanted to ask him for a phone to call your mum but you’re scared of how she would feel about you so you didn’t.

You worked in his restaurant for 2 years as a waitress. You wondered if your boss fucked his other waitresses and scrambled 5 dollars in their hands in addition to their salary. Their were so excited about the job but you weren’t.

One of the waitress, Asha, caught your attention. She was striking ugly with zits all over face. Her fairness was tainted with a certain kind of blackness. She looked like someone darkened by soot.

Asha was the first person you knew, and perhaps every waitress knew because of her mumble smile. That kind of smile that showed feelings that was never uttered. You always had the feeling that she smiled so often because she was looking desperately for a husband. You noticed this because even though she smiled to everyone she met, you could tell the difference between a smile born out of courtesy and a smile born out of desperation. The courtesy like smile was her gesture smile which was radiated to women and some guys she thought too ugly, fat, broke and guys who were married. While the desperation smile was for men Asha thought hot and sexy and rich. No one gave in to her smile, at least not yet.

The first time you met Curt was at your work place. He had come to eat and thank goodness you were working shifts that day.

You can’t describe your liking Curt as love at first sight. In fact you hatted him when you first sighted him as Asha kept pointing at him in exhilaration.

” He gave me his number and collected mine.” She said excitedly.

You wanted to say something sarcastic, to mar him in front of her but you didn’t.

You moved over to where he sat, pretending not to be the strong one but in reality you knew you liked him. His demeanor appealed to you. You loved his standing ego. You loved the scent around him. He smelt of earth and you loved the smell of earth. And what you loved most about him was how clean shaven, well dressed he was with his complete strong white teeth. You saw him gulp in water and you wished you were the water going ripple down his throat.

what are you doing Jessie? He’s not your type. He got it all, you don’t.” Your mind screaming in ears.

“Sir what are your orders.?” You ask.

” Finally!.” He gasps.” That other waitress needs some talking to or get fired. She needs to know the difference between work and personal life. She shouldn’t carry her issues from her personal life into her business. It’s totally unprofessional. I could call her boss and get her sacked but…”

You feign anger at him.

” Sorry for talking like that. I need French fries and hamburger; 2 hamburger.” He says as you turn back to get it.

Later when you come back with his orders, he tells you;

” For next time please whenever you’re given an order, learn to ask how many of it they want to avoid having to go back again.”

You wanted to scream fuck you! But you didn’t.

” Girl, I like you. Hope your Asha friend won’t beat you up to it. She’s very desperate. Looks like some shit happened to her. You needed to see how much she pressed me to give her my phone number which i finally did…Smiles. I gave her my dad’s number. He would understand and wave her off. I like her. Girls like her will be loyal as a pet. But they will be so insecure that if they should hear or discover that their bf cheated, they are ready to hack both the guy and lady. Their emotions are way off the line. Their love burns, so does their hate and anger.

Anyways here’s my number.” He handed you a small paper containing his number.

” I don’t have a phone. Mine got stolen.” You said.

” Then find a way. Use a phone booth… Whatever. But just make sure you call me.. Right?.”

You nodded, smiling, watching him leave.

As you walk back to the counter, you saw Asha angry stare and if it were to be subtitled, it read;

” leave my man alone.”

You are terrified as you watch her. You know she had the guts to fight you in the restaurant and not feel shame cause she didn’t have one. You wonder if you should still call Curt but off course you did later after your shift.

When he didn’t pick the first 2 times, you panicked as you knew that when you call someone twice and they didn’t pick, it meant 2 things;

They didn’t see your call or they didn’t want to pick your call. The thought of the later scared her.

Curt didn’t call you back the whole day and so you gave up. The next day when he stopped by at the restaurant and walked up to you, he felt uneasy, you noticed.

” Hey, bastard! ” You said angrily.

He didn’t respond. He just turned and walked towards Asha who slapped him twice, hard thuds. She was enraged, you could tell.

Curt smiled at her.

” I was considering asking you out but…” Curt made eye contact with you as he lifted his face from Asha.

You saw the regret on Asha’s face. You knew then that Asha was very apologetic and you knew how much she hatted herself for being one. Yet every time she has a feud with someone, 98% percent of the time she was at fault.

Curt came by after work and picked you. His car smelt of him. It was the first time you would go to his apartment and also it was the first time you didn’t have to sleep in the kitchen of your restaurant with all those mice and cockroaches snooping around.

In the car, he introduced himself as Curt. No surnames. You told him your name is Jessie.

