” I’m not crazy. I saw what I saw.” Billy said.

” I never said you’re crazy. Am just saying that maybe you watch too much T. V and what you see on TV is what is replaying in your mind. ” The psychologist said.

” Now what are we gonna do about my son. He’s going nuts day by day. It’s crazy. He’s creeping everyone out. ” Nina, Billy’s mum asked.

” Let’s hear his dreams first. ” the psychologist said.

” I don’t need to hear another crazy fantasy of his. ”

The psychologist ignored her and turned to Billy and said;

” Please share your dream. I know how it feels to have nightmares, crazy nightmares. I’ve been there. Once I dreamt that my mom was bleeding profusely in our living room. Everyone thought I was crazy but then 2 weeks later, it happened during dinner and that’s how my mom passed away. I couldn’t bear to look at my dad and my siblings ever since then. So I know what it feels like. So would you like to share your dreams?. ” the psychologist asked.

Billy smiled at her. She understands me. He thought. He looked over at his mom and was heartbroken at the thought that she thought him crazy. Even if he really was crazy, the reality shouldn’t have come from her. His dad should be the one to bring him here. But unlike his mom, his dad believed that the insanity of his mum had passed on to her grandson. It was the only thing that made sense. His father didn’t believe that his madness could be cured and so he saw no use of trying to find a solution. Instead, he always laughed at Billy and called him all sorts of crazy names. His sister Mara and brother Cayle were just as annoying as his father. They always taunted him and called him names. No one believed him but how would they, his dreams were crazy just like the one he was about to share with the psychologist.

” This dream was a day ago;

I was in our basement with my sister getting something to drink suddenly my sister’s faces start to get weird. Her mouths and noses get really small and pretty much 90% of the face is her eyes. I start to run upstairs but a creature grabs my neck and pulls me up. The face was like a normal one but it had another skin above it. It started to scream like a demon and I just cant do anything else but screaming back.
My mother said in the first night I screamed three hours before I woke up.”

The psychologist face remained unchanged after hearing the dream. Billy could read her thoughts already as she wrote down in her notes; he’s crazy.

” Do you watch thriller movies, vampire movies?.” The psychologist asked.

Billy didn’t reply. He knew he had watched Vampire the night of his dream. He could remember how the next morning, he kept slapping his brother and sister face. When Cayle pushed him away, he dashed into his dad’s room, leaving his family who were nearby, trying to rouse him from his sleep. He could remember seeing Cayle’s smile immediately he opened his eyes. It was the devil’s smile. That was what made him to start hitting them in the first place.

Everyone, speechless, watched him as he ran out of the door. It took minutes or seconds, no one could tell. But right before everyone eyes, Billy entered into his room with a loaded gun. He aimed it and shot it twice at his siblings but he missed it. Cayle and Mara ran, pushing him and ran off into Mara’s room and locked the door. Billy who ran after them slipped off and fell, knocking himself out on the rails of the staircase. The next thing he saw himself on a chair, sitting before a white gray lady and a woman entering inside. He looked back after hearing the banging of the door and noticed that it was his mum.

” It has never been as bad as this. He’s been having weird dreams but it never got to the point of shooting people. He nearly killed my older son and daughter. His father has been asking me on countless occasions to take him to an asylum but I didn’t. Now I doubt my decision. ”

” I’ve not been having bad dreams, I’ve been seeing visions from God and it is going to happen. ” Billy’s voice rang out of the blues.

His mom started crying.

” No need trying to convince him otherwise. At least not for now. I hope he doesn’t turn out to be a serial killer cause that’s how they start. They imagine something… ”

” I’m not imagining anything. I saw it real in my dream. I’m not crazy.” Billy caught her short.

Billy’s nightmares started few months back. Nobody took him seriously. Even at school, complaint were made by his principal concerning it and threatened to involve child services if his parents didn’t do anything about it.

