Tag a title for me…

Me, die, hate them,

See cause die havoc,

Die, death hate in every way,

Heat kills,

Winter burns,

Dry season,

Lips cracking,

Throat drought,

Die! Die!! Die!!!

Sand leaping,

Shovel digging,

People crying,

Rain showers,

Brain tumor,

Umbrellas flicking,

Blood dripping,

Sweat beading,

Tears trickling,

Hate! Hate!! Hate!!!

Ding dong,

Ding dong,

The world sings.

We know them,

We see them,

The raving birds,

Swooping a thousand feet above us.

Fire! Fire!!

Rolling Stone,

Grave silence,

Subtle steaming,

Wind blowing,

Justice denied.

Rampage! Rampage!! Rampage!!!

Snow burns,

Fire freeze,

Earth laughs,

Children growl,

World spinning,

Cars hooting,

fire crackers,

Stars dancing,

Petals booming,

Fish grills,

Human astonished…

Author: Kaycee

Am special

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