“It’s a lovely neighbourhood.” You said as he entered 660 w arrow highway.

You watched him nod slightly disapprovingly and you knew he just pinned you in your lies.

You crashed on the couch immediately you came into his apartment. You didn’t notice the disco light that gave out many colours. You will love it as it always fascinates you especially when you go to a ball.

You got so tired that you slept off on the couch. You didn’t remove your outing dress nor did you pull off your high heels.

You were awoken by the noise of crickets and also by the bright light in Curt’s room. The disco lights were turned off and a bright light was turn on.

” Hello sleepy head.” Curt says holding 2 white cereal bowls.

” Hey turn off the light, am trying to catch some sleep.” You said covering yourself with throw pillows. Before you looked at the wall clock and yelled in despair

” oh come on it’s still midnight.”

” Come on jess, you’ve slept for 6 fuckin hours already. Come on, try some mid night snack.” Curt says as he placed a cereal bowl before you. You got up.

” Yummy!” You said as you tasted icy frozen ice cream.

” it’s my tradition. I do mid night snack most often especially when i stay up late. I woke you up earlier to try my potato salad with marsh melons but you were damn too tired so i ate it all. No good wasting all that protein.”

” You’re a freak.” You said in a mimicked voice before adding;

” well, I love your mid night snacking so long i don’t get sick or woozy at work.”

Curt stared at you like he’d seen a ghost. Was it what you said? Didn’t he know how to take a joke?

Finally you smiled apologetically. He smiled too and said surprisingly;

” quit trying to make everything right. Some things are meant to be the way they are.”

You both spent the night getting to know each other. Curt tells you that he was born in Santa Montana but that both his mum and dad ran away from there after his dad was labeled wanted by the cops after hacking into the computer system of a bank and stealing money from the bank account, and sending them to an untraceable account of his which he created with the name of a person who never existed. Curt tells you that his parent moved over to North Carolina to start life anew but that his father’s sin hunted him like hell. He tells you how many times men in black often came to the house and break things in the house and sometimes shoot his mum on the leg in order to make his dad pay up what he owed yet he didn’t. He couldn’t part with his hard stolen money and he knew they wouldn’t kill her and he tells them that he has no money and shows them his real account and it was empty. He would never show them the anonymous account which is staked with millions and billions of dollars.

Curt further tells you about his parents divorce after they moved to los Angeles and finally were able to have normal lives without being pursued by the cops or by bad guys. He tells you that his mum divorced his dad after she found out about the anonymous account his dad had. He tells you that she wiped the account clean and ran off before she, through her lawyer , went to court asking for divorce. Curt tells you that his mum didn’t appear in court. It was only her lawyer who did. Curt tells you too that when his dad came to the court, he was recognized by the cops. Curt tells you with a spark of pride on his face how his dad took down the cops and was about run off when his mum shoots him on the leg and shoulder. Curt tells you how he watched in shock as his dad was taken away for life and he watched his mum leaving and he never saw neither of his parents again. Curt finally tells you how his dad secretly stashed 5 million dollars in his ( Curt’s) apartment. Curt adds too that he and his dad were leaving in this apartment after his mum ran away.

Curt tells you that his dad called from prison and told him about the cash and that’s how he’d been living on.

You looked at Curt , mouth opened.

” So shit does happen to you too.” You said before adding;

” Your dad must have been so bad a crook?.”

Curt laughs heartily on hearing you say that as though he expected that from you. He laughed like an adult who was amused by the stupidity of a kid.

” Nah… My dad was a very good man. He really wanted to make a difference and that he did.”

You wanted to ask;

” what good does a crook do apart from hurting others?.”But you didn’t. Instead you listened to Curt telling you how many kids your dad took off the street. Curt tells you that his dad didn’t believe in college but he supported some of the kids who wanted to go to college and then he organized the street dance and clubs for those who didn’t want to go.

Curt tells you also how his dad got millions of innocent people out of prison. Curt tells you how his dad did all those good things in his lawyer name so that he won’t be traced.

When later Curt calls his mum a bitch, you wanted to tell him that his dad was an asshole who would keep an account secret from his mum and would rather refuse giving up the money than keeping his mum alive.

You felt a chill run through your body as Curt calls his mum a bitch again adding also that his mum knew about his dad’s secret account. Curt even told you that his dad told him too about the account. Curt added too that when those men started attacking his family, that his dad opted to give out the money, it was his bitch mother who advised against it, adding that all those years of hard work would go futile. Curt angrily says that he didn’t know his bitch mother played on his dad.