A week ago, Dan’s mum, a neighbor who lived a few blocks dropped in to say hi. It was Christmas morning and everyone save Billy was awake. Dan too had come also. He was helping Mara to decorate the Christmas tree. Her dad wanted the Christmas tree to be decorated on Christmas morning. Food were passed around. Snacks too passed around with Christmas songs playing from within and without. Everyone gathered around at the living room. No one noticed when Billy came down from the stairs. He must have stood there for God knows how long. But then, he saw Dan’s mum turn around and immediately, he started yelling. He grabbed a knife nearby and threw it and it missed Dan’s mum by a hair breadth but it left a small cut on Dan’s face who was sitting nearby. Billy stares at her and took another knife on the table and races at her direction. Immediately, his dad threw something at him and in the process of dodging it, he fell. Dan’s mum immediately carried her son and ran away from the house.

Cayle and Mara jumped on him. Billy struggled on the floor, shouting that Dan’s mum was evil. He had seen it in his dreams. As he kept struggling, his dad used a baseball bat and knocked him out. Later, when his mum comes into his room and asked him what he had seen in his dream, he begins to tell her;

” Last night, Dan’s mom came out and started yelling at me and Danfor drawing on the deck. But the weird thing was this lady wasn’t Dan’s mom. She was something evil and I could tell. It was like she was transforming into something dark and ugly in front of my eyes but Dan couldn’t see it. Long story short she finds out that I know she is evil and throws both of us off the cliff. I hit the bottom and open my eyes and see Dan with thorns sticking to her. Then the dream just ends.

” Jesus Christ!!!.” his mum yelled. Then, she regained her composure and sat up on his bed.

” So why did you want to kill her today?. ” his mom asked

” To stop her from killing Dan.” Billy said.

” But there was no proof that Dan’s mum was the monster and besides, Dan’s Mom would never hurt anyone. She’s so nice and sweet and everyone loves her including you. Have you forgotten the presents she bought you last Christmas?. ”

Billy deposition didn’t change. He said instead;

” We need to stop evil people before they carry out their evil plans. God revealed that to me. I heard his voice in my sleep. He told me to destroy her or else Dan’s blood will be on my head. ”

His mum was baffled and she jerked off his bed and starred at him as he looked back at the window before she left his room. As usual, his dad suggested that he’d been taken to an asylum but she opted against it and said he will be fine. Throughout that day and the next, his family sat in silence. Dan’s mom and Dan didn’t come to their house after that event, that didn’t matter. What did was that she didn’t call the cops on him.

In school, 2 weeks back, Billy was learning maths in his class when he slumbered. Few minutes later, he got up and went to the bathroom and comes in front of the class and start screaming;

“There’s gonna be a shooting here. Arm robbers are coming!! I saw them coming here. ”

His tone drove everyone at school to panic and immediately, the police were called in. Students and teachers hid in the school bunkers. A bang like bullet noise erupted in the surrounding and everyone yelled out in fear. After about few hours, it was discovered that there were no arm robbers in sight neither was there any gun shooting as people suspected. Some boys were shooting crackers at a near end.

The principal, who felt ashamed at his own fears that had almost made him jump off the window was furious when news reached him that it was a little dysfunctional boy who had started this false alarm and then the boy came into his office and his parents were told to come in too. 2 police men were sitting in his office, with Billy in their middle when his parents arrived and then when they told him why he made up such false alarm, he tells them that it was no false alarm, that he saw it in his sleep. That God had revealed it to him.

His statement resulted in an outburst of laughter by the police. The principal didn’t think it to be funny. Billy’s dad wanted to join in the laughing but Nina slapped his hands and instead he coughed.

The principal then told them that if they didn’t do something about their son, he would call child services for them. There was no response from his parents. The principal had expected a defense, an argument, a defiance but none of that happened. Instead his parents face remained expressionless. His mum felt grateful and vulnerable at the same time. The thought of her son taken away from her by child services scared her but she didn’t show it. Instead, like her husband, she kept her face expressionless and then her husband chipped in one or two words to the principal and the cops. It was an apology, she could tell. After which, they got up and left. Billy followed them home.