You were so shocked that you slept off immediately he stopped talking. You got up an hour later and dressed up and went to work.


Life with Curt was like a roller coaster ride. It was blissful and you loved every moment spent with him. You stayed permanently in his apartment and enjoyed his ritual of mid night snack. You no longer slept in the restaurant where you work and your boss felt threatened. He kept asking you if you had found a place, and you would always say no that you were squatting with a friend which was indeed true but it felt more true to say you have found a place, to call Curt’s place your house.

You knew your boss felt he had an obligation to you. He didn’t just want to be your boss at the restaurant, he wanted to be your life boss. He wanted to own you. He wanted you to depend on him.

The day he called you to ask you who was curt and why you were crashing at a man’s place, whether you didn’t know that he can rape or even kill you, you got so mad that you almost wanted to curse him out but you didn’t because he was your boss.


One thing you liked about Curt was the way he stuck to tradition, his traditions and you loved it. One of such traditions was mid night snacking, the other was sharing a wine at new year eve. The other was going to see a movie every Saturday;he usually carry a guy along whenever he goes out to see a movie. Another was eating ham and egg and biscuits every easter and turkey with mashed potatoes and vegetables every thanksgiving dinner which he had alone with you.

You love mid night snacking ritual and the wine ritual and thanksgiving dinner ritual because durning those moments, he was all yours. Nobody shared him with you.


Curt comes back with the wine glass and bottle. His hand quivered as he pours the wine into the glass. Something’s definitely wrong. You thought. It was easy for you to detect because you and he had dated for 2 years and he never distant himself like this whenever you were around. After pouring the wine with half of it spilling on the floor, he tells you there that he needed to break up with you. No explanation, no reason. You were scared as many thoughts rattled in your mind;

He never loved me. !

He used me!

He’s seeing someone!

Later when you asked him tearfully if he was seeing someone and he says no, you boil in anger.

” Then why?.” You asked shouting.

You looked at him. You couldn’t pinpoint when you both had a fight. It was only mild arguments that ended up in laughter. Maybe you might have said something or done something. Maybe it was Asha. You shook your head at the thought of Asha. She wasn’t a bad person. She was just naive.

Curt kissed you after gulping all his wine and lay on the couch, sleeping immediately.

You look at him , wondering why he slept so soundly near you after breaking your heart. He could have at least, slept in his room, locking the door like he always do on a normal day. Perhaps he knew you were weak. You didn’t have the balls to do it. You got mad at that thought

Finally you got drowsy and slept off and by the time you got up, curt was gone.

You checked the bathroom and the apartment to see if it was some dumb prank but it ain’t. Curt had packed his bags and clothes and shoes and walked out the front door. You called his line but the auto machine kept saying that the line doesn’t exist. You couldn’t help but know that this was real.. Well if it was some prank it was a damn good one but it wasn’t as weeks and months passed and Curt didn’t show up. He was indeed gone. You were furious. How could a man come and wreck a lady’s life ? Didn’t the moments you both shared together mean anything? Weren’t men capable of loving genuinely?

Things got worse for you, your boss laid you off because you didn’t let him play the big brother in your life. So here you are in Curt’s apartment, wounded and hopeless. It wasn’t losing your job that made you hopeless; Curt had more than enough cash for you to live on. It was Curt’s absence, leaving you with all that there is.

Your phone rings. It’s Paula. You both haven’t spoken in ages, yet she didn’t ask of your well being or your whereabouts. Her voice wasn’t melodious either. She just start relaying the news;

” Your mum’s battling with cancer, she’s been at the hospital for months. Your brother was just released from prison. A dude named curt got him out with other inmates.” She paused as though saving the worst for the last. She continued after taking a deep breath;

” And that good guy, Curt, whose dad was a crook, is dead. Suicide. He has sickle cell anemia. His dad too is dead after rotting in jail for all those years. They will both be buried in North Carolina.” She said hanging up. You know she hang up on you on purpose knowing you wanted to say something. She didn’t need your concern or sympathy. To her, you’re not family. You were never family since the day you left home.

You starred into nothingness after Paula broke the news of Curt’s death. You cried like a baby. You cried for hours till you fell asleep, and you woke up, greeting the world with your angry cry. You could hear angry shouts and knocks on your door by neighbors but you didn’t stop. You cried because of your harsh criticism. You judge him of sleeping with other ladies.

You cry, remembering how selfish you were. You wanted the relationship to revolve around you and thus it did. When Curt left you, the only reason you cried was because of the benefits you were gonna miss because of his absence; the comfort, the sex, the comedy, his apartment and money. You missed him, not because you loved him but because you needed him. And that’s why you didn’t cry for your mum who was battling with cancer because you always believed that she had nothing to offer.


2 weeks later, you travelled to North Carolina for the funeral. You had called Paula, using a husky voice to ask for the name and address of the place where the funeral was taking place. When you ask her if it is holding in a church, she replied angrily but politely;

” what do you think.” And then she hung up. She didn’t want the conversation. You looked at your phone screen, noticing that the call lasted for 10 seconds and 5 out of the 10 seconds was just grave silence.

You got to the church. The pews were covered with ageing and young people covered with black, only the priest wore white. You sat on one of the long seats. The priest had finished talking and Curt’s brother took the podium. He was nothing like Curt. No striking resemblance that connected him as Curt’s brother. He did have similar features in bits. He looked more like his father. His name was Dan. He said this as he emerged. He looked like someone who had crammed too much line and he just wanted to lay it all out.

Dan took off by talking about how good his dad was, the foundation his dad built, the kids he took off the street, his dad’s funny jokes and what not.

You sat still stunned. Curt never told you that he had a brother and you were still confused until Dan mentioned the pregnancy of his mum when she was 17yrs by Curt’s dad.

” This bastard got my mum pregnant and dumped her for years!.”” He suddenly flares up. ” This crook! This lying bastard! I can’t believe am doing this. I’m out.” Dan said slamming the mic before leaving, stunned faces starring at him.

You saw an old man in his late sixties come up to take the mic. He was Curt’s uncle. Before he started, he asked the people if they still have any other evil deed of his brother. There was grave silence before a guy got up;

” He’s a Big time crook” 1st guy said.

” But it’s the crook that sent your gooddam ass to college.” Curt’s uncle said, silencing him.

” I know me and my mum have enjoyed his benevolence but man, that doesn’t make him a saint… Gotta agree with the first dude. Giving doesn’t justify crime. Let’s learn to call bad what it is…”

2nd guy was interrupted by Curt’s uncle sudden shout;

” Shut up! Bastard! Ungrateful piece of shit! The guy you’re talking ill off paid for your mum’s cancer treatment. I pray she never makes it out from the hospital. He helped get your ass out of prison. It was his stolen money that freed your ungrateful ass.”

The second guy turned back and immediately there was tumult by the crowd. You look above the taunting crowd and you saw the guy, you knew the guy. It was your brother, Neil.

You immediately got up and left. You were angry, not at the crowd but at yourself. They were judgmental like you. They looked for faults like you. They were unthankful like you. It was as though your pessimistic spirit rubbed up on everybody. Perhaps if you hadn’t been there, none of this would have happened.

You struggle hard to fight the tears that welded in your eyes, not minding the eyes that starred at you as you walked out through the door.

The passerby

“Hey Shawn am almost at your place.”

” Really, man you came pretty late am at a grocery store.”

” No probs..”

Shawn looked at the window with his cell phone stuck in his ear. A guy walked out from the grocery store where he was about to enter. He wore a cap and had his head covered in hood. He was like any passerby standing on the pavement, waiting to flag down a cab yet Shawn stilled his car, watching him make phone calls, flagging down cars and talking to the guys in the car and then the car would ride off and he giving a ” fuck you sign.” as the car stirred ahead.

This went on for about 15 minutes, till a cab dropped by. The guy peered into the cab, longer than 5 minutes, but when he pulled his head upward, he got into the cab and it drove off.


Leave a message…. Hi darling, your friend Andrew dropped by to see you. I’ve been calling you but seems like you’re pretty busy. Andrew said he called you and you both were talking and suddenly you just stopped talking. He thought it was the line, but the call was still on and he was calling you and you weren’t responding so he hung up….”

Shawn turned off the phone.

” Damn phone.” He muttered.

The cab rode long distance. He made serval turns. Shawn followed the cab at a respectable distance. At first the cab drove on the street, heading to the road. Shawn saw white kids and buildings and people. This was where he belonged. But the cab was making a turn into an unfamiliar road. It wasn’t unfamiliar per se. Shawn knew this place. It was a place he dreaded all his life. It was the black neighborhood. At first he wanted to turn back but curiosity got the better hold of him.

Shawn saw the black neighborhood. It was often described as a junkyard. Piles of tyres were seen at one end of the road. Rock and row music were heard from a building. Black kids looked sinister as they roamed the streets in their skateboard or wearing hoods and flagging cars down to talk and after few minutes, the car would zoom off and the black kid would yell;

Yo! Asshole!!.”