Billy looked up at his mom as they rode into their house after their visit from the psychologist. The psychologist had diagonaised him of borderline personality disorder. Their ride home was filled with a heavy silence which was interrupted on few occasions by the heavy sighs of Nina. His mum couldn’t understand this. He never had this issue growing up. He was a lovely sweet kid. Then all of a sudden, this. She couldn’t understand why it was happening now. if it had started in his very early years, she would have known what to do and it wouldn’t have turned out as bad as this. Her husband’s mum insanity was noticed very early and they were able to fight it to some point. She still was seen on few occasions talking and laughing to herself but she didn’t have no demons talking to her. It was too much for him to handle, especially at his young age of 16.

Nina sighs deeply at the thoughts swooping on the inside. She knew that Billy was showing symptoms but she decided to shut her eyes to it. She could remember few months back before his insanity took a whole new level, how he would tell them in the morning before going to school, about seeing a vampires and dragons in his sleep. He told them also that he usually hears voices in his head, they never bothered finding out what the voices were telling him, cause they always suspected that it was whatever he watched the previous night that was replaying in his head.

Cayle would joke about it, calling it a revelation from God and they will all laugh expect Billy, who would stare at them in anger. Or sometimes, he would join them in laughing, but his face would always smile, looking upward, and then he would yell and tell them that he saw a demon starring at them.

Cayle would yell again;

” God is speaking. ” in a mock tune, and he would start screaming and running all over the dinning room and stoop low behind where Billy was sitting, and he would scream so loudly from behind him, and Billy would yell in fear. It was so funny whenever Cayle did it. And then, Cayle would get up and go back to his seat.

Once during breakfast, Billy’s father was throwing a conversation with Nina, when Billy suddenly hushed them, with his finger on his lips. Mara was talking on the phone, when Billy knocked the table so loudly that she didn’t know when she ended the call. Billy was frozen, and so was everyone else for the moment. Billy sat still, taking deep breaths. He told them that the God was speaking. Cayle, suddenly jerked off as if reliazing himself, said mockingly;

” Tell us what he’s saying. ”

” He said I should take a knife and pierce it into your eyes. ” Billy said.

The sarcastic tune at which Billy said it, sent everyone to derision. It was funny. Even Billy would join in the laughter, so nobody took him seriously.

Nina should have noticed how suddenly he became withdrawn. She always heard him talking loudly in his room whenever he was alone. It was gibberish words. she thought he was talking to a friend on the phone. She didn’t mind that he stopped following them for outing. She didn’t mind that he never came out to watch T. v. with the family. He only watched the TV in his room. Cayle was glad about it cause nobody to struggle with him. Mara was always pressing her phone. She wasn’t a TV person. She only watched music channels. This was whenever Cayle wasn’t in the living room, which was rare.

Nina knew Billy watched Vampire movies but she didn’t stop him. She usually would enter his room to kiss him goodnight and the Tv in his room would be turned off, so was the light in his room. She would never see DvD packs on his DVD player, and so she would see no need to tell him to shut the TV. It never even crossed her mind. But then after she left, he would stay up all night, watching the Vampire movies. Those creatures on the screen scared him so much but instead of screaming outrightly, he would seat still, frozen. He watched vampires with eye sockets, covered in dark horror. The chill that those films gave him was beyond words.

Billy suddenly was seen sleeping in class and then those dark horror movies played on in his head but this time, he would see his brother or sister or father or mother… Just about anyone he knew was suddenly transformed into dark ugly, creatures with 3 eyes and 4 hands and multiple legs. Exactly as the creatures in his films. it was hideous. Then he will hear voices, telling him that what he saw was a revelation. It felt so true, at least to him. But to the rest of his family, especially to Cayle, it was a joke.