” Tough love.” Shawn muttered as he drove on.

The cab kept moving and Shawn was terrified. He was scared of being killed. He was scared of what he would discover about these men. He was no cop. He had to turn backward yet he didn’t. They kept moving. Shawn did see a wary building, written on the building was;

Stop shooting us ” in a dense red colour.

He gasped on seeing that sign. The air around Shawn became stuffy. He could smell barbeque from a far end. The stale smell of cigarate mixed with dust and the smell of bullets churned him. He couldn’t breathe. He turned on the A.C. in his car and closed the windows.

Shawn knew that black neighborhood also had nice buildings and decent streets but blacks were characterised with drugs and violence. Shawn prayed that there wouldn’t be any shootout or knife stabbing.

Shawn watched the cab halt in an uncompleted building. The building was old. It was where black niggas did dance competition against each other. Thugs often came to the building.

Shawn watched as men on hoods came out of the cab. The lights on the car were still turn on.

The men were talking. Shawn wanted to make out what they were saying but he couldn’t as the voices were in low tunes. Even with the tranquility and serenity of the building, Shawn didn’t still hear a thing.

Shawn sat still. He had turned off the engine of his car but didn’t turn down the glass of his car for fear of being caught. The men were talking. Shawn saw the aggressive looks on their faces. He was damn wrong to have followed here. He called his wife but she didn’t pick. He called again and she answered.

” Hey, darling you’re running late again. Where the heck are you? I tried calling your office but they said you weren’t there. Even Andrew is worried sick about you…. ”

” Hello.. Hello!!.” His wife said on noticing the grave silence.

” Are you there honey?.”

Shawn sat still in shock. He was shocked about what was going to happen next. The reality of death left him traumatised.

” I love you honey..” Shawn said after hours of grave silence.

Shawn noticed his wife wasn’t responding. She finally understood. Shawn thought.

” Hey…” Shawn called out but then he noticed a guy from the cab approaching, accompanied by his movement were bangs of bullets on the tyres of the car.

” You goddam piece of shit!.” A guy shouted as he approached the car. ” What’re you doing? Spying on us?.”

” Oh hell no.” Shawn blurts out.

The guy approached Shawn’s car. The car Shawn saw earlier at the grocery store followed suit.

” Get the fuck off the car.” The guy who approached him said, pulling off his shady glasses and lo it was Tom, Shawn’s buddy from high school.

” Tom! Tom!!.” Shawn screamed in despair.

” You know this guy?.” The other guy said.

” Yeah Ed. Shawn’s my friend from high school.”

” So like you know this dude?.”

” Yeah asshole..”

” Don’t call me that shit face.”

Shawn was still on the floor.

” Guys look, i know you think i brought him here but i swear to God i didn’t. He’s always been the coolest son of a bitch in high school, always coming first places in class while scooping every other person. Everyone always called me his bitch in high school and now am gonna make him pay.” Tom said, rubbing his hands together.

” You’re not gonna shoot him are you?.” Another guy asked.

” Nah… But he got beautiful bitches at home; his wife and daughter. ”

” We’ve got some ladies to slick guys.” Ed said.

Shawn saw the men giving high five. He grabbed tom pocket and wanted to grab his gun but he was overpowered by the men and knocked out.


Shawn woke up in the trunk of a car. The car did halt immediately he became conscious. He was weak and faintly. The guys pulled him out of the trunk; legs tied and hands tied as they entered his house.

Shawn’s wife, June opened the door on hearing the doorbell and was shoved to the floor, gun pointing in her direction.

” Mum!!.” Jane ran out screaming.

” Stand back.” Ed said as he held her tightly while she struggled to break free.

” Shawn!!.” June screamed as she was literally dragged on the floor.

” No!!.” Shawn screamed as he watched the men going closer to his wife and kid. He scrambled on the floor moving closer to where his wife and kid were only to be shoved back by a gun which tom held.

Shawn closed his eyes. He couldn’t watch what was gonna happen next. He kept hearing screams all over the room.

” open your eyes! Open your fuckin eyes or am gonna kill you all.”

Shawn heard his wife and daughter screams yet he didn’t open his eyes. His eyes were shut tightly until he passed out.


Shawn was woken up by moaning and whispers. He was fully awake. He heard a voice;

” The dude’s finally awake.”

He didn’t want to open his eyes but on hearing his daughter’s voice, he opened it. He got up looking like someone waking up from a bad dream

” Hey!.” Tom said

Shawn sprang up to punch him when his wife and kid emerged from behind him, blocking him.

Shawn starred quietly at them. He was frozen. And a delirious chants of;

” Surprise!! Whoooo!! Happy birthday Shane.” Voiced out by a small crowd of friends and neighbours left him disenchanted.

Shane was stunned and confused. Their voices froze him the more.

” Happy birthday honey..” June said kissing him.

” Happy birthday dad.. We’re okay! None of what you saw earlier was real we just wanted to prank you.. ” jane said smiling

” That’s my line .” june said laughing.

Shawn starred in despair at ed and his men. Jane noticing this laughed.

” Not to worry dad, this all, apart from tom are my college friends.” She said.

They all took off their shady glasses and Shawn saw their real faces, smiling, stretching out their hands in friendship but Shane didn’t take it. He only starred at ed and tom.

Shawn was too stunned to understand. A birthday cake emerged by a neighbor and a bottle of champagne.

” Lol can’t believe you fell for all that.” Tom said.

Shawn felt angered. He realised finally as tom smiled that none of what he saw earlier was real.. He’d be pranked and in a slight rush of memory, he punched tom on the nose.

” Fuck!” Tom said, holding his nose and accompanied by it was a gentle roar of laughter..

Happy birthday Barack Obama

I cannot begin to say how much you’ve imparted my life. You’re a real hero, not just the world hero but my hero. I love you so much!! I still miss you at the white white. I look out for you whenever i turn on my T.v. I could still remember your recent visit to Kenya.. It was truly amazing.. Thanks for coming back to Africa and your sister is very lovely.. I do believe today because of you..
I could still remember your quote in 2009;
“Yes we can.” You said..
Happy birthday again sir. Ever young but still amazing. Your stand for love and unity and faith thrills me a lot. I could still remember your words when you said;
“People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love…”
Thank you so much for helping me find myself again. Thank you for teaching me hope and love. Mostly thanks for helping me find you..
Barack Obama

The big liar!

Driving around the city of los Angeles, Donald severed right in on seeing an arrow like sign post on a stake. The arrows on the stake pointed at different directions. An arrow, pointing leftwards, at the top of the iron stake, had on it written Hollywood. While an arrow below it, pointing left too, it had on it written downtown. On the right of that arrow was another arrow written Malibu.

Below was another arrow, written on it was Santa Monica.

Donald drove into Santa Monica. A wave blew on the sign turning the signposts in different direction. This wave reminded him of the beach.

Donald loved the breeze. He’d been told about the Santa Monica beach. He jammed the accelerator cause he couldn’t wait to see his wife and kid. It’d been 3 days since he hadn’t seen them but it felt like weeks.

He slowed down on entering Main street, a city characterized by local surf vibe. His phone vibrated. He unlocked it and saw many notifications from his Facebook. It was then he remembered his wedding anniversary. He hadn’t called his wife, not once durning his travel, neither had he called his son. With him, work always got first place.

As usual, he thought of places to take his wife and kid to make it up to them. His wife, Margret never loved flowers. She would dump it on his face. Flower angered her, and at the same time it gave her a feeling of helplessness. She would love to go on a tour to Hollywood, or go bike hiking. Most of all she loved the beach. He wanted to stop by at Miju store and get his son, Michael, snickers but on a second thought, he didn’t.

Donald entered into Ocean park blvd, heading into the 2nd street. He drove slowly on approaching his house.


The house was empty when he entered inside. The doors were flung open. Everything in the house was thrown down, from the furniture, to the T.v. Papers were lying haphazardly on the floor. He felt enraged at his suspicion. He knew those papers were his research work on the sun. He was supposed to present them to his boss, who would then pass it on to scientist or Astronauts who needed it. Off course he would get a high pay but then his boss would get all the credit.

Donald starred at the papers. They were piled up and burnt. He could see a lighter nearby. But then he knew that this shouldn’t be a major concern. The whereabout of his wife and kid should be but then starring at his burnt work made him not to think clearly.

Few minutes later, he called his wife. Her phone ringing tune blared through the house. It was then he saw the phone stuffed in layers of pillows on the couch close to where he sat.

He picked up her phone and unlocked it. He saw a message she was trying to send but couldn’t because something bad was happening. The message was written thus;

Help! Help!!.”

She had sent the message to him earlier a day ago but he never read it. He’d see the message but he never opened it to check. He thought she was sending him an SMS to call her back or to ask how he’s holding. He always thought her calls and messages unnecessary. He was a full grown man and he didn’t need her calling to check up on him. He always saw spouses calling each other whenever they weren’t together as a waste of time. His wife, Margret, once told him that whenever a spouse called the other, it was a sign of total commitment. It made the other feel special.