Billy entered inside with his mum. No word was said to him by his dad and his two older siblings. They were scared of him and at the same time, they had this feeling of disdain towards him. It was in the evening when they returned and so he entered his room and slept off.

In his dream, Billy saw his mum driving a car and someone coming from her left angle with his car, and pushed her off the cliff into the river. It was so real. He got up screaming and soon his mum rushed into his room and woke him up. When asked what was wrong, he told her nothing but another bad dream. He even started smiling so that she wouldn’t worry and then she kissed him and stood up to watch him. Tears were gleaming in her eyes. Finally she left.

Billy sat up. He knew it was another revelation. No one believed his revelation because no one was worthy enough to carry out his dreams. What if he carried it out? Everyone thought he was crazy, even his mum. He would teach them. He would show them that he’d been having encounters from God. He lay on his bed smiling.

The next morning, while everyone was in the living room, he came out and told them his dream of last night. He could see the hatred in the eyes of his brother and father as he relayed it .His father called him a crazy freak. It was only his mum who held him in sympathy.

Soon everyone went out, leaving him alone in the house. His dad went out to a Bar, his mom to a grocery shop, Cayle, to his friends’ place and Mara hung out with her boyfriend.

you’re the chosen one. ” The voice in his dreams spoke out.

Upon hearing that voice, he went and took his dad’s keys. His dad didn’t carry his car but his mom carried hers. Perfect. He thought. This was God speaking.

He called his mom. She picked instantly.

” Homey are you okay?. ”

” Yeah sure. ” Billy said.

” Are you sure?” heavy sighs following then she continues;

” look am so sorry about dad. I would talk to him. ”

” look I get it, he hates me, everyone in this house hates me. ”

” But I don’t hate u. Doesn’t that count?. ”

No answer.

” Mum have you reached the groceries?”

” yes Billy and am buying your favorite cereals and doing shopping for dad and Cayle and Mara and you. I will be home in 15 minutes. Am coming with a friend so I will reach a few blocks before coming home. Stay safe, love you ”

Billy ended the call before starting the car. He held a sigh of relief as he drove the car outside the garage.

Billy drove quickly to the road. His dad had thought him a year ago how to drive. He parked by the left flank of the cliff and was about to call his mom when she called him.

” mum where are you?” he asked.

” Am heading toward the Cliff. Am coming son. ” she said and he ended the call on her. She called back but he didn’t pick.

Soon, he saw his mom car heading towards him. it wasn’t on top speed and besides he heard the voice in his head say;

” She’s coming. ”

Billy immediately drove off immediately he saw her pass him. He hit her car twice. Since she wasn’t on a very full speed, Nina’s car swayed sideways. Nina looked through her window and saw the car as he drove from behind her and hit her again. This time, her car pushed the car and it swayed and the bonnet of the car was faced towards the driver door of her car. The car pushed her further near the cliffs. Whoever that was in there wanted to throw her off the cliff into the river.

Billy pressed further, pushing his mum against the railing of the cliffs. Then before he knew it, he saw his mum’s eyes on him in a wide shock and he froze and immediately, the voice in his head spoke out loudly and clear;

” You failed to show strength when you should. You’re weak, overcome by affection. You failed to met out justice against the evil ones. You failed to fulfill the prophecy and now you must pay with your life. ”

immediately, Billy was brought back to reality. His mum was screaming helplessly as the railings were breaking. Billy screamed too in despair and from nowhere, a truck with a failed break hit the car Billy was in and it jerked away from his mum’s car and tumbled about 4 times and crashed on the road and the car Immediately, burst into flames.

The truck’s break came alive again after the car started tumbling and it stopped immediately, same thing with Nina’s car which after it must have moved a little bit, it stopped.

Both Nina and the truck driver rushed to the burning car. Billy’s body was already chopped off by the fire. The car was a wreck. Nina could see the world swirling through her head. She couldn’t tell who she was or what was happening. The only thing she could hear was loud sirens and at that moment, she knew that his demons had caught up with him.


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