Donald thought it stupid. He always believed that any spouse who needed to be reassured that the other spouse loves him was a whining baby, just looking for attention. It never occurred to him that something bad could happen to his wife. Their marriage was sugarcoated with trust. In their marriage, everyone just had to believe that the other loved and wasn’t cheating. Donald, for instance would never let Margret, his wife to read his private chats. He never let his wife take his call. Especially when it was his female friends calling. It was a sign of his distrust. He never let her in while he made any call. It made Margret suspicious and most times she would spy on him, search out his files or make calls but everything turned out fine, he wasn’t cheating. Not fine literally. Donald almost never came home. Work always got first place. Their sex was planned. It was something that he didn’t want her to get used to. They had sex 6 times a year. Most times, Margret had the urge to cheat but the thought that Donald didn’t made her not to.


Donald walked slowly around the house. He’d see blood pouring down the stairs. The walls was smeared with blood. There was a kitchen knife on the sink with snarks of blood all over it.

Donald got so frightened that he called the cops. He was terrified. It never occurred to him that something like this could ever happen. Every instinct in him told him that his wife and child were dead. The smeared kitchen knife and a small droplets of blood were taken for fingerprints.


Margret sat down on the couch watching the news. The news reported her and her son missing. Donald was seen from behind giving a shot at to the police.

Mum, why is daddy on the news?.” Her son, Michael asked.

Margret patted him on the head smiling.

Evans walked in with a pizza, along side Anabel, her best friend. She couldn’t be more grateful to her for giving her the idea, and aiding her in the execution of it.

” Hey Margret, having fears as you watch the news.?” Evans asked.

Margret gave an angry smile. The thought that he’d put her in a whole lot of trouble nauseated her.

” Don’t mind my brother, he can be a bit of an asshole sometimes.” Anabel said.

” Why is daddy looking for us and why are we here?.” Michael asked.

A wavering silence accompanied his question.

” Time for you to be in bed little fella.” Anabel said

” But Mum will i still be going to school.?” Michael asked.

” Go to bed young man.” His mum said.

Margret sat on the couch next to Anabel. Evans sat on a short sofa.

” So how long would you be doing this.?” Evans asked.

Margret wanted to ask ” doing what?” But she knew. How long was she gonna keep on hiding. Yeah it felt good to get back at Donald. It felt good getting all the attention. It felt good to be sought after. She wanted to keep it up.

Margret got up and went to grab her purse. The phone that Anabel gave her was in there. She unlocked the phone to watch Donald. She had planted cameras all over the house before leaving. She saw him sitting on the couch. He took a shot of the bottled brandy. His eyes were red. Guilt and worry was written all over him. She sniffed her nose irritably as she looked at him as though he stank. She saw him get up drunkenly, not able to hold himself. He, more than often, scrambled on the floor. Margret laughed.

Serves the motherfucker right.” Anabel voice rose up in the air


Donald sat on the couch. He’d be sitting in the same position whenever he came home for work. He couldn’t believe that he was moving on. But was he? He hardly ate save the few bites he grabbed at work place. Everything remained the same. The cops hadn’t given any new leads. The previous suspects 3 guys with previous records of raping and robbery were exonerated. No new leads. He woke every morning with guilt and anger.

He could have cared more, loved more. Work always came first for him while family always came last for him. He always thought that his family would be there forever. His son Michael never called him dad subconsciously. He had to be reminded to do so. He would remember how often every night Margret kept yelling and crying because she called him and he never returned his call. That was not the first time, neither was it the second nor the fifth time. It always happened.

The one that upsets her the most was the way he tossed in to bed after coming home very late for work. He always lay on his bed with his coat and inner white and his suit trouser still put on. It always rebuffed her whenever she saw him thrown haphazardly on the bed. If she tried kissing or touching him, he would push her away. If she persisted he would leave the room.

Margret knew he was damn tired but that’s no excuse. He’s her man. Most times she ate breakfast and dinner alone with Michael. Donald hardly ever came home to have breakfast or dinner with his family. His work was his wife. He had an extraordinary work ethic.

Donald remembered how Margret got upset with his travels because he never told her until the day she saw him parking his bags. He expected her to understand. He wanted her to feel his love from afar. He didn’t want her to get too familiar with his presence. All this for what? Respect? Donald sighed at his thought as he lit up his cigarettes.

Donald’s thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the noise that came from the door. He was looking gaunt. He wanted to go change but he knew that whoever was at the door would lit up the hope in him. He looked underneath the door and saw a female shadow. His nerve told him it was Margret but his brain was telling him something different.


Margret was sitting on the couch, turning on the news. She was thrilled at the speed at which life moved on. The news didn’t talk about her disappearance. She was once again just about any human being again who lived in the woods all by herself in the street of Montana avenue, Santa Monica with her best friend Anabel, her son, Michael and Anabel’s brother, Evans.

She was tired with all this hiding stuff. Soon a thought struck her. She could loose her marriage. She had to stop all this. It’s becoming nuts. Donald was finally moving on. She thought. He had stayed a month without seeing her or his kid. He was no more dead drunk. He still felt remorseful and sobbed a little and spoke aloud to himself, but it wasn’t as hurtful as before. Margret had been watching him from the cameras she snuck up at the house. She had to stop this. She would straightened things with Anabel when she returned. Margret thought.

Michael was asleep, so was Evans. So she thought.

Margret turned on her phone to watch Donald. She saw him starring at a lady. The lady’s face was hard to capture but when the lady looked up, she screamed profusely. She knew the lady. The lady was her childhood friend. The lady who gave her the idea on how to get Donald back. It was Anabel.

What was she doing here? Was this part of the plan? Was she trying to shake him and then reunite him with her( Margret) ?

” Hey.” Anabel said smiling. Margret saw the smirk of her lipstick. Her jacket was open, with an official white shirt worn inside it.

” Hey how can i help you?.” Donald asked.

” Oh nothing! Just heard about your family. I just wanted to know if i could be of any help.” Anabel said seductively, as she drove her hands through his bare chest. He wanted to push her hands away but he heard her say;

” You need it.” As she drew her face closer.

Margret watched Anabel smacked her lips as she unbuttoned her shirt, exposing her bra. Donald stood watching deliciously, smacking his lips as he looked at her. He wanted to jump on her. He wanted to kiss her senseless. He wanted to taste her but he didn’t. He just stood still watching, smiling and giggling.

Margret watched Anabel toll forward and kissed Donald. Immediately Donald was electrified and he speedily kissed her. The impact of his push threw them on the bed. They were kissing and touching, their naked bodies intertwined.

Margret couldn’t help it but stare. Her best friend was stealing her man. She couldn’t help it but scream. It had to be a mistake. There’s gotta be some explanation.

” Mum! Watch out!.” A loud voice shook her and Margret turned just in time to dodge a bullet flying in her direction.

Margret was stunned. She looked up just in time to watch Evans holding her son by the neck as he approached with a knife. Margret rolled under one of the couches. A pen knife was under the couch. Michael’s screams rang loud in her ears. Margret saw Evan’s legs near the couch and she quickly stabbed him.

Margret rolled out of the couch. Michael was trying to yank himself from Evan’s grip but he couldn’t. Margret saw Evans sneak out a gun, aiming at Michael. Margret didn’t know when she used the pen knife to stab Evans on the fore head. Michael had jumped out of the way as he saw his mum advancing.

Margret stood over Evans watching him wallow in pain. She looked side way as she saw him going for his gun which was nearby. She stomped on his hands and as he screamed loudly, she took his gun and shot him 4 times.

Margret looked over at her son. They stared at each other in a quiet silence which was interrupted by the noise of a phone. It was Evan’s phone. The noise was coming from his pocket. Margret quickly brought out the phone. It was Anabel calling. Margret took a deep breath before picking the call.

” Is Margret dead? Did you make it good?.” Anabel’s voice rang out quietly.

” Sure the deed is done.” Margret said and then Anabel hung up.


Donald woke up to see Anabel up. She was putting on her dress. He smiled as he watched her. He didn’t want her to know he was up. They had great sex last night. He hadn’t met her before yet it felt as though he knew her all his life. He couldn’t ever regret last night. He needed it. He watched her trouser stuck up on her leg. She bent down to tuck the edges of her trouser. He wished he could site her ass as she bent down but she stood in his front as he bent down.

Donald watched her get up and then she was thrown down by a bullet. The bullet came twice and she fell.

Donald saw a blurred vision. 2 people were standing afar. It was as though he could see something he hadn’t been able to see for a long time.

Margret and Michael ran towards Donald on a quick succession. They both ran to his shoulders, crying loudly. Donald was stunned as he watched them. He couldn’t recall who they were but later he would. For now, he held out to them in a warm hug.